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  1. The only ships that are going to take consistent shots from secondaries at 11km are BB's and most BB's at that tier take little to no damage from the secondaries themselves unless you've sunk a lot of points into an IFHE secondary build which also sacrifices another aspect of secondaries, fire starting. If anything secondary range across the board needs to be increased along with accuracy, with captain skills being readjusted to have the same final effect as they do now. Actually make base secondaries do something other than be a light show but don't overbuff them on the far side. They are already niche, the only way to actually make them fit into the meta would be a massive buff in range and realistically speaking, no logical person wants 18km secondaries. Might as well make them extremely effective in those few situations they are useful in. Also, I have to laugh at people screaming about 'free damage'. Does it really hurt some peoples ego so much to see a ships auto-firing secondaries actually doing work? I mean the obvious answer is yes, but it still amuses me.
  2. Palladia

    Why why why why BB players

    If a DD pops up within 10kmn of a BB, its sort of a guttural instinct to END THAT SUCKER. You have to understand, a DD is a terrifying opponent for most battleships. Course you have the opposite too, secondary specced German or French BB's who get giddy at the same prospect. For me, personally? Had waaaayyyy to many instances where I would ignore a DD, confident that my team would end it while I finished off a wounded cruiser or enemy BB, only for the DD to get away with very few shells fired at it.
  3. Palladia

    Stop the rework!

    Tin foil hats for everyone, I suppose.
  4. Palladia

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    And the third round of testing starts tomorrow.
  5. Palladia

    Stop the rework!

    No, it isn't. Good god, are you really just going to stick your fingers in your ears and scream la la la when people try to explain this to you? WG is perfectly capable of making a second system on consoles for plane control if they need to. They didn't. This rework is not about the console version, this rework is about profit, plain and simple. The CV population is extremely low, which means people aren't buying. They aren't spending money to speed up tech tree progress, they aren't buying premiums, they aren't spending money on the class because there aren't enough players. The point of this rework is to bring more people into the ship class so that more people spend money on it. The fact that it will work better on consoles is tertiary at best. I've said this before and I will say it again, yes Wargaming is sacrificing the current CV playerbase who enjoy the RTS style and banking on being able to bring in more people who will enjoy the action based style more and frankly speaking, its going to work because this game attracts more action based gamers than it does RTS gamers.
  6. Palladia

    Buff 100mm French BB secondaries.

    "You don't play my way, ergo you MUST be a potato." Just...stop, man. The only thing you do when you paint people in broad strokes like this is make yourself look stupid.
  7. The Colorado is a beast under 12km. The Nagato is more of a threat from long ranges. The Colorado's need to get in close is going to increase her accuracy and output substantially, and she has the armor to survive a beating. The Colorado has the USN's 127's for her secondaries, half of which are 4.5 second reload 9% fire chance, while the Nagato suffers from AP secondaries at a tier where AP secondaries have problems penning anything, but her four per side 127's hit harder than the Colorado's 127's but with 1% less fire chance and .5 second longer reload time. After her secondaries are changed to HE she'll have the advantage here but for now, its the Colorado's game. Me, personally? I think I enjoyed the Colorado more, even though I sold her and kept the Nagato. She fit my style more, while the Nagato was my better performing ship. Then again USN was my first BB line and I've learned a lot since then so who knows how it would go if I went back now.
  8. Palladia

    Post rework CV refunds

    Translation: I don't care to learn how to counter CV's and want to whine about a class I see in less than twenty five percent of the games I play. Nevermind that you can see planes coming from across the map and can spec specifically to deal with them, as opposed to say destroyers who get to be almost invisible, the fastest things in the match, have stupidly high alpha damage potential that can often be fired FROM stealth, have no citadels, and are being buffed even FURTHER against BB's. No no no, lets whine about a non-existent problem instead! No, they are not going to remove CV's. This change is NOT for that reason, and its not a hail mary pass before then. CV gameplay is not being changed because its not balancable, its being changed to make it more profitable for WG.
  9. Palladia

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    That has never been my experience. Every time a game has changed things greatly in order to attract new people or appeal to the lowest common denominator, it has failed spectacularly. I've seen tweaks made towards being more noob friendly be successful, but overall large, sweeping changes typically cost companies big time. I'm not saying this will fail. I'm testing it as much as I can right now to get a feel for it and I...am not sure what I think. I think it has potential but it just feels like its missing something. A personal issue I am having is that IJN get BOTH of the gimmicks in AP and Deep Water but that's not whats making it feel hollow to me. On the non-CV side, I am already sighing about the stacking DoTs. Flooding in particular has the potential to be nasty, particularly if individual AA isn't improved. I know I don't have AA upgrades or skills right now so its not really indicative, but my Pensacola is having issues shooting down planes without DFAA on. And this is focusing on sectors and keeping enemy planes in them as well as having them fly over into automated AA. That being said, yeah, this is already at a point where more people are going to play it and enjoy it. Less stress, more of a focus on sinking the enemy.
  10. Palladia

    How to Fix Carriers

    To expand on this, a good deal of the system is going to rely on player skill. So it may be possible for players to dodge ALL of the non-automatic AA fire and get off full flights of armaments. I think the balancing factor to a lot of this is going to be close in AA shredding squadrons to prevent players from doing a full four passes. The idea, and I may be wrong, is to reward players for skillfully dodging AA but to largely prevent them from being able to deal massive amounts of damage overall. This is going to be a very delicate balancing act. We'll see if they can manage.
  11. Palladia

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Sure, but they also can't ATTACK the torpedo boat. Ergo they can do nothing about it, and eventually those torpedo hits will add up.
  12. Palladia

    Go to Ships, OCT 2018 Edition

    Massachusetts. Not so much for a win, but to just enjoy myself a bit. Langley if I feel like I NEED to win for some reason. Oddly enough, I also really enjoy the Grosser Kurfurst.
  13. Palladia

    Secondary Focused IJN BB

    The problem is where secondaries fire. From my understanding secondaries aim at the center mass of the enemy ship so most AP shells, particularly at higher levels, tend to just bounce off the enemy armor. The last time I can remember AP shells doing good damage ((Doing GREAT damage, thinking back)) was at the Bayern at T6. The Izumo, Mushashi, and Yamato are all up against much thicker armor at the higher tiers so typically get more damage off of the HE shells directly and even MORE damage off of them indirectly via fires. Which is a shame because the Mushashi has some really well placed 155's.
  14. There's the guy! I knew SOMEONE was going to come in to try to speak up for the Lex and Ranger. But...no. You're wrong. The problem isn't the ships themselves, the problem is the ships they are up against. Pitted against each other, Ranger to Ranger or Lex to Lex, sure, they'll do fine. Pitted against less skilled players, same deal. But pit an equally skilled Ranger or Lex player against ANY OTHER CV at their tier, and they'll lose. They don't have the fighters to contend the skies and they don't have the damage to win the sea war either. They lack the strafing gimmick of the Saipan, the improved bomber accuracy of the Zeppelin, Enterprise, or Saipan, or the improved torpedoes of the Kaga. They have no gimmicks, no special tricks, they lack the numbers of squadrons to cover the map like their IJN counterparts, and they have zero loadout options now.
  15. Ranger and Lex both are in a bad spot right now. They don't have the fighters to contest anything at their tiers and they don't have the damage or flexibility to make up for that lack there of. The Lex at least pops up to those 1000pders but she also see's T10. Lex also has the option for Ap bombs but doing that makes you really good against a few targets and bad against everything else. You also lose your ability to stack DoT's on target and the the ability to effectively strip off AA and secondaries. Course none of this is going to matter soon, but for the moment, those two are at the bottom. Essex and Midway are harder to read. I THINK after the recent nerfs to Midway and buffs to Hak that she's back to being the Haks bi...uh, whipping girl, but even if so she'll still be able to deal absurd damage.