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  1. Palladia

    How to Fix Carriers

    To expand on this, a good deal of the system is going to rely on player skill. So it may be possible for players to dodge ALL of the non-automatic AA fire and get off full flights of armaments. I think the balancing factor to a lot of this is going to be close in AA shredding squadrons to prevent players from doing a full four passes. The idea, and I may be wrong, is to reward players for skillfully dodging AA but to largely prevent them from being able to deal massive amounts of damage overall. This is going to be a very delicate balancing act. We'll see if they can manage.
  2. Palladia

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Sure, but they also can't ATTACK the torpedo boat. Ergo they can do nothing about it, and eventually those torpedo hits will add up.
  3. Palladia

    Go to Ships, OCT 2018 Edition

    Massachusetts. Not so much for a win, but to just enjoy myself a bit. Langley if I feel like I NEED to win for some reason. Oddly enough, I also really enjoy the Grosser Kurfurst.
  4. Palladia

    Secondary Focused IJN BB

    The problem is where secondaries fire. From my understanding secondaries aim at the center mass of the enemy ship so most AP shells, particularly at higher levels, tend to just bounce off the enemy armor. The last time I can remember AP shells doing good damage ((Doing GREAT damage, thinking back)) was at the Bayern at T6. The Izumo, Mushashi, and Yamato are all up against much thicker armor at the higher tiers so typically get more damage off of the HE shells directly and even MORE damage off of them indirectly via fires. Which is a shame because the Mushashi has some really well placed 155's.
  5. There's the guy! I knew SOMEONE was going to come in to try to speak up for the Lex and Ranger. But...no. You're wrong. The problem isn't the ships themselves, the problem is the ships they are up against. Pitted against each other, Ranger to Ranger or Lex to Lex, sure, they'll do fine. Pitted against less skilled players, same deal. But pit an equally skilled Ranger or Lex player against ANY OTHER CV at their tier, and they'll lose. They don't have the fighters to contend the skies and they don't have the damage to win the sea war either. They lack the strafing gimmick of the Saipan, the improved bomber accuracy of the Zeppelin, Enterprise, or Saipan, or the improved torpedoes of the Kaga. They have no gimmicks, no special tricks, they lack the numbers of squadrons to cover the map like their IJN counterparts, and they have zero loadout options now.
  6. Ranger and Lex both are in a bad spot right now. They don't have the fighters to contest anything at their tiers and they don't have the damage or flexibility to make up for that lack there of. The Lex at least pops up to those 1000pders but she also see's T10. Lex also has the option for Ap bombs but doing that makes you really good against a few targets and bad against everything else. You also lose your ability to stack DoT's on target and the the ability to effectively strip off AA and secondaries. Course none of this is going to matter soon, but for the moment, those two are at the bottom. Essex and Midway are harder to read. I THINK after the recent nerfs to Midway and buffs to Hak that she's back to being the Haks bi...uh, whipping girl, but even if so she'll still be able to deal absurd damage.
  7. I've seen sixteen inchers on the North Carolina during a visit, and I've heard horror stories of what happened when those shells ((Or maybe it was 203's...been a minute)) hit even the decks near people. I have a healthy dose of respect for how dangerous those things are.
  8. Secondary is fine by me. Lets you concentrate on what you need to be doing and let your little guns do something in the mean time. I also think having them be secondary will discourage people from doing silly things, like trying to get into a gun fight with...basically anything. But I do think they should at least have improved accuracy so that if you have a target sitting at 10 hit points you aren't screaming in frustration as your drunken gunners shoot wildly at the water a quarter a mile away from your actual target.
  9. Considering how low the CV population currently is and how much more 'in line' it will put CV gameplay with the other ship types, that's extremely unlikely. You also have a more visceral fun factor from personally controlling the squadrons to perform attacks yourself that people are going to enjoy. Early reception from people who have played it so far have been fairly positive with only a few real complaints being leveled, like being unable to directly control your ship. What you're seeing on the forum is the last of the old guard resisting with everything they've got. They've taken the time to learn and in some cases master the system and its about to change entirely so its completely understandable that they are unhappy and predicting doom. But the reality of the situation is that not only is this more likely to appeal to more plays idea of fun, its also likely to attract people who are interested in playing as aircraft. Its a gamble sure, but its a pretty safe one with all things considered. Personally, I would have vastly preferred they fixed the RTS system and more properly balanced it. Yes, it was possible. No, these changes are not being made because it wasn't. But I also completely understand why they are doing it, and I am willing to give it a shot to see if I find it fun or not. If not, well, I have other games that have the exact same CV style gameplay.
  10. Palladia

    CV Reworks: never seen suggestion

    Er, yes, a large CV population IS a good thing, IF they are properly balanced. That's just a silly thought process you got going on there. They want to make money off of CV's, like they make money off of every other class. In order for that to happen, they have to be both enjoyable and playable to the large majority of the playerbase. They've already talked about increasing the number of CV's per match if they can balance them properly, so yes, they can increase the number of active CV's and make more money off of them. Why...why would they remove peoples carriers? You uh...you don't make a whole lot of sense, neighbor.
  11. Palladia

    Report system work around

    Translation: I got chat banned AGAIN because I mouthed off and got reported and I want to blame one person instead of realizing that multiple people disliked the way I behaved so reported me appropriately.
  12. Well I mean, first observation is that those secondaries are starting fires sooo...HE. Second is that, and someone correct me if I am wrong, but aren't those tracer colors a sign of Halsey?
  13. Palladia

    I was dead....

    ...you...you seriously think that A: lining up a LINE is difficult and B: that said lining up of said line should be able to eliminate FOUR squadrons at the same time. Carriers are NOT fine, and they have not been fine for a long, long time. Everyone knew it. You just had some people who tamed and enjoyed the broken-ness. I feel bad for those people, I do. I personally wanted them to just refine the system and balance it, but the system was certainly not 'fine' as it was.
  14. Palladia

    WOWS Blitz: BCV Ise

    And what does that have to do with this? Absolutely zero. WG is entirely possible of making a separate system for hybrids that doesn't involve the new gameplay. It could be as simple as activating the module while you have a target selecting and having the squadron perform an auto-drop, or it could be as complex as opening up the overview and selecting a target that way. Personally I'd wager more towards the first option. But either way, just because CV's are changing doesn't mean any other ships introduced HAVE to follow that method, and that's faulty reasoning to think so. Particularly when talking about ships with controllable main batteries that would ostensibly be the main focus of the ship, with the squadrons being a unique novelty meant to add on to the ships playstyle.
  15. Palladia

    Two thoughts about the CV rework

    Also side note, they just introduced the Ise in the WoWS Blitz. From what I've seen they tend to use other venues to test these things. If its popular enough there, they might be more willing to add it in here.