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  1. Palladia

    Unacceptable MM ing

    BAHAHA, you think secondaries need a nerf! Oh that's rich. Go try them sometime. Come back when you have some experience with them, and then you can talk. Secondaries require a ridiculous amount of investment to get to be an even DECENT system to use, which makes secondary focused ships more susceptible in some way, form, or fashion. Secondaries are notoriously inaccurate even with heavy investment ((With a few outliers not withstanding, namely Massachusetts, Georgia, Ohio, and the Graf Zeppelin)) and generally lack the firepower to do much on thicker skinned targets, while smaller targets have an easier time avoiding their drunken gunners aim. Not to mention that higher tier games take place at ranges that exceed secondary range most of the time, relegating secondary focused ships to long range fire support, which they didn't gear or skill up for. Yes, the secondary monsters CAN do good in the right situation. But that requires a lot of situational awareness and biding your time and knowing how to read the battlefield and not just rushing in and burning. Unlike other specifications the secondary build requires a fair amount of luck and or the enemy doing dumb things and letting you hit them with your sword, if you will.
  2. Palladia

    CV ships

    Maybe try paying attention to stats, which have been linked many times, instead of your feels.
  3. Palladia

    CV ships

    Not really comparable to arty for a number of reasons. Arty shells can't be shot out of the air but you can hide from them, arty shells are also better at constant damage and a good arty can hit any tank in the game if they aren't hiding behind something. CV's on the other hand can't be hidden from in traditional means ((Smoke screen or diving now)) but you can shoot down a CV's ability to deal damage, planes operate separate from the ship itself so you have to be able to pay attention to two things at the same time, and CV damage if properly played is more consistent, on top of CV's providing sight. If you mean how people respond to them...yeah kinda. People tend to take rage fits when something kills them from half the map or more away. Though personally? I'll take an artillery popping me over a tank destroyer hidden in a bush in a place I could never reach without having to go through the stupid amounts of penetration and damage that particular tank type is capable of. Everyone has a different poison, I suppose.
  4. Palladia

    Great 👍

    But that just reinforces my point, that a lot of these people are fine with taking steps to combat other ship types except for one. They'll take skills to deal with fires and floods or to lessen the impact from stealth ships or what have you but won't do the same for CV's. Its just...I dunno. Inane? Stupefying? And that also boils down to tactics for dealing with CV's. If a DD sinks a BB whose not trying to avoid him or what have you then that's fine apparently, 'change speed and direction and be unpredictable to fight that enemy you can't see!' But when you try to give them advice for dealing with CV planes suddenly its not okay to have to play differently? In spite of the fact that a DD is far more dangerous to anything its counter to than a CV is to it, its not okay that they have to work to counter them. And for the record I'm not complaining about DD's or BB's or anything, I'm just saying that every ship has things you can do in order to lessen their impact but it just seems like some people like to pick and choose which ones are okay to have in game and which ones aren't. My apologies, end rant.
  5. Palladia

    So what changes would you make to submarines?

    Pretty much covered what I was going to say. I'd also say air meter for limited shell immune dive time that forces the sub back up to surface while it recharges. Although with more ships having ASW I think that could be passed on.
  6. Palladia

    WG's "Take A Break" event....

    Eh, I stopped watching the big names like Ichase and Flambass when they would not stop whining. Every single one of Flabmasses videos for the longest time just boiled down to him whining incessantly that the CV rework wasn't like the RTS CV's. Ichase may or may not have a point but I'm of no mind to watch any of his videos anymore.
  7. Palladia

    Great 👍

    That's the problem, man. They don't want to minimize whats done, they want to prevent it entirely. They want AA that destroys squads before they can drop, or its bad AA to them. Shells dropping in from 25km out? Thats fine, completely okay to deal with that. Take some modules, stay with other AA heavy ships to deal with planes, turn off AA as a DD and work around planes? Nah brah, way to much effort! Change the game!
  8. Except CV's work fine and subs are more like uber DD's, their strengths magnified along with their weaknesses. Better stealth that doesn't require smoke, extremely low spotting distance that makes them great for scouting, homing torpedoes that can citadel, and only other subs, DD's, and light cruisers can counter them. The only things DD's have up on them are speed and hitpoints. Just because you don't like something/don't like being countered doesn't mean something doesn't work. If you're going to make comparisons at least make them accurate, man.
  9. You wanna stop acting like you speak for all of us or even a majority of us? Even inside of this thread the majority is going to yes for subs so...stop with the stupid narrative.
  10. Palladia

    Is the G. Kurfurst good/worth it?

    Depends. Do you like a closer playstyle or do you like to at stay range? The Kurfurst is a monster if you get her within 10km of the enemy. She sacrifices two 150's from the Friedrich but upgrades her 105's to the much more reliable 128's and gains two more dual mounts to her count. She also switches up to triple barrel mounts and gains an additional FOUR main guns up over her older sister, giving her a total of twelve 406 or 420mm guns. This gives her a decent 'shotgun' effect when firing at range that can net you a lot of lucky shots. If you go secondary focused her AA is serviceable but not great but so long as you keep on your toes there's not a ton most CV's can do to you. On the overall, you probably learned early on if you liked the German BB line or not, Gneisenau not withstanding. The Kurfurst is the best in the line at what she does, but if you don't enjoy that 'spitting distance' playstyle ((Or more specifically learning how and when to close distance in a meta that see's a lot of people running away)) then you probably aren't going to enjoy the Kurfurst.
  11. Amazing or not, having them is already a large boon over not having them. Also I feel like you don't brawl much or you'd realize how fantastic torpedoes are in that department. Its why a Tirpitz will beat a Bismarck, or a Gneisenau a Colorado. There's also a whole lot of fear factor that goes into knowing your target has torpedoes that'll force people broadside to you in an attempt to avoid said torpedoes. And as for the turtleback...so? That's all the German battleships in a nutshell, why would that be a worse strike against the Ludendorff? BUT I will say that French secondaries typically treat me better than German secondaries, better pen on the German secondaries or not. In particular the 152's seem to start a lot more fires and feel more accurate and consistent overall. I realize the increased penetration is supposed to be the Germans secondary 'flavor' but at this point it's feeling like the most lackluster of the secondary based options.
  12. Tentatively yes. I think there needs to be more ASW options or for the sub to have an air meter that forces them to surface when it runs out but thats not my main concern. My main concern is that we haven't seen the unicums or extremely clever players get ahold of them for decent enough chunks of time yet. My yes could quickly change to a no if they crank the cheese up to eleven.
  13. Palladia

    Why We Need Skill Based Match Making

    At this point I almost want them to give you what you want just for like a week JUST to hear the epic levels of whining that would follow. The salt would flood these forums in waves and the tears of the fallen would drown us all. It would be glorious. Thankfully though that'll never happen because Wargaming has better sense than that. For one you'd have issues with things like divisions ((How do you place a 75% unicum, his first div mate whose a decent 55%, and their slug buddy whose 40%?)) and matchmaking duration but for another you'd have dissatisfaction among customers. As it stands RNG is the main determining factor, you have just as much a chance to be mashing the potatoes as you do for the potatoes to be on your team. Take that away and you suddenly have a bunch of percentages that don't mean what they appear to mean. You'll have people who excelled because they fed off of the lower half in matches with people who can stomp on them with their eyes closed and you'll have guys who have low win percentages but are great players stomping all over the actual 35%ers. You'd have a whole lot of unhappy people who'd suddenly be in losing streaks because of a ton of different factors and ultimately the game would suffer for it. Of course I could be completely wrong here and everything could turn up sunshine and roses but...that's not been my experience in the past.
  14. The Kurfurst is my one of my favorite ships and I'd taken a break whenever the Russian BB's were first introduced. Imagine my surprise to find a ship that was hard to damage but could punch me really hard in return. I'd rather fight a Yamato, it might hurt like heck but at least it's a damage race I have a decent chance of winning, as opposed to Kremlin fights which more or less devolve into my praying the guy makes a mistake or gets over-confident and gives me an opening. One on one at least I've got a fair chance of winning the fight with copious bow on HE spam and closing to secondary range to rack up whatever bits and bobs of damage I can while trying to overtax his damage control, but this ain't a one on one game which usually forces you to fight the Kremlin on HIS terms. Not calling for a nerf, mind you. Just pointing out that the son of a gun is a rough fight.
  15. Palladia

    Full Health Triple Cit DS

    Man, playing a cruiser provides some of the most tense moments possible in game. Are those incoming shells going to delete me? Splash around me? Only take half my health? Overpen me? Who knows! Hold your breath, now!