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  1. PrairiePlayer

    Does WG Realize.

    Meh, just a kid. A very Happy Birthday nonetheless.
  2. I have the Cossack as I bought a few Guineas. However, I have continued to earn more Guineas completing missions and there appears to be nothing I can use them for other than wait until they are eventually converted to credits. I suppose I should have anticipated as much but it would still be nice if WG would allow us to spend excess Guineas on something else in the Arsenal. I am not complaining, just offering the suggestion.
  3. PrairiePlayer

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Well, I do have 3+ years as a player and no coupon for me either. There seems to be an element of randomness as to how the coupons are distributed. Another one of those WG mechanics that are a closely guarded secret.
  4. PrairiePlayer

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    No coupon for me so no joy in Mudville. I did get three years worth of the white camo.
  5. PrairiePlayer

    Karma may be useless, but it's still pretty funny

    One of the sinkees probably didn't like the results.
  6. PrairiePlayer

    Anyone else get the welcome back to WoWs email?

    Yes, I got it for my alt account, which I don't play much anymore.
  7. If my math is correct, the bundle is just under .30 a camo, which is getting very pricey, and not all of the offered camos are the highest quality items. I see an attempt by WG to test the market limits with this offer. Personally, I draw the line at .20 a camo.
  8. PrairiePlayer

    Jean Bart's RL booster+ Expert Marksman=Poor DDs

    The "old lady" will hear nothing from me ;).
  9. PrairiePlayer

    This Is a Result That Gets You Reported

    My money is on someone from the winning team reported you simply because you were too good. I happen to agree with you about Karma and think it is the most irrational mechanic in the game. Nevertheless, good match, I wish I could play that well.
  10. PrairiePlayer

    RN directives could use some creativity...

    Does anyone else think it is odd that there is a RN mission for the Le Terrible, yet the ship is not available to play?
  11. PrairiePlayer

    And The Biggest Weekend Potato Goes To ...

    Everyone has done the same at some time.
  12. PrairiePlayer

    Finally got annoyed enough to...

    I wouldn't say I spend much time fiddling with signals, but the suggestion is a good one.
  13. PrairiePlayer

    What is & Where is the "Aim Lock" ?

    You are confusing "aim lock" with "aim bot" and yes, it should be no trouble at all for a competent player to hit you from 15 to 20 km away. You have exactly the same opportunity and tools if your ship has the necessary range.
  14. PrairiePlayer

    Red Player Be Like

    Yep, that is usually the case. The better players don't need to run their mouths and most don't.
  15. Congrats! The Murmansk is just a great ship if played properly. It has earned one of the highest win rates of all my ships and I have never been sorry that I purchased it.