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  1. Considering this was a sneaky little mini event that many probably missed, I think the rewards are fine. The hole hunt was really entertaining. I for my part thought way to complexe at some points. When they stated fire was the key I immediately remembered Lord of the Rings and tried the latin "ignis" since its also mentioned in the fluff text all the time ;)
  2. I think this one is easier to complete at all then the first one, but harder to 5 star. Which is fine imo. Needs a good team to pull of 5 stars. Some general pointers: First tower is almost (If at all) not saveable. Dont really waste efford on it. An enemy division will literaly spawn right next to it outside of the filth (they also dont count for the 30 ships in filth opjective afaik). It helps greatly at this point to have every ships dead that spawned in the filth before this team spawns (I think it was 18 ships on the counter). Let them have the tower fast, so the chances are much better rasputin then spawns OUTSIDE of the filth making it 20 times easier to kill him. Either have a BB right there to insta kill ram him (with shield and ram flags obviously) or throw everything the team has on rasputin (and its 2-3 escorts as they have AA and rasputin really doesnt). Stack fires until he cant put em out then stack more and floodings with the CV. If you had 18 kills before the 1st tower event you SHOULD normaly have enough time to get him down before the next wave goes for tower 2. Also with tower 1 dead earlier you have more time to get the 30 kills (Its actualy tricky to get that if you hold tower 1 too long...) At this point beat everything down that comes near tower 2. Especially a few vargs like to sneak further southeast. Have your bbs tank in front of the tower and on its flanks. If they farmed enough damage to expand their heal aura proper (100k each should do) they can all heal each other (and for having more inside the aura also healing more...) for insane unkillability. At this point CV needs to kill enemy BBs fast and a cruiser should handle the few remaining upfront DDs/CLs (put on inversion charge for insane DPM even if you dont have to heal. You can kill a Scarab within 5 seconds or so with AP since they LOVE to show broadside...). The biggest issue for 5 stars is the great Gorgon. CV has insane ammo count on the fighters so unless AA gets them he can strafe forever. (I think fully upgraded you have almost 3.5 times the ammo of normal Lexington fighters who can already strafe for days...). If you kept your dpm up (aka all ships alive) you should be around 4-5 mins remaining now and at about 22-25 or so filth ship kills. At that point 2 ships should be going right for the gorgon (either a BB and a CL or 2 CLs or so but remember you need at least a BB tanking for tower 2 and a CL for anti cruiser/DD work there). Take out all CLs/DDs on your way in when you get broadsides on them. DONT bother CVing the enemy CV. Its AA is INSANE! At this point you need your cruisers to rotate radar to see all enemies in filth (2 cruisers can have radar on all the time with jack of all trades/premium radar/flag). Stack those fires on the gorgon and then volley away. Inversion charges just for dpm at this point. It has 250k hp, heals at insane rates (inside the filth, but you wont get it outside before losing tower 2... and thus 5 stars). Then try to ram it with the bb if its shut down (during the last 4 mins carrier should spam eclipse all the time and heal on demand, hopefully with 200k damage done so it does at least some heal) and or stack flooding on top of 4 fires on it. Dont bother going for citadels. I think it doesnt even have one or its insanely armored... without floodings it takes quite a while to punch that sucker down. Just for exsample our BB missed the ram and I didnt got close enough for cruiser torps... took us about 800k damage to kill it with fires and gunfire since it healed so fast. The rest of the team should be able to punch down the remaining 4-5 ships and save tower 2 then. They need to focus on that and hope the other 2 get the gorgon (aside from one CL spamming radar). Its not easy and you might need a bit luck on the exact spawn position of rasputin (sometimes it spawns on the filth side of tower 1 sometimes the sides, sometimes behind). But its doable with a solid team. Most of us are only solid players, not unicum or so. What you really need is a plan and proper coms and coordination. And the right builds and ships that is. I think DDs are almost (if at all) not worth it.Everyone needs superintendant and jack of all trades (and the consumeable reload flag). Also have secondary buffs on the BBs and maybe even the main gun range module. Concealment is useless (aside from the dd). Go for 2 rudder modules on the CL to make it less of a brick and ofc IFHE. And then everything that increases DPM. That includes planing your "kite" move patterns to not waste much time with the guns not aligned or in range of enemies. Hope that helps :)
  3. I seem to be a bit more unlucky then most here: 12 x XP 5 x Premium 1 x Doubloons (250...) yeah well...
  4. I didnt recieve any missions :( despite signing up with player name and correct email :( So its a fire key hm? What about that "Ignis a dis" phrase?
  5. I repeat my question: Can we get at least some hints or pointers/directions for these: Unknown Unknown. Unknown Unknown. Crash Tester Unknown. Thank you!
  6. I see how the bis requirement got misstranslated now lol. "Earn damage of your HP"? But yeah looks like we were right about that dreadnought basicly. And I was also right about the french beeing actualy higher 35/15k (as Syndicated already confirmed).
  7. SC for GK just showed up (plus a bday container as bonus).
  8. I got the SC and an event container as bonus too
  9. Did you play 2 (with t1-9) after wacko posted its fixed?
  10. around 60k but i had 3 big fires on high tier bbs so i was probably a bit over the required fire damage already (At least one stuck for full duration).
  11. GK didnt work for me (it also didnt show a new popup window like it did with the others before)
  12. - Special flags (per 1000 games) worked fine now - Großer Kurfürst Supercontainer did not work - Sims base bundle link still shows page not found (and its not under specials). Someone also reported having pricing issues with it. - Well theres still the issue with "elite" XP conversation that was/is misleading ppl (and the fact that all other servers have "the other" xp conversation) - Same for T8 premium ships discounts (again in comparison to other servers) but the later two are probably not your department.
  13. got the flags now, testing GK SC now
  14. Pretty sure you DO NOT need a kill for baguette: Considering most other damage done related achievements are 50k total damage, I would just guess the 30k gun and 15k fire damage is just a bit too low (total of 45k) so maybe its 35k and 15k or so? Im fairly sure the same holds true for the IJN alt line DD one (you need more then the 15k gun damage I think). Yeah I know its been "data mined" on chinese server or so but maybe the tweaked some of the requirements for their server or on the others or later changed some values.
  15. EU has it too right now...