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  1. 5 "But Why?" Questions in WoWS

    i was just wondering about #3 the other day while i was browsing the tech tree. they usually have at least a couple, but right now there's next to nothing at low tiers.
  2. not able to select ship

    sounds like the ghost of the ship you sunk is haunting you.
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    there are only 2 ships in this game (so far) that i don't enjoy. T-22 and the Karl. T-22 because i just don't get along with it. Karl because i still get flashbacks. everything else i've enjoyed playing for the most part. i like testing my flexibility and figuring out what makes each ship tick. i don't know if there is a single line that i've enjoyed more than others. there are probably ships i played a long time ago that i would enjoy a lot more than when i originally played them if i picked them up now.

    it's a good thing that no one can lie on the internet. otherwise i wouldn't be so utterly convinced that you were completely innocent without even seeing any screenshots or replays. clearly you're the victim here. to think the game forces you to sit in a corner because you can't so much as sneeze without blowing up a friendly. must be rough. perhaps you should try a game with less severe consequences for being such a troll victim. i'm sure there are several single player games that won't even get mad if you accidentally kill all your friends.
  5. Correcting the Misinformation

    ".. in random, ranked and scenario battles." it doesn't say there won't be real players in the co-op matches. while i agree this would be preferable, it doesn't say that's what they're doing. we haven't had a definitive answer from the devs about it either. we'll just have to see.
  6. Win Rate Keep Increasing But No Idea Why

    improvement doesn't always equate to better stats. if you're playing for the team and positioning better, you could be influencing the win even without having a personally better performance. it's not always immediately obvious when certain things start to click.
  7. Oh damn, WG Japan... that's a paddlin'

    Master of Orion was released in 2016.
  8. IFHE for US 5”/38 secondaries?

    either way, i don't think it's worth the 4 points in comparison to other skills. i'd rank concealment, AFT, and fire prevention above the off chance that your secondaries hit something. when they do hit something, you're better off hoping for a fire over a penetration.
  9. specials....ranked ships

    next season of ranked battles is part T8 and part T10. WG is using this to promote some of their T8 premiums in hopes that anyone who is on the edge of buying one might be given a little nudge. the 'ranked edition' part means they come with special missions to earn flags and consumables when played in ranked battles. i don't know where you got the idea that 'ranked ships' are the only ones allowed in ranked battles, but you may want to lay off of whatever it is you're on. or at least share.
  10. What people dont realize about this game.

    to be fair, WoT and the initial WoWP served as templates for what works and what doesn't, ultimately resulting in a great game in WoWS. at this point, WoT has been the way it is for so long that it would need a complete overhaul in order to fix some of it's problems like the economy and premium ammo. WoWS has is flaws, but i've never felt outraged at the game itself like i have in WoT. they really did a great job putting this game together.
  11. No More Clear Sky?

    i'm pretty sure part of the change is to prevent players from farming them at low tiers. seal clubbing is bad. mkay?
  12. PSA: Smoke works both ways, destroyers.

    sometimes i smoke in a cap just to draw the enemy torpedoes. i don't sit in the smoke. i wait to the side of the smoke, then chase down the enemy DD that just lost it's heavy ordinance with peace of mind that i don't have to drive overly insane to avoid his torps. (just partially insane) it's a situational tactic, but it always makes me giggle when it works.
  13. if your torps hit an ally, it's always your fault. always. it doesn't matter if they could have avoided them. it doesn't matter if you warned them. it doesn't matter if they turned into them intentionally. unless you're in a division with them and can directly communicate what you're doing, there is no excuse for reckless torps. if you go pink or orange for team damage, it is 100% on you and your decision making.
  14. Teamer intentionally turns into torps.

    your assumption that you can warn someone in order to launch torps behind them is as flawed thinking it's okay to turn in front of oncoming traffic because you used your blinker. it's always your job to make sure your own torps don't cause an accident. it doesn't matter if they could have stopped. they shouldn't have to. they have the right-of-way.
  15. If AFK punishment is going to be a thing....

    that, or they'll get rid of anyone trying to run too high of graphics on a spud, or using a shoddy connection, and the rest of the population will be so happy that they spend more money on a more enjoyable game without people sitting in the spawn for half the match. just playing devil's advocate. i don't really have an opinion on it yet.