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  1. mleczkomatik

    a couple of things pt2

    fair enough, cheating never crossed my mind
  2. mleczkomatik

    a couple of things pt2

    i don't see how, scaling xp and credits gain with difficulty level goes without saying?
  3. allow me to start by saying that new patch is great, and thanks for new fire and smoke effect, it's awesome. but anyways, to the point: 1. More horns. I have over 200 ships and limited variety of horns is becoming a pain, add some more plox. 2. Subtitles for captain voice overs. I am partially deaf (52%) and rely on lip reading to understand other people, a lot of time i don't understand what is being said. Having subs would help me read the fellow captains actions and intentions. 3. Private rooms - let PvP private rooms gain XP and credit on par with Random games, and PvE private rooms XP and credit same as Co-Op games. Doing so would incentivise players to play more custom modes (clan practices, anyone?) without wasting time that could be used for the grind. 4. Create worthwhile way of burning lots of credits (200m+) 5. allow server migration as promised 5 years ago Other than that i have to say that game is bretty gud. Thank you, will definitely keep playing. pic unrelated
  4. straight to the point 1. more horns. there's more ships every day and horns became very repetitive. 2. santa's horns - decrease duration amount to 1 week tops, even couple days just (Christmas doesn't last whole month fs). 3. please add option to reset skills for all captains at once, when new relevant update rolls out i do not like the idea of manually resetting 200+ captains. this is not fun. same for upgrades in case of patch overhaul. 4. in port add information on captain's portrait that he has unused skill points, that would be very helpful when managing ships you haven't played in a while. 5. profanity filter option in chat, for those who are not overly sensitive and socially challenged, not fun being chat banned by thought police 6. option for longer in size and duration wakes, and sites of sunk ships (bubbles animation) kk ty bb picture unrelated
  5. what on earth are you talking about? i meant purely cosmetic / visual effect of fire on the ship, as of now it's animation does not change accordingly with ship's speed and headed direction (example: smoke coming out of smoke stacks).
  6. as in title, i think it would greatly improve the game.
  7. Such as "Player X has left the game" for example. Just so we don't talk to someone who already quit the game.
  8. hi all I think combat missions and directives reached their final bloat. There is too many different ever changing conditions, it's boring and mundane to follow them. and on top of that for most i am severely limited in tier choice for long periods of time (ship building or ranked tier restrictions for example). The whole system could use a ground up rework. why not have ranked for all tiers, similar to random battles? Keep the scoreboards separate, hardly a problem. change tasks to objective based only without type and tier restrictions, make all ship tiers playable again. and btw new equipment tab is absolutely horrendous.
  9. pls wg. make it even 10k steel for 3 ships.
  10. The whole thing has been executed horribly. Randomising access to subs is controversial and poorly thought out. There is no option for training room practice. Trying to play subs, they float off the screen, after 2 games with that bug switched to cruiser in the same mode, sailed away as well. Got punished with 13 pve games, did them, did check & repair, got access to pvp again, tried subs, floated away, 15 pve games as punishment. Submitted a ticket to support, bad taste remains. What hapened, WG?...
  11. mleczkomatik

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    this is stupid and game off putting. all those tricks and obstacles, tokens, random bundles, rentals, it's all [edited]. makes me not wanting to play anymore. your ideas for running this game make me cringe so [edited]hard, it's painful.