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  1. JollyRodge

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    After attempting to keep up with this forum thread, and all the videos coming out, and news articles, trying to stay as informed as possible, I believe it's time to speak up. I've been sitting here with popcorn watching LittleWhiteMouse, TheMightyJingles, iChaseGaming, and even Femennenly call you guys out on all this total garbage that has proliferated within this company for going on years now. I started playing this game from the moment I found out about it back in 2015. I remember when Imperator Nikolai & Kamikaze R first entered the shop. I am far from unicum, sitting at a win rate of 50.25% after all these years, and literally any time I wanted to find info on a new ship entering the game, the first place I checked (originally) was Ship Comrade for Mouse's reviews. Wargaming itself not once ever made a review as succinct, informative, or even comedic as the efforts that Mouse & Chobi put into them. She has been Wargaming's Albatross. And you shot her. When I started playing, and even now, Wargaming barely has enough content to really train players how to adapt to the game, instead, players must dig into the forums, and all over YouTube to acquire insightful info. Mouse did all of this for you, on her own time. Going above and beyond to make sure us, the community, were well informed and could find ships that could suit our playstyles and which could be some dumpster fire, pouring hours of her personal time into making sure she released the highest quality reviews that were the standard that every player could go by. I'm appalled that this company has treated her, and all of her fellow Community Contributors, in this way. Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm disappointed in this company. Be better than this. No more empty promises, no more non-apologies. We don't want statements, we want improvements. Genuine action, to improve interaction between the players, and the direction the game is going. It's one thing to Talk, it's another to actually Listen. I'm not looking at those who release these PR announcements. Not Shonai, or Ev1n_NA, or even Sub_Oc, I'm looking at Wargaming as a whole. All are responsible. Act right. Have your meetings, your conferences, what ever you need to air out and have said to Figure It Out. We, The Community, want better from Wargaming. Stop treating us, and your contributors like trash, all while expecting everyone to throw more money at you. I completely agree with Jingles in calling out Wargaming on predatory monetization. Lootboxes and lootbox mechanics are a plague upon this game. Right now, there are no less than 13 different lootboxes available for purchase in the shop. Why? No expletives. Just. Why? Why do we need this many different lootboxes for one game? This has already been the most expensive game I have ever played in my life. Why does Wargaming feel compelled to supplement their income with all this...Junk? I, am tired. Tired of feeling I need to spend so much money to enjoy a Free to Play game. Santa Crates used to be something to look forward to, in the one chance of the year to put one lump of cash in and receive enough resources and ships to keep me content for months after. It felt like an investment, drop $25 and get a random $50 ship, plus coal, dragon flags, and premium time. It was enjoyable for what it was. A gamble. Once a year. But now it's every patch, guys. New Ships? Loot box. New Submarines? Loot box. Permanent Camos? Why not, put 'em in a loot box. It's exhausting, and frankly, I'm bored of it. So taking RagingCanadian's advice, from this point forward, I will remain a Warships player because of the investment I've made into the game, but strictly Free to Play. No more. I, am, done. Good luck sweeping this one under the rug, it's reaching the mainstream media now. Before I go, thank you so much to @LittleWhiteMouse and @Chobittsu for your wonderful reviews all these years, and all you've done for us both seen and unseen. You 2 have always had our backs, whether we knew it or not. And thank you to @TheMightyJingles and @iChaseGaming for not letting this aggressive monetization being swept under the rug. I hate to see ya'll go, but I understand, and wish you nothing but the best fellas. And @Femennenly, I wish I had the chance to thank you while we were aboard Yorktown during Anchors Away. My wife and I had such a blast, even though we didn't really know anyone there. But thank you for everything you've done for us, the community. So long, thanks for all the fish, and as RagingCanadian said, "I hope Wargaming steps on a Lego." JollyRodge, out.
  2. JollyRodge

    Armada: Constellation

    For the giveaway: Lexington class battlecruiser 6 were planned, however 2 were converted into Lexington-Class Aircraft Carriers, the other 4 were cancelled IGN: JollyRodge Server: NA
  3. JollyRodge

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Seconded. I was looking forward to a Canadian battleship, but after how @Chobittsu & @LittleWhiteMouse were treated over this ship, the idea of buying Yukon leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Wallet Closed.
  4. JollyRodge

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Okay, I feel I should start off by saying I *want* HMCS Yukon. The name has personal significance to me in that a railroad that ran by my home was the home track of a locomotive that serviced the US Army during WWII in the construction of the AlCan highway. The engine's name was The Yukon Queen. And the idea of having more Canadian warships in the game excites me. But after learning about what happened with her, I feel it would be insulting to get her. @LittleWhiteMouse, @Chobittsu That really sucks how that shook out & I feel like the community should take notice of this. I've been reading LittleWhiteMouse reviews from the beginning and have appreciated all the hard work she puts into every ship (Even if I don't always concur with the Angry Youtuber result) & seeing Chobittsu artworks always breaks the monotony of the unavoidable blocks of raw statistics and values. I'm saddened that we didn't get the Nunavik they had hoped for. Or even the Sackville camo (Which looks absolutely sexy. Good job guys ) that they put onto her and all the detail for the ship. As a collector, I do feel compelled to buy her, because she's a Canadian Battleship (which I find hilarious from this comic I had seen years ago), but as many have said by now, the lack of any unique consumable, and the inaccuracy of her guns, the 30+ second reload, and the atrocious gun range make her appear to be a very painful ship to play. It seems to me like the ship wants to be a brawler. Get up close like Arizona, Massachusetts, Bismarck, and just tank through damage with all the secondaries popping off (which is a playstyle I adore. Aggressive. Leeroy Jenkins. get em. Like the Errol Flynn movies of old.) and while her heal consumable supports this, her armor does not. her secondaries do not. her not-British-having-firechance does not. Canadians during WWII were awe-inspiring to their allies, and a nightmare for their enemies. This ship feels like neither. So as is, this ship feels like a pass from me. As much as the name is whispering "Buy me" in my ear.
  5. JollyRodge

    Greek Cruiser Georgios Averof?

    She'd make good for an event ship at t3/t4. I'd venture to earn her.
  6. JollyRodge

    Game keeps crashing (After Nvidia update)

    Weird. I had to take mine to the shop for repair. My graphics card burned out. Got it back yesterday. Still getting disconnected every now and then, but not as often as before. I had checked/repair my client, but it didn't show any damage, or anything weird. UPDATE 12/30/20 WGCheck sent to tech support. They said it was either my router or my antivirus. So I disabled my antivirus and haven't had any hiccups since.
  7. JollyRodge

    Game keeps crashing (After Nvidia update)

    Same. Crashes, green dots (on mine). packed it up, and sending it off to the shop now. Can't even turn it on without it constantly lapsing and rebooting.
  8. JollyRodge

    Feeling kind of lost here.

    Thank you for the gift and all the support fellas. It means so much to me reading your heartwarming responses. I'm sure Jonesy would be honored at the kind gestures, the old puddle pirate. I'm putting my pc in today, hopefully I'll get it back soon and can get back on track.
  9. UPDATE 12/29/20: I contacted Tech support, sent them my WGCheck file and got back with me. Resolved my disconnect issue and rounded out the last push for Coal. USS Salem is now safely berthed in my port. Thank you all for the support and kind wishes. We did it! Happy New Years! UPDATE 12/19/20: Computer back from the shop. The graphics card had burned up and was about $150 to replace, but I'm now back online and after the first day back, managed to earn Des Moines Legendary Module, and destroyer Shinonome! Still got 116k coal to go before I can get Salem, but we are back to the grind! Merry Christmas, ya'll! I'm not sure if this is the proper thread to post this in, but as an old salt, I think I'm ready to vent some. Been playing since 2015, almost as long as I've been working medical. Got one of my patients into the game and we had been playing together on and off over the years. He passed away this year. Old fellow. Lived a long life. Last match we had played together this year was us in the Des Moines sisters. Me in Des Moines, and he had just taken out Salem for the first time. So I had decided that to cap off this awful year, I wanted to earn Salem in his honor. I ground out coal every day of October and November, but was so afraid to lose the chance to get Thunderer, I got her first. But I've lost so much sleep, still working Covid shifts in center, then coming home and grinding out all my missions, I just feel burnt out. Wargaming has felt like a second job instead of the hobby it started out as. And now, I can't even get into the game because my pc is now kaput. Started crashing with the new update(got penalized for leaving matches early. Thanks Wargaming), so I looked into remedies. Nothing worked, then it started giving me these green dots all over the screen like it had The Plague, and finally, died. So into the shop it goes. And everyday, all I hear is shortlist this, Makarov that. My dudes, I have whaled on this game for five years. This is the way Wargaming has done Christmas every year. Y'all just want something to complain about. Wargaming doesn't have to do anything for Christmas. But they do every year. Christmas lootboxes and holiday events, missions and Snowflakes. So keep your Makarovs, use 'em to earn that extra coal. I still kept my Krasny Krym from last year. I've been hoping to collect and mobilize every ship I can in the effort to get Salem. Added 40 some odd ships to my fleet in just a couple months. But after this computer gave out, I could now miss out on the whole thing. So I guess just be thankful for the time you got left, spend it wisely, and for God's sake, call your mom and tell her ya love her. Good Luck, fair seas JollyRodge out
  10. JollyRodge

    Unlucky ships?

    Colorado. and Kirov when she was tech lines. took her out one time, just started into a match, got spotted, then instantly blapped by a New Mexico at full range. not even a detonation. just regular pen. I sold it after that.
  11. JollyRodge

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I'll see what I can manage for her this week
  12. JollyRodge

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    With this being the last week of the Anchorage promotion, I haven't even been able to start. Is there a way to doubloon through the missions? Covid has caused my work to eat up all of my WoWs time, but I would like to add her to the collection
  13. Hey guys, I've recently been going down the rabbit hole with the SCP multiverse, a a kind of Pokémon meets Lovecraft version of Earth that is populated by Anomalies and The Foundation. It's a worldwide writing community where anyone can add in a supernatural SCP object for Foundation agents to track down and attempt to contain, as per their acronym: Secure, Contain, Protect. Recently I stumbled across these and felt they would be right up Wargaming's alley for the Halloween events. There are plenty more than just SCP-4217, and SCP-2846-B, such as ships present at Operation Crossroads becoming amalgamated into the mysterious SCP-1264. A creature large enough to fill the hulls of 5 of the ships sunk by the tests, USS Saratoga, Prinz Eugen, Nagato, a Mahan-Class destroyer, and a Balao-Class submarine. I'm sure Wargaming could work a story around existing anomalies and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to do some creative licensing and add to their ranks. Maybe even Foundation Camos and SCP/Foundation Agent Commanders. Anyways, leave your thoughts in the towel section below!
  14. JollyRodge

    Premium Ship Review: California

    I was really looking forward to having the Tennessee Class represented in WoWs. Preferably, TN herself as I'm a TN native. But I was looking forward to California when I heard her announcement. To which I figured they might herald in a glorious 2nd USN BB Tech line of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Dakota on into some paper USN BB designs like Georgia/Ohio-style lookalikes. But no. California feels like a garbage fire, and all these upcoming BBs are paper. I mean, the USN had so many classes of ships in WWII, why do they keep shorting them and going for paper ships? I had a list of auto-buy ships set aside as a collector if they were ever to enter the shop. Enterprise, Kaga, Dreadnought, Ark Royal, Indianapolis, Laffey, and Tennessee. And I've purchased each one and found some level of enjoyment from these ships until now. So it saddens me to pass up California.
  15. League of Legends was my most toxic community. World of Warships > World of Tanks > League of Legends. I adore the community here. Even when they're being trolls sometimes. I was out on Operation Killer Whale in my Ark Royal, getting the hang of her bombers by striking the port bases first, teammate complained "Now that we've eliminated all the non-hostile targets, how about somebody hits some of these hostile targets that are still shooting at us!" So I blapped the Kaiser and Konig Albert with my Stringbags in one go and he stayed hushed the rest of the operation. haha Love you guys!