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  1. You are correct sir. I noticed the 3 to 5 tube increase, but not the reload time change. Changing the hull back. 12 torps and 2 volleys in 100 seconds is more valuable than 10 torps in 1 volley in 90 seconds. Thanks!!
  2. Over the last few weeks I've played the Ognevoi several times. The one thing I loved about it was an ~50 sec torp reload time. 55 second base, and I have the TAE Captain skill selected knocking off 5 seconds. Today, my Ognevoi's torp reload time with TAE is 82.8 seconds. I don't recall seeing any release or patch notes mentioning this nerf of the Ognevoi. Given her horribly slow torps and minimal guns, the fast reload time was her only redeeming quality. Pisses me off. PS: If you don't believe me about the 55 second torp reload value, check the wiki.
  3. I like this idea!!! Always fun to sink a Tirpitz.
  4. Unlikely. It will be nerfed to same specs as New Orleans or worse. And New Orleans will be nerfed to be as bad as P'cola.
  5. I didn't mind the IJN BB grind. I even liked the Izumo and I'll take the Yammy out for a spin occasionally, but they're woefully outclassed by the German BBs and their secondaries. Not near as much fun for me, from Scharny to Kurfurst, much more enjoyable.
  6. I rarely play US or IJN Cruisers or BBs anymore. They're FAR outclassed by the German and UK BBs. I much prefer the German BBs since their secondaries actually perform like they should. As for DDs, I still play IJN DDs, just not Shimmy too often.
  7. Was in my Monarch yesterday firing upon a stupid Tirpitz driver. He was just sitting there ignoring me, 10km away, firing at someone else. Didn't even target me with his secondaries. I hit him with 54 HE shells and started only 1 fire. It was quite frustrating. Different match yesterday I started 7 fires on a Bismarck with only 18 HE shell hits. The algorithms of the game and impacts of captain skills are quite odd sometimes.
  8. Loving my Monarch grind. Aside from Tirpitz and Grober Kurfurst, she is my favorite BB so far. Working on getting another 19 pt captain in her during this grind.
  9. I wasn't a Marine. Navy :)
  10. This is a TEAM game. T E A M As my Marine DI's used to love saying ''There is no I, My or Mine in the word TEAM!!!" Quit being so selfish about your stats and worry about winning the match!!
  11. I can do that with my other 19 pt captains and grind remaining ships. Plus Credits, XP and Free XP is far greater in Randoms than Halloween event.
  12. Well that really was a really bad decision if you ask me. People will play to get the 5 Stars,,,, then never again. Only reason I repeatedly played last year was the camo received after each match.
  13. Yesterday a Fletcher launched a spread of torps at me from about 8-10km away. They were pretty spread out when they reached me and I dodged all but one. They were clearly visible I just couldn't avoid one of them. Yet, somehow, 3 seconds later, a 2nd torp hits me, but there were none in the water. I had only 15k HP left, so the 2nd torp did me in. Yep, sometimes the game screws up.
  14. Think I saw a Bismarck/Tirpitz and either a St Louis (US CL) or an Emden. Those two are pretty similar.
  15. Too much smoke in this game. BBs and CAs should not be able to fire accurately and invisibly from smoke for 90 seconds. I favor: 1. BBs and CAs - add 150% to dispersion when firing from smoke. or 2. Decrease visibility for BBs and CAs by only 30% when in smoke. My 2 cents.