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  1. Palladia

    People quitting the game

    Thank you for that, I enjoyed Steel Ocean back in the day. It wasn't great but I was still sad to see it go. I think it'll probably sink the same as before but at least I can get a few more matches in before it sunsets this time.
  2. Palladia

    Thoughts on Secondary Builds

    That's a reoccurring theme with Wargaming.
  3. Palladia

    CVs need depth-charges.

    CV's. Don't. Have. Unlimited. Planes. Your feels be darned. In most cases CV's have LESS planes than they had before. Stop spouting nonsense, please.
  4. Palladia

    Dev blog: FDR nerfed, Graf Zeppelin....Buffed?

    Heyyyy, I just made that joke on the Facebook post. Zeppelin has been in a bad spot for a long time now, surprised they did...something about it. It was a massive decrease to bomb accuracy due to the way bombs work. They are forced to the outer edges of ellipse so even a small push outward in the size of the ellipse provides a lot more real estate for the bombs to push towards. Back when I still played and watching Toptier its just amazing to see bombs slip into these tiny little crevices or even worse, hitting in spots they shouldn't even be technically capable of hitting outside of the ellipse. If you mean the original bombing nerf, it was published. That was way back during the first six months of the carrier rework. If you mean more recently, I am not sure. At this point I sorta drift in and out of the community.
  5. Palladia

    Radar permanently

    Ah yes, coming from a ship class that is LITERALLY INVISIBLE until its nearly 5km from an enemy and then can simply disappear by not pulling the trigger, a ship class that can turn on a dime, a ship class that can blart out a smoke screen and be completely invisible to everything. But for realism, seeing through islands is too much. Not that I agree with the OP either, just...don't try to use the realism argument when you're talking about...this game in general, really.
  6. Palladia

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    Started relegating myself to co-op games about two years ago. Haven't really played in the past year. Can't even remember the last time I logged in. I just come to the forums to see what sort of dumpster fire is taking place at any given time. Am considering trying Dutch Cruisers though. Might be fun. Not spending a dime, tho'.
  7. Palladia

    Since sub is useless and meaningless…..

    You HAD that before, now you have up to LITERALLY FIVE SECONDS to get out of the way. This isn't skill based, this is relying on the DD to be braind dead. But hey, you wanted easy mode and you got it, fella. Congratulations.
  8. Palladia

    Soviet CV stats interesting

    Frankly I can see this being a litmus test to potentially convert all CV's into a one-drop style of gameplay. Doing so severely limits spotting and damage over time potential while allowing for more up-front damage and a faster gameplay loop. Taken in that manner it could help with some of the concerns people have on both sides of the board while making things a bit more exciting for the CV player and forcing them to rotate planes since you can't pre-drop and you don't have the trickle of planes coming back to berth. For the damage concerns, a lot of that is going to depend on the size of various targeting displays: The Ise launches eight torpedoes in a spread but at such a wide angle that all eight will only ever hit a large ship sitting still or going in a predictable straight line. So its possible to balance outgoing damage in such a way via thus helping limit damage to smaller ships while still being able to effective damage larger ones. Either way, we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Palladia

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    Its way too soon to tell. Its going to depend on things like targeting circle size/torpedo indicators and realistic time to plane loss on average. At the very least its going to be a strong buff to what is the standard play style right now, being able to drop once before F'ing out to avoid substantial losses. However if the target indicators and drop patterns are like, say, the Ise then you're almost never going to be able to get most of your payload reliably on target. At the moment I think we need to wait and see how they work in practicality before making any snap judgements in any direction.
  10. Already underway. I'd set aside a solid hundred to spend on ship and premium time but after reading that, I've decided against it. A hundred is small time I know, no where near whale status, but its the only way I can protest the usual WG shenanigans.
  11. Palladia

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Clearly Mouse and Chobi didn't expect it. And the follow up of making Mouse change her review to state that they weren't a part of the process was even more tone deaf. But I am with you, man. I mentioned it in another thread that I am not even angry or disappointed. I am at the acceptance stage, this is just how Wargaming is now. I'd love for them to prove me wrong and to make something good out of this situation but god knows I don't expect it. Probably just going to sit back and watch the ship sink at this point.
  12. Palladia

    Just returned to World of Tanks

    First, the mouse herself explaining why planes aren't unlimited. Next, I'll explain why there are typically LESS planes in a match than previously. See the current respawning mechanics of CV's mean that you have roughly the same amount of planes as you had pre-rework but spread out over the course of a twenty minute battle. They were specifically balanced in this fashion so that CV's would have around the same planes they had before but spread out. Now what that means realistically is that CV's have far, FAR less planes than previously. See the new system relies on two things that drastically reduce the number of planes a CV can put out in a match. The first is the respawn mechanic itself, it requires planes to be destroyed before the respawn can start. On three separate plane types. In order to come anywhere near the number of planes CV's could put out previously you'd need to immediately wreck multiple planes from multiple squadrons to get the full effect of the respawn. But even then, you come to the next mechanic that severely limits plane numbers to far below pre-rework numbers... Battle length. The shorter the battle, the less respawns a CV can create. As for AA being more effective back in the day you are both right and wrong. You are right in that AA was meant to deal with a larger number of planes and was also intended to deal with CV's that had short respawn times on ENTIRE wings of planes. With the smaller numbers of planes in a squadron the amount of damage AA could do also had to be drastically toned down. Sort of. Which brings us to the part where you are wrong. See, just in case you don't remember, used to AA worked entirely on RNG. When a plane entered a ships AA aura it essentially started rolling a dice at certain intervals. If the roll was high enough, a plane was shot down. If it wasn't, nothing happened. So ships that had little AA back in the day contributed jack and squat to shooting down planes while ships that had high AA were capable of mowing down entire squadrons on their lonesome. So for ships that had low AA, the remake was a huge buff. Spend too much time floating over even a tier 3 ship with even 1 AA rating and you'll lose planes. But for ships that had high AA, it was a pretty big nerf. Now high AA ships can't prevent a strike alone BUT are still brutally effective at preventing multiple strikes, which tends to irritate the people who want to wipe them all out before they can drop. Note that I left out certain specific examples. The Kaga still has deep reserves but has crappy plane regen, and the FDR's planes are notoriously hard to shoot down.
  13. Ran outta likes but know that I wanted to give you one. I could not care less about the meta and I just play what is fun to me and that usually equates to brawling even when I probably shouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the Leeroy Jenkins type but if I see a good opportunity I will usually go for it, even when the ship I am in really wants me to not.
  14. Palladia

    Playing with CV's...

    The hatred would just go back to cruisers again.