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  1. She used to be be pretty bad, much slower rate of fire combined with awful range, and a massive detection range. She's had a series of buff, the last being extending the gun range inline with her detection, she's very solid now - especially if you play her more like a cruiser.
  2. First game after I installed the patch, took out the Hindenberg. Job done.
  3. The NAVY knew it though, the only reason they saw service was because they needed everything that floated for WWII. It didn't take long for Alaska's to find there way to the breakers yards. A cruiser with the size and operating cost of of battleship made no sense.
  4. The ship was complete folly - especially since the major allied navies still had there Battleships in service at the time. There's a reason Stalingrad ended up as a target barge.
  5. I honestly think she'll need it, with the size it is it's going to take a truck tonne of damage. The Alaska's are compact in comparison.
  6. It's also at least 3 seasons off, and we've no idea if there's going to be a tech tree equivalent or something very similar like USS Alaska. The self entitlement of some people is just staggering.
  7. And she probably won't be able to deal with the sheer HE DPM of the other T10 cruisers, Hindenburg in particular will demolish the Stalingrad.
  8. Oh god, and then there's the Donny, I once had to do a 10 point turn because I got myself wedged in-between some islands on shatter.
  9. HE mainly, Hindys 50mm HE Pen will just have a field day with this BB sized monstrosity. I think your correct on the armour as well, combined with just how big the ships is, we probably won't see many over pens and I can see the 50mm actually working like a shot trap for AP when broadside. She's be monster tanky when angled, but take absolutely punishing salvo's when broadside from both cruisers and battleships. I see the 16 gun T10 BBs being able to just delete her outright even at range. Especially since she'll have machine spaces similar to the Moskva and thus a high citidel.
  10. Hindy doesn't care about your 50mm plating. But yes if they keep the 50mm plating all over the ship will be practically invulnerable to most sources of damage, which is why I'm picking an armour scheme closer to the Moskva rather than what was planned.
  11. Yup, I suspect we can directly only impact about 10-20% of our games. Say there's a healthy New Orleans alive on one side and a healthy Montana on the other. The NO has a points lead, there's 2 minutes left on the clock, the Monty is starting to cap mid, but there should be enough time left to still win on points. Do you; a) Charge the Monty get triple citidel dev stiked through the nose and throw the game. b) Hide and run down the clock for a win. I've seen both these scenario play out in one way or another, and on occasion, I've been the idiot doing the charging, let face it, option A is more fun.
  12. WG has stated AA doens't affect spotting while in smoke, no idea about secondariness. I guess someone can jump on the PT and check it out.
  13. Something tells me this brag is premature, I'll be sure to check back when you've played more than 100 battles in destroyers.
  14. The absolute best players seem to be able to maintain around a 65% WR solo in random, which would suggest that 85% of our games are basically preordained. So out of 100 matches, 42 guaranteed wins, 42 guaranteed losses, and it's the other 16 we can potentially make or break. Which is why it's not worth getting all worked up about the weekends. My recent WTR is also fancy purple now, but only a week ago it's was very yellow and orange, If you're good enough everything works out in your favour in the long run, if you're not good enough, isn't having fun what it's really about. EDIT: Spelling & Grammar.
  15. They absolutely like it, it's yet another way to seed variability into matches, in the same way they use cyclones and detonations. And the same reason we don't have skill based MM, and MM is also really loose with team balance i.e all RADAR on one side. Otherwise you start getting matches just playing out in very similar ways, much like you see in truly balanced games like chess and checkers. For the average player, who just wan't to have fun, this gets boring quickly - it's the average players that make up the vast player population. Just look at competitive games in comparison, where you do see fairly balanced sides. I can't see many casual and weekend players finding that fun and engaging. I don't think the average player cares if they're CV is good or not, they don't even really care if they win or not, they just want to have fun playing. If you cater for the hardcore WR focused players you can alienate the larger portion of the player base. This game doesn't have a big enough appeal for that, we need to be careful what we wish for.