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  1. "Bombs will be the USN specialty!" *Shortly thereafter gives the sole German CV better bombs*
  2. So... the Texas... wow.

    Gonna have to disagree with you there. Anyone who sells a premium very clearly does not 'know what they are doing'. You also prove this even further by not realizing that at T4 and 5, carriers CAN'T drop further out. No manual drop. But to each their own.
  3. Math time! The only way this is going to work is if you give the Midway back its TX fighters, otherwise all you've done is give the Hak air superiority while sacrificing its weakest squadron. Alternatively, make the Hak a 3/3/3 and knock her fighters down to T9. That'll put her roughly on par with the Midway, with fifteen concurrent fighters in the air to the Midways fourteen and with the Midway having slightly better fighters. But as it is, this is just taking the problem and reversing it. Right now its only sort of balanced by the fact that Midways T9's can't chew through the superior but fewer fighters of the Hak very quickly, but if you give the Hak superior numbers AND superior fighters she's just going to bury the Midways fighters and go on to dominate her bombers. This is a step closer but its not quite there yet.
  4. To add to this my Ranger has a winrate of 55% and this was from back when we had nothing but lose lose loadouts. My tactic? DD hunting. Focusing solely on DD's at the start of the match until they were all wiped out, and THEN working on hard targets. It wasn't perfect, but it let even a potato like me in a crud ship like the Ranger have a positive win rate. Purely anecdotal, of course. But still, for me it was an effective strategy.
  5. Essex vs. Midway

    How about you go check out the OTHER THREE SERVERS before mouthing off? And not taking the Wargaming method of balance route and just looking at one? Oh, thats right, the other three servers don't fit your narrative. Got it. Now on the OTHER THREE SERVERS, there's a few percentage between the ships. This up and coming nerf is just going to flip things back over to where they were before, with the Hak being the clear winner and the Midway just getting stomped. Again.
  6. lexington 1-1-2(facepalm)

    Had a suspicious so I went digging. Turns out that on the RU server, the Lexington is just one percent behind the Shokaku! Nevermind that there isn't less than an EIGHT PERCENT DIFFERENCE on any of the other three servers, no no no, on the RU server, its ffiiinnnneeeee! And nevermind that the Enterprise doesn't even have a presence on the RU server, being played a mere five hundred and seventy eight games in the past two weeks compared to the thousands of games on the other servers, it doesn't matter, doesn't factor in at all! Not important! I'm really, really not liking this pattern.
  7. In the spirit of fairness, I am going to give you advice on beating a CV first and see if you decide to take that advice. First off, being in a cruiser you're already two steps ahead of everyone else. You don't have as much maneuverability as a DD but you have a lot more AA than most. First I'll cover tactics to use without spending any captain skills or mounting any equipment but keep in mind that every additional thing you do will make CV's that much less of a danger to you. First off, start turning INTO the planes the second you think you're being targeted. DO NOT JUST CONTINUE SAILING IN A STRAIGHT LINE. This is the same as not showing your broadside to a BB. Cruiser pending your ship reaction time will vary but so long as you notice at five or six km out you should have enough time to get into position. Press control and left click on the TORPEDO squadron to focus your fire on it. If there are multiple, pick the closest. If you're being cross dropped its going to depend on your cruiser. If you've got something super nippy like say an RN CL then you might be able to jerk it back over into the second drop and force a few duds from it. Otherwise keep turning. A good cross dropper will still nip you with one or two. If you're facing a great cross dropper though your mileage is going to vary. But for about 80% of the CV captains you face this is going to negate most of the damage they can do to you. Now for modules. If they are giving you that much trouble, run Defensive Fire. Combine that with the above evasive maneuvers and you'll not only negate most if not all of the damage they can deal to you, but you'll also deal a lot of damage to their flight groups. One of the best ways to take yourself off of the target list of a CV captain is to prove dangerous to drop on. Now for captain skills. Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing Training, and Manual AA are your winning combo here. More range and much more DPS on your long range AA so long as you control click the target. Now any smart CV is going to see your advanced range and see their planes dropping out of the sky and are going to avoid you until they don't have a better target.
  8. That's a big ol' nope. AA is already the height of bipolar with it either being virtually useless or way too much and WG can't seem to find a good middle ground that works as a deterrent that doesn't either melt the planes off limited hangars or gentle tickles the planes as they go overhead. And as it stands even ships with mediocre AA can be built up to destroy full flights of planes if they spec and gear for it. Meanwhile things with good AA become no fly zones and while I am sure that sounds good to some of you, making certain ships completely unassailable by an entire class of ships is unfun and extremely poor design. On the flipside of that, having ships that are completely unable to shoot down or defend themselves against planes that can put upwards of twelve torpedoes DIRECTLY into their sides is ALSO unfun and extremely poor design. Plane launched torepdoes don't get any stronger of course and having a turnaround time of three minutes mean that at least they have a limited number of strikes to put out but its still frustrating to do everything right but still get caught in a well dropped manual or cross drop.
  9. Now compare armament times. Its a three minute turn around on planes at the very least, time to target and time to return, rearm, and relaunch. In that time period a BB has fired its main guns at lest six times. Now compare THOSE damage values and you'll have something closer to reality. Which isn't to say that I approve of the Graf Zeppelin in her current state. She has the highest damaging and most accurate AP bombs in the game ((Something that was supposed to be the USN flavor)) and the strongest torpedoes. She even has derpwater torpedoes if you want to JUST focus on BB's and improve your chances of flooding them. She has tier 7 fighters with tier 8 stats that can utilize dogfighting expert against two out of three of the tier 8 CV's, both tech tree of course. She has the highest armor of all CV's and the best secondaries ((...okay Kaga might be able to give her a run for her money in brute strength but the Zeppelins almost 2km more range make them more useful)). Right now I think she's just too much. She's going to shunt the Shok and Lex back even further and only the Enterprise really has a chance against her. Unfortunately I don't think she's going to be nerfed at this point. Also no, she is nothing like artillery. Don't make ridiculous claims like that, it doesn't help your argument any. Shells can not be shot down, can be evaded if fired well, don't require a three minute reloading period, and don't require anywhere near the level of micromanaging skill that a properly played CV does. The only thing a CV has over artillery is that it can scout for itself so it doesn't require team mates to be effective. Barring storms.
  10. To be fair, tier 4 5 and 6 aren't in too bad of a spot right now. And oddly on the RU server tier 7 and 8 aren't either but that doesn't mesh with any other server so I have no idea what they are doing over there that's so vastly different. But T9 at the very least is almost completely screwed across the board ((Can't check the EU stats for some reason but everyone else the Taiho is at LEAST 4% and fifteen thousand damage ahead)) and its just being completely ignored. But considering I am pretty sure Wargaming focuses mainly on the RU server ((The only server where the Midway had a significant lead of 4% after the last patch with every other server being between one and two percent margin)) I think we can safely say the chance for changes to the USN line are slim. Nevermind that every other region is showing a much different story.
  11. Its a DD thats going to get eaten alive by other DD's and CA/CL's. Its going to be a lot worse for players like me who like to push in BB's than it is for the average sit back and snipe camper but I am not complaining. I'll stick near my DD's and cruisers and let them spot the torpedoes for me as they merrily sail underneath and I'll dodge them as necessary. Is it going to suck? I mean, maybe. My favorite BB's are all around that tier. But I'll adapt. In the meantime I am fairly happy because my allies who AREN'T in BB's will essentially be getting free kills.
  12. Poll on the Graf Zeppelin CV

    We can't get them to buff ANYTHING in the USN line. The Midway got that nice buff with the rework and the Essex got A buff that isn't really working out so far. On topic, played by equally skilled players, the Graf Zeppelin is going to perform above the Shokaku and at least on par with the Enterprise. She'll have more control over the sea battle, but less control over the air battle. Her fighter squadron will lose to a well played Enterprises, but she'll deal more damage to anything on the sea. For a quick comparison, she has the strongest bombs AND the strongest torpedo's. She'll also be easier to play overall due to her smaller targeting circles on her dive bombers and her unique drop pattern on her torpedoes. So she'll have a lower entry level bar and a relatively low skill ceiling.
  13. Do not riot over midway nerf.

    I know it isn't everyone and I shouldn't blanket statement like that. And in this case the guy has a clear bias, considering his most played CV is the Taiho. And he has a fifty nine percent win rate in it. Its an automatic knee jerk reaction of "nooo don't nerf my ship!" without looking at the whole picture because heaven help a ship receive a nerf or its counter receive a buff. I'm a USN CV player and while I don't have the Midway yet, it was easy to see that she badly needed that first nerf. Its really, REALLY not hard to put your bias aside and admit when these things are happening but you'd think its the end of the world for some people. Edit: Oh. I get it now. The only server where the Hakuryu is being greatly outperformed by her counterpart is the Russian server. Still, this isn't a statistical buff so if USN CV captains play smart they can probably still work it out. Its just irritating that they had to reduce to UNDER the Hakuryu's hangar capacity when the Hak is swinging all T10s and the USN are swinging Tier 8 and 9 with a few 10s. My prediction is that this is an over-nerf that's going to see the Midway fall behind the Hakuryu again.
  14. Do not riot over midway nerf.

    People REALLY hate statistics on this forum. If it doesn't agree with whatever their particular confirmation bias is, they dislike it. Now I remember why I stopped visiting this place.
  15. Do not riot over midway nerf.

    Now go check the RU and Asian servers. Its a TWELVE PERCENT DIFFERENCE on the Asian servers and four percent in the Russian. Either way, still much, MUCH higher than the Midway versus Hakuryu. You can't just cherry pick one example, man.