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  1. That's dirty and I love it. I still wish I'd bought this thing when it was on sale last year but work was murdering me at the time and I didn't think they'd pull it so fast.
  2. Carrier Rework Update

    No control of altitude, just plane speed and left and right. Regular aiming crosshairs and zoom in cross hairs for more accurate bombing. Probably still shifting back and forth between CV and plane though, but my wager is that they are going to have us rely on the waypoint system heavily.
  3. Nah, brawling is still alive. Its not as common as it used to be but I still force many of brawls. I've also gotten really, REALLY good at dodging attempted rams. That being said though, as has been stated, ramming is a viable tactic. You...really probably shouldn't do it if you are going to survive the encounter.
  4. Not as many chibi-mouses in this one, kinda makes me sad. Oh but the ship is a USN secondary BB. Yeah thats so on my list. I still regret not buying the Graf Zeppelin when she was around so uh, snatching this one up quick.
  5. Which means you fought someone who didn't know how to strafe or how to counter strafe. Don't always count on fighting an ignorant opponent.
  6. Preferably none. Barring that, fighters with rockets. Less anti-air DPS but minor anti-ship DPS with a chance for fires. Fighter-bombers. Smaller bombs but able to be used as fighters. This one I am not sure is doable from a historical standpoint ((Can't find any of them ever being ship launched)) but heavy bombers. Obviously not squadrons of six of them but one or two. A heavy cruiser with long range secondaries.
  7. Missions Ruining the Game

    Oh I enjoy it plenty. What I don't enjoy so much lately is the forums. If we haven't heard that complaint soon I am sure we will.
  8. What are you grinding out?

    IJN Battleships and French Battleships. For IJN my goal is Yamato and I am almost done with my Amagi grind. I have heard how terrible she is but I am still excited about the Izumo. For the French, the Alsace is my goal but I could go up to the Republic. I love secondary builds and the French BB line is perfect for that. Just gotta get up a high enough captain to make it effective. Generally speaking I have certain ships I grind for and then stop. The NC was one, the Bismarck was another. I will lazily go up the lines after that as the mood takes me. Also working up the British CL line to the Neptune, and the German CA line to the Roon. I originally started the game thanks to CV's but after the massive USN CV nerf of 2016 I lost a lot of interest. I was starting to pick it back up when we got word of that massive rework coming and now I am hesitant to get into a class type that I may not like in a few months.
  9. Missions Ruining the Game

    So is radar. So are DD's. So are BB's. So are CV's. So is HE. Apparently dang near everything is killing the game.
  10. And the new way wouldn't allow for that, since CV's will only be able to launch one flight at a time. Makes sense.
  11. I agree. And I think this will do that. From what I can tell the people who have played it really enjoy it and it seems like its a much easier process than we currently have. I think its going to chase off a number of players who enjoy CV's as they are now and its going to attract a lot more people who don't play them currently. Which brings up the backlash thats going to come with CV's being in a lot more matches...eh, well. Que sera, sera.
  12. You'd be right. A number of the higher rank and file among the community contributors have been able to test it. Well I mean Fems an actual employee now, but you know what I mean. Jingles has teased it before and others have talked about what of it that they can. Same. I am on the fence on how I feel about what I have put together but I am willing to give it a shot.
  13. Its not the current manual drop system, its another system where the player controls the bombers directly. For dive bombers they talked about being able to target specific parts of ships with your bombs so I am guessing a bomber door type view when you come in that lets you see where your bombs are going to hit. For torpedo bombers I am not sure, probably a system that shows the lines along which your torpedoes will travel as you approach the target. So far the people who have tested it who don't play CV's largely enjoy it, while the CV players are unhappy with it. Take that for what you will.
  14. From what I am hearing, I don't think fighters will be a factor in the rework. From the sounds of it the idea is for the player to directly control their planes in directly attacking the enemy, one squadron at a time. This would put CV's more in line with everyone else, where your main concern is fighting enemy ships and not enemy aircraft directly.