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  1. it's a nice sentiment that i do agree with. but it's a bit like asking your next door neighbors for world peace. in theory, yes. but it's not like there's going to be some sort of United Nations meeting of streamers to stop stat shaming. even if there were, they would hold no power over anyone who didn't agree. i'm not saying streamers shouldn't be more conscious of their actions. i'm just a realist who knows that the world doesn't work the way we want it to. people aren't just going to come together and start singing kumbaya over some hurt feels. but a CC might change their tune pretty quick if WG says no more.
  2. it sounds more like he wants restrictions for streamers. of course it's a shame that it happens. i hate it too. but there's not a lot that can be done outside of those in the CC program.
  3. if the streamer is a community contributor, i agree about the stat shaming part. i don't agree about the announcing part. that opens a whole new can of worms. if the streamer isn't a CC they're free to do whatever they want with no repercussions, and that's how it should be. if WG starts trying to control anyone who streams their game, they're not going to have anyone left to stream for them regardless of what it is they're trying to control.
  4. MidnightShamalan

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    you came here to insult people, man. i still have yet to see your helpful or constructive input on the subject. the first thing i did in this thread was provide my opinion. the post you quoted was my second, consisting of me disagreeing with someone else's opinion. you have 3 posts in this thread, and 2 of them are directly insulting me for whatever reason. maybe you should take some of your own advice and grow up a bit.
  5. MidnightShamalan

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    if adults on the internet could act like adults, this thread wouldn't exist. but now that you've had me look at it, all you did was come on here to make some quick jabs and leave. you've added nothing to the discussion yourself. how very adult of you.
  6. MidnightShamalan

    When they say nerf rockets but you're USN CV

    incoming dive bomber nerf.
  7. MidnightShamalan

    All spotting should follow the radar rules

    all forms of spotting? absolutely not. carrier plane spotting? 100%
  8. MidnightShamalan

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    you're right. it does absolutely nothing. they should revert the change immediately and leave DDs visible as soon as the radar button is pushed. might as well do nothing at all if it doesn't give complete immunity.
  9. MidnightShamalan

    The MM should factor CV Captain stats into the lineup.

    CVs having that kind of impact on a game does not call for skill based MM. this is the kind of thing they were trying to get away from with the rework. clearly we need more CV nerfs.
  10. MidnightShamalan

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    one of the biggest complaints with radar is that a ship can sit behind an island out of sight and radar for their team who all immediately shoot the DD. WG has taken a firm stance that radar and hydro will not be losing the ability to see through islands for balance reasons[?] (not my decision, don't get mad at me for it). so they did the next best thing. it's a change to radar. but it's a nerf to the players who hide behind an island and radar without being able to shoot the target themselves. it's a very specific change to try to prevent or at least buffer this kind of passive radar. now the DDs get a window to escape (or begin to) before the rest of the enemy team can see them. you've got it wrong if you think the intention was to nerf radar. the intention was to change the way radar is used.
  11. the problem isn't with the WR of the players they balanced it around, the problem is with the seeming lack of initial balance at all. it's the reason i haven't played randoms since the rework and won't until i start to hear that they might have finally gotten it right. i don't have a problem with the idea that it needed a rework. the RTS system had to go. but the complete lack of foresight with the new system was over the top. how can any developer of a multiplayer game not be looking at every new aspect and asking themselves "how could this be exploited and how can we prevent that?" it feels like they let the interns have the controls while the real devs went on vacation.
  12. MidnightShamalan

    Larger divisions?

    "game XYZ does it" will never be a valid argument. in a game with 12 man teams, a 3 man division is already 25% of the team. 4 man divisions isn't going to happen in randoms.
  13. MidnightShamalan

    Do Bots cheat?

    i've seen a lot of funny things from bots that make me go "really WG?" but i've never seen them fire after being sunk. that could be a latency thing, or maybe your spur of the moment memory is skewing things. the human brain is funny sometimes in that when something unexpected happens, it likes to draw crazy conclusions and change your memory to match. then when you go back and look at a replay, you realize how wrong you were. some torps are really slow, too. maybe it just seemed like it fired the torps after sinking because it took longer than you expected for the torps to reach you. just some alternate viewpoints. devil's advocate and all that.