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  1. I'm playing a LOT less than normally. Just can't stand the new CV meta. Being spotted in a DD at spawn within 45 seconds of a match, permaspotting, wave after wave after wave of plane attacks, inability to use stealth or deceptive tactics,,,, just made the game no fun. I'd love a ships only mode with no CVs, but WGs too stubborn. So, I'll probably still play some, but WG gets no more of my money.
  2. SeaborneSumo

    Less than 1.5 minutes - 366HP

    Seriously!!! At 1:26 into a match you're still in friggin spawn area. Have been spotted many times in my Kami 45 seconds into a match and sunk by 1:30. This has NOTHING to do with the skill of the DD driver and everything to do with an overpowered CV platform forced on us. I used to play 20-30 matches per day, but not anymore. Maybe 5 or 6 now. Its no fun. And I certainly will not be giving WG any more money.
  3. SeaborneSumo

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    THIS!! If they're going to keep CVs in the game, give us the option of matches with or without them. I'm betting the 'with' them matches would be hard to populate because even the CV defenders don't want to play with them in the game if given a choice.
  4. SeaborneSumo

    The one really broken part of the economy

    I have 15 Million in XP on elite ships,,,, its less than worthless to me since I will never spend real money to convert it. Its just a temptation for players to provide another revenue stream for WG. If you got the extra dough, go for it.
  5. SeaborneSumo

    Musashi/Yamato - concealment still worth it?

    Concealment for DDs did not change, but planes over the spawn points 45 seconds into a match negates any concealment you think you may have. In over half my DD matches since 8.0 dropped, I'm permaspotted then destroyed. Don't play DDs so much anymore,,,, actually,,, don't play the game half as much as I used too,,, no fun with the CV crap.
  6. SeaborneSumo

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    Do you even play DDs? There is no 'rushing ahead'. We're getting spotted in the spawn area 45 seconds into the match!!! The only decent DD matches I've had are when there is only 1 or no CVs.
  7. SeaborneSumo

    Spending intentions poll

    Try this in T8-10 matches. I've had some decent matches since the rework, but 9 out of 10 times, my DD is spotted before leaving the spawn area. Has nothing to do with my AA settings.
  8. SeaborneSumo

    Spending intentions poll

    Not spending another dime on this game until they fix the CV nightmare. Specifically, when I can get in my DD and NOT be spotted within 45 seconds of the match starting and planes dropping torps and bombs on me every 20-30 seconds. WG is not even looking at changing this,,, so,,,, not going to spend anymore money here. IMO - CVs don't belong in this game.
  9. This happened to me with the last patch. I let it sit there cause I was busy doing something else, but after about an hour of 'nothing',,, it downloaded and installed in very short order. My internet was fine, its something on the server side.
  10. So in example 1: The Shimmy activates his Starboard sector AA. Meaning no AA to port. So CV keeps planes to port of Shimmy. 30 seconds zero AA damage minimum. Shimmy switches sector to port,,, CV moves planes to starboard. Permaspotting. No AA damage to planes. Am I missing something? And what if he doesn't do sector AA? How much damage can a Shimmy dish out over 60 seconds, which is way more time than is needed for the CVs team mates to clobber him. (depending on position of course)
  11. True. My other hobby is my bicycle(s),,, way more expensive than WOWS. :)
  12. With the horrible CV rework, hotfix and now changing premiums,,,,, WG has lost all money from me for the foreseeable future.
  13. SeaborneSumo

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    CVs are still OP. In 90 seconds took 10 torp hits off 8 torp drops by 2 CVs in my Alabama last night. 90 seconds. A shimmy can't reload in that time let alone launch over 24 torps at a ship. Yet they launched torps on me 8 times from close range.
  14. SeaborneSumo

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    No problem with the CV Torp spam,,, still as bad as ever. T8 match last night in my Alabama, 2 CVs did 8 torp drops (~24 torps) on me in around 90 seconds. I ate 10 torps, 3 floodings and died quickly. This was effing ridiculous. Absolutely no defense against the cross drops. There needs to be a significant delay between torp runs by CVs. Still not nerfed enough. DDs can't do this. NO other ship can do this. At T8-10 DDs take around 2 min just to reload torps. CVs with their high speed need this long for Torp runs as well.
  15. SeaborneSumo

    DD Play Fixed

    Yes,,, reducing the number of planes in a squadron will 'reduce' spotting DDs 45 seconds into a match at their spawn. Right!!