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  1. JBR40

    Some Holiday Cheer! Maybe?

    Seasons Greetings from WOWS.
  2. JBR40

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    No kidding. But my wife is Asian, so and American girl going off would be a nice change...maybe.
  3. JBR40

    What Stupid Things Did You do While Learning WOWs?

    My first year I did not know about upgrade mods, premium consumables and angling. Just derped around shooting stuff with AP. I also thought that crossing the T was good and always sailed totally broadside to get all guns in action with US Cruisers no less lol. Got spanked a lot and my win rate a awful. Was not till my son showed me what a [edited] i was, linked me this forum and CC's on Youtube. He said if you are going to play this you need to learn the mechanics so you do not ruin other players matches. Took years to crawl my way up to over 50% WR. Big thanks to the community for answering all my dumb questions!
  4. As they say on twitch...Rigged Maybe WGing should have thought this through and given out one ship to eight different people. More good will that way.
  5. JBR40

    A quick reason Flags are important

    Or you are like me and load up all those awesome XP and credit signals/ camos. Forget to put the Juliet Chuck signal on and get detonated in the first few minutes by a stray Yamatoe shell.
  6. Port slot costs 300 dubs.
  7. Hey! Where is the opt-in button?
  8. JBR40

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    Commander Thea Kreutzer. Does she have the option of being placed in Japanese and German ships? Or just limited to Japanese ships? I forgot. I would like to pick up the HSF Graf Spee.
  9. These two. I will never play them again as they are a detriment to my team when I am at the helm.
  10. When you look at the team list and see me playing a DD.
  11. JBR40

    5 blowouts in a row? MM broken?

    After three blow outs in a row I stop, I then go play "For Honor" and take my frustration out on on the red team.
  12. JBR40

    How about some new coal ships?

    I am thinking they should add these also. Maybe not all at the same time but rotate them. These have been around awhile and most vets have them, either from reward ships or purchased. But then you run into the problem of ppl getting salty because some had to pay real money for them, instead of free with coal. I don't think WGing will do this because I they still make a good profit on those ships in the premium shop. Duke of York Indianapolis Leningrad Blyskawica Heck why not some tier eights for 200,000 coal like the Kidd, Asashio or Cossack?
  13. JBR40

    ST, Halloween

    O'boy, let the salt flow in chat and the down votes fly if you do not make it out in time. But still looks like fun.
  14. JBR40

    question about rules violation

    That's a lot of big words there Missy, were but humble pirates. You shoot it you own it, for real. Can't you wait a bit till they clear the area. For me going pink is not worth a couple extra XP.
  15. Or a drunk arguing with himself.