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  1. there's a difference between getting into the fight and suicide.
  2. .. nope. still potatoes. backbone of many dishes? filler of many matches. matches consist mostly of potatoes, and it's a contest to see which side has better toppings. think about it. do you ever eat a potato based dish for the taste of the potato? no. it's for the taste of the things you've mixed with the potato. even sweet potatoes are topped with sugar, marshmallows, etc.
  3. i don't believe you about the T6 getting into a T9 match. pics or it didn't happen. it's not possible without a fail division. as for the T7, yes, it's normal. when you're bottom tier you have to play conservative, but it's not impossible. you just can't solo or yolo. think team, not self.
  4. EA doesn't care how many people decide not to buy their games. there will always be a new generation of dimwits yelling "mommy! i wants gaem!! gib! gib!"
  5. either one will make you regret your life choices.
  6. knowing you're not the best is the first step toward improvement. just keep at it and one day you'll look back at how far you've come. practice makes perfect. in the mean time, just have fun. this is a game after all. as long as you're still trying to improve, we can't fault you. and no one is going to blame you for playing your favorite ships. you're definitely doing the right thing by learning the other ship types though. not for diversity, but because it's the best way to learn the game. learn the ins and outs of your opponents, and you'll better know how to beat them.
  7. you've played 238 battles in the Ranger, and you don't know it's loadouts? not only that, you took the time to take screenshots and edit them, but you can't take the time to look at the game to figure it out? when common sense becomes a rare commodity...
  8. only if the torps have a 3km range and 5k max damage.
  9. torpedo reload should be a factor in the beginning of battle. it makes you think, not just avoid caps because there will already be torps on the way. the last thing we need is to eliminate whatever aggressive play we have left.
  10. if you've ever played Russian DDs, they have a fairly similar play style. keep at range, set things on fire, and use your speed to stay out of trouble. good flanking and kiting ships, and very good at chasing down that enemy DD that thinks they got around the back side of your team. T7 and up, don't forget to load your park benches AP if you ever see a broadside cruiser.
  11. last year i had to have played the event over 100 times because it was both fun and rewarding. this year, there's only so many unique rewards that come with it. i don't feel like i'm missing anything after i've gotten the stars because i can get xp and credits in normal battles, and i can have fun doing other things. that's the biggest let down this year for me. there's not even a daily repeatable mission. just a one off. i'm not opposed to them selling the containers. but the fact that they only let us earn 5 (with no other rewards) makes me feel like they let greed get in the way and took a wrong turn with the planning of this event. at least give us a daily camo mission or something. keep us coming back for more, not leave us with a feeling of "this is it?" the mission is great. good fun, good visuals, etc. but the execution is all off.
  12. i wasn't aware that a post needed the possibility of wasting hours of someone else's time and effort in order to be interesting. get a life.
  13. they usually do put a little blurb on the main page. i'm pretty annoyed that they didn't this time. i spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out if it was on my end.
  14. one word: Texas. if NY is so bad, why is Texas performing so well? they're nearly identical clones, but you say NY is terrible. why then is Texas at or near the top of every server's T5 BB list? food for thought. and don't even try to say gun angles. it has one better gun angle, and one that isn't. you still have to show the same angle to get all guns firing. it boils down to the people playing the ship, not the ship itself. you have to look at these things objectively, not statistically. have you even played the NY, or are you just going off of statistics? i can't tell, because you've hid your stats. but feel free to look at my NY stats and continue to tell me that it's a bad ship. the guns? it's one of 2 tech tree ships that have 14" guns (the biggest for T5), and it has 2 more of them, a 1.8 sigma and 18km firing range with the module option to increase it to around 20km. they also hit the hardest of any T5 BB guns, at 10,300 maximum AP damage. yes, they are the best guns of any T5 BB. it has 280mm of belt armor, which is more than enough to bounce 16" shells if angled. i've done so many times. the armor stands up very well to anything it faces as long as you're not giving broadside.
  15. i don't see what it is people have against the NY. it's a great ship. it has the best guns of all T5 BBs, and better range than all but Kongo. really good armor too, you just have to work around the weak spots like the bow. show just enough side to make it look tempting, and bounce any shells it can face. it's one of my favorite ships. if there's any T5 i had to take into a T7 match, it's the NY. NM and CO aren't bad either. definitely not the worst options. they just have different strengths and weaknesses than their peers. the biggest problem i see people having with them is that they try to go off on their own, and you just can't do that in ships that slow. they get focused down and killed early. that's on the driver, not the ship.