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  1. I would assume tomorrow. Even the most active ppl might have missed 1 or so of the side change offer loyality boni, so they need todays end of day bonus still.
  2. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    I would actualy do this, if there was anything for me worth buying with doubloons right now. I own all ships tech and prem (aside from two I cant buy or possibly ever can... to the everlasting pain of my OCD; And the steel ships but im working on that). I still have a year or so leftover premium time from the times were premium was stuffed into every ship bundle (thats were I also got my leftover doubloons from ;) ). I own at least one perma camo for all ships that can have one (and yes I own all tech tree ships so thats a lot of camos I bought with doubloons... just not this 3 days). Enough free XP to buy the next T9 free XP ship and almost a second... I totaly would spend doubloons on the special flags (Wyvern, Dragon etc.) but I cant. I would totaly buy steel or even a bit coal for doubloons. I would actualy spend a LOT of doubloons for a shot at Arkansas or Iwaki...
  3. Go Navy! Special In game mission = broken

    Remember they put in some stuff a while ago too like crashed UFOs and the Portal from the Halloween missions etc on islands or inaccessable behind the map borders. Or double lighthouse forming the roman number 2 and so on. I would assume this is a teaser for the next upcomming thing. Maybe WoWs 3rd Bday or so
  4. The secondary bonus is nice and fun but boy is the lack of sigma/accuracy annoying on the Massachusetts. You miss the easiest citadel punishments on pretty much anything sitting around dead most of the time even at minimum dispersion range... Alabama is more accurate and NC is even more so but with less torp protection, and turning. So there is pretty much a fine ballance between all 3 quite similar ships. I personaly would rate both NC and Alabama stronger with the NC the strongest but thats only minor differences.
  5. On missions that require module breakage:

    A few volleys 203mm HE on a RN BB or some IJN ones should easily break a lot of small caliber AA mounts really fast.
  6. Thanks Wargaming!

    Hm a division of Des Moines rotating premium defensive fire with this module, jack of all trades and the -5% for consumeable reload flag... Each charge would last 48 seconds and takes about 108 seconds to reload. It wouldnt be always on but pretty close to it :D
  7. French BB most in need of a buff???

    Well now that I played all but the T10: Turenne: Not great but neither is the Kawachi or something... its a T3... none of em plays anyhow comfortable Courbet: Its allright but not really much better then the Turenne. I had an (for the low tiers at least) insane losing streak with that ship but that might just been wonly 3x XP weekend MM doing its usual thing Bretagne is fine. Plays a lot like New York which is also fine. Normandie is pretty meh tbh. Gun arcs are weak, AA is weaker then on Bretagne and its not really accurate either. Sure its fast though for a T6 (actualy given the hull shape and length faster then such a design could have been if it wasnt paper... there is a reason why all faster BBs have a longer more cruiser like hull and the fat WW1 designs are all pretty slow) (Dunk is fine) Lyon is fine. Its frustratingly inaccurate (and once again too fast for its shape but hey) but it makes up for it with hilarious main, secondary and AA gun count. Rich is fine if pld like a mix of cruiser and bow tank. Sure it has the lowest DPM of all T8 BBs but it can use all of that DPM very effectivly unlike other ships Gasconge... well it has bad gun arcs and not the bow tank advantage of the rich and also way weaker AA. It tries to compensate that with spotter plane, faster reload, better sigma (even the 0.1 is actualy noticeable due to the very fast shells increasing the over and undershooting problem on french 380mm guns) and a better heal. The problem is, you cant really use that DPM (which is still like 2nd lowest in tier) or you cant tank proper... You can totaly make the ship work fine when you play it like a bully cruiser or kite BB but its very situational. However just like the Ishizuchi it can get occasional brilliant games due to its fantastic mobility, if enemies dont know how to play Alsace is basicly Lyon 2.0... another shotgun. It adds 4 extra barrels to a Rich/Gas desing and decent AA. Arcs arent too bad but not great either. The problem is it has even worse sigma then the Rich and in this case a not as close gun placement (at least for the backturret). So yeah with sigma of 1.7 and french 380 ballistics it has a hard time hitting crapsometimes. Also at T9 380s are starting to get a bit weak when you always face t9-10 armor (despite its really good velocity/pen). Overall its still a good ship but you will get games were you either cant hit crapor get a mix of bounces, shatters and overpens all the time... Republique looks allright. It DOES need to have its armor weakspot fixed though that several youtubers pointed out (for exsample flamu made a vid about it). Other then that its a suddenly very accurate, high caliber fast firing ship with low gun count in return. And good AA. Seems to be allright.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    While I have to agree that its not complete garbage and meh is a fair statement (when compared to some really garbage premium and non premium ships) I would go as far as saying it is in fact the weakest/worst of all T8 BBs. A group so far that was fairly ballanced as in having no really weak ship so far. Yes the Rich does even have less DPM with the same garbage dispersion (although the turrets are placed way closer together so that helps a bit), worse heal and no spotter plane but its still a superior ship because it can actualy tank proper and has AA. So yeah Gascogne isnt terrible and could have been worse but it is the first actualy weak T8 BB and that doesnt even take into acount getting uptiered into 9 or 10...
  9. No it wasnt ;) So im just insanly unlucky and the dublicate desing was poorly done... ok
  10. Are they sure they didnt forget to put in the T8 ship mission? I got the Bretagne from the regular crates early on. Then I bought 50 containers to test this out: Basicly if you get a mission it will replace the flag slot by a safe with 500 Doubloons and a mission. If you already have/had the mission you get only the gold. After 3-4 containers I got the first safe and it had the lyon mission. A few later I got a safe with only doubloons so it was a dublicate. Next safe was Normandie Then I opened the remaining and got a TOTAL of 15-16 times only doubloons (so dublicates) but no Richelieu... assuming the chances for each of the missions is 1/4 per safe that is VERY VERY unlikely. By this point I wouldnt be surprised if they just forgot to activate the Richelieu mission... Gotta say im pretty dissapointed. At least could have made it like with the premiums (or camos) in the last few container events, that if you get a dublicate it tries a non dublicate first.
  11. For the Expert Marksman it depends. its a fixed value in degrees faster. That means depending on the original value of turret traverse the percentage of increase can greatly change. For exsample: Really slow BB turret traverse would be 60 seconds for a 180° traverse. That would be 3° per second originaly. Since its large caliber usualy you would gain 0.7° per second or with this captain (and Steven) 1° per second. So for regular EM that would equal a rotation speed increase of 23.33333(etc) percent and with the better EM thats 33.333etc percent speed increase. In port that would be shown as 180° time of 48.7 and 45 seconds. The same skill used on a much more comfortable BB turret traverse of lets say 30 second for 180° (granted thats rare on most BBs) is a different story. Originaly you would start out at 6°/second and EM would give you +0.7°/second or with special captain +1°/second. You can easily see, how thats only half the relative increase of rotation speed in % (that is 11.6666etc % and 16.666etc%) For DDs the same is obviously true although in some cases it might be even more extreme. There are some DDs with really slow traverse in the realm of 20-30s. Since the EM for small guns is 2.5 or 3° /s increase thats even more noticeable (up to around 50% relative increase). Adrenaline Rush is a bit different since its a % value bonus to begin with. Your DPM will increase by that value no matter what it is/was before. No more, no less. However for reload times that means obviously, that it depends what value you had before. 10s reload increased by a 10% dpm buff (or 10% decrease in reload) will be reduced TO 9 seconds or reduced BY 1 second. That obviously depends on your damage level. Exsample: Lets say you have a 30s BB reload time and are at exactly half Health and have AR. Now AR gives 0.2% per 1% lost HP which means since you lost 50% of your HP you gain 10% reloadspeed/DPM. In our case, that would reduce your reload by 3 seconds from 30 to 27 seconds. The "better" AR is 0.25% per 1% lost HP so in our case we would gain 12.5% reloadspeed/DPM and therefor end up at 26.25 seconds reload (reduction by 3,75 seconds). Or in other words the improved AR is 1.25 times (or 25%) better then the regular AR. Since its percentage based bonus the % bonus stays the same on all reload speeds. But if your original value was 15 seconds not 30 obviously your reloadspeed would be only reduced by half the value in seconds (but same in %).
  12. shhh, it top serect

    Im fairly sure, that if night reduces visibility, radar will still just work fine (like it historicaly totaly countered or even topped the IJN night training and equipment...)
  13. No combat missions?

    This is probably the first time since I started playing the game that I had nothing "to work on" for 1-2 weeks now ;) No ranked (clanwars times are just a nightmare for me), campaigns, colletions, scenarios, tech trees or missions to work on anymore... (sure I could work on the top level emblems but tbh I think those damage ones just encourages bad playstyle). Well im sure the french collection, hopefully some french BBs and maybe 1-2 premiums soon will fix that.
  14. HMS Furious would be hilarious with its 457mm guns on whats basicly a tier 6 hull with CL armor levels... Unfortunatly with just 2 main guns it wouldnt be really playable