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  1. If you're going to arbitrarily decrease BBs range, then the following must also be done: Increase DD, Sub, CA and CL detection ranges Drastically reduce fire chances for DD, CA and CLs Reduce torpedo damage across the board Can't ask for a massive nerf to BBs and not expect a nerf to other classes for balance.
  2. SeaborneSumo

    nerf the cvs, not the players

    And? The CV will get more planes. Why? Because they regenerate and are therefore unlimited. I prefer the RTS version where planes WERE limited.
  3. SeaborneSumo

    nerf the cvs, not the players

    1. No. Ships can't cover the entire map in seconds with no danger to themselves, which a CV can. Even 3 minutes after the @#%ing CV is sunk. 2. CVs have unlimited planes. Saying they don't reveals your bias and ignorance. They will NEVER run out of planes throughout a match, unlike the RTS days where they DID have a limited amount of planes. 3. Duh. As I said in item 1 above, they can spot the entire map in seconds and for 3 minutes after the CV is actually sunk. NO other ship can continue doing/controlling anything after they're sunk. 4. If CVs are going to play in a ship vs ship contest they need to have skin in the game. Today they DO NOT!! They HIDE at the back of the map and attack with impunity. No risk. So yes, there are many of us who complain about this and rightfully so. The profound ignorance is not recognizing this fact about CVs is one of the reasons they are so rightfully despised.
  4. SeaborneSumo

    nerf the cvs, not the players

    Its easy to balance CVs so they can enjoy the game AND not be the OP sky cancer they are today: 1. Remove spotting. CV Planes can ONLY spot to the mini-map. This does not impact the CV driver but removes the major OP element of CVs. That's it really. I hate CVs since the rebork was vomited on us. The ability to spot the entire map, to make 2 to 3 strikes at a time, unlimited planes, CVs don't burn and can hide at the back of the map etc etc. But I think of this one change, a lot of this hate will fade away.
  5. SeaborneSumo

    DD is still OP

    Yes, which usually take 1-2 minutes to reload and are HIGHLY inaccurate. Plus, using WASD ships can actually avoid torps quite easily. Play only DDs for a couple of weeks, then come back to this post and tell us how it goes.
  6. SeaborneSumo

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    This is a bit misleading. Navy played the 3rd most difficult schedule in the country. More difficult than playing in the SEC. Army's strength of schedule was ranked 107. Army won games, but they played no one. Its why Navy shut them down the entire second half.
  7. SeaborneSumo

    smolensk is unironically a terrible ship now and I regret buying it

    I play the Smolensk occasionally for fun and giggles. She is still a great ship, you just have to adjust play style due to her decreased range. She's still a beast if you position her right. I just love all the hate I get in a match just for driving her. LOL
  8. Along with subs,,, lets have an opt out of CV games. Or at least 2 CVs per side games.
  9. SeaborneSumo

    Map edge cheat fix

    This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. People hit the border mostly by accident. In the middle of a battle, lose track of position and end up on the border. There is already a penalty for hitting the border, nothing else is needed.
  10. Love the defense of this nonsense. Let me state my opinion. NO MATCH WITH LESS THAN 12 PER SIDE SHOULD HAVE 2 CVS PER SIDE. PERIOD!!!!! Two CVs per side are horrible enough with 12 per side. I don't really care HOW long the CV players have been waiting. Update: Can't believe there are idiots who down voted this. Not sure if trolling or really that stupid.
  11. For me this is a repeat of California. 14" guns at T7 with 33 second reload. How often do you see Californias? Very rarely. There is a reason for this. She's outclassed against other BBs in the game. Knew this when stats were first published, didn't need to play her to know she would suck. And yes, I do have California and she sucks. If WG wanted to place her at T7 with 14" guns WG needed to give her faster reload,,, sub 30 second. She needed more speed, say 27 kts. And give her Mass level secondaries. Then she'd be a good T7 BB. And people may buy her. $$$$$$ Now she's just a 'coulda been'. Same for this ship.
  12. SeaborneSumo

    Glory Days

    Thanks to CV garbage, T5-6 is just d@^n painful to play. Not fun anymore.
  13. SeaborneSumo

    Stripping CVN-79 to ready CVN-78

    As I understand it there are multiple 'brand new design' features on the USS Ford. Most of which are NOT functioning, broken, never worked or some other !!%@@ condition. Apparently, this new class has more 'brand new design' features than any other class we've put to sea in decades. Bad decision. Anyway, we would regularly scavenge other ships in port, in dry dock and even moth balls to get replacement parts. A perfect example is the USS Kentucky (BB 66). Her entire bow section was removed while under construction to replace the damaged USS Wisconsin's bow which was damaged in a collision. Whatever gets the ship going, that's what we did.
  14. SeaborneSumo

    Submarines need more dive time

    I spent a day playing nothing but subs last week, to see what all the fuss was about. I found that at the start of matches my own team was ramming me and pushing my ship all over the place just because i was in a sub. Very childish. So multiple times at the start of matches i would have to submerge to avoid these mental giants trying to ram me. My conclusion about subs was: They are situational at best now after the nerfs. Very difficult to do well in because there is zero room for error. Once spotted, pretty much game over. I generally don't like them in the game, but after seeing how they'd been de-fanged, they're just a waste of a ship as far as I'm concerned.
  15. SeaborneSumo

    Sometimes you just have to chuckle : )

    Yep. Happens to me all the time. I don't care!!! Karma is probably zero. LOL