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  1. Highlighting cells on minimap

    Ctrl Double Click left mouse button is the default method. If its not working for you, the problem is your settings or install. Go to Settings>controls. Look for the Minimap section and find "send signal to allies" Default is LMB. Then you need to go to the next section and find "enable free cursor." Default is Ctrl.
  2. karma and winning

    I think the vast majority of compliments are for good team play rather than excellent general play. My last compliment was for saving a BB by telling him to reverse behind an island and then torping the guys charging him. Players are typically focused on their own thing so to get a compliment you really need to do something spectacular in their field of view that directly impacts the game being a win or interact with them in a positive manner. Based on your attitude in this thread I'm guessing this isn't something that comes naturally to you. As for reports, its not unusual to get them unfairly, but to get that many so quickly suggest to me there may be some all chat going on.
  3. Clevelan to the Worst

    Like others have said you kinda can but probably not in the way you mean. You can grind xp on the Cleveland or any other elite (next ship in line is researched) ship for that matter and convert it to free xp using doubloons. You would need 278500 free xp to skip from an elite Cleveland (Seattle unlocked) to a Worcester. To convert that entire amount from elite ship xp to free xp would be 11140 doubloons (48 USD). There is a decent chance of a free xp sale with the WoWS anniversary coming in September at which point it would cost 7958 doubloons (35 USD). Obviously you can name your own price by grinding free xp but that requires you use flags to do (or have immense patience) because normally free xp accumulates at a rate of 5% of xp earned in a battle. So if you have lots of free xp or money to burn it can be done quickly. If you have neither you need to grind free xp with flags and/or camos equipped to boost it. If you are decent and have friends people do this in 7 man divisions in scenarios.
  4. Pensacola vs Dallas

    I have been playing them both for the last week or so (replaying in the Pepsi's case). I think the comments you have got so far pretty much nail it. The one show stopping advantage the Pensacola has is its AP damage and enhanced ricochet angles. The problem is because its rate of fire is slow you basically get one salvo against all but the worst players and your BBs will probably punish those guys better and faster than you. Additionally IFHE Dallas has better HE DPM. Its not like Its AP is trash either if just doesn't have the great advantages the Pensacola has. So Dallas can do damage more easily. To top it off Pepsi has terrible turret traverse so EM is mandatory while you can go for Adrenaline Rush on Dallas making it even better. And that's not even counting the opportunities missed by the glacial turrets either. Dallas also has much better survivability. I'm running a 10 pt captain in each (IFHE Dallas/ CE Pepsi) and the Pensacola has worse concealment WITH concealment expert than the Dallas has WITHOUT CE. Dallas has a much smaller citadel (and seems smaller in general but that's speculation on my part). Pensacola has 4k extra hitpoints and slightly better rudder shift. I know which set of spec's I'd rather have and its not rudder shift.
  5. Clan discount is inferior to the general sales, but always available. They do not stack. If you are always looking for the best deal the only clan discount that is worth it is tier 8 since its only 5% less. Especially if upgrades are on sale instead of ships and you don't demount upgrades. Then it is cheaper to buy ship at 10% off and upgrades at 50% off than ship at 15% off and upgrades at full price. With that being said tier 5 and 6 ships are cheap enough that its not really worth waiting for a sale to come if you have clan discount already.
  6. If you read my post again you will probably see that I'm justifying AP. HE gives you some guaranteed damage but AP guarantees you roughly half that with chances for much more. For me the chances are typically good for a bad shot maybe not. Technically speaking HE is safe but low upside while AP is a bit riskier with massive upside. I have only ever shot AP with QE because the overmatch mechanic makes tier 6 and 7 bbs with 15 in guns or larger superior.
  7. As far as I'm aware they have the same AP. The QE does have better HE, but that doesn't make it better than the AP. Because it can overmatch the extremities of BBs up to tier 7 you don't really need to worry about bounces unless you end up in a tier 8 game or someone is angled properly and not bow in. So you are pretty much guaranteed 1140 per hit with chances to make that 3800 or 11400. With HE you are guaranteeing yourself 2100 per hit and the chance of fire. So basically you have to ask yourself am I a good enough shot to get a penetration vs an overpen (and its not terribly hard the way mid tier BBs are armored). If so AP is probably better. If you are a bad shot HE might be better against lightly armored cruisers since you could splash cit them for 6300. But if you can do that you can probably 1 shot them with 2 AP cits anyways. And QE has great dispersion.
  8. Many good points but this is my biggest pet peeve with BB players (the ones not on the edge of the map that is). They love their brawl but they don't understand how to win a brawl. Your gun power locks enemy BBs on a set course making it exceptionally easy to kill them with torps. And if the torps don't kill them its because they turned their broadside toward your guns. But by all means you rush in and try to "brawl." I don't want to be pink so I'll let you die and finish them off when I'm certain you are dead. I will often ping and tell my BB i can kill the enemy with torps, but more often than not they keep rushing toward the enemy and their death.
  9. The QE is a great ship. Make sure you are using AP in it for the best experience. I would not FXP it. The KGV was a big letdown for me after the QE. Yes its a much better fire spammer and I think I have more arsonists with it than any other ship. That doesn't mean its a good BB. Its just a solidly armored cruiser that has big (for a cruiser not a t7 BB) guns. It is not fun to play but it is effective most of the time. New Orleans I have not played since the split but I did play the radar version when it was at tier 8. At tier 8 its play was basically down to what the enemy and your team allowed you to get away with. Enemy showing broadside? You will wreck with AP. DDs hiding in smoke? No problem lets radar and kill them (obviously this is not an option now). But in between those opportunities where you could make a decisive impact on the match you basically had to hide at an island or provide sporadic long range HE fire. I don't think down tiering it makes it any more than a mediocre ship. You will still have opportunities to devastate cruisers and even BBs with AP, but in between those opportunities the NOLA is kinda crap. Personally of the ones you mention I would do this one. If you hate the concealment on Mahan its not a bad idea to move on from it. The Benson is solid but not special. The Fletcher and Gearing are the good ships. Lyon you can easily grind in Hermes. So my vote would be for whichever of the American ships you find more unbearable to grind.
  10. Yeah I hope the same but more because it will show WG that they failed in balancing their contest. It remains to be seen if that will effect future events like this or if they don't actually care at all about that kind of stuff.
  11. You can try launching on 2 different paths. Watch the ship for a bit and send 1 or 2 spread roughly where you think he will go (not the white line). Send the other 1 or 2 to an alternative destination that he would likely go if he changed course either due to your friendlies or your torps being spotted. Wall of Skill only works if the ship is relatively predictable or there are multiple potential targets on that path. If you need practice predicting I recommend running TRB on Kagero (or Shiratsuyu). With them you get a fourth launch so you can do 3 different paths. I'm having loads of fun with Shiratsuyu lately blind torping DDs. Most people are actually predictable you just have to decides which 2 options you want to close down and hope he picks one of those 2.
  12. I just got mine. It took six battles all of which I earned points. Don't know if there is any relevance to that though since I've gotten them with as little as 1XX points and as many as 7XX points. If you get to the 750 container and haven't gotten it then I would be surprised.
  13. Three ship divisioning

    There is clan battles for people that want to play team style games. Randoms are for grinding. I'm not against 3 man divs but I would support going down to 2. Also I voted for WOWS hoping that my gaming platform would also have GPS. If not give me some water please.
  14. Biggest OP thing in the game

    I agree. HP heals are completely OP. It removes all that fire damage I just did. What sort of voodoo magick is this replacing fire damaged hull in the middle of battle? It is a cancer on the game and it needs to be STOPPED