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  1. The AP seem to be right in a sweet spot where it's enough pen against belt armour, and not to much for overpens. The Guilo's AP is just right, not to hot, not to cold. You get some massive salvo's in that ship.
  2. I still play T3-5 on occasion, there's not all that much seal clubbing going on (And most of those are in CVs) and the general standard of play is what you'd expect from the new players and casuals are numerous at those tiers. Even at T6-7 I wouldn't consider the level of skill required to be probative to new players. And it's nothing like trying to get into a established competitive shooter like Overwatch or Rainbow Six, the pace of WoWs is much more forgiving.
  3. I'm happy with her, the guns can troll you, but I still think she's a lot of fun. I do have an initial impression that I just can't make the impact I could in the Tirpitz or Alabama, but I'd rather see how things shape out over time.
  4. The only correlation I've ever been able to observe is that the majority of people complaining about rigged MM have bellow average win rates, are terrible at the game, and will find any excuse to blame something other than them selves for the poor outcome of there games. That's totally a fact, It is known to be true, I don't have to prove or objectively demonstrate it. And if you don't accept it you're incapable of understanding
  5. Your assumptions are incorrect. And you don't understand what is causing the distribution in the first place. Statistical distributions don't exist just because or randomness. Statistical distribution are based on ACTUAL VARIANCE over a dataset in this case WR over the WoWS player base. If you took actually did you experiment and the bots all had the same code and behaviour the law a large numbers world over a large enough sample size bring them all to 50% WR, it's not that much difference than running a coin toss simulation. Player skill in any competitive gaming has an actually variance in skill, some people a worse and some are better. Without the variance there would be no distribution, it's that variance that creates the distribution.
  6. I actually really like the idea of multiple AP types. I did end up picking up the ROMA I don't mind the dispersion, it's not actually that much worse than the Germans, and I've always been able to live with that. But those overpens! Shooting cruisers and DDs is an exercise in pure frustration. Even shooting the all or nothing battleships (North Carolina, Monarch etc) is frustrating, the only time your getting decent salvo's is against the Germans or RNG makes all the shell magically converge on the belt. Whether she needs buffs or nerfs, I can't say. I've not played enough game to form and opinion. But I do like the OPs ideas, the HE is utter garbage and the AP is often frustrating to an extreme level (Though alternatively maybe fuse times or fusing threshold could also elevate these issues.
  7. Ship WR's are only relevant when weighted against the WRs of the players using them, we don't have access to those, only WG internally. Early WR or newly released ships, especially premiums tend to be skewed higher because of the user base. It's just too early to tell she compares to the other T8 battleship statistically, only Wargaming will have that data currently. I wouldn't be jumping to any conclusions on whether she needs buff or nerf at least for another month with publicly available information.
  8. A month ago I wouldn't have agreed with you, but I've been thinking about this recently, and I must say I've come around. The Gascogne and the France are much better fits for the tech tree, that all guns forward, I get let the Alsace off because of her of the rear turret. It comes this, all all guns forward encourage static bow in play - but these are all or nothing fast battleships, this will be the last thing your going to want to do with them - they all about firepower on the move, and they NEED to be able to kite and reposition. I think people are going to struggle with the Richelieu much like they struggle with the Dunkerque , playing a static game in these ships is going to make you food for cruiser HE.
  9. There's still a bit of a bias for Alpha and DPM in the community, and I think it doe's leak through to some of WGs balancing choices via the supertesters, CC and general player base and I think this is a bad thing. Practical DPM is what we should be looking at, but that's far more complicated. I combinations of gun handling, firing angles, range, penetration, accuracy, number of barrels, shell damage and fire chance. Then you have the added complexity of survival and utility on top of that. Eight barrels with a better dispersion and shot fall patterns can lead to the same practical DPM and various mid and long ranges as 12 guns. An eight gun Battleship can work at any tier (Hell even a six gun BB can work) and I think they need to step back and take a look at the what made the Warspite successful and revisit those lessons. This is especially perpetrate with the impending Gascogne and France they seem to be struggling with them but I think we already have the answers to make them work.
  10. Roma needs BUFF

    I don't have the Roma, but that's sort of what you get with the Germans as well, I find that's often more frustrating than the dispersion itself. Maybe they can adjust the fuse timings.
  11. I put AR on everything. Personally I think AR and BFT need to be swapped in the skill tree. AR is strong enough it should really be a 3 points skill.
  12. Your Top 10 Damage Amount

    Hidenburg 238,076 Yeuyang 235,872 Yamato 214,290 Conqueror 212,673 Groser Kurfurst 212,598 Minotaur 212,552 Zao 206,814 Montana 205,970 North Carolina 189,041 Edinburgh 185,731
  13. Kraken Club

    I was thinking the same thing, looks like I've never got more the 6 kills ever though - obviously I'm not kill securing enough.
  14. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    As a exclusively sole player this is starting to really grate on me, 4-5 ships just evaporated on your side within 4-5 minutes. Which makes for some massive damage games with multiple kills, and more Krakens, High Caliber and Confederates in the last week than I think I've earned in the last 6 months, I'm talking 2-3 High Caliber daily. All while struggling to maintain a 50% WR - this may actually make me to join a clan and division - because it looks like the only way around it is to bring some competent backup.