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  1. so i looked at OP's player profile, to see if there was any advice i could share to help him with the trouble he seems to be having. and that's all i'm going to say about that...
  2. i have a problem with your story. if you had proof that he teamkilled you on purpose, why didn't you screenshot that? it's clear you know how to screenshot. so why is it that you didn't use it until far later in a completely different post battle results screen? all we have here is your word. no proof. for all we know, you just didn't like that your CV did poorly, and are now making up an elaborate story to try and shame him and/or get him in trouble. and it is for that reason that the 'name and shame' rules are in place. the only thing you accomplish with this post is getting yourself into trouble. if someone does you wrong, gather proof of the wrongdoing. and when you have that proof, you create a support ticket. not a forum post.
  3. that's a thing?
  4. enough to look like it at a first glance, not enough to bring a lawsuit if you look closely.. GG WG. i don't think i can look at that port without laughing now.
  5. OP torpedo bote + straight sailing BBs = high damage game who knew? good game though. i've run into a lot of DD skippers who would have blown that opportunity.
  6. nope. but now it's competing with the Karl of old for the top hopeless ship of all time.
  7. are you saying you quit out of battles that don't start perfectly? because that seems like an extremely short sighted thing to do. not to mention, i'm pretty sure it can get you banned if they know you're doing it intentionally. and you just announced that you do. not only that, but i've seen battles start that way numerous times, and still won. the fact that you're judging the outcome of a match so early is just completely closed minded. there's an entire other team to account for.
  8. if it were up to me, everyone who complained about what they got in a super container would have their reward deducted from their account, and would no longer be allowed to open containers. but i'm also someone who believes we should remove warning labels and let natural selection run it's course. so take that as you may.
  9. ah. i see they're still going for the overcompensation route.
  10. no. here, i'll even say it in Spanish for extra emphasis:
  11. Jackal's job is taking out catapults. load AP, keep it loaded, and target catapults first. Igor is a flame thrower. light a fire, switch targets and light a fire on another one, switch back and light 3 more fires, rinse and repeat. Blade has decent torps, but it's main job is to keep the Transylvania from being seen with it's smoke and stay alive until the end, where it's torps are invaluable at getting floods going on Rasputin. stay away from zikasas and don't get spotted as the nearest one to a catapult.
  12. all premium ships do.
  13. lol it's not a threat for someone to point out the inevitable consequences of the hole you keep digging. more like telling someone that's running out into the street that they're about to get hit by a Mack truck.
  14. it's always interesting to watch someone spiral. they get caught doing something, and suddenly it's like they can't stop digging, as if breaking even more rules will suddenly fix everything. OP, if you happen to actually come back from this, maybe think twice before you post angry. eh? and thoroughly reading the forum rules and TOS wouldn't hurt either.
  15. there's always the turn around and leave them to die option.