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  1. 1) most of the time, it's just your perception. you don't remember the good, only the bad. there have been several times when i thought i was getting only bottom tier, only to go back through my games and find that it's right where it should be at about 1/3. 2) you have 37 detonations in over 4k games. if those 37 are enough to ruin the other 4k, it's not the game that has a problem. 3) the other team gets potatoes too. 4) probably the only thing i can agree with on this list. but it's an arcade game. don't expect realism. 5) they've done a pretty decent job of buffing ships that get power creeped, and nerfing ships that come out too strong. it might take them a while, but they do try to keep things even. from what i can see, the main thing that makes you want to quit this game is your own attitude.
  2. nothing wrong with dreaming, i suppose.
  3. ocean is rarely seen because of the stagnant gameplay it promotes. at least when people are camping islands they're closer to the enemy than the edge of the map. i wish they would remove it completely.
  4. no. team damage provides more depth to the game. can't just spam your torps into a brawl. and you can't just hide behind your friendly battleship to spam HE at the enemy. the only reason they removed it from scenarios is due to the number of allied bots that don't know the difference. if scenarios were PVP, they would have team damage on guaranteed. as for OP, i think the 10% number is from the warning/ban system. i don't know the % that is required to actually turn pink. but from the sounds of it, you've been pretty careful. just keep the cautious attitude and you'll be perfectly fine.
  5. WG patent? i'm almost scared to ask where you're pulling that from. also..
  6. fun and engaging? nah. justice? yep.
  7. they should have replaced it with a ship.
  8. it's a x3 xp weekend. you expected everything to be normal? if you wasted all your flags, it's on you. not WG.
  9. lol wut? that isn't an insult. it was a sarcastic question conveying curiosity about his unopened crates. no hostility implied.
  10. US BBs benefit from it the most, but BBs in general are what you would put it on. cruisers and DDs don't have a long enough damage control period for it to make any difference.
  11. are you waiting for your crates to learn how to open themselves or something?
  12. "You get rewards as codes via email when the update officially hits." https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pt0611-2/ reading is OP.
  13. if you enjoy a ship, keep it. you don't need other people's opinions to make that decision.
  14. please, let him. maybe then he'll stop making whine threads.