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  1. they have to be Div up...
  2. wait WG is starting to make premiums that are not completly broken now? am i dead?
  3. Fix that for you
  4. what the hell are you doing thats allowing BB's to score pen hits on you?
  5. this is going to be fun to watch
  6. sure why not
  7. oh... well OP this is why drugs are bad
  8. what?
  9. oh is it that time again for me to engage in more BB brawls than usual?
  10. what Ripnu said
  11. tell them that the enemy gives out cookies if you get close to them
  12. when in doubt, shoot the superstructure
  13. You might be a damage farmer if: you somehow do more than 70k dmg and your at full health and im yelling at you.
  14. am i the only one here who likes it and thinks it just needs a few changes?