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  1. Palladia

    (???????) is ruining the game

    According to the forums, everything is killing the game. Actually if I have read it right, the game should have been dead a long time ago because of X, with X being darn near everything added or changed in the past five years.
  2. Palladia

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    Moderators, you need to start locking these threads. You know they aren't constructive, you know they aren't going anywhere, start doing your jobs. CV whines, BB whines, DD whines, CA whines, I don't care, start shutting them down and actually cleaning up the forums instead of waiting for someone to say something you don't like so you can slap them on the wrist.
  3. For BOTH of you, I literally said that. It is in what you two quoted. That it probably wouldn't have that big of an impact because of the existence of the two 460 ships.
  4. Palladia

    Greatest dumpster fire in Wargaming's history

    I know its ten years late but my condolences, man.
  5. Its another ship intended to counter the bow tanking meta. The problem is, its going to encourage more hiding and cowardice. At least someone bow tanking can be burned to the waterline. That being said...we do already have the Yamato and the Mushashi so I don't see it having a huge impact.
  6. Fair warning to you, the guy you're responding to is even worse. Prepare to slam your head even harder into the wall if you continue responding.
  7. Bombing dispersion was changed to the outer rim of the targeting circle as a nerf to bombing DD's, rocket dispersion and aiming time was nerfed to approaching DD's, torpedo arming time and in some cases torpedo speed were nerfed, and AA was changed to focus on one plane at a time instead of being distilled across the whole squadron, resulting in a ton more plane losses from sheer attrition since the AA focused on the last plane in the squadron, spotting distance was halved ((So most DD's have around a 3km spotting distance for CV planes)) On topic, nah. Well played DD's already deal with rocket's just fine. Its the ones who don't bother to counter them that have issues. I'm not saying the idea itself is a bad one, its just overly complicating the interaction.
  8. Which is stupid as all get out. It never ceases to amaze me how people don't know how to play against CV's. The other day I had a Midway target my Kufurst to the exclusion of ANYONE ELSE. He did a grand total of 31,000 damage to me and failed to sink me. I did not sit still, I did not give him an easy target, and I shot down around 20 of his planes in the exchange. This isn't rocket science, CV's are not difficult to fight against.
  9. Palladia

    World of Warships 2.0?

    Considering World of Warships Legends? God I hope not.
  10. You're comparing ships people have to grind up to, and thus have to have a familiarity ((Usually)) with the line and the playstyle, to something anyone can get without ever having touched a cruiser. Not saying the Smolensk is overpowered, just saying those numbers might be a little suspect. Especially with so many people buying her under the pretext that she was broken powerful, so many people might have thought they had an instant I-Win button and proceeded to attempt to use her like a sledgehammer as opposed to a scalpel.
  11. Palladia


    IJN have the fastest air-dropped torpedoes but they have the longest arming time, meaning you have to drop further from the enemy ship. In contrast the USN and RN both have shorter arming times but their torpedoes are extremely slow. IJN have AP bombers which require much better aim and timing to use effectively, meanwhile USN have fairly standard HE bombs that deal a good chunk of damage and have a good chance to set fires. RN use level bombers, which pepper a target with a large number of low damage, low penetration HE bombs. IJN have the potential for the most up front damage, USN are solid middle of the road performers, and RN bombers are good at breaking modules and starting fires. IJN have decent performing rockets with no stand out features and this is more or less mirrored in the RN rocket planes, while USN have the choice between HVAR rockets ((Solid middle of the line performers, fires a lot of rockets)) and Tiny Tims ((Fewer rockets, more spread, much more penetration and a much higher damage and fire chance)). Overall I'd say the USN are the most forgiving to use, while IJN require the most skill. The RN are somewhere in the middle, with their level bombers being far easier to use but far less effective. Note: Premiums not-with-standing. Totally different can of worms there.
  12. Palladia

    Any new coal ships in 2020?

    Wondering this myself, sitting on a decent chunk of coal but waiting to pull the trigger on the Georgia to see what else comes along. Same with the free XP, pretty close to the million mark now and while I want the Alaska, she isn't a must have for me.
  13. No more stupid than the PC playerbase. ...is what I want to say, but considering the kind of crap Legends is having heaped on them, for which they are thanking WG for...I dunno if I can say that in good faith.
  14. Palladia

    Finally a Supercontainer

    I'm not the most hard core player but since the release of Super Containers I've gotten a grand total of ONE ship. And it was a DD, which is the one ship class I don't enjoy. Still, never look a gift horse in the mouth!
  15. Holy mother of disingenuous posts, could you be any more hyperbolic? You are literally comparing a CV being able to spot ships at FULL SPOTTING DISTANCE with up to six squadrons AT THE SAME TIME at a time when AA was extremely RNG based to a single squadron that can only spot at HALF of the normal spotting distance. This is so insanely stupid that I can't even think up a response. Its wrong. In every way form and fashion. And may god have mercy on your soul.