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  1. I may not be completely happy with how WG is running PC WoWS, but AA stupidity aside I have no major complaints. WoWs Legends though? Holy crud, I have PLENTY of complaints there. My biggest one is captains. For those of you who don't know, there are a number of different captains based on historical captains that you use to pilot your ships. I am sure that sounds great, but they each have different skillsets, so you need a specific captain in order to reinforce specific playstyles. Now for the kicker, Captains in Legends are only gained from LOOT BOXES, at a random chance. You can get one free captain box per week unless you want to buy some more, to the tune of 5 bucks per container . Further, leveling captains past a certain point requires special tokens that can only be acquired in limited amounts each week...unless, you guessed it, you buy some loot boxes. And the final kick to the captains crotch comes from 'Legendary Skills' for captains...which require duplicate captains from said loot boxes. Insult to injury, prior to the update that introduced that TEN of the TWELVE Captains boxes I had acquired were duplicates. Of a possible 21 captains available at that time. So yeah...I got some complaints about the part of WG that oversee's Legends.
  2. Palladia

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    I don't think pointing out important numbers is considered shaming, man. But nice attempt at dodging what he's saying.
  3. Palladia

    USN vs IJN CVs

    Oh man, not to long ago this was a VERY different conversation.
  4. Palladia

    All this fuss over just one player?

    They are still adding CV's to legends. They had better, anyway, lots of people looking forward to them there.
  5. Eh, true, and with the new defensive fire they are forced to pay attention to the sky on top of that, it might be a bit overwhelming to have to pay attention underneath you while hitting defensive fire while trying to dodge shells while trying to torpedo. Fair.
  6. Palladia

    PSA: Free Skill Reset

    The difference is, this is now on every ship and not just ones with DFAA. Also yeah, bleeding planes isn't fun.
  7. Palladia

    All this fuss over just one player?

    We HAD carriers in games. Then WG made a snap change that they didn't thoroughly test that they were warned was bad that chased them all off. If they revert that nonsense and rebalance AA ((...again...)) then we'll have CV's again and anti-fighter armaments will once again be viable. I mean they'd also have to splash it on the main loading page "Massive AA changes should help CV play!" so that everyone logging in knows its safe to go back but people WILL play them again, a lot of people find the new system fun. Just not when you're going to bleed planes approaching dang near anything.
  8. Huh, that's funny, that number went way up before AA got broken again and made the class unfun. Oh but that doesn't matter, right? At least your shooting down planes now! Other peoples fun be damned!
  9. Not sure how I feel about automated depth charges. I don't think its on the same level as automated AA, you can still shoot at surfaced subs, but it feels...I dunno. Off.
  10. That literally would not have worked. Old AA was built around dealing with mass amounts of planes, new AA is designed to deal with a third of the number or less. The old AA was designed to be able to target a single squadron for increased damage, the new system each CV player only has a single squad to throw. Old AA was designed with deep and more or less immediate squad replacement in mind, the new system layers squad regeneration over the course of a battle so losing a squadron is now felt much more immediately. The old system would not function with the new CV's, not in any sort of fair or balanced way.
  11. Palladia

    CV & AA Argument

    That's one of the stupidest things I've read today. Back at the start of the rework many, MANY CV players were saying that AA needed to be adjusted upwards, that it was a bit too low and losses were only really accruing on the best of AA ships or on blobs. Instead of using a scalpel to increase said damage, WG hit it with a massive hammer and adjusted targeting to shoot down one plane at a time, insuring that spending any time in an AA bubble was going to result in plane losses that then result in long ((Overly so, with AA's current effectiveness)) respawn times on planes. But of COURSE you think AA is fine as it is, even low AA ships with no AA skills or modules are shooting down a goodly number of planes. We're back to the era of "Why spec for AA?" and that's not healthy for the game. We need a better balance than this. Currently CV's are balanced around dealing damage over the course of their passes, three or four CV pending, but the current AA system discourages that and nearly guarantees you won't get off the full amount of damage the system is balanced around. One solution is to increase alpha damage, but I personally am against that. That makes CV's more effective against DD's or low tier ships, increasing their damage without sacrificing anything. If they are going to INSIST on this nonsense of primarily targeting the last plane in a flight then they need to make it a 70/30 damage split, with 70% of the damage being divided among the rest of the flight and the last plane taking 30% of the total AA damage. Damage on said last plane ramps up as the flight drops its ordinance, but the CV still has a healthy chance to drop most of that last group. Players still get the sense of "I shot something down!" without it now being a goodly chunk of the flight ((on low AA ships, mind, high AA ships have a purpose and that is to eat planes for breakfast, lunch, and diner)) and CV's don't suffer the same hangar losses as they do currently.
  12. Palladia

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    You mean not being able to just sit invisible and do what you want anymore? No OWSF, radar to counter smoke, hydroaccoustic to counter torpedoes, more cruiser lines to directly counter DD's, and a bigger CV population to nullify your ability to be completely untargetable while firing off high damage ordinance with no RNG involved? Oh perish the thought! Heaven forbid people actually be able to fight back against DD's!
  13. From previous testing I can tell you that bot AA under the rework system is ALWAYS far more effective than player AA. If I had to wager, I'd say that bot AA is tuned to always be at its most effective, IE working as if it had every AA upgrade and was always utilizing priority sector correctly. That's was one reason that testing against bots was so ineffective before, it lead to misconceptions about the level of AA on both sides, from people on seaward ships actually being able to test against other players to CV players having to play against bots. That being said, the issues still remain. CV's are balanced around multiple passes and the change to AA targeting rendered their third drop null and void in a large number of situations, without changing the alpha damage of the flight. Flipside, changing the alpha damage puts lone DD's at more risk to the CV. The changes to targeting the last plane in a flight were a terrible idea and it is going to prove to be impossible to balance in the end and all just so that certain part of the playerbase can go "Yay! I shot down planes!" even when sitting in low AA boats with no AA upgrades or captain skills.
  14. Palladia

    Did not know this was a thing ?

    I remember this one poor DD who had done everything right, avoided the frontlines and come around to my Ryujo. I had dodged his first salvo of torpedoes, knew I wasn't going to get out of the way of his second...when my secondaries pinged him and he exploded. And this was before the detonation changes so he was more or less at full health. Never felt guiltier about a kill.
  15. Palladia

    Finally, Someone Who Appreciates the CV

    Baha, its okay. I've just been fan of Gundam for ages now. That you even knew who Char was, was fantastic. And Anavel himself was an awesome character. Oooo, that's from Space Battleship Yamato 2199, itn' it? Looking them up, those are some pretty ships. Would not complain about that one bit.