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  1. Dealing with strong AA ships..how?

    Find targets away from heavy AA ships. You'll see them everywhere, generally sailing in straight lines. Bide your time, and if an AA ship is guarding a particularly juicy target, maybe request the team do something about them. I mean usually they are cruisers, and usually people flock to eat cruisers quickly, but sometimes one escapes notice. In those times where you HAVE to assault an AA ship, send in everything at once if you know they've burned defensive fire. If not, bait it out ((Wait for your targeting circle to bloom, then run)) and THEN send in everyone. AA fire is split among all current flights ((Throw your fighters in there for escort duty if they aren't running anti-bomber duty)) and the enemy will either be forced to click on your individual squads ((Good AA captains will do this, generally to your torpedo bombers first)) or let their AA stay diluted.
  2. Carrier Rework Update

    Small update, sort of a sideline and some speculation, but I believe the Defensive fire on the Stalingrad will be the norm and will be what defensive fire is changed to for existing ships. For those who haven't been keeping up, the Stalingrads defensive fire consumable does NOT increase its damage, but it does cause a greater dispersion among bombers and for longer. I think that, going forward, with players having less planes to send in at one time and with players being in direct control of those planes, that Wargaming wants less situations where flights are knocked out instantly or close to it upon entering an AA bubble but for cruisers to still retain their usefulness as anti-air platforms.
  3. Completely ignoring the point of no return that dive bombers have in an attempt to make them seem worse than they are, I see. There's a full second or two before the bombs actually HIT the area where you have no control over them. Ergo a turning ship moves out of the more dangerous areas. I should know, my primary line of battleships are German and the most I have EVER taken off of an AP squadron is right around twenty thousand. AP bombs punish campers and people who sail in straight lines. Graf Zeppelin and is stupid circle drop not withstanding.
  4. And if you get citadel by AP bombs then you did something wrong as well. It isn't hard to maneuver out of the way of incoming bombers, man. The only way you should ever take citadels off of bombers is if you're going in straight lines or sitting still. No excuse not to turn your ship and throw off the bombing circle.
  5. A secondary focused IJN BB?

    *Blinks* Oh yeah. I uh...sorta forgot all about her. And I HAVE her. Secondary specced and everything. She's just so...meh...
  6. You realize that ships only have a limited number of repairs? And that repairs have cooldowns? And that repairs also take time? And that being on fire adds to your spotted range? And that RN BB's are pretty much guaranteed to start at least one fire with every salvo? And that using damage control on fires means you can't use it to repair other things, like floods or broken main guns or other fires from both you and other ships? Also, non-citadel HE damage is the same as non-citadel AP damage, you can repair the same amount from both. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you about using AP on broadside targets or on softer targets you can punch through, but the other 70% of the time or so, its better to use HE. That also gives you the double bonus of being able to melt any DD's who wander into range.
  7. A secondary focused IJN BB?

    The AP shells would need improved performance, if they kept them. AP secondaries peak at about T6 with the Bayern and then gradually get less useful as armor increases. The 155's on the Izumo SHOULD be decent but since you get so few of them and they have terrible firing angles its hard to judge them and her 127's HE comes off as lackluster and I can't figure out why. Rate of fire, maybe? Meh. Anyway, as other people have pointed out a secondary focused IJN BB ((Love the idea, by the way)) would need an armor buff and a performance buff on her secondaries. Or a combination of armor buff, secondary buff, and gimmick like the Massachusetts 40 second heal. I dunno how feasible it is, not a ship buff like some of the good people round these parts, but I wouldn't mind seeing an IJN BB split with one side focusing on secondaries to contrast the long range nature of the main IJN line.
  8. That's my guess. This is a test bed for Defensive fire after the rework. No damage boost but a...you know, defensive boost.
  9. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    I love these sock puppet accounts. They expect people to take them seriously and then say things like THIS. "I am elitist, hur hur hur." On topic, eh, I know what I am. If I am in a BB then I am working to make people fire at me and ignore my squishier ((And hopefully better than I)) allies. But there's a big difference in using offered protection and just seeing everyone else as a tool.
  10. I also don't think DD's were improved as BB's were. I feel like each successive line of BB's released has been better designed...except MAYBE the British, but they don't count because well, they've always got HE loaded anyway. While some DD's did get derpwater torpedoes and others can make a fair go at being gunboats...it hasn't been that same level of increase, But then again I don't delve all that deeply into DD's so most of my experience is from studying stats and other peoples views on it.
  11. That's an odd question. The problem is it depends, and not so much on me. I primarily brawl, so if my allies are doing a good job spotting for me then I don't really have any issues with them. This is further compounded by issues like double dipping and BB's being able to score regular penetrations off DD's: Hit a DD for 12000 damage in penetrations the other day and watched his hitpoints disappear. As much as I dislike DD's, it was not a good feeling. But then you have the flip side, if all my spotters have been wiped out. At that point all I can do is hope the DD messes up and puts himself into spotting range and even then, due to the fact that you're most likely going to overpen ((Unless you were expecting a DD and switched to HE beforehand)), he has to stay there for a long time and or be inside of secondary range for me to be able to deal with him. As annoying as this is, DD's are SUPPOSED to counter BB's. If I am in a situation where its just me versus a DD, it means I either failed in my job of attracting attention away from my cruisers and other DD's, or the enemy was just smart enough to go for the more important targets. So...there's your answer. Ish. Alone, no, I don't feel like I can deal with DD's easy. With spotters, sure.
  12. Balance suggestions

    Don't be disingenuous. Everything overpens you, you have no citadel, you're the fastest thing in most matches, you have a magical disappear button, and there's no danger of your major source of damage not dealing damage. Torpedoes go where you point them without fail and so long as they hit the target, deal damage. Course thats me downplaying the fact that actually hitting things with torpedoes is really, really hard. On the flip side, you DID forget to mention that if something so much as sneezes on you its going to break two of your guns, a torpedo tube, your engine, and probably knock out your captain and a few crewmen just for good measure. Also generally your AA is going to make CV's laugh and if he's good, he's going to spend the match making sure you can't make use of your greatest strengths. Also even the weakest of cruisers is going to laugh at you and then eat you alive if you stick around to long. And your priority on the enemies targeting list is right below CV's and nearly dead anything.
  13. I love secondary builds. I run them even when I shouldn't. But I don't think every ship needs to be secondary viable. I do think there is a base line that secondaries need to be boosted to, but I think Jean Barts trick sits elsewhere. This separates her from her tech tree brethren and lets her have her own gimmick.
  14. Yeah, thats mean spirited. I'd guess most of those folks don't even know they are causing problems, they are just trying to get a match. Keep in mind that only about ten percent of the games population actually comes to the forums ((Or is aware of a lot of game mechanics)) so you're punishing people for just wanting to play at odd hours. So...good job being a jerk, I guess?
  15. First, what is up with all the sock puppets lately? And is it like...several salty forum goers or just one guy with several socks? Second, no. Learn to play. CV's are the easiest to counter class in the game right up until T10 and even THEN a modicum of common sense will get you through. Do you run screaming at smoke screens when you haven't seen the DD's torpedoes? Do you stay in the HE rain when a cruiser pelts you? Do you go broadside to battleships? Then stop sailing in a straight line when those planes are en route. Take the time to control click whichever squadron scares you the most. Turn into torpedo drops and do SOME kind of maneuvering if there are bombers on the way. I am sick to the tripes of people adjusting to every single play style BUT CV's, and then coming to the forums to whine about them when their bad habits come home to roost.