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  1. it won't help those single shell hit at the start of the match, first damage taken instant detonations (like the one that happened to my Algerie a couple days ago, single cruiser HE shell to the smokestack ) but it would be a decent tool to have in the game to help the common player understand how (most) detonations work. i still think we need massive 'splosions though.
  2. HEY! just because i completed the mission doesn't mean.. yeah. you have a point. to be fair though, it was only 144 ...
  3. there have been a couple times where i was spotted and i thought it was a bit iffy. but i couldn't pin down for sure whether or not it was a bug or just my mind moving at a million miles an hour. if you have proof of it happening, please do share it. maybe we can clear up what went wrong, or if it is a bug and needs to be looked at.
  4. yes, i understood that part. i was talking about the 2-3 times you hit it before the 'mistake'
  5. then you shouldn't have already hit the F key to capture an area that many times. good intentions or not, you don't need to say anything more than once. 2-3 is not acceptable. it's annoying.
  6. i've seen people spamming the commands even with the new system. if you're getting blocked, it's not the system that needs to tone it down.
  7. it's a gunboat. not a torp boat. it doesn't need a torpedo buff. it needs a turret rotation speed buff.
  8. i got 2 weeks of premium time in mine. i was gonna screen it, but as soon as i got it, it jumped me to the 'premium' port and the container was gone. the rewards seem to be random. which surprises me. you would think they would have made sure it was worth the grind. unless the next XP grind comes with a reasonable time frame and a guaranteed decent reward, i know exactly where they can stick it. the only reason i'm not done with the game right now is the fact that i actually seemed to enjoy my time in the Algerie. but enjoying a ship doesn't mean i want to play it every waking moment.
  9. i'm pretty sure we're going to have an entire line of RU BBs. and we all know how many of those were built. i'm sure they could put something together for German CVs. even if they only go up to T8 or skip a couple tiers. the only way CVs are going to get balanced is if there are more of them to balance them against. so i'm all for more CV lines.
  10. bottom tier ships can still make an impact in this game. heck, i've carried more than a few matches while bottom tier. and i'm no unicorn.
  11. if you're in a BB in front of your DDs; A) you're in their way and they can't launch torps at the enemies who are setting you on fire. B) enemy DDs don't need to uncloak themselves to torp you. there are no friendly DDs to serve as a screen to root them out. i.e. you're dead. yes, BBs need to push when the opportunity is right. but the team needs to push with them. DDs need to scout ahead, and CA/CLs need to stay close to provide support. a lone BB pushing is a dead BB.
  12. i just played a game recently where i dev striked a Shiratsuyu in my Algerie. he tried to ambush me, and was angled away with 3/4 of his health. 3 full pens with AP later, he ceased to be. i've also devastatingly struck many a DD with AP in my BBs, much to their (and occasionally my own) surprise. you have to get the timing juuust right, but it's possible.
  13. sorry, but spamming chat is the definition of abusive. and you still haven't shown us what you edited out. i'm gonna have to call it on this one. you deserved the ban.
  14. i hated the pepsican when i first unlocked it. but i first unlocked it before it's concealment buff. now, it's actually a pretty decent ship. most people who say they hate it are people who played it before the buff. the taste kinda lingers. just like the karl..