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  1. JBR40

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    I know what that means Lololo
  2. JBR40

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Hi. Is there a Lone Wolf Discord channel? On the off chance someone wants to shoot the shiitake, or find other Wolfs for an operation or to division. Or heaven forbid, run a clan battle to get captain respects!
  3. Or if you go plaid your really screwed.
  4. I am stuck on the Normandy, and I got that free from the campaign!
  5. Well WGing/Wiki had to write something good in order to get players to go down that line. Looks like it did not work on you lol.
  6. JBR40

    The Last stage of Prinz Eitel Friedrich event

    "Imperial Treasury" Directive Start: Thu. Jan. 10 3:20 AM PT / your local time: Thu. Jan. 10 6:20 AM End: Tue. Jan. 22 3:20 AM PT / your local time: Tue. Jan. 22 6:20 AM Upon completing all combat missions of the fourth Directive, you can earn: 4,400,000 credits 500 Steel VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich and a Commander with 3 skill points
  7. JBR40

    Hostility among teammates

    All night long.
  8. ^^ I love the speed gets you on the flank, and then guns and turret traverse let you down. I shoot at full broadside BB's and Cruisers, nothing but straddles , shatters and maybe some pens. Cits for me a few and far between. Par for the course with German BB guns I guess. Very frustrating. Thats why I stopped at the Bismark. I have some buyers remorse with the PEF, but I guess it will be ok when I get my 6,500 dubs back after completing the campaign. Would like to see some gun/shell buffs or faster turrets. Not holding my breath.
  9. The Dallas, I so tried to make that thing work. I just keep getting my butt handed to me in that ship. 25% win rate in her. She brought my total win rate under 52% trying to finish that one PEF campaign mission.
  10. I made this screen cap for another thread, but here is were you will find your base XP for a battle.
  11. JBR40

    Azur Lane task

    Make sure you have the custom ships turned on. If not, you wont see the anime content.
  12. JBR40

    To spend steel, or not to spend steel?

    If it were me I would spend the steel. I only have about 2,000 steel and don't see myself getting any big amounts of it anytime soon. With my work I can never find the time for clan battles, and I have never ranked out. So this is about the only steel I can get. Maybe get some more if WG puts out another event like the snowflake. I am not going to fork out $60 for a campaign to get more. So in my case no need for 2,000 steel to sit in my account for years, will spend it if I am close to getting a ship I want, like your situation. More power to the guys who can get those steel ships. I hope they have fun with them.
  13. JBR40

    No AL captain rewarded

    I just finished the mission and for me she showed up in the reserve captain section.
  14. JBR40

    No AL captain rewarded

    I am going to get my butt into game and finish it, see if I have this problem also. Good luck to you.