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  1. SeaborneSumo

    Since you are removing Deadeye

    Make it 30% decreased dispersion for secondaries and I'm all for it. Gets us close to where we were before the Capt Skill rework was vomited on us.
  2. SeaborneSumo

    The Reset Experience - my first time.

    German BB main gun accuracy is atrocious. This was always offset by awesome secondary range and accuracy. This made the brawlers and fun to play if you like that style. Following the horrific captain skills rework, any ship which needs secondaries to be worth play is @#$%@. No longer fun or worth playing. Why would I get in a Bizmarck when I could get in a North Carolina with MUCH better guns and accuracy? Was in a match with the Biz last week. Was in perfect brawling conditions, DD within 7 km for ever. Cruiser within 10km for ever. Other ships in secondary range for 5-10 min. For this WHOLE encounter I had 23 secondary hits total. Previously, this would've been in the hundreds. So yea,,, still have horrible primary mains,,,,, but these ships as a whole are worthless to me now. No fun.
  3. SeaborneSumo

    The Reset Experience - my first time.

    I've reset 4 lines thus far. Completed 2. Had just got to Bizmarck when the Captain Skills rework hit and secondaries were nerfed to near uselessness. I've tried to play her since,,,, but its just not what it once was. So she'll sit for a while. My big take away from the experience was, I forgot just how incredibly long it takes to grind from Tier 8 to Tier 10 without a LOT of flags. I don't play as much anymore due to how WG keeps screwing up all the good aspects of the game,,,, so it may take a while to finish the last reset. Not sure if I'll do again.
  4. SeaborneSumo

    Premium - Auto-Renewal

    You guys are correct. It was the 'Premium' option. Been so long since I've bought anything here I didn't even know there was a difference.
  5. SeaborneSumo

    Premium - Auto-Renewal

    I haven't purchased premium in a LONG time. The CV rebork kept me from renewing. But today, I was gonna splurge for 30 days. When I hit purchase it said I HAD to agree to automatic renewal to make the purchase. Err,,,,, NOPE. Just lost a sale WG. Why do they keep doing these Stupid @#% things?
  6. SeaborneSumo

    11 DD game!

    Had 15 DDs in a match once a few years ago. An absolutely horrible match!!! First 5 min,,,, we were down to a total of like 5 DDs. IJN Torp DDs were gutted first,,, then it was a matter of who had the better gunboat. I have a screen shot somewhere.
  7. Have barely played since the Captain Skill rebork. All but one of favorite ships were nerfed into the 'no fun zone', so why play. In the games I do play, watching even more BBs hide in the back and snipe with deadeye is just boring. Once the nerf Deadeye and restore secondaries, I may come back. Certainly not til they restore secondaries. Cheers.
  8. SeaborneSumo


    Nope. You're about 50% in from what she was before. The reason I bought Mass was because of secondaries. Loved the brawl play style. That is no longer a play style in this game. If you can't hit the enemy ships, you can't damage them blah blah blah. Mass used to be WAY better and more fun than N. Carolina and Alabama. Now,,,, not so much.
  9. SeaborneSumo

    More Deadeye Observations

    For once, total agreement. The sledghammer to secondaries have ruined the game for me on par with the CV Rework vomited on us over a year ago. I rarely play anymore. I saw you post on secondaries with 156 hits. That was a BAD game for me before. If I went into a match in Mass, Tirp, Biz or Ga,,, I expected to be getting 300+ secondary hits per game and 20-40k damage. That's what brawling was about. Not anymore!! Now, people spend 4 pts on Dead Eye and refuse to push and lose this ability. And heaven forbid a DD or cruiser get within their base detection range, those SOBs will turn around and head further away from the fray.
  10. SeaborneSumo

    Brawling ain't what it used to be....

    So no actual brawling, just positioning. Got it. No actual 'good' brawling ability or performance, just positioning. Post title is incorrect. This isn't about brawling or the ability to brawl. Its about positioning.
  11. SeaborneSumo

    California vs Gneisenau

    I'd take a Gnat over Cali any day. Cali too slow, too slow reload,,, all around weaker ship.
  12. SeaborneSumo

    Ah... randoms.... Good times.

    My keyboard died early in a match once,,, when I got the replacement attached my BB was in a similar position. Not sure how it got there,,,,
  13. SeaborneSumo

    Did anyone test this patch?

    I think it screams out that WG needs to invest in actual QA Testers. Like any decent SW development company. But hey,,,, whatdoIknow,,,, just ran one for 20 years. Cheers.
  14. SeaborneSumo

    Commander Skill Rebork - Not Worth the Time Now

    Did that. Glad WG added that feature. Still not spending wasting my time reassigning all my commanders. Maybe someday.
  15. Its an artificial barrier created in the game to increase sales of flags, etc etc. Another words,,,, it for money.