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  1. Detection range mechanics are some of the most important to learn in this game. Read it, learn it and it will make the game more pleasant for you to play. Then you might rethink what you wrote. Not trying to be a turd here, just saying. Detectability Range The detectability range is the distance at which a ship or aircraft will be detected by an enemy ship. Once your opponents find themselves within your detectability range, an icon pops up to notify that you have been spotted. As soon as you put enough distance between you, or if the enemy leaves your detectability range by themselves, your ship becomes invisible to them again. A ship's detectability range can be decreased by using certain upgrades, skills, and camouflage. Viewing Range The viewing range is the maximum distance at which your ship or aircraft can spot opponents. The gray sector on the Minimap displays the viewing angle of your camera in the game. Its furthest border is the edge of your viewing range. In general, the taller the ship, the further its viewing range. Battleships, with their tall masts, have very long view ranges (in excess of 20 km), while destroyers typically have the shortest view ranges. Carriers mainly spot with their planes, which also have a set viewing range. Smoke Through use of the Smoke Generator consumable, a ship creates a smoke screen. Not all ships have this consumable, but any ship may enter and use a smoke screen, even if it was laid by the enemy. All line of sight through the smoke screen is blocked, including your own. You will not be spotted by enemy aircraft when you are inside the smoke screen either. However, once a ship concealed by smoke starts firing her main battery guns, her detectability range increases considerably. If an enemy ship is present within that range, the ship that is firing will be detected, regardless of the smoke. A smoke screen does one thing: it obscures vision, preventing those outside of the smoke from seeing into or past it. This effect applies equally to ships inside a smoke screen: a ship in smoke can target an opponent at range, but it requires an allied ship to spot it for her. Discharged smoke will work for both allied and enemy ships. Do not let the enemy team take advantage of a smoke screen that you have created! If your ship is within a 2 km range of any opponent, the enemy will detect you regardless of any obstacles—including a smoke screen. A ship sitting quietly in smoke is invisible outside that 2 km range (barring the use of Radar or Hydro). However, when she fires her main batteries, her detection range increases—although not as much as when firing out in the open. If no enemy detects the ship that is firing from smoke, the range immediately drops back to the non-firing detection range. If an enemy ship does detect it, the ship remains in a spotted state for at least 20 seconds before the range reverts back to the non-firing detection range. Of course, firing again resets the 20 second timer. Taken from here https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/education/tactical/ WGing vid on spotting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgRUSmzcw2s
  2. JBR40

    Poor USS California...

    I have a hunch that Sailor_Moon just might agree with u on this.
  3. JBR40

    Carol Clash Continues!

    This third go is for people who can't sit and play this game 24/7. It give those folks another chance to finish this event that they could not because of holiday commitments or work ect. I am glad WGing does this.
  4. JBR40

    Hunt for Graf Spee Bug?

    Ok, I guess I will give it some more time, I have no choice lol. Says it starts Monday December 12, 9am my local time. For me here its already Monday December 12, 9pm.
  5. JBR40

    Hunt for Graf Spee Bug?

    Thanks. I did that twice. Here is what I got. I am I looking in the wrong place?
  6. JBR40

    Hunt for Graf Spee Bug?

    Mission does not show for me also. I have clicked on the participate button in the news feed. Is it supposed to show up under the common mission tab? I do not own the ship.
  7. JBR40

    AA go brrrrr

    We can only hope.
  8. JBR40

    Unicorn sighting

    I am beginning to think they are very rare. I used to get those triple coal drops several times a week. For this past two months or so I have not gotten a single triple coal drop. So for me that drop is getting extremely uncommon. Its good to see someone pull that out of a drop.
  9. JBR40

    commander training sale...

    I thought it was a good deal for me. There was two lower tier ships I wanted to play again, but could not because I did not have a proper captain for them. (concealment) Plus I was to lazy to grind them out to level 10 so I just bought them. That couple $$ will not break me, and I had fun playing those ships again while helping a newer player out in the clan. I was also thinking about getting one for the Ibuki. I liked playing that ship but don't anymore because no captain on it. Only bring it out for snowflakes. You will have to decide if that a good strategy for you. You are paying for time. 300 dubs vs 1500, sound good to me.
  10. JBR40

    Who have you seen in game

    Surprised to see you all in one place lol. I was to busy typin and not shootin. At least I was not last WOLF clan best clan.
  11. JBR40

    Akizuki Aegis 417,356 DMG

    Awesome game, grats. Question for you. For your Captain build are you running IFHE, and the Main Battery and AA Expert skill to get the guns out to 15k? Thanks.
  12. JBR40

    >press battle >see this >nope the F out

    Oh look, someone whining about a whine post. Priceless, lol
  13. Hi, I have played many ops since their return but so far I still have yet to draw a Cherry Blossom game. I have forgotten how to play that op. Do you use AP or HE on the airfields? Can BB's use HE and Cruisers have to use AP? Thanks
  14. JBR40

    economic bonus removed

    First it gave me a notice that "For Personal Merits" have been removed. Second, it shows that the bonus does not show up in Economic Bonuses Section. Third, I have earned the Flag.
  15. JBR40

    3 vs. 3 Playing Tier IV Ships

    Same here, was happy to do some low tier brawls. Went into the last one with the tier VI battleships upbeat only to be accosted/farmed by the fun police in the Ise and Hyuga. Some games half the team was those ships. Now same thing in this brawl. Going to get farmed again by CV's/planes in ships with practically no AA. The one thing I really can't stand in a game, any game is getting farmed with no way to fight back. Pass on this one.