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  1. I was updating my Test Server client so i can go try out the new UK BB's but about halfway through i got this error msg: not sure what it mean but if anyone can help me out that will be nice
  2. thanks, here is your shovel actually in my experience since that's basically the only line i play back when it was IJN, KM, and USN the USN can still be effective at mid range (10-15 km) since the KM guns are so drunk they only work at 10 km or less, but with the UK line coming the sort of balance trinity of IJN (long range), USN( mid range) and KM (short range) is at an end
  3. anyone want to help me dig the USN BB's grave?
  4. -sips tea- damn this is [edited]hilarious to read
  5. while your at it ill just summon @Wulfgarn just so we can get a proper fire going
  6. in before a certain someone shows up and sets this whole place on fire
  7. at low tiers the USN brawling capabilities are crippled by the very slow top speed (21 knots compare to the 23-25 knot average top speed other nations get) which means rarely can you close the distance for brawling and not to mention there secondaries are not as effective especially in the dpm department when compare to say the Germans who tend to outperform the USN in brawling regardless of tiers, as for High tiers the Dispersion only gets to that level at around 15 km or less, try the long range shots and your most likely going to miss unless your target is a big slow cumbersome ship or an idiot and not to mention the upcoming brits have much more better dispersion from what i have seen than the USN so there goes that advantage in theory your right, each nation should be different but in practice that just means that despite WG' best efforts theres going to be that one nation that when compare to the others just under performs greatly and in this case with the BB's it seems its the USN that has to take that spot
  8. guess i'll go just dig the grave for the USN BB's seeing how there is now no point in using them when the Brits, Germans, and Japs are better in every single role except AA but when was the last time we saw a carrier?