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  1. JBR40

    All premium consumable will be free

    Because WGing is going to bend us over with Subs and AP rockets, this will make it a bit less painful.
  2. JBR40

    My coal! My credits! All are gone!

    Georgy Girl with nice secondary's?
  3. JBR40

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    And since none of our so very knowledgeable forum dwellers who can speak WGing's incoherence are allowed to post a PSA on this, we are screwed again.
  4. JBR40

    This game is more about luck than anything else.

    And sometimes you can arrange that gimmick at the right time and place and make your own luck. I hear you, I stopped playing several ships because no matter where you hit you get nothing but over pens. Frustrating to no end. You watch some of those you tubers get twenty + fires in a game. I on the other had with the same builds, flags, and Captain skills get three, ugh.
  5. JBR40

    Starblazers Unite!

    WGing's CEO?
  6. JBR40

    Shinonome needs a buff

    Yep, you are spot on. I would love to see it get a 5.1 second turret traverse!
  7. JBR40

    achievement awards

    Some of that info is in wiki.
  8. JBR40

    Another ship setting sail...

    Dang, so sad to see you go. In the words of my kids "Like hey Fem ur like totally awesome." Going to miss that blue hair on your streams. Best of luck to you! Respectfully, JBR ps, If you ever want to get married I got 3 boys you can choose from.
  9. JBR40

    Low tier is for learning.

    Lower Tier is for learning. Umm NO lol. Jeeezz most everyone knows that lower tier is for seal clubbing CV drivers to pad their stats by beating up on ships with little to no AA. Don't you know having three CV's per team to so much fun!! Even Sub Ocs spreadsheet says so.
  10. JBR40

    special upgrades

    When you demount it with doubloons it goes into your inventory here. Notice I have two hydro upgrades. One I got a while back from a super container, the other I just demounted with dubbs. Now I will mount one of the hydro on a ship like this. If you try to replace it with another upgrade you will get this screen. Are you selling them for credits?
  11. JBR40

    special upgrades

    You can demount it with 25 doubloons. The upgrade will be sent to your inventory and you will be able to mount it on a different ship that is able to use that upgrade. Example. For me and the French line I have 5 of the speed boost upgrades. One each on the JB, Henri iv. St Louis, De Grasse and the Aigle. I was going to by another one to put on the Guepard, but decided I would demount it from Aigle (bc I rarely play Aigle) for 25 doubloons. I then installed it to Guepard from the inventory. If you have lots of doubloons you can demount and move these upgrades around all the time. But for me I buy a special upgrade for each ship, I have hydro on some ships, radar and smoke on others. Hope this helps.
  12. JBR40

    I will admit it... I have no life...

    Send some of these to WGing management who were involved with the PR fiasco so they can use it as a chair. Awesome craftsmanship by the way.
  13. Yep, it needs 19.2k radar. I can't see anything when my Smolensk is sitting in smoke.
  14. JBR40

    Some Holiday Cheer! Maybe?

    Seasons Greetings from WOWS.
  15. JBR40

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    No kidding. But my wife is Asian, so and American girl going off would be a nice change...maybe.