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  1. And this is why WG is doing them. There was a leaked schedule posted a while ago that basically said this is their new patch cycle. So just like we get 3-4 new lines a year we will have a 3 month event around each new line/event that they bring out. WG don't care too much what the game quality is like as long as lots of people are showing up (preferably every day). The daily mission and event rewards are designed to incentivise this kind of behavior.
  2. mrh308

    How easy is getting the Cossack in coop?

    There is currently 10 guineas on sale for 1 USD as a special offer (you need to log into premium shop to see it) so if you do that you only need 40/48 possible. Its unknown what the future missions will be but on PTS and so far it mainly looks like you need to earn a certain amount of xp/credits and/or do some 1-3 random tasks from a selection that is that number +2. Considering you can do 1 set of missions concurrently I don't think it should be that hard. Mostly it looks like random grind rather than RNG and achievement based stuff like some of the missions in Yamamoto/Halsey. I would say for this set coop is not much disadvantaged except in the earning of xp/credits. But considering the games are faster it may be easier to do the other missions than in randoms.
  3. mrh308

    If you click Weymouth now...

    its been there for awhile now. Maybe since beginning of patch Weymouth was no longer elite in my port.
  4. mrh308

    Best use of anniversary tokens

    Basilisk is the best credit one and Leviathan is the best all around one. If you are trying to really power through something you could buy the 3 new ones evenly, so you can mount them at the same time. If you are more concerned about more overall gains but with a slightly longer term approach go for Basilisk if credits is your main concern or Leviathan if xp of all kinds is your main concern. Maybe 2:1 ratio of those would be best strat if you are kind of agnostic to credits vs. xp. I personally went for the Edinburgh camo and then Basilisks since I run 4 battle flags on my Missouri, so I only have room for 4 credit flags. Thus I'm running Basilisk/Wyvern/ one of Leviathan or Scylla and then Zulu since I have tons of them.
  5. mrh308

    Esports for wows?

    Successful eSports have decisive clashes that have clearly defined winners (think MOBA team fights, and shooters). They also typically have comeback mechanics. WoWs is basically a war of attrition for 20 minutes and becomes exponentially more difficult with each ship lost. Its not enjoyable to watch for the first 10 minutes 9 times out of 10 and sometimes for the entire 20 minutes. Its often times completely uncertain who is winning until the final push comes with the time pressure of the game ending or the score reaching 1000 for one team. There is no incentive to be aggressive and take fights to the enemy and in fact often a disincentive to do so. There is also a completely garbage spectator view, which if WG had any interest in turning it into an eSport would have been fixed long ago.
  6. mrh308

    T9s to T10s

    152 mm armor belt can bounce any AP shell in the game if properly angled. You need to reach auto-ricochet angles because if not battleship caliber guns may be able to penetrate even with angling especially at close and medium ranges. For most ships this begins at 45 degrees and is guaranteed at 30 degrees. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration#Armor-Piercing As for your grinding question I would recommend using the special flags that you got from the anniversary containers and events to make your grind to tier 10 faster. If you have doubloons and don't have premium consider spending it on premium in the client instead of free xp. This will give you more credits for when you need to buy the tier X and also allow you to further speed up your grind. I was able to grind through the Roon with just the old special flags (none of the new 3) with premium in 35 games during the German special during gamescom. If you use the new ones too, you should be able to achieve a similar speed if you are at least an average player.
  7. mrh308

    Lo Yang Torp Damage?

    I took a torp in my LY from a LY today. I don't have the results anymore but from my memory it dropped me from full hp with SE to 6k something which is roughly 11k so I think I took full damage (took it amidships). Like others have said its probably damage saturation not a bug or anything.
  8. mrh308

    19 point captain...help!

    from the wiki (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander) if you click the arrow next to the name of the captain (in box 4), a drop down box with the classes of ships of the same nation will appear. You mouse over the class of the ship you want to move it to and a new box with all the ships of that class and nation will appear. Select the ship you want to move him to and then choose if you want to accelerate training with dubloons or credits (would highly recommend spending the 200k credits since it will be 250k captain xp you need to earn after starting retraining before his skills will be fully functional). LIke alex says above you can also go to the ship you want to put him on and select him from the other ships tab of box 3 in the picture.
  9. mrh308

    Ships and lines.

    Others have already recommended the St. Louis, but I'm going to say that American cruisers t3-5 meet your criteria as best as any cruiser line can. The St. Louis is THE BEST tier 3 cruiser no question. The Bogatyr can be better if you have a good captain and the Friant is pretty solid but has really floaty, low caliber guns along with literally no armor that makes you play a kiting role akin to a Shchors(edit: since you appear to be new this means you are running away trying to stay at max gun range the entire game it can be tough and frustrating). The Tenryu is trash unless you are obsessed with torps as is the Caledon. Don't remember how the German one played but my note on that is bad range and HE (which is pretty much the only viable cruiser shell type at that tier). The Phoenix is the best tier 4 cruiser. It has the longest range and the same play style of pew pew while using your rudder. All other tier 4 cruisers have lower range and often less guns too. Again the French Dugay is decent since it upgrades the crap 139s on Friant to solid 152s but again you have no armor so you have to be kiting the whole game. Also again the Russian Sveitlana has 130s which a highly skilled captain (commander not player) can buff to be potentially better than Phoenix but I remember it to be less maneuverable, so I would still take Phoenix even with a 10+ pt captain. Karlsruhe and Kuma are very similar as shorter ranged versions of the Phoenix (not literally but in effective play style). The tier 4 UK cruiser is also complete trash. Its only at tier 5 that other lines begin to truly match or surpass the Americans. I still prefer the Omaha to the rest but most if not all the other tier 5 cruisers have a claim to being as good or better. But the key is that the 3 Americans all play the same style and are either tanky (STL) or maneuverable and relatively long ranged which make them about as idiot proof as any low tier cruiser can be. The tier 4 and 5 are lightly armored enough that you will learn when your angle was not right or your dodging style is not effective because you may explode suddenly if you don't make effective evasive maneuvers against BBs and angle properly against AP shooting cruisers (not that you will find many of these). If you are playing them right you will also learn the kiting style that most cruisers play (except for certain radar ships). Although counter-intuitively, they don't really teach the best way to play American heavy cruisers that start at tier 6. For BBs, Germans are definitely the most idiot proof because of their armor. You could also argue for the Brits (just spam HE). Arguably neither of these lines will teach you how to properly play BBs, but they definitely have the lowest skill floor. Both lines are definitely easy to grind though. For DDs, I would say IJN. Its the only line that can consistently stealth torp without concealment expert and has the best torpedoes typically. Again there are skills you won't learn from this line but its the easiest to do decent in with chances for absolutely insane games. Edit: Just to be clear these are only evaluations of the lines up to tier 5 as you requested. If you want to know what higher tiers are like I can make another post.
  10. mrh308

    Dallas- first impressions.

    The turrets aren't bad and if you are planning to move it up the line I would recommend going AR over EM. With normal EM you only go from 22.5 to 20.7 seconds for 180 degrees. That's not really a good upgrade while AR is. If you are planning on respecing out of the Last Stand you may want to also consider going IFHE before CE. I just finished my Dallas grind with a 10/11 pt captain using IFHE as the first tier 4 skill and typically was able to get good damage unless my ship just happened to explode when a BB shot at me (which happens but not nearly as often as in a Pensacola). I agree its a solid ship. Not something I would grind a captain for but definitely keeping her.
  11. mrh308

    German mid tier destroyers?

    Both the gaede gun options are pretty meh since you only get 4 guns. I much prefer the smaller caliber guns on the Maass but you also get an extra gun and they fire faster, so the firepower is better with 4 150s over 4 128s on Gaede. You just have to make your shots count. Skill builds above are fine just don't under any circumstances take EL. Priority target is better than PM for the first point imo but I know others disagree. If you feel you have great situational awareness then sure, but otherwise your engine, rudder, guns and just about everything else will still break. Its still a DD. The extra warning that half the enemy team is shooting or about to shoot you is much more valuable when already engaged than a slightly lower chance of everything breaking.
  12. mrh308

    Dasha is Broken -- won't go onto a US cruiser

    But you can put a Russian captain on an American ship. GG Wargaming.
  13. mrh308

    First 19 point Captain

    Yeah Thea is the only anime captain that I enjoy listening to since its actually a back and forth between Thea and her XO (forget the name). There is one or 2 ARP ones that don't destroy my ears but the rest are unbearable. Congrats on the 19 point captain. I got my first two in the last couple months and its like a whole new world.
  14. The same offer is available for the normal version along with offers of 10 dollars for Texas or Marblehead Lima and 5 dollars for Yubari. They are 1 purchase only so you need to be logged in to see them in the premium shop.
  15. mrh308

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    nothing new if you've checked since last weekend you haven't missed anything. Only thing is premium ships in the tech tree for dubloons are discounted at the same rate as tech tree ships (50/30/15).