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  1. Matchmaking is forced to use what players/ships are available. It will, on a regular basis, create these mismatches. Smoke is far too prevalent in the game right now with limited counters and needs changed. If someone wants to use smoke to escape, run and hide,,,, fine. But to smoke yourself as a DD / CL, as well as CAs and BBs, then fire invisibly for 45-90 seconds (not sure of whole range) is just too much. I've seen entire teams emaciated by this tactic. To this they yahoos say, 'torp the smoke, use hydro/radar'. Great idea! IF your torps have the range, IF you have Radar or Hydro, IF you can get close enough to use any of them. A single DD or CL using smoke is fine. But when multiple ships hide in smoke for the purpose of blasting the enemy without risk of return fire, it needs to be nerfed. And for the record, I've smoked many BBs and CAs to protect them, taking advantage of this flaw in the game. You'd be stupid not too. Doesn't mean it is right.
  2. Can't wait til they nerf smoke in some respect. With limited availability of radar, radar having VERY limited duration and time, hydro having very limited range and the plethora of ships now capable of using smoke, smoke is no longer a defensive tactic but an offensive tactic. And depending on how MM works for a given match, there can be multiple smoke capable ships on one team and few if any smoke capable ships on the other and/or few if any radar/hydro ships on the other. Happened to me last week. Red team had something like 5 smoke capable ships parked near center of map taking turns smoking. They kept 1 DD out for spotting with the rest remaining in smoke, including a Scharny. This lasted for almost 10 min of the match. Our team had no radar ships, no hydro ships and no torps with range enough to get into the smoke screen. Anyone getting close was nailed by the 5 ships in smoke. As I said in another post, this was great team work on their part, however, due to match making, our team had no counter and we were eaten alive.
  3. I'm seeing a similar occurrence. A ship will fire, but it will be 3 seconds or more before it is visible and then it is invisible again in less than 20 seconds. Seen this happen multiple times. DDs to BBs.
  4. Love this idea. Too much smoke in this game right now. People in this forum say,,, just torp the smoke area, use radar, etc etc. Not always an option. Was in a match yesterday where 3 DDs, 2 Brit cruisers and a Scharny were in center of map. 5 smoke capable ships taking turns smoking the area. We had 2 DDs which spawned near the other side of the map, no smoke cruisers and NO ships with radar. With spotting from one of their DDs, they made mincemeat of our team. Team work? Yes, they displayed excellent team work. But our team wasn't equipped to deal with what MM gave us. Other than to just run and hide til they ran out of smoke. Which is effectively a loss.
  5. They're battleships. They're supposed to be giant, go near and you die behemoths of death. DDs and CLs should fear their secondaries. And before the DD/CA/CL whiners start calling me a BBaby,,, understand,,, I primarily play DDs and Cruisers. My opinion anyway. I hate the crap that WG does in this game as a sacrifice on the altar of balance.
  6. The French cruisers desperately need a 1-2 second ROF buff. Otherwise, they're just canon fodder. They have good guns, but just not enough DPM going out. I've got about 25 more matches in Alfgerie, then moving to Charles Martel. Hope she's a better platform. As for the grind, figure about 100 more matches to complete. Ugh!! Too much work for so little reward if you ask me, but I do like to complete the challenges.
  7. This isn't entirely true. I place my Anthony with full AA build and flags very far east after loading troops and shoot down a ton of planes. Getting about 34 planes shot down per match. But I certainly don't go too far east.
  8. With only like 12 episodes left, there are a LOT of loose ends they need to tie up. I just hope they don't come up screw the pooch and have a horrible ending like Lost did.
  9. Katori scenario? And yes, what I said about that battle was absolutely true.
  10. This makes sense, more force being required to push water downward in the vertical plane due to the proximity of the bottom. However, isn't this present whether the ship is in motion or at rest, thereby negating any impact on a ships performance? If the resistance is already there, why would it increase due to motion? Also, why would this impact forward momentum in the first place, since the thrust of the propellers is 90 degrees opposite this downward vertical force? Just curious.
  11. Been on these forums 2 years. It doesn't matter how an OP phrases things, there are always plenty of idiots that only know how to say 'git good'. I stopped posting questions or observations long ago because of this. I just read it for the occasional good piece of info.
  12. WG Sells a lot of Premium BBs,,,, not so many Premium DDs. So which community do you think they'll cater too? Plus,,, Russian DD not going to get nerfed where it hurts. Just not gonna happen.
  13. Actually, my simile is spot on. Did ISPs charge content providers more for their enormous usage of bandwidth? Absolutely. And Netflix and others were facing the prospect of having to raise fees. Now, thanks to the FCC they can't. So ALL costs are passed on to the consumer now from the ISPs. Like I said, it's a shell game. The content providers (lobbying for net neutrality) get an open pipe to consumers and the consumer will pay higher ISP fees. Either way, the ISPs will get their money.
  14. Abso#$^#lutely!! Ship to ship fire was never HE unless there was a mistake somewhere along the line or nothing left to fire. Just look at Battle of Savo Island, Nov 13 1942. IJN ships were loaded with HE for shore bombardment when surprised by Callaghans task force. It took the IJN up to 10 min to fully switch to AP rounds thus giving the US ships a significant advantage during the battle and ultimately a strategic victory. Was the victory completely attributable to IJN starting out with HE? We'll never know. But if they'd had AP on their first salvos it could've taken out the US ships involved much sooner. Perhaps even saving their BB.
  15. DDs built for concealment are my favorite to play. But over the last 2 years, it has become more and more difficult to do so. Not so much because of 'radar', but because of nerfs to the IJN DD line. Especially the torp nerfs. For me, radar is like a detonation. I don't deal with it very often because I stay aware of where the radar ships are located when possible. Sure, I'll get lit up occasionally, but I just deal with it as I can and move on. Just another part of the game. For me, the Concealed DD problem/nemesis is the CV driver who loves to park their planes over my DD. I've been wrecked 100x more often from this than from any radar or hydro. A good CV driver who's playing for the team will always find the DDs and park over them until their team mates kill them. Whereas radar lasts only a few seconds. My opinion.