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  1. Well, somewhat funny...maybe mildly amusing.
  2. Congratulations on a great match! I have re-discovered the Atago after leaving it in port for about six months. It truly is a fun ship to play and up-tiers tolerably well.
  3. Um, yes, so the fire-starting chance for MK's 152mm guns with the IFHE skill will not change.
  4. According to the notes for update 0.6.11, the fire-starting chance for IFHE for guns larger than 139mm will not change. That, frankly, was the bigger change being proposed as the smoke nerf for MK should not be that big of a deal if you use smoke defensively to disengage. The MK makes a lot of credits and does just fine up-tiered to T9 and T10 matches. I would recommend it.
  5. Friday was great, Saturday was horrible and Sunday was very good. It worked out in the end.
  6. The Atago is a great ship, but you might be disappointed in the Ibuki. Save up your free xp and get to the Zao quickly.
  7. The Zao's strength is long range HE as mentioned by several others. Resist the temptation to push early in a match even if you are getting a lot of crap from team mates in chat about being a "coward". Wait until you see an opening first and then move in, preferably along with a couple of other ships. The Zao has terrific guns but a loooong reload time, slow traversing turrets and a rainbow turning radius. None of those features are good for knife fights. Stay at arm's length and punish enemies. Edit: By the way, definitely get Aiming Systems Mod 1. The 7% reduction in dispersion seems to make a big difference in long range shooting for the Zao.
  8. It falls under the category of a great idea if it works. It is one of those "Don't try this at home, kids" tactics that only experienced players should try.
  9. It wouldn't have been so bad if WG had at least assigned someone to proofread their event announcement. The disappointment of the conversion special applying only to Commander Elite XP would have been minor, if it had been made clear to all from the beginning.
  10. When I get a match in which there are two T7 CVs on a side and I am in a T5 CL (with T5 AA, which is to say no AA), then I don't like CVs so much.
  11. Wow, Kutusov detection in smoke while firing is 7.7km. Old Kutusov's smoke will be strictly defensive and used as a way to break contact. That will be quite a change for many players.
  12. Detonations are so rare that they are really a non-factor in the game. On the other hand, single salvo deletions courtesy of a BB firing 20+km away while driving a CA/CL are a genuine pain.
  13. I think this statement is exactly right. Just take a look at overall stats for Zao and Hindenburg and then compare them to stats for the last two weeks. The Zao has switched places with the Hindenburg and is now resting comfortably last among T10 cruisers. The Zao's WR has been sinking like a stone.
  14. Sorry, no pictures, but I have yet to see anyone using the school bus camo. The sci-fi camo looks very cool and I ended up buying a x100 pack after seeing it.
  15. My weekend went 3 and 15, mostly at high tiers. I think I could go afk for 18 matches and do better. My personal stats were pretty good (consistently finish in top 3 of team leaderboard) so the poor WR has been disheartening. I lost a Karma point in one match simply because I was the last alive. A dead teammate came on chat and insisted I was alive only because I was coward (finished second on the leaderboard). Sigh!