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  1. Chat banned for ROFL????

    i'd have reported you too. also, it's not "instant." if you got chat banned that quick, it wasn't the first time you annoyed people one way or another. you can get away with a lot of things without people bothering to report you. chat spam isn't one of them.
  2. Rise of the Lemming....

    yep, it's still summer. potatoes of all ages are going strong. the thing to remember is that they're usually on both teams, not just yours.
  3. Wargaming what I want is very simple....

    as annoying as it is, you can still get rid of it. the one that bothers me the most is the 'events' one. that one is like coolaid on white carpet.
  4. Relatable gifs

    when you ask a teammate to do something for you.. and they do it: when you and a random teammate destroy a superior force to win the game: when that guy who runs off to D alone gets sunk: when he starts complaining in chat about how everyone on the team is potatoes: when he tries to invite you to his clan after the battle: solo capping a base in a USN BB:
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    only if DDs can't use "allied vision" through smoke anymore. just like in a cyclone, right? if you're gonna do it for one, you have to do it for all.
  6. British Torp Changes and an Emerald Buff!!!

    i was getting all excited for the British DDs too. why do they have to do this to literally every British line? just make them normal, WG.
  7. Division size

    if i had to guess, i'd say it's a UI bug. those happen a lot in this game.
  8. Queen Elizabeth Upgrade Advice

    AA is already pretty good without the AA mod, and the secondaries aren't good enough to buff. i took the turret rotation buff. 1.5 second addition to the reload is a small price to pay for turrets that actually get on target occasionally. i always take rudder shift on the 4th slot for BBs. i always try to stay mobile. the ability to turn is key to survival.
  9. Unfair mechanics

    don't sail broadside. don't overextend. use your WASD keys. they don't have to be 2 tiers higher than you to smash you if you're making bad decisions. they could even be 2 tiers lower and punish you for that. the problem isn't with the tier difference, it's with the experience difference. you're very new to the game.
  10. Irony

    it's summer. the game has turned into potato salad as nearly every online game does every summer.
  11. i was consistently getting 4-5 DDs per side in all my matches last night in tiers 5-8. does that mean there's actually an influx of DDs? is it the end of BB play as we know it? there are always going to be temporary fluctuations in population numbers. the game is always changing between the ship releases, events, etc. they always balance out just in time for something else to change.
  12. Quick temporary fix for BB AP against DDs

    as soon as torps do 1/4 the damage they currently do, sure.
  13. I see why cruisers are so OP now

    i'll try to remember how overpowered they are every time i delete them in a BB.
  14. the last thing we need in operations is the infighting that comes with stats. it's supposed to be a cooperative mode. the lack of stats is for the better.
  15. OP Cherry Blossom dmg bug?

    attacking land targets has never counted towards total damage. been that way as long as land targets have been a thing. not a bug, it's supposed to be that way.