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  1. Punishment vs Praise

    Players see notification of compliments immediately on exiting the match. I don't understand your comment that you have "no tracking on my summary screen" as your Karma totals are visible on your Profile tab. If you are suggesting that you should receive notifications immediately in-game, remember that many players do not give out compliments (or down votes) until after the match anyway. Besides, compliments seem to be extremely rare in any event. Finishing first on your team leader board will more likely get you a down vote than a compliment.
  2. I purchased the $43.99 bundle a couple of days ago and got two permanent camos, but NOT the cat camo. I wasn't looking for the cat camo so I was not disappointed.
  3. Mutsuki Frustration

    Yes, Mutsuki can scout and spot red ships for your team and does it pretty well. The problem is WG does not reward DD's for doing their jobs that way. Try spotting for an entire match and see how much XP you earn.
  4. Mutsuki Frustration

    Mutsuki's torpedoes can be frustrating but not nearly as bad as how poorly the Mut up-tiers. It starts to struggle against T6 and anything in T7 completely outclasses it. And how often does a T5 ship get up-tiered to T7?
  5. Myoko? Oh no...

    Myoko is actually not a bad ship, but can very frustrating for someone new to her. The HE is pretty good and the AP can really hurt another cruiser if you catch it broadside. The trick is positioning so you do not have to turn those ridiculously slow gun turrets. Kiting works well. I personally would take Expert Marksman before Last Stand because of the turret traverse, however, you will need Last Stand eventually because the rudder/propulsion seems to get shot out regularly. The 155mm Mogami seemed like a big improvement after Myoko. To be honest, if I want to play T7 cruisers, there are other, better options and I rarely go back to the Myoko.
  6. Halsey has trouble with one cyclone...wait TWO cyclones, and he is branded forever.
  7. Report/Compliment Poll

    Even though I think the report feature is widely abused and meaningless as a way to police player behavior, I will use it for especially bad play and/or taunting in chat. OTOH, I very consciously compliment good play as well.
  8. Isokaze vs Minekaze?

    The AA is really bad on the Minekaze. Whereas with the Mutsuki, I can shoot down annoying spotter planes, no chance with the Minekaze. The torps are not as good as the Mutsuki, either.
  9. turning Pink Criteria change?

    I got the pink penalty about a week ago for only the fourth time in 4500 matches by TK'ing a team mate for approximately the same damage amount as the OP. Obviously there are criteria other than just sinking a green ship, such as cumulative damage over a period of time. If I were you, Centarina, I would be very, very careful about causing ANY damage in the immediate future as it may put you over the mystery threshold.
  10. I have PT on every ship I own. There is no such thing as too much information and the number of red ships targeting you is essential in my opinion.
  11. It is a free to play game and a free country (at least where I live). If someone wants to buy a premium ship and play it, then I don't see the problem.
  12. lol (Edinburgh)

    Average only 82 direct damage per hit yet you kill him with a fire? (I presume from the secondaries). That is one for Ripley's Believe it or Not.
  13. Premium Browsing...I Need Help

    I have played 300+ matches in the Molotov and always made money (with the benefit of a Premium account). I think the ship is worth the investment.
  14. The Ship You Love to Hate

    Khab used to be number one but Graf Zeppelin is moving up fast.
  15. what ship for the new mission

    Cleveland, because you will need AA.