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  1. And yes, had to look up how to spell Des Moines on the wiki. Great name USN. I've refused to go down (or up?) the USN tech tree, mostly because the NA server has enough 'murica already (swore an oath the the queen, should at least represent). But space battles gave me the Galaxy (aka Des Moines lite) and I'm hooked. Its the ROF on the 203's, now I need my daily fix. Damn you weegee :p So I'm asking for advice, from all those who have ground the USN CC's, even pre split. I've played 3 games in the Pensacola so far, that's the extent of my US heavy cruiser experience. Looking for tips/tricks/stories/builds. Thanks in advance.
  2. TheCmay

    just remove t8 CV from the game

    I have never quit a game early prior to this update, except when my pager has summoned me to a fire call, and now as of yesterday I've quit 2 games because being a t8 in at t10 or a a t6 in a t8 game is a total waste of my time.
  3. TheCmay

    This is Why I Play WOWS

    good run, congrats. im surprised you've kept the lower tier ships, youmust enjoy the playstyle alot!
  4. I'm on call more often than not playing WOWS, as a firefighter I've got to drop everything, even the best match I've ever played. Sometimes life happens, I hate AFK as much as anyone but its good to be empathetic especially in such a small community.
  5. Update: hit 40 games, looks like i did it! It is indeed the record!
  6. Both teams did very well, was a nail biting game. Had their CV not come into B near the end its very likely we would have lost.
  7. Alot came from the Musashi and the Montana, who I was trying to burn down to the keel. Ive gotta hand it to them, they were smart and didn't damage control instantly.
  8. Ah guess I better keep at it, thank you sir
  9. That is a damn shame, we very nearly lost this one too, the enemy carrier decided he was hungry for torpedoes and went to B in the last 5 min
  10. Already sent to the salt mines head office
  11. Its most definitely my damage record, but can't seem to find a concise answer as to whether its 'the' damage record for the Ibuki. In any event, still shaking from the battle and quite pleased with myself.
  12. TheCmay

    Positive Karma is a point of pride

    Exactly my thoughts scout. I give the benefit of the doubt, best policy.
  13. Have browsed the RN Cruiser section of the forums and haven't found anything relating to the Neptune being, lets say, a bit long in the tooth. By that I mean great guns mounted in bad turrets on an awful ship made of glass and happiness. I'm thinking in just too aggressive and/or don't know how to Neptune. Loved the Edinburgh, adore the Fiji, and am leery of the Minotaur now... Update: have finished grinding the Nep, didn't spent a single free exp point on her, as an experiment. Here's my findings: 1) Neptune is the black sheep of the RN CL line. As I said, great guns mounted in decent turrets on a (arguably) terrible hull. She handles like a oil tanker, and reacts to AP in similar fashion. But she will teach you to be cautious, which is very important for high tier light cruiser play. A painful, but necessary lesson. 2) Minotaur is worth every moment spent struggling with the Neptune. Full stop. Agile, quick and responsive, all the strengths of her predecessor with only one of her weaknesses: Next to no armour. Speed is your armour and agility your angling. That being said, the Neptune's lessons are applicable to Mino play, so I would recommend sticking with it and not FXPing past the Nep. 3) She grows on you. Or maybe that's the Stockholm syndrome talking... 4) Speaking of stock, the only upgrade worth the ship XP is the B Hull. Torpedo's get a tiny damage boost, unnoticeable in my experience. And the Fire Control System can and will work against you; with the high shell arcs and slow shell speed, your reach very much exceeds your grasp. The stock ship with the B hull is about as close to optimal as there is. 5) Nep lives and dies by her smoke (and alot of the time in her smoke). A radar build is not advisable, and makes everybody sad, you included. Take the smoke, build your captain around it; one of the Dunkirk brothers will work splendidly if they're available to you. 6) Her closest analog is not a British ship at all. Its the Perth. Play style-wise, both have the same procedure: Find a spot, with line of site to some targets and an escape route (preferably two), pop smoke, start shooting, fire up the hydro after a few salvos, and keep moving. Nep reacts to torpedo's about as will as AP shells. If your struggling with the Neptune and have the Perth, its worth learning to do well down at tier 6. Less expensive that way. In summary, I'm selling my Neptune, but not because she's bad. She's misunderstood, and has the steepest learning curve of any ship I've played. She's not bad, but the Minotaur is better. In every way. Rightfully so, being a tier X. And I need the credits. So goodbye Nep. 8/10 would grind again
  14. TheCmay

    Positive Karma is a point of pride

    I've been steadily earning more karma over 6 weeks, and Ive not got a new shipment since the new year. Perhaps its a 'X%good in Y#of games' system?