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  1. Lylanthwol

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    Ran into multiple Double Sky Cancer games tonight as well. The only botes I was in were a T-61 and a Georgia. Painful. Folks can continue to complain about "CV Haters" and all the threads about them, feel free but its one of the reasons why Co-Op is as populated as it is. With one class being as out of balance as they are... its just sad. CV Bad = Lose CV Good = Win. My guess is that the Spreadsheet of Nicosia would say that's roughly the same percentage as a Co-Op win rate.
  2. Indeed. Sad but true.
  3. Lylanthwol

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    New Sounds: Utterly and completely awful. If you would enjoy being thrown into a Death Star garbage compactor, and then having said Death Star put into a planet sized pneumatic paint can mixer, then they're for you. Otherwise they go beyond annoying into actual detraction from game experience. New Sounds Part II: When in targeting mode/binocular view there are voices in the background. First time I heard them I thought someone had broken into my house and actually started to move towards the gun case until I figured out where they were coming from after walking around my desk. Verdict: WTH were you thinking?????? Interface: Bring back Ship XP and STOP trying to make everything look like an iPhone and shoving valuable data into a "Hover On" "feature" Combat Missions results at the end of the battle: This is a hold over from 0.9.5. It's nice that it's there, but with so many missions being named similarly or exactly the same, add in what mission series they are from. Please. Sugar On Top.
  4. The only word that I have for that is ridiculous. Sadly, can't make it go away with a Riddikulus!
  5. Agreed. Bring it back. Quite nonsensical to turn it into hover-over data. It's essential, but the "logic" seems to be: "Why have one step when you can have two to accomplish the same thing!"
  6. Lylanthwol

    Georgia T9 Premium Battleship Thread

    I finally got enough Coal today to pick up Frankenstein's Monster Bride of the Seas. Everything they say about her is true: She's Weird; She's a Freak. My first impressions of her (with only a dozen games in Co-Op) are very much along those lines. I'm running a bit of a "mixed bag" build at the moment with secondaries out to about 10K, I went schizophrenic over "Fast Reload".. No... "Tighter Groupings" Arrgh. I'll probably do some switching around once I get my sea legs with her. As a numbers guy, I did some 5th grade math comparing her to my FDG which is a full on secondary brawler and I'm looking at the following numbers (sample size for Frankenstein's Bride is only a dozen games so far) Per battle: Georgia is averaging 31.6K more damage with the Main Battery Georgia is averaging 875.5 more damage with Main Battery shells FDG is averaging 6.6K more damage with Secondaries Georgia is averaging 22.41 more damage with Secondary Shells FDG is averaging 1.17 more Fires FDG is averaging 1.8K more damage from Fires Overall Georgia is averaging 23.1K more damage per match This is with playing The Bride very similarly to the FDG in Co-Op, which is bulling in and getting up under the secondary range. I've not made any special effort yet to avoid more damage with it. Obviously I won't play that style long term, but wanted to test myself with it and get the comparison. Also obviously, the Georgia can't slide in between a Lion and a Monarch and let the secondaries blaze away like Secretariat in the Belmont and survive very long like you can in an FDG to collect those Naval Battle ribbons. So, in the TLDR category, holy <insert exclamation of choice here> she really is a monster. 23K is a lot more damage playing her totally wrong. I can't wait to finish my exploration phase with her and take her out to Randoms where she'll fair much better than the other Tier IX counterpart in my port. Frankenstein's Bride of the Seas is a winner in my book.
  7. Lylanthwol

    Your update is garbage

    If only it actually sounded that good! :)
  8. Lylanthwol

    Ship XP no longer displayed in port?

    You are correct. Only in the Equipment tab or as a Captain hover over 0.9.6 Fail #714
  9. Dink, Doink, Clang, Bang, Clank! Did we REALLY need to hear the muffled sound of own shells up through the hull of our own ship as they strike the enemy??? If you were going for realism, you'd realize that there would be a delay before that sound reached us? Not that I want WG to do that math, please... please... please just spare us all the nonsense. And @Hapa_Fodder did they actually use some of my doubloon dough to pay voice actors to drive us insane when you engage the artillery camera? I actually got up to unlock the gun cabinet thinking some dumb <edited> had snuck into my house while I was playing until I heard it coming from behind me just before I left my office. MAKE IT STOP!!!!! Holy Moley!
  10. Glad I'm not the only who spent the morning trying to figure out some of these sounds (in addition to trying to remember which Modstation mods I had installed). Some are improvements, most are ANNOYING at best.
  11. Lylanthwol

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    Well this thread is a full-reverse to all the other CV threads you usually read.
  12. Lylanthwol


    FYI, check a thread here where I asked about farming enough credits to support high tiers... and received a bunch O' answers.
  13. Lylanthwol

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    "I'll start with ships, some long awaited ships, Soviet Cruisers...", Dasha. https://youtu.be/Z_rBo-M9MgY
  14. Lylanthwol

    Report Option - Player is Stupid - I need it

    Sadly appropriate. For the first time I ended up submitting a ticket on a player who went the the ceremony of graduation steps of complaining>harassing>trying to sink teammates. Karma I suppose for joking about the stupid stuff I do from time to time. <sigh>