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  1. PrairiePlayer

    is paypal not working for you too??

    I used Paypal today at the shop and it worked fine. I know that information does nothing for your problem but it might be only a temporary glitch.
  2. PrairiePlayer

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    The mercy rule in co-op can be a little annoying, but it is more than compensated by preventing 20 minute matches in co-op as that last CV bot is hunted down by your teammates who sometimes have to travel across the map in a 20 knot BB. I can live with the mercy rule.
  3. PrairiePlayer

    Learn something every day...

    Lol, you are right. I didn't look at the vid, but was just thinking about the 4800 max cit damage.
  4. PrairiePlayer

    Learn something every day...

    That is interesting and you are right, learn something new. However, I expect the Pyotr V barely noticed the damage.
  5. PrairiePlayer

    Kléber must be nerfed

    What if WG only let the Kleber play against the Smolensk?
  6. PrairiePlayer

    Game Crashing Today, Possible Cause

    I have a NVIDIA card and loaded the same update yesterday. Fortunately, the game ran fine for me today. Not a help to anyone, I know, but these game crashes are pretty obscure.
  7. PrairiePlayer

    declining frame rates

    Yep, my frame rate went from 50 fps to 8 fps after 0.8.9. Graphics drivers are up to date and tried WGCheck to no effect. Reducing settings to low across the board got it back up to 25 fps so I can at least play. Absolutely no other game I have in my library has been affected so suspicion is on WG.
  8. PrairiePlayer

    This Makes Zero Sense

    My guess is that the Massachusetts player was bored and tried something as an experiment or did it on a dare.
  9. I have never had the problem either, but I believe that an un-repaired ship simply does not show up in port, in the same way a ship still in combat will not show up.
  10. PrairiePlayer

    Suggestions for buying premium ship

    I certainly agree with the Atago recommendation at T8. Even though it is an older ship, it still holds its own and remains fun to play. I disagree mildly with Hood over Scharnhorst as the Scharnhorst is more versatile than the Hood. Edit: I would strongly recommend the T7 Scharnhorst over the T8 Atago for a newer player.
  11. I am not at all interested in the containers, but notice that the Abruzzi and D'Aosta are back on sale. Suddenly those Italian premiums look pretty good because their guns actually work.
  12. PrairiePlayer

    Free Commander XP

    8 Million
  13. PrairiePlayer

    Today's update no fix

    Yes, I did. Made three attempts at it and all failed.
  14. PrairiePlayer

    Today's update no fix

    I tried the hot fix and it didn't work.