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  1. RighteousFury42

    CVs unplayable now

    Is that average damage over 100 games emblems thing still doable these days? I tried to but it just ruined my average...
  2. RighteousFury42

    Exeter mission--really?

    I have a bit of an issue with the shells really. Ballistics are fine but for 203s they dont really feel that good. Hardly ever managed to citadel flat broadside softies like Omahas etc, something neither Furu, Kirov and Co nor the Omaha itself has any issues with. HE doesnt feel very strong either compared to lets say Furutakas HE again. Yeah I get the DPM nerf but theoretical DPM isnt everything. Also wide or single torps again? Really? Whyyyyy?
  3. RighteousFury42

    I get Rammed and I get penalized?

    Plus its fairly easy to cut a fat Kurfürst in a DD or so and "get rammed" by him. Not really anything a behemoth like that can do then to not hit you... EDIT: when it comes to torps though... I get it, that ppl think the others should watch out etc. But as in real life when it comes to crossing someones firing line, its ultimatly the shooters/torpers responsibility to not pull the trigger when there is even a chance to hit a friendly. As a rule of thumb in this game, dont fire torps from second line (ie if there is basicly even the physical possibility of someone catching them. The torp warning is still inaccurate enough to not always pay attention to it and sometimes you are just busy dodging crap, trying to stay alive or what not.
  4. RighteousFury42

    OMG...What a game.....Op Narai...

    I dont think I have ever managed to even win the altered Narai with a random team in like 20 attemps. Only with a full 7 man clan team. I have even seen ppl ramming one of the transport ships (the enemy ones) cos who knows why.
  5. RighteousFury42

    How many is your losing streak?

    Yeah I wouldnt mind as much losing a bunch of games (usualy signaled by 2-3 ppl randomly getting sunk in the first 3 or so minutes without any reason or tradeoff) as long as they are good games anyways, IF it wasnt for all those tasks, missions, directives, etc that require WINS and WINS only. Or base XP which suffers hugely from not winning... or 2-3 tricky conditions PLUS winning... EDIT: Oh and those series of losing streaks that happen occasionaly and you cant do anything about it. I can confirm that the last about 8-9 days myself and many many others ~55% and above WR players have noticed really unfavorable MM. No idea if its just bad luck plus observation bias but if 20+ high skilled players report having sub 45% solo winrate for over a week in average, thats at least noteworthy.
  6. RighteousFury42

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    Im not sure I can agree even with mehbote... for me its even worse. For me the guns dont even feel accurate, do about 1k average per hit over the course of a battle and the ship cant take any damage even angled. Now you would say "well maybe you just suck" and yeah maybe I play her wrong. But I think im fairly experianced with BBs these days. So for some stats: I own all T8 premium BBs and I did a quick comparison after testing vanguard (note that I got all those pretty early after their release aside from Tirp that I pld mostly when I still sucked) with the WG player stats: Name / Average XP / Average Damage / Average sunk / MB hitrate % / Comments Tirpitz / 1644 / 60331 / 1.14 / 27% / as said I pld her mostly when I was newish. Still a decent bote Alabama / 1783 / 79951 / 1.27 / 30% / decent ship but I never really got warm with her (prefere NC and Mass) Kii / 1785 / 72105 / 1.35 / 29% / not my proudest accuracy stats ;) Gascogne / 1789 / 89843 / 1.12 / 38% / now thats how 8 barrels only accuracy should look like! Roma / 2116 / 90318 / 1.50 / 37% / now we are talking! Massachusetts / 1968 / 99897 / 1.42 / 32% / yes I know shes acctualy less accurate then bama and Kii... Vanguard / 1461 / 41176 / 0.40 / 29% / yeah well... wth is this? Am I stupid or is she just bad? Warspite / 1299 / 46918 / 1.43 / 27% / just for comparison... pld mostly even be4 tirp and when I sucked even more... Now the N is pretty small on vanguard so far and maybe I was just mega unlucky. But with her performance so far I cant say im motivated to play her much more... heck even on dreadnough I have close to 40k average and 34% accuracy
  7. RighteousFury42

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    Not to mention that sextuple turrets would look insane :D On the question of beeing able to handle the Mark 8 super heavy AP shells: Hard to say really. The barrel itself obviously has the right diameter but the issues start with the chamber and the handling equipment. If the chamber is too small you cant use large enough charges (not to mention locking etc) so that big fat shell wouldnt fly exactly far and fast ([edited] ballistics). This kind of stuff could have been modernized (as actualy happened with the colorados). If the handling equipment cant handle the shell, you cant load the guns... also not optimal ;) This could also be modernized WW2 era style but its also a matter of avaiable space. Some sources claim that the colorados didnt had said nessesary space so they didnt actualy got stronger/larger handling stuff because of the avaiable turret space (replacing turrets is an entirely different beast). As a result the Colorados couldnt use Mark 8s but instead Mark 5 (heavier but not super heavy) shells. Plus later some hard capped ones. North Cals and the actualy build South Dakota class (despite having "nerfed down" guns with only 45 calibers length) could use them and ofc the Iowas (and Montanas). However the Iowa class guns were basicly designed around the guns planned for the earlier (never build) South Dakota class which was essentialy the eventual result of the maximum BB studies (when NC class was designed they had to reduce the guns/turrets for weight/size budged). So it could be possible that the maximum bb designs would have had the nessesary space and equipment (or at least could have been upgraded to it) to handle those glorious minivan style Mark 8 shells.
  8. RighteousFury42

    Worthless Coupons

    Give me a 30% off coupon 2 days after I bought Jean Bart. My luck as usual... and I doubt I get another new premium to buy within those 3 days :(
  9. RighteousFury42

    ABC campaign

    Germany is a bit more tricky really. Most higher admirals were either incompetent, unlucky, didnt do much aside from politics or were at the very least of questionable ethics. Those that did achieve something either later fell in the politics trap or were not very high ranked. Only possible candidate I see is Hipper really.
  10. RighteousFury42

    Thank You WG For My 30% Off Jean Bart!

    While I appreciate this idea (basicly ingame bday) and a 30% coupon, im one of those collectors that basicly cant use the coupon for anything right now. And its only valid 3 days... I totaly would have used it for Jean Bart if I didnt get it 2 days ago already... Yeah I know its a free gift etc but still feels a bit like beeing "punished" (I know that word might sound too hard but you guys get the idea) for beeing a good cash cow lol ;) Its not even the only time like that. If you have most or all "buyable" and happen to be lucky enough to pull a supercontainer with a ship (thats like winning lotto) you get a dublicate even though WG said dublicates will be changed to one you dont have yet and theres still ships I dont own (just not buyable ones...). Ah well complaining at a high level ;) EDIT: 9999 battles, nice!
  11. RighteousFury42

    Anchors Aweigh Wednesday - Marine Nationale Jean Bart

    Can we get some statement on Bourgogne and Alaska? I saved up to 2M free XP... Now with this (and Salem) only for coal (aside from real cash for JB) and (some others plus) Stalin only for steel (and beeing much more expensive then a linear price increase of steal ships would indicate even compared to coal ship prices) I sincerly hope you guys dont forget the Free XP faction.
  12. RighteousFury42

    A reddit post is NOT good enough WG!

    Uh in game it just says season has ended and nothing on forums or homepage. Didnt knew I had to look on Reddit... We had operations set up with our clan so we get ppl together for NA and EU today and tomorrow. I only had the chance to play odd timezones on weekends. So basicly, since last WE was also canceled, none so far.
  13. RighteousFury42

    In simple words: how do you 5-star Terror Subs?

    By far the most easy Halloween op so far: Just dont die and torp the ships first with freeze then with regular torps. Stay in first dive mode (periscope depth) mostly as you wont take damage if you run out of air but just emergency surface. Also hard to spot/hit etc. The only real "tricky" part is to spot all catapults and ballistas and the castle before rasputin dies. The guns actualy do seem to change places but there is always 1-2 on one of the further islands left and right path and 1-2 on the islands behind the castle. A surfaced sub has a much better spotting range so just surface a bit here and there to spot. You need to get within about 8 or so km of the castle crosshair symbol to find it. EDIT: As for subs and captains. Not much on the build side here as you cant customize the subs in any way (aside from premium damage control. Might wanna use that just in case). All Subs work, but Gerfalcons torp layout kinda sux and Zipper Sub isnt exactly heavily armed to begin with. Barracuda and Seelöwe have the most reliable torp firepower. Havent gotten the Killerwhale yet. You got 19 captain pts but those are also kinda unneeded as many skills dont effect subs (CE doesnt work on em for exsample). I took: Priority Target (doesnt really matter though) Preventive Maintenance (less engine etc fails always good) Adrenaline Rush (take damage shoot faster, why not) Last Stand (well you wanna keep going) Survivability Expert (especially on the small botes that makes a huge difference since they are T7) Torpedo Armament Expert (well more fish always good) So you are left with around 7 pts The rest is kinda useless really. All 4th row skills are either not working on subs or useless (fire prevention and BoS or so are kinda pointless if you only burn for a few secs and hardly ever get hit with HE). CE doesnt work. there is no planes etc etc. Radio Location is pointless... Torpedo acceleration is probably even harmfull (your freeze torps are already fast enough and 8km isnt a lot of range anyways). Might wanna spec into AFT and BFT for Barracuda since its secondaries are actualy pretty decent (can kill dds, dont bother with the catapults or ballistas). Manual Secondaries might work but is less valueable since the Barracudas guns are already very accurate aparently. High Alert maybe too? But I never needed a dam con that fast again anyways anymore.
  14. RighteousFury42

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    None of the 10 extra codes works. Probably limited numbers or time due to live stream thing.
  15. RighteousFury42

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    For me it just says invalid wargaming code format...