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  1. A short and sweet one, and one that hopefully doesn't result in a strike or a ban.
  2. Round Four of Sekrits with Bacon! Complete the poll to help me decide which ship to do next!
  3. Well I would appreciate it I won't bother them until this gains some more steam. It is a good idea though
  4. There's a blyska and DM one to carry you over til the next one
  5. Next one I do, I should post a poll from ships I have about which one is next
  6. Prinz Eugen would make for excellent memes (secondary build), but sadly I don't own it. But Cleveland I can do!
  7. Sure! but I might not be able to do it depending on whether or not it's in my port.
  8. I was hoping someone would appreciate that one :D
  9. DD is definitely a slam dunk. If you ever citadel a battleship at range (I've done it), that's a half court shot
  10. Sekrits with Bacon Part 3! How does the American T10 CA monstrosity work? Well after a special seance with Ernest King, I have the darkest sekrits!
  11. Well for now I'm only doing ones for ships I Have in port to get the right camera shot, but I would LOVE to do one for the floaty floaty Lowe
  12. The best addition you ever made to these reviews were the diagrams and infographics. I love them!
  13. The second installment of Sekrits with Bacon. (Should I continue? Say below, won't hurt my feelings)