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  1. Some people argue that win rate should be used to organize MM which would mean the Red team in your example was at a disadvantage.
  2. Indianapolis

    If the Christmas boxes re-appear this year, there is a good chance Indy will be in them. That is how I got mine.
  3. I have received downvotes for no other reason I can determine other than I brought a Hatsuharu into a match. I still like it and have done well enough with it (I have two accounts. My second account is for DDs). Part of me is perverse enough to keep playing the Hatsu.
  4. Is this game full of haters?

    The interesting thing about chat screamers is that they are usually the worst players. No one needs to listen to a 46% player tell them what to do so just ignore the noise. Skilled players, on the other hand, will often try to offer useful advice, calmly and without insulting people.
  5. Just Got My Fourth Tier 10

    Wait a minute. Demolition Expert for the Minotaur?
  6. A Gentle Shift

    I have always heard that BBs are relatively easy to play so people naturally gravitate toward them (and don't leave). Besides, battleships are, you know, battleships. I have always been a cruiser player myself and the few times I have played BBs, I find the slow pace a little off-putting. Interestingly, I have the Kronshtadt and am trying to warm up to it, but it just doesn't feel like a cruiser.
  7. The Furutaka always had 203 mm guns. They are just arranged in single turrets in the A and B hulls and get dual gun turrets in the C hull. Are you thinking of the Kuma?
  8. Oh, come on. Any literate person knows what it means.
  9. I always give out more compliments than reports. I don't like toxic chat any more than the next guy and I like to lighten things up. However, yesterday I did downvote the Massachusetts player who tried to call out a Belfast as a "PTW ****". I guess the irony was lost on the Massachusetts captain.
  10. I have accidentally hit teammates and not realized it at the time. As Darksaint mentioned, just take a look at the after action report under the Detail Report tab if you are not already looking after battles. Any team damage is CLEARLY shown highlighted in pink.
  11. Terrible Win Rate in Kiev!!!

    I was in a match with you about an hour ago. Your Kiev did well against my Hatsuharu (of course, it should).
  12. Prince Eurgen or Atago

    T8 cruiser play is not as enjoyable as T6 or T7 cruiser play. MM is a cruel mistress to T8 cruisers.
  13. I don't play any ships anymore just to grind them. Instead, I play ships I like.
  14. Yugumo Gun Build Suggestions

    Get IFHE, as I play more DDs, it is starting to dawn on me how important that skill is for DD captains.