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  1. Lylanthwol

    Your update is garbage

    If only it actually sounded that good! :)
  2. Lylanthwol

    Ship XP no longer displayed in port?

    You are correct. Only in the Equipment tab or as a Captain hover over 0.9.6 Fail #714
  3. Dink, Doink, Clang, Bang, Clank! Did we REALLY need to hear the muffled sound of own shells up through the hull of our own ship as they strike the enemy??? If you were going for realism, you'd realize that there would be a delay before that sound reached us? Not that I want WG to do that math, please... please... please just spare us all the nonsense. And @Hapa_Fodder did they actually use some of my doubloon dough to pay voice actors to drive us insane when you engage the artillery camera? I actually got up to unlock the gun cabinet thinking some dumb <edited> had snuck into my house while I was playing until I heard it coming from behind me just before I left my office. MAKE IT STOP!!!!! Holy Moley!
  4. Glad I'm not the only who spent the morning trying to figure out some of these sounds (in addition to trying to remember which Modstation mods I had installed). Some are improvements, most are ANNOYING at best.
  5. Lylanthwol

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    Well this thread is a full-reverse to all the other CV threads you usually read.
  6. Lylanthwol


    FYI, check a thread here where I asked about farming enough credits to support high tiers... and received a bunch O' answers.
  7. Lylanthwol

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    "I'll start with ships, some long awaited ships, Soviet Cruisers...", Dasha. https://youtu.be/Z_rBo-M9MgY
  8. Lylanthwol

    Report Option - Player is Stupid - I need it

    Sadly appropriate. For the first time I ended up submitting a ticket on a player who went the the ceremony of graduation steps of complaining>harassing>trying to sink teammates. Karma I suppose for joking about the stupid stuff I do from time to time. <sigh>
  9. Lylanthwol

    Report Option - Player is Stupid - I need it

    Good one "Hey dummy, I know you're trying to cap but your team isn't supporting you and you just got spotted by the CV. That number in the little circle, when that reads 8... that's bad"
  10. Lylanthwol

    Report Option - Player is Stupid - I need it

    Ha, I'd be reporting myself more than once. Also need to add "You're playing like poo because you need sleep... Go To Bed!!!" for Mr. Announcer (would be even better if Jingles said it in his own special way)
  11. Lylanthwol

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Yes, the Cali is pretty... but I'd rather snatch up a Florida! The one thing that scares me is @Hapa_Fodder was saying things like "8-10 knots" slower... Ummm, no please... please don't do that to us. Gotta be north of the Standards. 25, ok. 19.5 = SCREAM!!!!
  12. Lylanthwol

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Beautiful ships So glad this was it, can't wait!
  13. Lylanthwol

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Thanks Mouse. This is pretty sad. Since I started playing again and reading the forums, read a lot of calls to get the California released only to get something like this. Shame to treat such an important piece of naval history treated like this. ACTUAL naval history. When do we get more Soviet ships drawn on the back of a napkin in the basement of a Leningrad bar?
  14. Lylanthwol

    Measuring Success in WoWS

    No flames here. Three cheers for having some actual fun! Other measures for me: Did I do my job? Did I help my team? Did I improve somehow? Did I do something different that influenced the outcome? Interesting video @NoZoupForYou You were playing a CV, but at least you weren't playing one in a double-CV T4 match. Mendoza Line: .200 (though he actually hit .215) Glad to see I'm not the only one that uses it 'round here.