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  1. PrairiePlayer

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    I don't like the new audio much, either, but you have to reduce the sound settings WAY down to make them tolerable.
  2. PrairiePlayer

    PSA: Last day to get Champagne bundles.

    This is like saying last day to get a root canal.
  3. PrairiePlayer

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    WG has jumped the shark. They might as well tow Fonzy behind this ship on water skis. A game of novelty ships.
  4. Sorry, WG, I have no interest. Please go bother someone else. While you are at it, go find some common sense.
  5. PrairiePlayer

    USS California

    Expert Marksman is not going to help your AA at all.
  6. I sense some desperation as well. The railroad train has left the tracks and no one knows what to do.
  7. PrairiePlayer

    The new Atlanta camo with JOJO reference

    Personal taste is....personal.
  8. PrairiePlayer

    Anniversary Coupon

    Go to the Premium Shop and make sure you are logged in on that page. Look at the header at the top of the page and you will see a tab for "My Coupons". Lots of times switching to the Shop will log you out, so maybe that is why you can't see yours.
  9. PrairiePlayer

    What ship do you have the most XP on?

    I have 3.1 million on my Kutuzov with 1.9 million on runners-up Harekaze and Myoko (yes, Myoko). What is interesting is that I almost never play the Kutuzov any more, but regularly play the latter two.
  10. PrairiePlayer

    Account Activation Email

    You will need to contact Customer Support and open a ticket. Posting here won't help you. Do you have multiple email accounts?
  11. PrairiePlayer

    T-61 or Kidd or something else

    The T-61 is great fun at Tier 6. The only caution is that the ship really needs a level 12 captain because the turret traverse is very slow for a DD so Expert Marksman is a must along with the usual Last Stand for level 2 skills (IMHO).
  12. When WG's irrational dislike of co-op results in the elimination of co-op as a player option.
  13. PrairiePlayer

    Is Whichita the Heavy USA Ochakov?

    For starters, Wichita is a heavy cruiser (203mm guns) and Ochakov is a light cruiser (152mm guns). The Wichita is also more heavily armored.
  14. PrairiePlayer

    Sims a good buy?

    I agree that Monaghan at T6 is worth considering. I have it and like it very much as it has a torp reload module available that decreases torp reload to 20 seconds (sorry, only for a single reload). And, the price is right for your requirements.
  15. PrairiePlayer

    How's the Mainz, Ochakov, and Pyotr Bagration?

    I have the Mainz and P. Bagration and like the Mainz by a long shot. The PB has very good AP on broadside or near broadside targets, but the ship has Russian handling and feels very sluggish, which sucks the enjoyment out of the ship.