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  1. just so you know i quit this game

    i think you've missed the point of his thread. he doesn't want challenging, or he would have learned to deal with game mechanics instead of quitting at the first sign of adversity. i'd say easy mode is what he's going for. but good on you for trying.
  2. Leave queue

    there's no set time for the queue. sometimes you hit the battle button and you're the last piece to a match being formed. i've had times that i didn't even see the queue screen because it caught a match so fast.
  3. Broken smoke... AGAIN

    shhh. you're using common sense again. how many times must we go over this? he already posted *exactly* what happened. it's already written down. we don't need proof. this is the internet. who would lie or exaggerate, or worse, come to a guesswork conclusion during a temper tantrum and make a ragepost? clearly smoke is broken. sharpen the pitchforks, folks. it's time for the riot.
  4. Yesterday's patch.

    from what i gather, it was basically a stability patch so there was nothing game changing to report.
  5. The weekends, what can be done?

    weekend teams are a myth. anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. yes, weekend players are real, and yes, it is possible to get stuck on bad teams. but no, this isn't suddenly amplified towards you specifically on the weekends. the other team has the same chance to get those players. while you may be having a losing streak, someone else is winning. it's more about your mentality screwing you over, not the people around you pulling you down. if you're on a losing streak, go do something else for a while and come back. play another game or go get some fresh air. but forcing yourself to push on is just dooming yourself to that downward spiral.
  6. Why you may actually need XVM

    look at the WoT community and you'll have the only reason you'll ever need to never implement XVM in WoWS. it doesn't matter who's barking the orders. you're only ever going to follow them if they make sense to you anyways. you don't need a mod to tell you if someone is saying something stupid. XVM creates defeatists, hypocrites, and discrimination. there's no need for any of that in a game that should be about playing for one battle at a time. it doesn't matter your teammates' past. they're on your team now. play to win for them regardless, or find a new game to play. maybe something single player.
  7. Proposal: WoWS Classic as the default forum theme

    most people probably wouldn't notice a change if they made classic the default. i have to say though, i'm loving the dark. maybe they should make that the default.
  8. Wargaming please don't make christmas themed ships.

    i was originally hoping for a new set of christmas missions to win something cool. but now i'm really hoping they just make a few christmas themed ships, so people like OP who don't know what a filter is can suffer.
  9. but an isolated cap means it's easy to defend, right? you know what they say about hands and bushes. on a serious note, i agree. but i'm pretty sure the players you're trying to reach don't read the forums. if at all.
  10. Cleveland - not too bad....

    Cleveland is still very good, even in it's nerfed state. it should get much better with the upcoming USN cruiser split. i remember one match in particular, i got focused early and taken down to ~1k health. spent the next 5 minutes by our CV, and wouldn't you know it, the enemy CV tried to CV snipe. not on my watch. shot down every one of his planes (in that wave). i still get the giggles thinking about that one.
  11. It's coming . . .

    maybe in another 2.5 years we'll have supported replays.
  12. PADD stats...are you kidding me?

    a decent ship at low tiers in the hands of an experienced player? no way that has anything to do with the appearance of being overpowered. nerf it nao.
  13. OP, i'm sure they'l take your opinion into great consideration. so hard to decide which trash bin to throw it into. they might even take it back out just to throw it in twice. there's absolutely no way they would skip French or Italian BB lines. and you're in the minority about not wanting them.
  14. WG, you owe me an achievment!

    4 same type or 8 of any other. meaning if you had 9 kills in a BB but 2-3 were BBs, too bad so sad. not worth getting worked up over anyways. all you get for it is one more tick next to the award. no flags or anything.
  15. PanAsian DD's cannot torp any other DD's

    you don't need to live on the forums to have this information before you need it. just reading the patch notes would suffice. easily found on the main website, links via the launcher, and in the news tab in the game. the fact that it's so easily accessible is why we make jokes at posts like this. don't get mad at us because we bother to read. get mad at yourself for not bothering to do so.