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  1. Can I get in on this goodness? Is there an invite link or do I search in discord or?
  2. Fresh, Hot, Tasty DPM!

    Just wanted to share a replay with y'all full of some good ol' Atlanta DPM. It always makes me cackle, thought y'all might enjoy. (Particularly good towards the end with the NC) Oh yeah, also features a ridiculous torpedo beat See attached. 20171107_132413_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_46_Estuary.wowsreplay
  3. I did not make it three times on purpose. That would be WG's crappy and laggy forum website that did that.
  4. Does anyone have an educated guess as to how expensive the Kidd will be? I want to buy that thing it looks awesome.
  5. Does anyone have an educated guess as to how expensive the Kidd will be? I want to buy that thing it looks awesome.
  6. Does anyone have an educated guess as to how expensive the Kidd will be? I want to buy that thing it looks awesome.
  7. Thank You Wargaming

    You know I've been salty af towards Wargaming lately and so I'd like to make up for that by being positive for a bit Thank you Wargaming for: - The absolute truckload of XP signals and XP camos that I've gotten from Yamamoto supercontainers, and other events, that made the grind from Pensacola to Des Moines simple and fairly painless. I freaking love my Des Moines, good lord New Orleans made me want to cry. I've finally gotten my second T10 whopee! I love the Des Memes - The random Konig Albert whose sudden appearance is still a mystery to me. Might have been a super container. - The absurd oodles of credits. Seriously I must earn a few million a day because of credits camos or signals. <3 u Atlanta - The detonation that made me stop blundering around with the NC and battleships in general. I'm free! - Bruh 2 supercontainers a week. I don't even care about Yamamoto I don't play many Japanese ships - Making Bogue T5 air master. My Atlanta appreciates the Clear Sky signals. - Dude my Benson turns a dime now, thank you. Still one of my favorite destroyers. Guess that's it. Lol. Thanks WG!
  8. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Yes but the difference is a Yamato would have to use AP to do that. And he'd have to hit the citadel which would imply that the Montana was either pointed straight at or broadside to the Yamato. This is important because angling either of those two ways is a mistake. A Montana can bounce Yamato shells if you angle at ~30 degrees as I recall, though I'm sure there's a more accurate number out there. You also need to remember the ranges you saw in the video (~19km give or take a few kilometers). In the Yamato, it would take considerable aiming skill to hit the citadel of a Montana even if it was broadside. With the lowered citadel of a Montana, there'd be a fair bit of RNG too because of the long range. However, in the Conqueror all you have to do is hit the Montana in general with your HE and ruin it. YES, the Montana can heal this fire damage 100%, but you might notice that it only took 6 salvos for the Monty to get killed. 6*30 seconds = 3 minutes. Three. Minutes. In that time you only get so many DCPs and heals because of cooldowns. The Monty was just trying to get out of his spawn to help his team and actually (if you listen to Flamuu's video) used his DCP very well but got ruined anyway. Meanwhile all Flamuu had to do was sit back and aim in the general direction of the Montana to hit a few shells per salvo. Not aim for the citadel. Not perfectly wait for the timing of the Monty's turn. Just shoot in the mostly correct path. And that doesn't even include all the other bonuses the Conqueror gets like A++ concealment, AA that literally rivals that of the Montana, a super heal, an untouchable citadel, and awesome AP in the rare moments it needs to use it.
  9. "The 5/38 is already massively buffed in terms of flight time in game" Well, duh. Every ship's shells are in this game. It'd be largely unplayable if it was like real life. You can't consider the shell ballistics to be realistic in this game because from the get-go they largely haven't been. It just shouldn't be a factor in terms of game balance. A better drag coefficient would be excellent, though, I agree. I didn't even notice that the Gearing has worse AA with its main gun mounts. That's bloody dumb between the extra barrel and RoF difference - not to mention the obviously better targeting radar that should be a factor.
  10. This is well thought out but I don't see how it fixes the problem in a direct way. The days of spamming battleships with frequency are clearly over in the USN DD line (except when circumstances demand it) so there's no reason to increase the HE pen. I agree that they need help fighting destroyers and that the gun bloom is certainly punishing in the aftermath of fighting an enemy destroyer. While the Sims can get away with this (imo) because of its insane rudder and maneuverability, the Fletcher and Gearing have a much harder time of it. If you decreased the range to ~8km but kept the arcs you would still get kicked by USSR destroyers. But, I'll grant that you're much less likely to get killed after killing a poor old IJN destroyer because those 20 seconds of being spotted would disappear. The Fletcher and Gearing might still suffer from radar but the Benson and Sims would be helped out a lot. However, I would like to say, that the Fletcher and Gearing certainly do not "zip" anywhere so this hit and run tactic you mention seems unlikely unless you reduced the range to an absolutely suicidal 7 km (granted that's the effective range of the guns tho, where you can hit regularly). Considering the German DDs and USSR DDs have a fairly fast rate of fire AND flat arcs especially at higher tiers I think the only solution is to give T7-T10 or maybe T8-T10 flatter arcs - not as flat as these others, but flatter than a rainbow. This would be in addition to a range decrease. If you paired it with this spotter thing they'd still be able to shoot over mountains - I like it. Although I have no idea what the physical justification would be for it. Periscope up? Haha. But let's be honest the days of spamming anything in these ships is impossible no matter what we do. The only thing is, if Wargaming chose of one these changes would they go full WG and derp these changes onto the Atlanta as a "global change"? Because a range decrease or inability to fire over cover would really hurt the Atlanta whereas your proposed HE shell would make it cancerous. (182 shells a minute with a 9% fire chance assuming 8% base chance, DE, and IFHE). I say this as a concerned Atlanta player lol.
  11. Burned out: want more maps

    Dude honestly I get it but at the same time adding more maps to this game is just going to make everyone worse at the game for a while because they'll have to remember more and more strats. So, eh
  12. Bruh I need Roma to be preserved for that slick paint scheme. Screw the rest of these and their "battle honors" or "distinguished service records". :P
  13. BBs: New Mexico (188) - Gneisenau is "close" at 102 Cruisers: Atlanta (514) - this one is literally 10 times the nearest one - Konigsberg at 514 DDs: Blyskawica (609) - this one is ~3 times the nearest one - Gearing at 206 I could probably have every tech tree ship in the game if I hadn't spent so much time in Atlanta and Blyska.....
  14. Looking for a 3rd Div Mate

    Adding y'all right now! Gonna be a fun Sunday
  15. Looking for a 3rd Div Mate

    Yeah man that'd be great! If you can't do Saturday we'll try Sunday. Have fun at the game!!