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  1. What a sad game...

    Why can't you people just leave the game? What is it that forces you to announce that you're quitting? It's rather egotistical and annoying to see such announcements, if you don't like the game just uninstall it and go away forever the only thing WG listens to is wallets.
  2. MM all ** up or something

    I've only played a few matches today, got one win I think out of all of them I've played today. I called it quits with a personal victory when I did 90,000 damage in my Konigsberg in a defeat.
  3. A solution I thought of is a timer, like say 60 seconds where TK'ers can't damage allied ships but still take damage themselves as if they had damaged the allied ships.
  4. I've seen it twice, once against someone else and once against myself.
  5. Terrain glitch/bug?

    Yes I threw it into full reverse and got out.
  6. How Broken is this game???

    I don't see it as broken, the playerbase is more broken than the game itself.
  7. Not sure if this is known but it happened to me tonight.
  8. Can't Play the New Crosshair

    I can see the difference, but I never used that guide as anything more than a judgement line to better help me aim, most of my aiming is guesstimation based on analysis of the targets speed and orientation.
  9. Training rooms?

    I saw a training room in a youtube video I watched, can someone tell me how these work as I can't find an option for one in the game.
  10. Commander skill questions.

    In your opinion for a cruiser with six inch guns in triple gun turrets is the skill Expert Marksman worthwhile to have or are those points better utilized on something else?
  11. How do you play this game well?

    Even then this doesn't help much sometimes when your team is filled with gutter trash.
  12. How Far Have You Gone?

    12,195 miles
  13. Small dilemma

    I intend to keep my Konigsberg.
  14. Reporting players for botting

    Actually they do something in certain circumstances, blow up.