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  1. With the latest update, the Estuary minimap has become very difficult to use. The islands are shown in dark green, against a water background of not-quite-as-dark green. This is apparently designed to reflect the vegetation on the islands. Well, I couldn't care less about the vegetation, in fact I have it turned off in my settings. I'd prefer to have a map I can read, rather than an aerial view of the local flora.
  2. LiskaBystrouska

    Seven Year Patch

    Come on, WG, I want this!
  3. LiskaBystrouska

    NA server down?

    I still don't understand why they can't put a "Server Down" notice on the game launcher, so we don't have to keep trying every 10 minutes or so.
  4. LiskaBystrouska

    Battle Pass: Play and Earn Rewards!

    I have several superships, but I never play them, it's just not worth it. They're basically museum pieces, along with most of the Tier I-IV ships.
  5. LiskaBystrouska

    Battle Pass: Play and Earn Rewards!

    I never heard anyone complain that the old system of daily and weekly missions was broken and needed fixing. I can only assume the reason for changing it was a money grab. If it was fine before, WG shouldn't have "fixed" it.
  6. LiskaBystrouska

    Seven Year Patch

    That's not how they've done it in the past, my 6-year patch is about 13 months old.
  7. LiskaBystrouska

    Team members screen doesn't show ships

    I'm not using any mods. I logged out, ran WGCheck, and logged back in, it seems to be working OK now.
  8. When accessing the team members list with the tab button, I'm only getting the usernames, not the ships they're playing:
  9. LiskaBystrouska

    Clan chat disappears

    When in port, the clan chat disappears from my screen, I can't see who's online.
  10. LiskaBystrouska

    Family News

    "Why a duck?" - Chico Marx
  11. LiskaBystrouska

    Which Gamer Personality are You?

    I think I'd be 75% Explorer, 15% Achiever, 10% Socialite. But Pack-Rat fits, too, I have dozens of ships I've collected but seldom or never used.
  12. LiskaBystrouska

    Naval Miniatures Games

    There are quite a few good sets of naval miniatures rules. Fear God and Dread Nought, Clear for Action, Seekrieg, General Quarters, Command at Sea, just to name a few.
  13. LiskaBystrouska

    What other games does the community play??

    He said he played BSE for a couple of years before that, then quit. When he decided to give it another try after a long absence, the head of the ISS gave him the assignment to check out some planets without informing him of the presence of a large RIP base. I think the ISS leader resigned as a result of this incident.
  14. LiskaBystrouska

    What other games does the community play??

    I asked him, he said "FET Vulpecula".
  15. LiskaBystrouska

    Godzilla Attacks The US!

    There is no "T" in "China".