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  1. How to play in an antisocial team?

    I keep the stock anchor patch just to annoy people who think only "quality" emblems matter.
  2. Smoke is pretty much useless

    Offensive use of smoke is now a "use at your own peril" game mechanic. There are just too many players around who know how to defeat smoke firing. The best use of smoke may be just breaking contact with the enemy when you get into trouble. There are still some good players that know how to use smoke offensively and can pull it off, but not many.
  3. How I give Karma - Good Karm

    Good Karma votes cost nothing yet few players use it.
  4. Congratulations, Lert! I am so glad it wasn't me (my schadenfreude is showing I am afraid).
  5. Anniversary Crates are the Last Straw

    OP, click on a blank in your collection and it will ask you if you want to exchange three duplicates for the item.
  6. premium time for sale?

    Warships has in the past put Premium time on sale around the Christmas holidays. In earlier years, it was a straight sale for about 50% off a year's worth of Premium. Last year, WG got a little more grasping and bundled the Premium time with some other items. It was still a reasonably good deal for what was received but ended up costing you more because of the bundle.
  7. The OP has a good question and I was wondering the same thing.
  8. I finished the collection yesterday and ended up with 13 items and 9 duplicates so my luck seems to have been a little better than average.
  9. Really dislike Buffalo Grind

    The Buffalo has powerful AP that can make life miserable for other CAs and especially CLs. I don't like seeing it on the red team.
  10. Display? Help

    Pfft. Just a kid.
  11. This. The islands shielded the Mino.
  12. Home page Player Profile

    The new Game Website homepage is actually pretty annoying. I certainly understand putting a link to download the game in a prominent spot at the top of the page, but the jerky, hand-held camera simulator for the background scene is just plain nauseating. Now I exit the page as soon as I can and never bother to read news items found down the page.
  13. It dates me I know, but I bought the album when it was first released.
  14. 19Pt Captains

    That is pretty impressive. I thought I was doing well with three Russian 19pt captains, but nothing close to six.
  15. Zao, enhanced preventive maintenance vs PT

    PT is information and you can never have too much information in a match. I understand the argument that players should assume they are being targeted if detected, however, knowing you are detected and not targeted is useful and can help make better decisions (read: informed decisions).