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  1. The Saipan's strength comes from having T9 planes at T7. More speed, more hitpoints, more damage, more numbers for a class that is heavily reliant on numbers to function. It was an interesting experiment, but I think we can see now that its leading to some imbalance issues. Meanwhile downtiering planes but having more of them seems to be working. Having a quick look at the stats though, it seems like the reason is as successful as it is, is because of its ability to deal with the enemy CV. The only stat it leads the Kaga on is planes shot down, with the Kaga leading in damage by a decent chunk. Going to be hard to balance it without just making the Kaga straight better.
  2. Thats what I am saying. You get a brief lockup before one side just strafes out. It prevents fighters from doing any sort of defensive work. Well I mean they still do 'defensive' work, but they do it by being offensive.
  3. Yeah, DPS does affect strafe damage. Its why same tier strafes aren't super effective against the Saipan's planes, they are largely speaking just to beefy. And fighter locks happen, sure, but most players will strafe out of the fight and take the stun time to just keep hunting down bombers.
  4. Except strafing isn't' skill. Its a one button win solution that completely destroys any semblance of balance. It also adds one more thing onto the plate of CV captains who already have a ton of things to manage. And the Bogue only got away with that previously if the IJN captain let him. I know, I leveled my Zuiho in that time. It wasn't that hard to play around AS Bogues. Sure it was annoying, but he traded his ability to affect the sea battle in for the ability to stop ME from wrecking the sea. Now its either he rolls over your planes and does what he used to do anyway on a fast forward timeline OR even worse, the guy who is better at wrecking the sea gets to own the air as well. Well I mean, not T5 now but you know what I mean. Also, guessing from your phrasing that your an IJN captain who wants to be able to do EVERYTHING and the super-cheap strafe let you get away with it, eh?
  5. Thats the question, especially without reducing IJN loadouts in the same manner. I mean...not that it matters, the IJN are still going to be across the board better. This addresses one issue, USN didn't have a decent damage option with air support until T10, but creates more issues by not allowing the USN to really compete. Its just...weird decision making.
  6. Thats going to depend on the captain skills the enemy is using. I was making runs on Bizzy's in the Ranger without too many issues so long as they didn't have manual AA. WITH Manual AA and other focused skills and modules, they are going to rip you a new one. As an example, I've made runs using the Enterprises bombers on a Montana with relatively few loses. However had he been rocking AA improving captain skills I'd have never gotten close.
  7. Ehhhh. It deals with one issue, USN not having a solid strike loadout with fighters, but ignores the fact that IJN are still doing everything better. Its just that now IJN can do everything better period, USN doesn't even have an AS loadout to compete with. And I really...don't understand the need to drop the Midways torpedo bombers to T8. Its...its okay for IJN to have 12 T10 torpedo bombers but not USN? Still, its a step in the right direction.
  8. Beat me to it. I've made attack runs with the Enterprises bombers on a Montana with relatively few losses before. Captain skills make or break AAA effectiveness.
  9. In her field for sure. If the enemy can keep her at range though then she loses some of her luster. If you can get her and keep her into that 10km range though, she's a beast. That also helps counter the somewhat atrocious rng on her spread. More on topic, the NC and the Bismarck are my two favorite battleships. Been to the Showboat and grew up with "Sink the Bismarck" so its probably no surprise that I love them. Don't really see it as a competition between them, tho'. NC's better at range, Bismarck is better at brawling. The one that fits your playstyle better is the one you'll do better in.
  10. Thats my observation. Its the guy who ran out ahead of everyone and didn't pay attention to what the team was doing so he died first screaming about how the rest of the team sucks. Even if the team is ahead at the time.
  11. Played Strike Ranger by and large, my best performing CV and ship currently. I think it had something to do with me making it a point to nuke every single DD I came across...
  12. Losing a single plane is hardly heavy damage and it defeats the purpose of using fighters to protect your bombers. The only counter to strafing is strafing and it makes for a very lack luster, twitch gameplay environment that runs counter to the more strategic gameplay CV's are supposed to embody. Further its one more element that CV players have to pay attention to on a class that already has to pay attention to everything. Basically all its doing is chasing away more CV players at this point, people who are already tired of potentially astronomical AA numbers who don't also want to have to worry about the enemy CV plowing down their planes while they were busy maneuvering their ship or trying to line up a bombing run while under AA fire.
  13. You mean Graf is the only carrier that requires a brain dead opponent in order to do well...
  14. And that's the difference. You can't stop, shoot down, dodge, or do anything to prevent an artillery shell in WoWs except hide behind things. There are so many options to reduce the damage a strike can do in WoWS but people are either lazy and don't want to alter their usual play style or don't think they need to respec in order to be able to shoot down planes. They want to be good at everything at once and play only one way and waahhh if they can't.
  15. Don't take guys like this seriously. Some people just have a hard time adapting to changing game play and hate having to use actual brain power against CV's. Welcome to the game and just enjoy what you want to play, my friend.