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  1. Yeah I posted about this in the patch thread, but I basically had a flood from a CV get repaired in between the attack runs of the same squadron. The flood lasted 29 seconds with the flood reduction flag and relatively standard captain/module build on an Iowa. By the time the squadron came back around the flood had been repaired before the second drop of torps was in the water. It did 11k damage which I mean is nice but I essentially healed that damage so you could argue what was the point in the first place. CV hit me in the nose and center so with 3 or 4 flood spots he would have got me for 2 at least. If the time is going to be nerfed hard you need more than 2 slots for flooding otherwise you can just out heal it and there was no point. To be clear I do think it is good to nerf the time from what it was, but now flooding feels like a joke in a high tier battleship with at least some investment into survivability.
  2. I think the flooding changes are a bit ludicrous too. I was just in a game in my Iowa which I run a flood reduction flag on. A Midway struck me and got a flood. By the time he came back around for his second drop the flood was already expiring. So congrats you did "full" flood damage to me. But it was only 11k damage which I mostly healed while he was turning around anyways. Maybe there needs to be 3 flood spots like fires with FP? Just like the AA "balance" you went from flooding being basically a death sentence to an inconvenience.
  3. I am getting a really annoying audio bug every time I queue into battle. The cymbal ring into a bass hit that is part of but not the entire (or maybe alternative) sound file for the countdown to battle ( on pre-battle clock) is playing when it shouldn't. I get it when I enter the battle queue, when I get selected into a battle, when I actually enter the battle regardless of what time it is on the clock and then at the battle start. It gets pretty obnoxious really quick. I play without music on if that matters. Port and Battle music are off. I should note that the update actually turned music back on for me which I also wasn't too happy about and maybe that's part of the issue. No mods used either.
  4. interesting take but you used DCP way too many times and none of them correctly. When referring to Kitakaze you meant DPM or DPS. When referring to the consumable, DCP is Damage control party i.e. the red fire extinguishers that stop fire/flood and unbreak things not the repair party which restores HP. Speed is too important in a lot of games as it reduces opponent opportunities while increasing your own.
  5. Okay didn't know that. But selling in the inventory literally unresearches it too. That was the whole point of it. I'm not sure why they would let you do it if it didn't give the free xp, but see my point about the high quality CS categories they have.
  6. If you sold it in the inventory then you got free xp too. I know for me selling back my tier 6s gives 100k free xp if I wanted to so I'm not sure exactly what you are complaining about. You should have gotten back most if not all the free xp you spent anyways. The only thing that goes on the Erie is XP that is left on CVs after the upgrade to the next and whatever you had on your Midway. The XP spent (whether earned or free xp) to get each ship upgrade is returned to you if you did it in the inventory. As to the point of your question there actually is no point for several of their support ticket categories. To submit a team damage ticket you literally have to "agree" to say that you understand it's all automated. Then you get a message that says "Thanks but its all automated [xd LOL]."
  7. There was a time when I was playing everyday and got at least 2 containers per day sometimes 3. I regularly averaged 2 supercontainers a month (occasionally 1 and sometimes 3) by picking the try your luck. I currently use the resources one because regular coal, free xp, and economic flags seems like a better deal than gambling on getting big batches of 1 of them twice a month. YMMV, but I'd argue Resources or Try your luck are the only ones of value even if you are a non-Premium user as I have been for the majority of my time in the game.
  8. mrh308

    From a DD main playing CVs

    While I will agree with your main points there are some caveats that I would add. 1) While it's true that its hard to spot a DD on the first pass, I use Last Known Location on my minimap. Thus once I know a DD is in a position as an experienced player I can predict where they will be and start my attack run before even spotting them and typically still have enough time to make some adjustments before dropping on the first pass. It does mean aim might not be perfect, but with rockets it doesn't even matter that much and HE DBs which you start the run on top of the DD anyways its basically irrelevant unless you have the AA to kill planes which at t4/6, the only CVs I have, most DDs just don't (maybe patch changed that didn't play any today). So there is value in being unpredictable. 2) The Map edge thing is true and frankly it feels like a bug that needs fixed (you should be able to choose which way you turn, but right now you could be in a bank to the left and hit the map edge and the game decides you should exit to the right). However, if you are doing the map edge running you are most likely CV hunting which means you are not useful to your team against a good CV (you will die) or wasting your time killing a useless CV. Since many CV games end up with all the surface ships dead (again prior to the patch) it is more important to have the cap point advantage than do whatever you might be doing on the edge of the map. Another thing I should note is that you can reinforce your AA, turn off the AA, and when you turn it back on it is still reinforced. So reinforce the side you expect to show to the CV while running back to the team before turning off your AA.
  9. Sales occur around the holidays (Black Friday/Christmass) and WG events like birthday of WG and WOWS which is August/September. Discounts are almost always the same as the tier discounts on tech tree ships 50% up to t5, 30% t6-7 and 15% t8-10. Typically applies to in game doubloon purchases as well so if you have them you could save them for later.
  10. Its tomorrow In Update we will carry out balance changes and improvements of aircraft carriers and AA stats. Update Downtime Starts: Thu. Feb. 07 2:00 AM PT Update Downtime Ends: Thu. Feb. 07 3:00 AM PT be able to retrain your Commanders, redistribute their skill p
  11. I think the issue is the aim bloom for maneuver is pretty minimal compared to the USN. Also they are faster so they are much easier to hit with while USN ones are pretty difficult to hit with since they are slow and even the slightest movement seems to take them back to max bloom which gives you this hilariously bad V spread. It's not so much the torpedo itself is powerful but they are much easier to use and are the least RNG of the 3 ammo types.
  12. Nothing in the spotting system reflects reality so any argument that uses reality as its foundation with regard to the spotting system (magically see ships 2km regardless of what is between you oh you say I can spend 2 million credits to make that 3 km with a magic device why good sir that is a great deal) is terribly flawed. If you would like an entirely different system you are free to say so, but if not it needs to make sense with what already exists.
  13. That is not at all what I said. None of my solutions involve radar/planes (whichever you happen to be talking about) spotting exclusively for the player that has the planes/radar. It is about delaying or limiting the spread of information through the team except on the minimap. Some or all of your team should be able to make use of your radar or plane spotting but because of the lethality of ships at high tiers the person spotted should have time to react either by delaying the spotting to teammates of the spotter or limiting which of the teammates of the spotter can use that information in the game world. I am not suggesting what you said and would actively oppose such a solution to radar or plane spotting because it makes them completely irrelevant as elements of team play.
  14. I mean the whole spotting system of the game is not based in reality, so I think the solution suggested is going too far. However, I can see 2 compromises that reduce plane spotting while not making their spotting irrelevant to the team. Because the way I'm reading your suggesting is planes can NEVER spot something except on the minimap. Option 1: being plane spotted increases your surface spotting range so nearby ships can shoot you but far away ones can't. Everyone can see you on the minimap. Option 2: similar to the radar change in that plane spotting relays instantly to the minimap and delayed in the game world. Edit: after reading what I wrote there are actually 2 interpretations of Option 1. The first is that you are revealed to anyone nearby. The second is that your surface spotting is increased but only revealed if ship spotted. The second is more along your suggestion, while the first would be more like a cyclone effect and preferable in my opinion.
  15. mrh308

    Enough Secondary Battery Missions

    First thank you for actually reading what I posted. Second, my point is actually kind of that they just recycled the mission from last week. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the 3 part thing from last week was the same mission in a different order which suggests that they actually just copy pasted the mission (Obviously this one had 2 parts and I think the last one only had 1 for each section but same idea). So it's unlikely that it was because they had some grand design. I take your point that they want BBs used, but again based on what happened they really needed DDs not BBs. And most of the BB secondary use is probably happening in COOP which I hope they don't balance the game off of. Again they will do what they do, but I think it is valid to complain when it makes no sense and negatively effects players that may be interested in certain parts of the game and not others. To be clear for all the people that will inevitably quote this post and say use a BB in coop or just don't do it... I already did it in coop in a BB and I still think it's dumb.