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  1. BBs: New Mexico (188) - Gneisenau is "close" at 102 Cruisers: Atlanta (514) - this one is literally 10 times the nearest one - Konigsberg at 514 DDs: Blyskawica (609) - this one is ~3 times the nearest one - Gearing at 206 I could probably have every tech tree ship in the game if I hadn't spent so much time in Atlanta and Blyska.....
  2. Adding y'all right now! Gonna be a fun Sunday
  3. Yeah man that'd be great! If you can't do Saturday we'll try Sunday. Have fun at the game!!
  4. lololololololololololololololol
  5. Hey y'all! So I don't know if general discussion is the good place to do this, but I'm looking for a 3rd division mate to play with....so I'm gonna start by how my pal Dargyli and I play and state what we're looking for. I'm a USN DD main who mostly plays T7 and higher. I'm also good at the Blyskawica, Atlanta, and have played my way to the New Orleans and North Carolina. Dargyli plays mostly British cruisers right now and is currently at the Neptune. We both play decently (sometimes even great lol). We're fairly serious and like winning but we don't get terribly upset if we lose are die. Feel free to check our stats if you want to see more detailed info about us. What we're looking for is either a player that plays USN BBs, German BBs, Russian CAs, or French CAs at higher tiers (T9 and T10 would be preferable, but T8 is ok). Since I have access to Fletcher and Gearing, we're hoping to essentially form divisions with the support (me with smoke, DF, torps etc), Dargyli with the point defense (Neptune & eventually Minotaur) and then heavier guns like a battleship or heavy cruiser floating around as our big guns. We've been playing well but there's been plenty of moments when we have sorely needed heavy weapons in our high tier games. Another criteria is that if you are a battleship, you're not one that sits back and snipes. This isn't us getting upset about that bb sniper junk like others on the forums - we just prefer to have a team mate closer to us, as this fits our play style more and allows for faster reactions. We have a discord for voice chat and normally play every night from about 5 to 8 or 9 Central time. If you're interested, let me know and we'll give it a shot this Saturday Hope I didn't come off snobby in this.... Happy sailing! - bacononaboat
  6. What is this minimap you speak of? Heresy!
  7. Meh any changes like this are messy. Besides, it's realistic, makes sense, and will eventually settle out. I'm glad they went with a smart way
  8. Ladies and gentleman if you skip to 15:15 in the video below you'll the true way rival CVs are supposed to fisticuffs.
  9. Slander, libel, whatever. It can still be true and still be wrong of him to say by the conditions placed in his contract. Course it's a pointless topic now that they've re-instated him.
  10. I'm not saying iChase wasn't right about the dev part. He is. But as a community contributor he violated the rules because what he said is slander and that's that.
  11. The only iChase did wrong was when he started cussing and saying people should be fired. Giving a bad review of a ship is ok.
  12. Furutaka's stock grind is frustrating but the guns were stunning when I used them. The 8" cannons really shred any same tier cruisers, but the 22 second reload and the poor maneuverability while stock are quite annoying. However, for its tier, it seems quite tanky so I think I will like it when I get the 15 second reload guns and upgraded hulls. Aoba seems like an upgrade but when fighting T8 ships I can see how it would suffer considerably. I've played the weaboo (ARP) Myokos. It's a very strong ship, and very tanky against same tier cruisers. I've seen the 155 Mogami in action - that's what I'm really looking forward to.
  13. Example: Carriers get the option of carrying two spare destroyers on their deck. Benefits: - Two Gearings strapped to a Midway that can't be damaged and act as extra deck armor - Extra AA - A floating barge that is made of secondaries that goes 33 knots - Stealth of a Gearing - MUUUURICCAAA F**** YEAH Drawbacks - Hard to launch planes Chance of Success: 0% duh
  14. I think many will miss that it's just a joke video. It's funny; laugh at his sarcasm
  15. You strike again! I love this lololololololol