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  1. I see how the bis requirement got misstranslated now lol. "Earn damage of your HP"? But yeah looks like we were right about that dreadnought basicly. And I was also right about the french beeing actualy higher 35/15k (as Syndicated already confirmed).
  2. SC for GK just showed up (plus a bday container as bonus).
  3. I got the SC and an event container as bonus too
  4. Did you play 2 (with t1-9) after wacko posted its fixed?
  5. around 60k but i had 3 big fires on high tier bbs so i was probably a bit over the required fire damage already (At least one stuck for full duration).
  6. GK didnt work for me (it also didnt show a new popup window like it did with the others before)
  7. - Special flags (per 1000 games) worked fine now - Großer Kurfürst Supercontainer did not work - Sims base bundle link still shows page not found (and its not under specials). Someone also reported having pricing issues with it. - Well theres still the issue with "elite" XP conversation that was/is misleading ppl (and the fact that all other servers have "the other" xp conversation) - Same for T8 premium ships discounts (again in comparison to other servers) but the later two are probably not your department.
  8. got the flags now, testing GK SC now
  9. Pretty sure you DO NOT need a kill for baguette: Considering most other damage done related achievements are 50k total damage, I would just guess the 30k gun and 15k fire damage is just a bit too low (total of 45k) so maybe its 35k and 15k or so? Im fairly sure the same holds true for the IJN alt line DD one (you need more then the 15k gun damage I think). Yeah I know its been "data mined" on chinese server or so but maybe the tweaked some of the requirements for their server or on the others or later changed some values.
  10. EU has it too right now...
  11. Thanks! Thats the post we all have been waiting for.
  12. I asked around a lot in games, reddit, forums etc and from what I can tell there is not a single case (at least on NA) of anyone actualy getting the flags yet. Doubt its lag or player specific issues then.
  13. An official aknowledgement would be nice though, something like "we are on it" or so.
  14. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/1956/ I just changed specials to vehicles... does that work for you? Its actualy not listed under specials but under ships. weird.
  15. Base one seems to be wrong link. The mid and top bundle work fine aparently. You can select the sims base bundle in the shop manualy though further down in the list of ships.