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  1. umm what?

    can we please please get a Roma Anime/Art/Mecha whatever that is Camo version without the insane beer can on top of it? Id instantly buy it then but please without the model change that makes it look insane...
  2. North Cape Mission 5 planning

    Its not as bad as I assumed it would be. Task 1 took me exactly 2 games in a gallant (6 and 5) Task 2 was overall like 6 games or so running some premium tier 8 and 9s so i got a few Million out of it. Task 3 well... could have been done by now if it ran in the background but oh well. I hope that day that costs me wont cost me the with honors on the other campaign once i got the duke... Task 4 2nd try in Shima (actualy overkill at 180k torp damage... one was a det for 60k which aparently counts as torp damage) Task 5 easy once I get the duke
  3. USS Washington, the historical backing for stealth NC builds :D
  4. North Cape Mission 5 planning

    grab emerald (4x4) and drive into some brawly areas on low tier maps when you are top tier... dish out torps left and right from smoke...
  5. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    They also accidentaly set the 90000 Torp damage to one battle :p
  6. Mission 4 task 2

    Wow then thats a very random task... normaly its almost not gonna happen ever, but if you accidentaly run into an atlanta at close range with a HE nelson or so its like 1 volley. Seems to encourage yolo or farm playstyles (like many other tasks especially those spot a german/UK ship first in UK/german ship etc). Not sure if thats actualy helping ballancing teams out...
  7. A few things about stats from my point of view: First, im a physicist, I love stats. I use them every day. And they are much more usefull to evaluate things of everydays life (and game performance characteristics) then subjective things like anecdotal evidences, "feels like" etc. However we need to take into account that stats are just averages of a lot of numbers. What we see on for exsamples WoWs ship performance stat pages dont tell the full story. For exsample: Take the stats of the Flint or Black... they are insanely OP aparently according to stats. However, in order to get them you already need to be a pretty decent player (yes you can rank out with <50% eventually but still, we talk about averages not about "that one guy I know..."). So while the stats of the ships are its average performance, made up by a lot of games (and therefor compensating for rare outliers) the selection of players creating these stats isnt average. Since the same isnt true for the rest of the ships, a comparison need to be made, taking the different selection into account. The same holds true for most RN BBs. Granted a few of them are very strong, but neither the KGV nor the Monarch are. Yet they seem to overperform for that fact. The thing here is, that they are very forgiving. Or lets say "noobfriendly". Since (at least at mid tiers) the skill of players is somewhat normal distributed (although I think there is more new, unexperianced or actualy bad players then really good ones still) a ship that will allow the lower 25% of the users to overperform but dont actualy help the rest much (if at all), will show better average stats then compareable ships with a bigger gap between skill cap and ceiling. Or in other words, on large numbers stats a ships thats not better when used correctly, but better when used incorrectly, looks better. But is it actualy? A well played Scharn, Gneis and especially Nagato (or NC, Amagi etc in T8) will outperform it. They are just less forgiving too.
  8. Operation Narai Feedback

    Fantastic mission! Really enjoyed it and the nonstop action basicly! Some more detailed feedback: Killing everything and everyone seems to be far easier, more fun/rewarding or even possible then the alt objective of landing x troops. Getting 5 stars is fairly easy IF you manage to also kill everything (or in other words you either fail completely or get 4-5 stars when you go for kill path). This observation might have a slight bias, since killing everything is only possible with a few decent players in huge damage/dpm ships anyways and thus they will also wipe everything early on that might otherwise threaten the other secondary objectives. As said, its either fail main task or win with most secondary tasks done. This scenario is quite easy to completely fail while most others are fairly easy but hard to do with all/most secondary objectives. Good cruisers seem to be DPM monsters, especially the Fiji! Belfast might also work well but in this kind of oblivious bot target rich environment the fiji is much more dangerous with AP. Shchors might also work but its too soft imo for the final CQC part. Keep in mind that smoke wont really save you on the final area/push as for most cruisers you get spotted at min 5.4km when firing there. I suppose Myoko/ARP stuff also works since they are a bit more tanky, have huge alpha and lots of torps but the arcs on guns and torps are not that usefull. As for BBs, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst! You will end up in brawls and get shot from multiple sides. Only the german brawlers can stand up to that kind of meat grinder! Well and KGV but it cant retaliate even half as well in CQC. Ashitaka might have a place here since its walks fastly and carries a big stick... but it cant take a beating and the shells can totaly fail you sometimes. DDs hm I dont really know. Gadjah might work allright with its decent firepower and fast reload, lots of charges, smoke. Rest I dont really see as effective since you will escort and defend a lot and thus smoke is limited and bots come mostly right at you so they aint really good torp targets. As for CV, Kaga! Not much enemy air assets (well a ranger and later an indy but thats no prob with strafes) but you have THE strike power!
  9. Ranked Rewards Nerfed- why?

    I basicly fill out every seasons evaluation questionnaire. And each time I try to explain why the current matching mechanic (rank mm groupings vs fallback points) is mathematicaly and statisticaly quite a bit of a problem. Especially if you are mostly limited to play during off hours... Aparently I fail each time but then again I never learned math and statistics in english in school and university ;)
  10. New Years Crate Contents

    So if you keep getting the effing gallant all the time, that means you got all possible premiums already?
  11. New Years Crate Contents

    I got Gallant twice (and no other ships) and I already had it before that even... as I understand the rules/mechanics, this shouldnt be happening right?
  12. Santa Crate Eve? I can't take it!

    Ok so I got 5 of each 3 types. Got a total of 2 premiums (only out of the mega gifts) and both of them were the same ship (Gallant) which I already had before... uhm ok. Thats pretty dissapointing and suboptimal (if I had to get dublicates, why not t8s then :P or at least different nations 10pts captains) So for statistics that implicates, that if you already have a bunch of premiums, the chances of actualy getting one you dont have yet should be fairly low I fear. EDIT: Hm I just read what Radar_X posted earlier here. Since he/she said they changed it this year, what I described above SHOULD not happen like that right?
  13. Santa Crate Eve? I can't take it!

    Does that mean I only get ships I dont have yet, or will I get ships I already have, despite there beeing ships I dont have yet...
  14. 72 in almost 6k games. Would been more if I didnt had this OCD thing that made me play all the ships to a certain amount of ship XP after elite, including all bad ones, and level all 200something tech tree ships captains to 10pts ;)