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  1. Roma Needs Some Love

    I had several good games in Roma last night. There was some dispersion, but it was expected. I adjusted game play and only engaged on ships within 15km and had no problems. On tanking Iowas and Missouri's (which I find hilarious), I did switch to HE. After a month of Brit HE I have to say Italian HE is a let down. But again, not a surprise. I've liked Roma thus far.
  2. I did it in first match I tried with Kamikazi R. Was actually surprised.
  3. I love my Duca, but it is unforgiving. With a short 14km primary gun range, you unfortunately have to get in range of practically every other ship on the map to do damage. Yes, there is a spotting plane, but I've noticed the Duca has a VERY high firing arc when using the spotter. Its a very different aiming mechanic than any other ship I've used with a spotter. The Duca requires you to constantly be moving, turning, changing speeds, using islands for cover and NEVER showing your broadside.
  4. Had the same thing last night in my GK. 2 or 3 salvos right into an Amagis waterline,,,, bounce or break. No Cits. Then get 3 Cits on an Izumo with HE in my Conquerer. Go figure.
  5. Won a game today and barely got to 100k damage, still made over 600k silver. Much better than any other ship I have.
  6. Is this a bug?

    Happens to me 'in game' sometimes. Have to restart the game to resolve. Its just a graphics problem on the PC which crops up occasionally.
  7. I hate the way WG has tried to achieve 'balance' in this game by allowing cruisers and DDs to burn BBs to the ground in 90 seconds. It takes no skill, there is no real counter to it and it fly's in the face of reality. And for those who talk about crying BBs can mitigate fires - dog squeeze. You have repair, heal and can waste Captain Points, but in the end, when Repair and Heal are used - you're vulnerable for up to 90 seconds to be burned to the ground. Now, do I play DDs and Cruisers and burn BBs to the ground? You betcha!! Its part of the insane way WG achieved balance. Its fun to hear players whine and cry. its fun to get all those points from Witherer and Arsonist Achievements!! But I still wish WG would make the game a bit more realistic with respect to fire damage.
  8. Lag - Delay in Turning/Firing

    I see all these comments about 'packet loss', so I'd like someone to explain why this only happens immediately following a patch? Then after a mini-patch, which WG often does after there are problems reported with a main patch,,,, the issue goes away.
  9. Lag - Delay in Turning/Firing

    Of course it has nothing to do with the Patch. Problems only start RIGHT after a patch. The day OF a patch or the day after a PATCH. So it couldn't possibly be the Patch. Heavens no. I play for weeks on end with NO problems,,, then along comes a WG patch and BANG,,, problems. Its obviously my PC, or my ISP or some other server. Couldn't be the Patch,,, no matter how many effin times this has happened over the last 2 1/2 years. ROFLMAO
  10. Lag - Delay in Turning/Firing

    That's it exactly. Everything looked normal except my commands weren't being acted upon.
  11. Love my P'cola. Rules: 1. Keep moving fast and turning. 2. Avoid putting broadside to anyone. 3. Spec for Concealment 4. Don't Cap or Brawl. If team mates complain,, too bad.
  12. Last night it was very difficult to play and quite odd. Ping was regularly around 150ms and my ship was moving through the water normally. However, when I'd use WASD to turn the ship,,, my ship would just keep moving. It would take up to 30 seconds for the rudder to start turning. Same with firing guns. I'd pull the trigger,,,, nothing. Then 10-20 seconds later,,, she'd fire. Game wasn't freezing, could still see chat, audio working, was getting shot at cause I couldn't effin turn. Ate some torps. Fun times. Restarted game a few times. It'd clear up for a bit then start back. Rebooted PC. Same. Anyone else dealt with this?
  13. Game is crashing for me as soon as I hit play in Game Center. This is twice now. Reinstalled last week,, worked fine til this morning. Now doing again and having to reinstall. If this keeps up and there isn't some sort of compensation WG is losing a paying customer.
  14. Those were the days. Calling our own plays.
  15. Has happened to me a dozen times at least. Also multiple game crashes since last patch. They screwed up something.