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  1. Is anyone else missing their space camo? it popped up saying i received the new version of it but for some reason its not an option to equip? (yes i previously had it)
  2. ReinaChan

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Very much enjoying my star not being given to me .... so close to rank 5 ..... so lucky i didn't play more games when i noticed it......... no consideration for players in this regard... especially ranked players at this time .......... so glad your striving for this not happen again 2018-08-29 17:16:00 UTC till 21:44:00 UTC is not a small time period.......... acting like blizzard ...... I couldn't care less about anniversary crates lol .... and which one the ones from the shop or the in game ones cause the shop ones give 45 tokens a pop and the in game ones give 8 quite the difference but again ..... crates really not important to most players......(i would assume)