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  1. SeaborneSumo

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    In the hands of a good driver, Russian DDs can be very powerful. But high tiers are NOT your typical DDs. They're bascially faster, more maneuverable CLs with less HP. You can not drive them like a typical DD. You will die!! You can't try and perform the role of stealthy DD. You will die!! You must adopt a different style of play.
  2. No idea what kinda of sarcastic comment you are trying to make. This is a post about Secondary builds.
  3. You earned over 100k damage with just your secondaries? Most I've gotten is around 28k I believe, but had over 200k from Main Batteries.
  4. I love my Mass. Gotten several Krakens in her just recently. A full secondary build may not yield 50k damage, but the potential of her secondaries has an enormous effect on 'other' players tactics. DDs and CLs especially will drastically modify their positioning if a Mass (or Biz/Tirp) gets close. I've seen DDs break off attacks rather than get to within 11.3km of a Mass. That's almost a kill right there. Then there is the psychological effect of being hit by secondaries. Sure, BBs and CAs may not take major damage from a Mass secondary barrage. But the sound/sensation of being constantly peppered with shells, along with the occasional fire, does impact many players actions. Cheers.
  5. SeaborneSumo

    New Bonus Code

    Braindead - can't remember where go to enter coupon codes?
  6. SeaborneSumo

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    Served 6 years on an FF and a DDG. Was aft all the time and never heard the props.
  7. SeaborneSumo

    I hate the state of the game now.

    Skill is relative. For example: - I am highly skilled at getting blapped in high tier DDs. - I am poorly skilled in Russian DDs - I am very skilled when shooting at a Pensacola (yes,,, I know anyone shooting at a Pcola looks skilled)
  8. SeaborneSumo

    Biz T10 Push!

    Absolutely - to me, the major difference one must keep in mind is the 30,000+ HP diff between a T8 and a Yammy, Montana etc. And reload speed. Most T10's are 4-6 seconds faster than a T8.
  9. SeaborneSumo

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    Hearing the whosh whosh whosh of the props as the ships starts moving is hilarious. I can't think of a single spot on the 20-30 ships I was on while underway where you can hear this noise.
  10. SeaborneSumo

    Super Containers in name only

    I received an SC last week. First one in over a year. Got 100 of the Ramming flags. I have like 600 of those. Never use them. I've only received like 4 since the mechanic came out and I've never received anything 'valuable' IMO from them,,,,,, so I don't worry about them.
  11. I used the 457's on Conq quite a bit. Really tried to make them work. WHEN they hit, they hit effin hard. But they were just not very accurate, at least for me, could be user error. I eventually went back to the 419's and just used AP a bunch more.
  12. SeaborneSumo

    Tier III against 3 CVs equals NO FUN

    When I see this scenario,,,,,, well,, lets just say I don't participate much in the match and leave it at that. Got in trouble last time I mentioned what I did when faced with this STUPID matchmaking mechanic of facing 3 CVs.
  13. SeaborneSumo

    Mouse on "Balance"...

    I don't think people get the twist on words here. Balance in my mind is more subjectively and negatively associated with 'NOT fun to play against'. WG makes a decision for the reasons of 'balance' and creates situation where there is none. For example: Arkansas B in a match against 3 Hosho's. There is no balance or fun here except for the Hosho's. BBs/CAs against the soon to be released Submarines after the DDs are sunk. There is no balance or fun there for anyone but the Subs. There are numerous examples and situations that can serve as an example. Nothing is perfect.