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  1. I did not get my last two even though I hit the button to claim the create, so it would show up in the streamers chat. I said heck with it and just stopped watching twitch. I use my former twitch time to work on the trucks.
  2. JBR40

    This Has To Be A Joke

    Quick Chobittsu!! Get that man a Snickers lol.
  3. JBR40

    Curious thing with PVE MM

    Ran three games this morning 3:45 am to 4:30 am est. All three games were just me and another human.
  4. I would vent here. Yes you will get many of the same turd trolls that will say stupid insensitive stuff about your problems, but you got to ignore them. There are many others here that are very helpful and can maybe at least point you in the right direction to help keep ur sanity during game play. There are discord servers that you can join here that might help you out.
  5. JBR40

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    I did a long grind for or paid cash for many of those lower tier/award ships, and I do like to play them every so often. So because I have over 10k games I can't play them anymore because I might hurt someone's feelings? Anyway I stink in the GC I got like a 48% win rate ugh. Love the USS Celmson though.
  6. JBR40

    When do we get Leroy Jenkins

    You have to kill 50 rookery whelps with in 15 second with the USS Kidd.
  7. JBR40


    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe WGing should change the load out from Tallboy bombs to Little boy bombs. Get everyone back to port quicker and into queue again fast.
  8. JBR40


    Poor Soshi. I feel your pain. I have an hard drive full of screen shots like that lol. Good luck in your future games! Don't let the man (WGing) get you down. Oh by the way, your totally hot.
  9. JBR40

    Salem or Des Moines?

    ^^So much this. For me since I run the legendary mod on DM I have put the range mod on Salem. This gives me 18k of range and makes it feel like a totally different ship from the DM. With the 20% credit flag and the ship modifier to earnings, the credit haul is quite good and the heal is nice. I do not regret at all her purchase. ps. I loved playing the Buffalo. Catch a DD sitting in smoke on a cap, radar and then 12 203mm HE rounds on the way. Its brutal.
  10. But isn't WGing #1 in the #2 business?
  11. With those stats it looks like its going to be a free ship they will give away after some long drawn out grind.
  12. JBR40

    Help me plan this sunday's stream!

    ^^ This with emphasis on cruisers please.
  13. JBR40

    What happened to buying credits?

    What WGing is telling you is that they already have enough money and don't need your cash. Go buy your wife or girl friend something nice with the money you were going to spend on the game. I bet it will be a way better return on your money.
  14. I posted this in another thread. The main point of why I do not like this rework is that for lower level DD captains (which I have a lot of) you now need a 12 pointer for in my opinion a payable DD. Where as before this could be accomplished with a 10 pointer. Who knows I am probably way off base here and should just stick to playing cruisers. Yep I am one of those guys that need PT. Thanks so much for taking the time to get these valuable reviews out to us. +1,000,0000. Sorry I don't have one of those awesome gifs of the green up arrows
  15. JBR40

    Tech trees... just another money grab

    I play in cruiser divisions all the time.