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  1. I got a little frustrated with her when I first unlocked her but...she's growing on me. She doesn't have to rely on speed and evasion to tank as much as her counterparts and she can deal out comfortable damage from a decent range when you learn to lead. I tend to miss the torpedo options on her but as long as you swing her smart you won't generally be in situations where you'd have needed them. Then again I am still pretty bad in her. But hey, I am learning.
  2. You have absolutely zero idea what you are talking about. None. A CV puts itself in harms way far, far more then any other ship type in game. A ships planes ARE its hitpoints, not what its carrying around on its frame. And its hitpoints are deleted automatically any time it enters an AA umbrella. Let that sink in. The counter to a CV, the way to kill them, is performed automatically. Even if you have manual AA, all you have to do is press a button and watch them burn. Even the vaunted secondary build on German BB's can't really proclaim that. The problem is that for most ships, its all or nothing. Either you're a no fly zone for a CV or you're fodder and have a hard time shooting down any planes on your own. I see it all the time in my CV's. If you don't spec for AA at least in part then even ships like the NC are approachable without too many losses. If you spec AA then even ships like the Amagi can work over your planes. Very, very few ships have a half way point. As for CV's being influential, they are also the only class that can be completely shut out using even a modicum of teamwork. An AA umbrella of three to four ships is completely capable of stopping anything a CV can throw at them until the herd gets thinned, which leaves a CV out of the action until their team does something. Flipside, an even decent CV player has the ability to wreak havoc on an unorganized team. CV players are largely dependent on targets who isolate themselves for dealing damage. No other ship can make that claim. You can't shoot down a BB's or a CL/A's shells. You can't blow up a DD's torpedoes in the water. You can see a CV's planes from at least 8km away and usually further, giving you time to react and plan accordingly to mitigate the incoming strike. You can maneuver your ship to cause a CV's planes to have to constantly shift position and take plane losses until they can find a good firing angle. CV's are quite possibly the easiest ships in the game to mitigate. People just don't want to. Its easier for people to accept "Well that citadel just took me out of the match. Nothing I can do about it!" then it is for them to accept that they can go to great lengths to stop or lessen a CV's strike. At this point, as both a CV and a BB captain, CV's are honestly the class I worry about least if I am not playing them. If a CV captain manages to get a good, solid strike on me then I either completely flubbed up or he was just really, really skilled. And if I am a cruiser or a DD then they are just a joke that no ones laughing at. They may get some lucky hits from the RNG that is dive bombers but their main form of damage is almost never, EVER going to hit me.
  3. Nope. Not only is this a bad idea, its a stupid one. "Hang on, its perfectly okay for someone to que in a Tirpitz and have no idea but god forbid that kid go out in a Kaga!" Don't. Rely. On. Your. CV. To. Defend. You. If you have issues with CV's, spec for it. Yeah, I mean yours or the enemies. If CV's are being potatoes, spec AA and deal with the issue yourself so you aren't a target. Done. Simple as that. Otherwise I expect you to march yourself straight over to the other forums and suggest the same thing there because 'we got a Belfast who doesn't know how to play.' No. You should not have the ability to que in a game short of whatever ship type you want, you spoiled, entitled little prat. One for the list, and one for priority targeting.
  4. Basically if a dive bomber drops on you, you are going to take damage. I've not seen a single miss when a bomber has come after me and that's been in mid-maneuver and with speed boost on.
  5. Her torpedos are 1 knot slower then normal plane dropped and everyone manual drops inside of 2km anyway. All it means is that they'll drop closer in auto-drops which is going to make that even more effective...if costly due to short range AA. Particularly the coming British BB's and their defensive fire.
  6. Oh no, I am right there with you. It doesn't make any sense to me. Its too powerful for one nation but...not for the other? And the end result has been what we predicted as well, USN dropped like a rock in win rate. It also didn't help that instead of letting the AA buffs play out to see if that counterbalanced USN CV's that they did both at once. It was a massive overall nerf to the USN.
  7. Then you're doing it wrong. The first step in carrier versus carrier play is to not be where the enemy fighters are. Do not seek an engagement. Find them, and avoid them. Strike where they aren't. Your fighters are a last ditch stall tactic until T7 when you can stop on any USN loadout not AS and you can give AS a run for its money. Let me repeat: Your goal is not air control. Your goal is sea control. The only time you should be working over an enemies planes is when you have no other recourse and even then, only over friendly AA if at all possible. You're...YOU'RE IN A ZUIHO. Okay, look, there is nothing manual right now. He can't strafe you down. He can't instantly delete you. He can bug you. He can slow you down. But if you play your cards right, even sort of right, you're going to bury every single Bogue you come across. I had a feeling you were in something low level when you talked about being over cruisers and your opponent not losing planes. Go find a Cleveland or an Omaha. T5 is the last of the low AA tiers.
  8. Clearly you do. Otherwise, why post?
  9. I was actually going to bring this up. Thing is anyone with any sense realized the USN CV's at top end needed a nerf but the nerf they wound up with dropped them into sub-50% win rates and put them far, far below their counterparts. Who, might I add, got to keep their twelve torpedo loadouts. With that said, the smoke dispersal nerf is not aimed just at DD's and in fact I think will effect lone DD's sitting in smoke least of all. Its aimed at the group meta of entire groups sitting in smoke outside of torpedo range with a spotter DD allowing everyone in the cloud to fire with virtual impunity. I've watched high level group play before, and this is always what it boils down to, with the final say generally going to who can kill the others spotter first. Its a very stale, insipid form of gameplay that isn't fun for anyone involved and changes the flow of gameplay in a negative manner. Finally, DD's are hard to balance. You have no rng involved in torpedo's, they go where you point them and are the most damaging payloads in the game. This balancing is made even harder still by the fact that most things that launch them, also have extremely low detection ranges and very high speeds. Yes I realize that DD's die fast but a good DD player isn't going to put themselves into that much danger while delivering his or her ordinance. So who do you balance around? The average joe, the potato, or the unicum? Do you adjust it around average gameplay capabilities and give the high end player the ability to decimate an entire team? Or do you balance around the unicum and make things much harder on the average players? If its any consolation though, I understand. I could not for one second believe it when I read the data mined patch notes on CV's last year. No way WG was going to be THAT stupid. I mean not only where they removing almost half of the upper tier USN CV's damage capabilities, they were nerfing the LEXINGTON, which had win rates below her counterpart and damage far lower. Oh but it wasn't okay that she could do everything in one loadout. Like the Shokaku. Oh and we're re-balancing planes and more or less nerfing them across the tiers. Oh and we're buffing AA by a good margin. I quit for aaabbbbooouuuutttt eight months after that.
  10. Might have to disagree but only a little. AS Saipan has the scariest bomber unit in the game and while it won't let you deal strike levels of damage, it will deal enough when coupled with shutting down or scaring the enemy CV to help carry. Meanwhile Taiho and Hak get an AS loadout with almost strike levels of damage because balance!
  11. Main gun dispersion says hello. Besides its not like German BB's are the best performing BB's at any tier. They are, however, consistently high in the rankings which is...more then you can say for some ship lines.
  12. Her dispersion is good for KM BB's. But that's...still pretty derpy. I find her to be a good jack of all trades ship. Her guns are good for dealing with cruisers. her secondaries are a threat to destroyers, and her torpedoes and speed let her deal with battleships. She isn't the best at any one role but I really enjoy her.
  13. And THIS attitude is the issue. "I want to be able to do everything and not sacrifice anything!" Do you want to not be bombed in those rare cases an Enterprise shows up in a match? Use those last four points from a secondary build and toss them into manual AA. Enjoy shredding down the Enterprises bombers before they reach you. Do you want to be more effective against cruisers or not burn as much? Fire Prevention. Those skills are there to help refine your build, to help you pick what you want to be effective against. Don't take skills that make you more offensive to ship targets and then whine about not being able to deal with planes in a handy manner. Of course, here's the thing. I play KM BB's. Would you like to know how often I've had issues with the Enterprise? Never. I stay near allies and begin maneuvering the second I see bombers of ANY sort within 7km of me. And I am not a good player. In the least. But dealing with planes is not all that hard.
  14. I won't touch ranked with a ten foot pole due to my own inability and to the sheer volumes of salt that flow here, but I do hate when you have that ONE guy who, when the team decides to go B/C, goes A and then complains about no support. If he's quiet about it and is going to either see if he can stealth take it or stall then its fine, but when he gets sunk and then immediately begins spewing vitriol in chat it makes me angry. Even in the odd event that he has chat hidden...he could see the entire rest of the team heading to a different point. How is it everyone elses fault that the team had a plan and he just decided to wander off alone?
  15. When I am in my BB's I'd much rather see the incoming fire on me then on my squishier allies. I usually hope that my copious backside is distracting enough to be a primary target even if it means getting roasted in a very literal sense.