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  1. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Were are you going to end up at the end of PR event?

    Im somewere in the directive nr 2. Not payng any attention into whats the progress there, beacuse i just dont care.
  2. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Sub's UU Clarification PSA and WG Communication

    Current state of the updates and upcoming updates, that have or had basically no detailed info, but clearly shows the path they are going, is like a big fire where children are throwing wood more in, not realisng that later on its hella hard to put out the fire! First doo, then think, looks this to me.
  3. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Have you won Missouri, Musashi, Benham or Belfast in any crate??

    For me, 16 big containers and 6 ships this year.
  4. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    PR boosters gone?

    For me, i had some of the first directives running, then when i almost finished one, it went to zero, and Never advanced, log in, log out, still zero, so ... Three days and nothing, all directives in zero!
  5. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    I dont know if this is a bug, or is the problem on my side, but in ui if i choose a ship, it is display correctly, but all of the other things are wrong, in the picture i have Alsace, but commander shows up from Sovetsky Soyus, same thing with flags, no matter what ship i choose, Theres still soyuz captain and flags. Edit: Played Alsace now, and now Alsace captain and flags are stuck, seems like every time i play different ship, this ship commander and flags will stay.
  6. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Island camping

    I also play mostly BBs, i tend to wait until i see where the most of the enemy team is going, and then go where they are going, or i choose a flank where my team is out numbered and go there, and if i have too, i will hug island or go between them, what ever is needed to get the cap or support my teammates, mostly it end in our favor, but there are battles where also, where it will be a big mistake, or the teammates you are with, are straight out potatoes and will give you no support at all, then its up to you, to hug the island or just yolo, or use what ever strategy to kill enemys or live as long as you can.
  7. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Assured Detection Ranges...need to change

    And dont forget that if you are in a BB closing to smoke screen somewhere , be it some island or on open water, even with the assured detection range, you have no idea where dd will be, you turn your guns to the side where you think the dd might popup, and thers a big change your guns are pointing the wrong direction at the time the dd is detected, and 2km is just not enough to get the guns around, and you will eat fish. With CA you will at least have some time to either evade all the fish sent to you, or get the guns around fast enough to counter shoot the dd. But even with CA its not an easy task, not concidering CAs with hydro and radar, becuse they will detect the smoke hidden dd at a mutch larger range. Concidering the smoke mechanics and BBs hiding in a laid smokescreen, in the game, that would be real bad if you would see a outlines of a BB from the smoke, basicly then the only time a BB isnt seen is when it is out of the con detection range of 13km, or so, so it would mean that you cant really hide contesting caps, and will allways eat fish nomatter what the situation. Current smokemechanics are good, i play mostly BBs, and im not a smokecamper, but smoetimes the smoke helps you to survive some situations longer and allows you to correct your errors.
  8. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    What can I do with Yamato

    i see it this way, as i have noticed it in my played games with this monster, if you go full ahead, you will end up in a cross fire with no going back, also its vital to see where your team is going, so you could support them, and also to have someone backing you up! Its not a brawler, atleast at first, mid to end game you can go and slug, if you know you wont get any fishy surprises, if you know what i mean. And also you have to watch the flanks, you dont wanna get surprised by some flanking BB, taking 4 cits on you !
  9. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    Why is the Izumo the trash can of Battleships and a T9

    I grinded halfway to izumo and then free xpd past it and went straight to yamato
  10. Viitseadmiral_MadOll

    What can I do with Yamato

    Consealment is a must on yammi. Also dont rush away at the start of the battle, intstead go with 1/4 of speed and watch where the enemys pop up, then choose the flank suitable for you, and stay bow on.