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  1. Plays 1 game in the T2, calls for sweeping nerfs to the entire line. Can't fault your logic OP....
  2. Gadjah Mada very OP?

    And 2 extra barrels over the Gallant.
  3. I couldn't be bothered paying yet another Gveny AGAIN, so went straight to the Gadja Mada. That ship is a keeper, I think I'll just hang with her for a while. She's giving's me wet dreams for the RN DDs when the N Class and Tribals arrive.
  4. Sims/Atlanta buff idea.

    The Sims seems to be doing alright recently, the Mahan on the other hand...
  5. Absolutely, even if they had been decisive at the Pearl, the Coral Sea or Midway, it would have just delaying the inevitable. The USN could replace thier losses, and quickly. The IJN couldn't really afford to even lose destroyers, let alone capital ships. Oddly enough, it was the IJN that thought they could pull of an invasion of Northern Australia, the Army was dead set against it from the initial proposals. Which really doe's highlight the IJNs tendency for both overconfidence in their own capabilities, and underestimating their adversaries.
  6. I decisive sea battle early would have bought Japan another 12-18 months before the US just smothered her under the weight of industrial output. They also may have lulled into doing something really stupid like invade Northern Australia, or the Hawaiian islands, which would never have worked out well for them
  7. That was my line pick as well, now I believe we'll see Strasbourg as a T7 premium.
  8. *is a happy kitsune*

  9. That just mean he had a [edited] smoke position, you could have nuked him with torps at that range anyway before the changes - it was always easy to send towards the stream of fire. You just can't smoke unless you've accounted for the opposing DDs, or at least other friendly ships out in front of you or the most likely direction. That's always been the case, and it hasn't really changed.
  10. I would agree, at mid tier it's probably easiest in a DD. Should be definitely doable in a Gremy or one of the Kamikaze sisters if your lucky enough to own one, I've had some monster games in those ships, my last time out in the Kamikaze R was a 2000+ game. It will be a struggle for the average player without any T8+ ships though.
  11. Currently the cooldown is 60 seconds for cruisers and 40 for DDs, with a 5 second duration, and for cruisers without a heal that's unrecoverable damage. Fire's last for 60 seconds, you can set full duration fires on cruisers if your watching for damage control usage. Lets say a KGV that see's you take a torp and then you've got 2 permanent fires burning for 60 seconds, that's a third of you health gone, and that's if no one else gets another fire burning. It also afford far more aggressive damage control usage on a lot of situation. Say you get fires set on you by a CV, and there's torp bombers inbound say 20 seconds out, you can now safely hit damage con, known that if they hit a torp you may only have 10 or so seconds of flooding to deal with instead.
  12. Yeah, I don't actually feel this is a buff - it should be fairly neutral for the high tier cruisers, or any cruiser with a heal really. You can largely already ignore fire damage, unless a really specific situation like you outlined above, and I don't think this will change it. It will have far more impact of fire-starting DDs and mid tier cruisers though. Though my initial reaction is positive, has a don't think cruisers vs cruiser shouldn't be dependant on how many fires RNG starts for you, and it should be a net benefit for the mid tier cruisers. It's probably a net benefit to torp DDs (Though it's only an extra 10 seconds) and a nerf DD HE spammers like the Mahan, Sims, and Akizuki but only when facing cruisers, fires rarely affect the outcome of DD duels unless they're overly zealous on damage control before breaking detection get re-lit and burn down after retreating to stealth.
  13. Cruisers with heals yes, mid low and mid tear cruisers fire can be a really big issue.
  14. I don't know why people complain about something that's available to everyone. I personally play nothing but solo, but I'm not going to get upset by facing a -K-, OPG, SOUR or Salty div. I'd rather face a super unicum div than have a triple potato plate on my side. I'm much more able to to do well against a good division than carry triple map humping Bismarck.
  15. I've taken super unicum divs down solo, usually by deliberately bushwhacking there smoke maker early, and then actively harassing there flank. But you have to be good enough to know how to counter there tactics, which was typical gearing smoke cheese. Currently they're busy trying to adapt to the smoke changes, so I've seen a couple of clans that we're overly reliant to smoking, struggle a bit over the weekend. They'll adapt and overcome, that is what made them good players in the first place. I'm already seeing a lot more active pressure, manoeuvrer focused and flanking gameplay. I honestly feel now the smoke crutch cover has been removed they're going to come back stronger overall with much better tactics.