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  1. Palladia

    Hermes and Furious

    That's the issue with level bombing, you don't have the option to drop higher for more penetration, you're stuck at a set amount. The tradeoff was SUPPOSED to be sheer payload on target but when they all shatter or just plain don't pen or even just hit modules...well. We get what we have now.
  2. Palladia

    Something I've noticed playing CV's

    That last AA boost before the rework went live killed it. It also killed most of the incoming CV population because people don't like being melted before they can do anything.
  3. Palladia

    CV need alpha strike back

    We're back to RNG being an issue and that irritates me. We'd had a point in testing where that wasn't so but apparently we couldn't have that. So now we can have ships completely encapsulated by our drop cursors and STILL miss. I am not talking about evasive maneuvers and missing to the front or rear depending on ship speed, I mean magically splashing left and right when that wasn't in the drop zone. And aiming for accuracy hurts our penetration but aiming for penetration causes a lot more splashes then hits and for very little in the way of payoff. Its frustrating, to say the least.
  4. Palladia

    Nelson, not so bad after all

    I already do that when I see people launch HE at her. And then don't follow up to finish it off and it sneaks around an island.
  5. Palladia

    Nelson, not so bad after all

    She's a fun ship. I don't think I am particularly great in her but she's got some interesting things going for on. Her only real downside is that she is so thin skinned and MAYBE her unreliable AP.
  6. Palladia

    PSA: CV to CV Alpha Strikes....

    My god, the Saipan is in such a bad place right now. Tier 10 planes that melt to Tier 8 AA. Its pathetic.
  7. Palladia

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    We know what went wrong, AA got overbuffed and people weren't having fun playing the new CV's. They had one shot to increase the population of CV's, and they blew it. They blew it by making adjustments with a sledgehammer A WEEK BEFORE THE REWORK WENT LIVE. It was asinine, plain and simple.
  8. And every single poll ever taken disagrees with this ignorant viewpoint. Just...do us all a favor and stop talking. They don't WANT to learn, they don't WANT things to be different, they want to have the same easy gameplay they had before. They don't want to have a hard counter, they didn't even want the SOFT counter of radar.
  9. Eh, its not a good one for one. You can't shoot down shells in the air so a downtiered cruiser or battleship can still get shots off and with HE being a thing, can still contribute in a meaningful way. Not saying CV's can't this patch, haven't actually tested it yet, but its two different scenarios.
  10. Palladia

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    That's what I've been saying. DD's got used to being able to be virtually immune via virtue of being invisible to anything other than DD's. The biggest counter to DD's where themselves, and they weren't going to complain about that. Radar offered a balance, but it was a limited balance. CV's were always intended to be the hard counter to DD's, and now that that hard counter is actually IN games they don't know how to adapt to it. Or in the more unfortunate cases, players weren't around for the initial period so they never had to really deal with it to begin with, outside of ever fourth or fifth game. I'm not sayin' this iteration is perfect, AA is in a weird place and CV's ability to put planes in enemy zones inside of the first minute is a bit much, and the GZ having ultra-sonic planes that fly at a normal speed that matches T10s BOOSTING speed is ridiculous, but I think its a solid foundation that will be much healthier for the game in the long run. And if that means losing some of the hardcore DD players who were happy being an OP class without a proper counter then...so be it.
  11. Palladia


    Yeah, she does know better. But people like you refuse to listen, stamp your feet, stick your fingers in your ears, and just scream "LA LA LA WE HATE CV'S!"
  12. Having a cruising speed that's as fast as a T10 BOOSTING speed might have something to do with that. No idea what the actual hell they were thinking there.
  13. Palladia

    Which DDs are underperforming?

    It'll die down before 8.1, I don't think most people are interested in playing CV's long term. Premiums will depend on how much people enjoyed CV's during this patch, though 8.2 will fully introduce British CV's so there will be another spike there from both releases. That being said, the numbers aren't going to go back down to where they were before. The new system for CV's is close enough to the actiony system of the rest of the game that more people are going to stick with it. The only thing that'll prevent them from being a more regular occurrence is that we only have two CV lines right now. RN CV's will up the encounter rate even more.
  14. Palladia

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Bull!@#$. If you don't learn how to dodge torpedoes you sink, its that simple. Changing speed, heading, always being aware of potential attack headings torpedoes can be coming from. Don't try to pull that nonsense.
  15. Palladia

    320k average Hakuryu damage is fine, right?

    Wrong. Everyone ELSE is going to figure out how to play against them. Not that I think this is okay either, mind you. If this is due to torpedo walls and stealth torping then it needs to be looked into.