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  1. PrairiePlayer

    Summer Sale

    I am almost tempted to get the Krasny Krym for $7.99 to make sure I don't get it in a future Christmas box or other drop.
  2. PrairiePlayer

    Top XP in the game on the losing side

    In spite of the attempt at character assassination by NavalPride, nice match. Sometimes you just can't carry enough.
  3. PrairiePlayer

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    Yah, sure!
  4. PrairiePlayer

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    I had to check to see if I got a Canada Day patch and confirmed I did get one. Maybe Minnesota was considered close enough to Canada to count .
  5. PrairiePlayer

    So I bought a Boise.

    I would never buy a T7 CL because the pending IFHE changes will make them useless.
  6. PrairiePlayer

    Boise, My New Favorite Ship

    The Boise is also one of my favorite ships, but I am very concerned about what the pending IFHE changes will do to it. In fact, all CLs look like they will be rendered irrelevant.
  7. PrairiePlayer

    Are going up to high tiers (9 and 10) worth it

    If you are just talking about staying positive on credits, yes, you can do that in Randoms at T8. Of course, the other issue is the snarky MM and how often T8 gets up-tiered. If you are fine with that, then your call.
  8. PrairiePlayer

    Are going up to high tiers (9 and 10) worth it

    Without premium time, T9 and especially T10 are credit losers unless you are a God-like player.
  9. PrairiePlayer

    How is this not loot boxing?

    Not really interested anyway because I have all the ships on the list that I want and those I don't have are for a reason.
  10. PrairiePlayer

    Illegal salvage of Dutch subs HNLMS O 16 and HNLMS K XVII

    I agree. This is just a continuation of the grave desecration that occurred previously with ships sunk in the Battle of Java Sea. No one in that part of the world cares, however. Graves, schmaves it is just scrap metal.
  11. PrairiePlayer

    Twitch personal mission for a free Haida?!?

    Wow, talk about a passive-aggressive shot from WG.
  12. PrairiePlayer

    Why are some Combat Missions not visible in port?

    Click on the cow-head type picture at the top of the column with missions and reward info at the upper left while in port. You will find progress for those missions.
  13. PrairiePlayer

    Hmmmmm this looks familiar...

    A famous man once said that there was a sucker born every minute.
  14. PrairiePlayer

    Boomers vs Try Hard

    Generalizations, especially a generalization applied to millions of people you don't even know, may be fun but they are intellectually lazy. Don't be that guy.
  15. PrairiePlayer

    Help me

    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about the WR too much. I know, easy for me to say, but a player can only control his own contributions to a match and has no control over team mates. It sounds like you are doing your part, just hang in there and the WR will come around.