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  1. What do you think of RDF?

    I put RDF on my Kutuzov captain and now couldn't live without it. The ability to run down DDs is much appreciated and the heads-up on sneaky DDs trying to get around you for a blind side torpedo shot is worth the 4 points.
  2. Is that the USS Pittsburgh? It lost its bow in a typhoon.
  3. Do something nice today

    Yep, called up my sister, who is a single mother, and invited her out to lunch for Valentine's Day. The OP has the right idea.
  4. New French BB Prem Camo

    French camo is what a grown-up would wear to a party. The Roma camo is what your 12 year old daughter would wear to a party.
  5. I agree. WG's point of sale marketing is dreadful.
  6. Skiping Ibuki yes or no?

    Play it until the pain is unbearable and then FXP the rest. After that, wave good-bye and sell it.
  7. Go into Settings, then Controls and in the middle column you will see a button for Select Crosshair. Click on it and you will get a choice of Static or Dynamic crosshairs. Click on one of them and then click on the drop down box right under that heading. The drop down box is not particularly obvious so that may be why you missed it.
  8. Weekend spree

    I had the same result Sunday as the OP: went 2 and 5 and wondered what happened to my team.
  9. Weird Teamkiller

    I password protect my computer start-up mostly because of my nephews.
  10. Scoring

    A truism of game stats is that they show what ships you have played but not when you played them. Many people assume that the most activity automatically means the most recent.
  11. The OP has a good suggestion. Passing out compliments doesn't get rid of the salty players but it seems to help tolerate them by concentrating on the positive players.
  12. One Shot Iowa Kill with Missouri

    I'm glad someone else was the victim of one of those shots. I'm tired of taking them.
  13. Artillery camera

    Bandits, see my edit note, make sure the RMB is not already assigned to something else first.
  14. Artillery camera

    I also had bound the artillery camera to a different key and found it had been changed to default after this update, however, I had no problem changing it back again. I used the Space Bar in this case. By the way, WG, show some manners and stop messing with custom key bindings. Edit: Bandits86, make sure your RMB is not already assigned to another function before trying to bind it to a new funtion.
  15. question as a newer player

    Christmas boxes have been the best way to acquire a lot of premium ships in a hurry for reasonable prices, which is why they are so popular. WG has had other events throughout the year that include earning ships, but those events have required more time and effort. You probably can bet on seeing mostly flags and camo until next holiday season.