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  1. PrairiePlayer

    Ise review T6 Hybrid and comparison

    Do Ise captains get automatic Karma downvotes like regular CV players, or are they treated differently?
  2. PrairiePlayer

    New Gun Day!

    I picked up an M1 about 20 years ago, mostly for the collector/historical interest. @Trophy_Wench has a good point about the M1's limited practical value, but I am still glad to have it in my gun safe.
  3. PrairiePlayer

    You get a DD, and you get a DD, everyone gets a DD

    The Asashio captain probably should not buy any lottery tickets this week.
  4. I still have 300+ days of premium time left, but I stopped spending money on the game in December and stopped playing altogether in April. The captain re-work really started it for me and I have not been very happy with the direction of the game since then.
  5. PrairiePlayer

    Anyone seen these laying around somewhere.???

    WG does not want to encourage PvE play. PvE scenarios will not get much, if any, attention.
  6. PrairiePlayer

    Need help understanding caps

    Two allied ships cap faster than just one. More than two does not make a difference. If the red team has two ships in your cap, then they will finish the cap faster. The second you left the enemy cap, you caused your team to slow down completing the cap just enough to allow the other team to cap first.
  7. PrairiePlayer

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I'm from North Dakota.
  8. PrairiePlayer

    WG, it's time to get rid of the Karma system

    If the karma system discourages people from playing the game then it is not "useless" and actually hurts the game. I have no real evidence one way or the other, but my own anecdotal information is that I know at least two players who quit because of frustration over karma.
  9. Some very good advice here from Helstrem. I certainly am going to follow it.
  10. PrairiePlayer

    WeeGee owes the player base an explanation

    Expecting WG to be forthcoming is asking quite a bit.
  11. PrairiePlayer

    Weekend Spree, 23 to 25 April 2021.

    On Friday, I walked away from the game for an indefinite break. I am not quitting the game, at least I don't think I am, but even with 400+ days of premium time still in the bank, it might be a while.
  12. PrairiePlayer

    Weirdness when reporting

    I can't speak for a blacklisting bug as I have only blacklisted two players in six years of play, but I have not seen the same problem with reports. In fact, when reporting a player I just receive a confirmation that a report has been sent, but don't see a reference to the specific player's name.
  13. PrairiePlayer

    Intro Video

    Thank you!
  14. Something is different this week. I have seen nothing but 2 human-7 bot matches or all human teams in coop.
  15. PrairiePlayer

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    None. I had seventeen 19 pt captains, but I refuse to dump elite commander xp into moving any of them to 21 pts. I am also mostly a coop player, but have not focused much attention on grinding my old 19 pointers.