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    CVN-81 to be named after Pearl Harbor Hero

    In the service, I had the honor of writing up many of my sailors and marines for commendations. I also served on many review boards. This was in the 80’s and 90’s and aside from my own people, I never knew or paid attention to someone’s race, background etc. Only the actions for which they were being recommended for commendation. From what I can gather, these are the actions of Doris Miller on Dec 7th for which he as recommended for commendation. Under constant enemy strafing and bombing he: Manned an AA Gun, for which he was not trained, and engaged enemy planes. Assisted with the evacuation of many wounded sailors, including a ships captain, to safety. These acts should earn anyone a commendation, but which one. These actions were also performed by hundreds of other sailors and marines that day to varying degrees. How many sailors did he help rescue - 5? 10? 20? 100? From what I can tell, there is no record. Did he shoot down any enemy planes? The number 4 or 5 is thrown around a lot, but even Doris Miller could not confirm how many, if any, planes he hit that day. Having fired this type of weapon before I can tell you the odds of shooting down a single enemy plane with this gun alone is astronomical. Besides, with thousands of other guns firing skyward from other ships and land based AA guns how could anyone 'absolutely' state Miller shot them down alone. Also, in the 2 waves of attacks, 29 Japanese planes were shot down. 9 in the first wave and 20 in the second. Miller’s heroic actions took place during the first wave. To attribute half of the enemy planes shot down in this wave to a single .50 caliber gun mount from the West Virginia is completely unrealistic. This is how I would evaluate a commendation. Based on the evidence, what did this person do? The Navy Cross is the very highest I would have conferred upon him. I see many articles and opinion pieces from various individuals and organizations stating he should be awarded the MOH because of the racial injustice he had to endure in a segregated military. Or people stating exactly what @Navynuke99 said: “if he were white,,,,, etc etc. ‘ Like I said, there were hundreds of other sailors and marines, predominantly white, who performed the same or similar actions and were never recommended for commendation. As part of my masters thesis, I interviewed dozens of Pearl Harbor survivors and poured through hundreds of survivor accounts. I was stationed in Pearl Harbor for 3 years and studied and learned as much as I could about the people there and the attack. These types of actions were not uncommon. Was he a hero? He was a brave sailor, who in the face of death fought to protect his ship and shipmates. So YES, he was. But to award someone a medal based upon factors other than the actions they performed such as background or race, lessons the award. Were minority sailors excluded from being recommended for any commendation based solely on their race? The record indicates they were, and I can only hope it never happens again. I would also hope any heroic action overlooked, ignored or blatantly disregarded based on race is identified and the proper action taken. Were/Are awards bestowed upon someone who is not deserving? ABSOUTELY!! West Virginia's captain was awarded the MOH for getting hit with shrapnel and dying. Sorry,,, I don't see that as deserving. Admiral Daniel J Callaghan was awarded the MOH for sailing his task force in the middle of a Japanese formation and getting killed. Yes, it was a tactical victory in the end, but the victory was NOT from his actions or training and came at an incredible cost in ships and lives. All of which happened after he died. I saw an officer once get a Navy Commendation Medal for throwing the Desron a party. It was nauseating. For actions at Pearl Harbor - 51 Navy Crosses were awarded along with 15 MOH's and 53 Silver Stars. I've not researched the specifics of these before, but I think I will now after thinking about this post. I'm curious. Anyway, sorry for rambling.
  2. What bothers me, is IRL, no ship fired HE at another ship. They almost ALWAYS fired AP in ship to ship battle. No, AP rounds may not detonate inside a lighty armored ship, but they do great amounts of damage. The Atlanta survived dozens if not a hundred hits the night she was sunk, but she didn't sink until later the next day. That doesn't mean she could fight. She was out of the fight LONG before she sank because of all the damage she took from shells going thru her. The over-pen mechanic is garbage IMO. Far more damage is done than the measly 1020 hp per shell WG rewards. My opinion.
  3. With all the HE Flameslingers in T10 matches, only players who don't want to play long push in a Yammy.
  4. SeaborneSumo

    CVN-81 to be named after Pearl Harbor Hero

    There is an enormous amount of politics involved in ship naming. Doris Miller's actions were heroic by any standard, but over 6,300 Navy Cross's have been earned in the US Navy. Only 5 of them are namesakes for US Navy ships. All of those have been DDs. For him to have a Capital ship named after him and only awarded a Navy Cross is not highly unusual. It stinks of politics. Don't take me the wrong way. I'd be proud to serve aboard the USS Doris Miller CVN 81. I'd much rather a ship be named for a real combat hero than a 2 bit politician or president.
  5. I like the Izumo. I still play her because she's fun. People underestimate her capabilities and give me broadsides all the time. My thought process on playing her. 1. Play her like any other BB. So what if all her guns are forward. Doesn't mean you HAVE to play bow on. 2. Don't be afraid to go Flank and maneuver. Again, many players are used to seeing an Izumo sitting still and have difficulty aiming at one actively maneuvering. 3. Have fun.
  6. I have no problem with this ship. Here's why: 1. Only 6 guns, yea,,, but their 20" guns,,,,,, so 2. They'll over pen anything but GOOD hit on a BB. 3. They have glacier like reload rate The realistic DPM for an average player I suspect will be horrifically low. This ship will only do well in the hands of good captains with exceptional positioning and aiming skills. For the rest of us, she's damage to harvest. So,,, I'm not worried about her.
  7. SeaborneSumo

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    Port and Starboard running lights. Ditto what the others said about allowing other ships to know aspect.
  8. But WG would never nerf a ship without telling the player base. ROFL,,, oh,,, I crack myself up.
  9. You are absolutely correct. Roma could be a really good T8 BB if they'd fix her guns. In reality, she had great guns and shells. I'd play her much more if they'd fix her.
  10. I think the biggest problem with these guns will be the Over Pens. Get way too many now with 16" and 18" shells. Against battleships no less.
  11. Big problems I see for this platform: 1. Only 6 guns. Ok,,, not that big a deal. Lots of ships manage. 2. 35 second reload. Ouch. Probably can get down to around 30 seconds,, but still painful. 3. 60 second turret traverse. Ouch. Don't want to get in close. Not a brawler. 4. OVER PENETRATION - I get tons of Over Pens now on Battleships with 16" and 18" shells. This is going to really drive people NUTS!!! Will wait to see how she performs with other peoples money before I consider her.
  12. SeaborneSumo

    World of Warplanes?

    Not building or constructing any confirmation bias. I'm not spinning anything. My opinion is based on all the information currently available/released about subs. There is nothing positive to say, only negative. Again, this is why they delayed the release. As for the carrier rework, "some people blew up",,, absolutely. It was an in-arguable disaster. In many ways it still is since they've never corrected the main problems introduced by the re-work, only nerfed plane damage and screwed with AA.
  13. SeaborneSumo

    Without resorting to Welcome to Rigged games 2020

    I like my FDG. Like any other ship you must learn to play to her strengths. She requires patience. Many want to rush into caps and brawl with her because of her secondaries. Brawling is and always will be situational,,, not the primary goal. And I have no problems with her AP. She hits hard.
  14. SeaborneSumo

    World of Warplanes?

    LOL Seriously though,,, why would subs travel all the way across a map to attack CVs hiding in the far corners behind island, when there are defenseless CAs and BBs much closer.
  15. SeaborneSumo

    World of Warplanes?

    With all the information released about Subs during initial testing phase I can't think of one thing positive to say about their impact to the game. So unfortunately,,, anything said about Subs right now WILL be negative. Do you have something positive to say about Subs and how they will impact the game? Anything? I'd love to hear you spin something about Subs into a positive for the game. The only thing positive I can remotely think of is they were so horrible in testing they delayed the release.