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  1. Back to 0 days since the last sub thread
  2. Oh yeah I forgot about the 12 second reload. I like that part of the Indy big time.
  3. It's still absurdly squishy but ohmybajeezus those guns are fantastic. Praise be to Pensacola. If you've ever heard of the Battle of the Komandorski Islands, I think Wargaming literally created the USS Salt Lake City, P-cola's successful sister ship. Maybe it's just me but it plays exactly how the SLC fought in that battle
  4. I actually do have the Indy. It's more meh to me for random battles. Worse firing angles, marginally better armor, and worse turning make her worse at kiting which is where I succeed in the Pensacola. Indy doesn't have the insane concealment of the Nola so while she probably is more like Nola (haven't played Nola) she just doesn't fit well for me. Maybe it'll click one day tho. I can totally see why Indy is superior in a competitive match setting tho, due to it's 10km radar and vastly improved AA
  5. Honestly, I just don't get it I'm a seriously noob cruiser player or at least I thought I was
  6. Yeah I don't usually worry about win rates to much but how could that not catch my eye.
  7. https://gyazo.com/32a7fda675a07a8860e5f09c426990bd It's confirmed, Pensacola is a solid wth ship for me. I know it's only 36 battles but c'mon I'm at nearly 600 battles in my Blysk with only a 60% win rate. So, to my Pensacola: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you downNever gonna run around and desert youNever gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbyeNever gonna tell a lie and hurt you
  8. Rendering is huge imo - like not seeing smoke from smoke stacks??? Oh jeez I consider that to be really important.
  9. Hey great job! I still always celebrate the times I get 100k+. It's always a great feeling - let us know when you get 150k or 200k!
  10. Awww another one my laptop brothers leaves me behind!! *tears* You'll have a blast on those specs. I can't wait to upgrade to something of that level. You'll see your in game ability improve too, particularly aim - anyone who say it isn't easier to aim at 60+ fps instead of around 30 or so is nuts
  11. Agreed You know they did pretty good, and got a fair number of torp hits
  12. you bet I did!!!
  13. Nicely done! Over 3k random battles I still haven't gotten it
  14. Necro'd thread! Git gud
  15. https://gyazo.com/040d0e664b5b586eb05374f7ec192612 Boy it was a fun day to be an American heavy cruiser muahahahahaha. Where can I sign up for more battles like this?