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  1. Glad you enjoy them. Its always good to find a ship you really have fun playing, even when you lose. I personally don't like the Russian DDs. And its probably because of this I do so poorly in them and have stalled in my grind at T9. But, to each their own. Vodka for everyone!!!
  2. How far away were you when launching torps? If its just a DD and a high tier CV, its pretty hard for the DD player. High Tier CVs are fast and maneuverable, they have planes up which spot your torps as soon as launched, so they can dodge. And they can reload bombers and torp planes as fast or faster than you can reload torps. As for your guns, should've used HE the whole time. Can't speak to your aim without seeing replay, but sounds like it wasn't very good. If CV was full health and you were trying to burn down with HE, it could take a while under the best of circumstances.
  3. On Sept 10, 2001 I was on a flight out of Atlanta. We had gotten to about 20,000 ft when the compressor failed in the starboard engine and began leaking fuel into the engine housing. Fuel collected for a few seconds before a re-ignition was attempted. When the pilot attempted to restart the engine it ignited all the fuel which had leaked into the engine compartment and there was a minor explosion out the rear of the engine. This ignited the fuel as it was leaking which resulted in flames pouring out of the engine. I know this because my window seat was just aft of the starboard wing and flames were shooting past my window and I could feel the heat. The aircraft dropped about 2,000 ft or so in a matter of seconds as we dipped to starboard. The pilots were unaware of the fuel leak and did not secure fuel to the engine. They kept attempting a restart which did nothing. Flames were still coming out of the engine and I could hear the attempted restarts and knew the pilots must be unaware of the fire. I yelled at a stewardess who was calming passengers and told her to get on the phone with the pilots and tell them the starboard engine was on fire. She looked out the window, saw what I was seeing and ran to the phone to notify the pilots. In just a few seconds the fire was out as the pilots had secured fuel to the engine. We made an emergency landing back in Atlanta on 1 engine. THE hardest landing I've ever had. Fire engines and emergency vehicles were lining the runways when we arrived. It was quite memorable. An hour later, Delta had us on another flight out. And upon arrival, we went to our business meetings, left the office early and commenced to drink until the wee hours. On the morning of 9/11 I was a bit hungover. We had just started a conference session when word came about the first plane hitting the tower. The rest of course is history. We had a rental car and ended up driving back to Atlanta on Friday since there was still no air travel allowed. I was able to visit the 9/11 Memorial in NYC last year. Very, very sobering. PS. The details of the engine issue I got from a neighbor who is a mechanic for Delta. He also said we were extremely lucky the engine didn't blow apart during the first restart attempt.
  4. So Ivan,,,, are you ok with being banned for a day because your PC crashed or lost power. Or a 7 day ban if you lost power twice in a week due to a storm system moving through? I bet you'd be even more pissed over this. Quit whining and deal with it. Everyone is AFK for 1,000 different legitimate reasons. No one should be banned for something which is beyond their control.
  5. Ditto. Its like Cyclone. Game starts,,, targets spotted. 6-8 ships smoke,,,, no more targets,,,, no more shooting. I personally think there should be NO changes for smoke FOR THE DD or CL who fired the smoke. The only nerf should be to other ships like CAs and BBs hiding in someone elses smoke. Had a match yesterday,,,, 3 BBs hid in smoke for 10 min while 3 DDs and 2 Brit Cruisers kept firing smoke around them. We had NO DDs near that cap nor any cruisers with torps to fire into it,,,, so it was either charge and die or run and relinquish the cap.
  6. The joke is that RN cruisers fire only AP and RN BBs are forced to fire only HE. Backasswards if you ask me. But for the OP,,, yes,,, RN BBs secondaries are atrocious.
  7. Not seeing anything special about this BB for me to want to purchase. I wanted to get the Mutsu because she was basically a Nagato with 16" guns at T6. She's special and her performance is excellent if you look at T6 BB stats. Unfortunately I missed the purchase window. This is just an Amagi. I have one and very, very rarely play her.
  8. 'max range gameplay,,,' You're play style is obviously very different than mine. I regularly get hits and cits at 18km and beyond with my T7 and above BBs. Even my T5 Texas obliterates cruisers at 17-18km. The Warspites max range of 16.3km puts her at a 4-5km range deficit with the other BBs she compete's with. To me this is a crime. When in ANY other T6-T8 BB I know I can pound any Warspite I see at 17km without fear of counter-fire. And I love to see her when in my T8 Russian Kutozov with a 19.1km range. Can burn down a Warspite with ease,,,, no fear of her. Yes, using spotter aircraft I can extend this range to 18km or so. But this has 3 major issues: 1. It only lasts a minute or so. 2. We rarely fire using this mechanic, so accuracy suffers. 3. If need to adjust to a short range engagement while spotting aircraft engaged, the mechanics are very different than normal, and accuracy again suffers.. If you don't have a problem with Warspite's range, great. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, she's a great ship with poor range which needs to be extended at least 1km.
  9. Agree with you. These ships are NOT OP. Can't get how anyone can say this. Warspite and QE range and traverse issues are a crime. I regularly get in T8 battles with Warspite and now my QE. Its a game of try and get close undetected or die. They are good ships, but need at least another 1km to be adequate for the tiers they compete. As for the lower tier RN BBs? Nothing to be excited about. Iron Duke was especially depressing. Guns only good against soft cruisers. Horrible accuracy. Hated every match in her. Oh well,,,, will still grind up the line like I did the others. German BBs are still the best. God knows what the Russian BBs will be like. Probably their T3 could 1 shot a Yamato regularly.
  10. I liked the music.
  11. Yea, my Kamakazi guns sound pretty impressive right now!! :)
  12. Well done. I'm at 625k Free XP. Been hoarding so long though,,, not sure if I'll pull the trigger on Big Mo or not. :)
  13. I use on German BBs T7 and up, including Scharnhorst. Its a must have for those ships. Makes them like real BBs. I also have a Yamato and Montana captain with the secondary build as well. Their range and ROF isn't as good, but can REALLY help sometimes when DDs and German BBs get close. A lot of times the German BB drivers are surprised when I start hammering them with secondaries at 9km+. They sometimes turn away because they don't like the same treatment. Especially with Yamato. I've tried it on a couple of cruisers just for kicks, but the range just isn't good enough for it to be effective. So the captains points are best used elsewhere.
  14. As an expert in Radar,,, I don't think I need too. Like I said,, there's only 1 type in this game. If you'd like to discuss, various other radars available in the real world I'd be happy to discuss in detail. But that's not the purpose of this forum is it?