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  1. Next Warship Advice

    The two that you need to keep to get the maximum per ship is Cleveland and New Orleans. You will get 4 ships for owning 2. Any additional ships will just be extra silver for no extra reward unless you can get to the tier 9. Then you would have 5 for owning 3. To be clear you do need to have these ships in your port, not just unlocked to get the full benefits. Unlocking them will keep the same tier unlocked but you won't get the free extra ships without owning them. The ships are still being tested but the Cleveland is going to be basically the same ship, but with some slight buffs, access to radar, and the concealment module ships get at tier 8. Its hard to say if it will really be an advantage or not. Generally the things I've heard is that the heavy cruisers are solid and the light cruisers still need work. Everything can potentially change though it is unlikely too much will. The big deal with the Cleveland is you get a tier 8 for tier 6 silver and xp if you have it in port at the time of the split. No guarantee it will be great, though it should at the very least have good AA and be a dominant DD killer with its radar and rate of fire.
  2. Next Warship Advice

    The other guys covered it pretty well. The two ships you should try to own to get the most for the least is Cleveland and New Orleans. With just those 2 you will get the heavy cruisers from t6-8 and the t8 light cruiser. Fair enough. Edi is basically the same as the Fiji on maneuverability and guns, but at a higher tier. Its advantage is concealment through the t8 module and the option to run radar. Neptune will be better if the guns are your main complaint.
  3. Next Warship Advice

    Depending on how much XP you are actually talking about getting the New Orleans before the split (likely the end of the month) would get you the baltimore which is a much better ship and likely to be the same situation after the split too. US cruisers are fine except for the Pensacola and New Orleans. With that being said they are a very different style starting at the Pensacola so it is definitely advised to try grinding them if you can deal with it. The lessons you learn will be valuable if you do learn them. Japanese cruisers all play basically the same and are fine but not particularly influential. Until t9 they also have really bad range, so they don't up tier well. Unsure why you think Neptune will be a vast difference to Edinburgh. Why did you dislike Edi more than Fiji? Is that really going to be solved by going up a tier?
  4. Both Hosho and Zuiho have +1 fighters and Zuiho has +1 TBs. Not that it matters neither are anything special.
  5. I'm honestly shocked that people are recommending the C hull. Those guns have by far the worst DPM. The gun handling is better than A hull but the A hull guns are better at actually doing damage (Alpha strike/accuracy at range). I would rate them 1) IFHE B-hull .... 3a) no IFHE B-hull 3b) A-hull ... 5) C-hull. I'm saying this as someone who loves US DDs too. 3 guns is just not enough to trade fire with anything else.
  6. It was only for DDs, US cruisers have not been on sale since Christmas.
  7. Tier 10 choice?

    I find playing DDs is the most relaxing. Yes there are times of intense panic, but mostly you operate in the duality of undetected or running away/smoking up. Cruisers on the other hand you can't actually control whether you are detected or not and you always must be aware of all enemy BBs. That's a lot more mentally taxing. I don't want to discourage you from playing cruisers but its certainly easier to play DDs.
  8. Was a fan of the AZ when it first came out, but now that Bayern/QE can overmatch its bow along with IFHE making its 25 mm deck, upper hull, bow and stern easy mode for cruisers its just not that tanky anymore. Guns are fine but its really easy to die if you end up just slightly out of position since everything is faster and some Russian DDs are literally twice as fast. Can't speak to the OR, but I would rate AZ as the worst US BB premium since TX can see tier 4 and the others are vastly superior ships. If you must have a US BB and can't take advantage of the Amazon prime offer for a free Texas than its not a terrible ship its just not great.
  9. How long does it take?

    I spent the end of 2016 and basically all of 2017 away from the game and got the GC and De Grasse like the person above got. At no point did i get an email saying "come back and we will give you this" I thought that they were trial ships or something for a while. If you don't like playing the game anymore, just stop playing. No gift wargaming gives you is worth the stress and frustration of forcing yourself to do something you don't like. They are not going to give you expensive stuff. Its mostly mid tier stuff that costs like 20 bucks. If you do still enjoy playing, then play the ships you enjoy. Edit: and with the number of premium ships they have been giving away this year you are probably going to miss out on more than the value of whatever gift you may get anyways. For example in my case I missed out on Takao, October Revolution (whatever its actual name is), Vampire, Graf Spee and perhaps more that I'm not even aware of.
  10. which if you sell it you don't have so you can get it again...
  11. That's true unless you rename a steam file so you can log in with your WG account. There is a guide on steam that shows you how to do it. I launch my game through steam, but its my original WG account, and it logs in with Twitch. If you mess with it enough you can kinda do what you want. The steam sale works with a regular account if purchased through the premium shop though, so its really about logging into the right account to make the purchase for the correct account.
  12. You will not get dubloons or additional camos to sell for credits. You will get camos for all the ships you purchased them for and any ship that takes their place that does not already have a perma-camo. In the case you give you will get Cleveland, Pepsi, NOLA, Balti, Buffalo camos. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/update-notes-main/release-notes-062/ (Russian dd split for reference explicitly says you will not get duplicates) If you consult the patch notes section on perma camos posted above you will keep the camo on NOLA. It seem that you will also get a perma camo for Baltimore, but its not clear to me. Read the section on Tashkent and decide for yourself.
  13. Whats going on

    maybe you have a secret admirer at WG
  14. HSF vs regular Graf Spee

    Alright thanks guys.
  15. If I have the HSF Graf Spee do I get a regular Graf Spee with the Steam bundle or dubloons? Just wondering since its basically a dubloon sale if you have the ship and I would rather get a German commander than American by getting the Texas instead.