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  1. Part of it works, part of it doesn't. The parts of it that don't work, T7 and 8, really, REALLY don't work. USN CV's are just worse than their IJN counterparts in every way. Unable to keep up in air supremacy with even the IJN's balanced loadouts and not even approaching close to as effective in their damage. All AP bombs do is add another roulette and remove nearly every other ship type from the list of targets for dive bombers. The only way this is going to work is if USN fighters at those tiers are given a special buff like IJN fighters get at T4 and 5. Not a huge one, but enough so that in those 10v7 matches the IJN squadrons suffer heavy losses for their win. Also buffing the accuracy of USN dive bombers so its not such a massive crap shoot would be good. Like...to Saipan levels of accuracy. Thats the only way dive bombers are going to be able to effective work as a USN equivalent of IJN damage.
  2. At T6 you can no longer attack whatever you please. Pay attention in the pre-battle screen to what ships the enemy team has. Is it a USN CL/A or BB? Avoid it. Does it have unusually high AA? Avoid it. Are the blobbed up? Avoid them. Is it the Hood? Avoid it. At T6 and up it becomes a game of pick your targets carefully. Most BB's are fair game with secondary or AA focused German BB's becoming risky. Russian cruisers and German cruisers are possibly targets but most likely have defensive fire to throw off your aim. Trust me, you're in a better spot then your USN counterparts.
  3. Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. Whose getting knocked down a grade again?
  4. Its too early for this but here goes. You aren't going to go pink from a single friendly fire incident. Obviously you aren't telling us the whole story. And being pink doesn't affect your accuracy. But eyyy, keep sellin' that story,
  5. But that's the thing, people don't WANT to change how they play, they want to play their way and anything that interferes with that is bad. CV's are easy to deal with, either through captain skills, proper maneuvering, sticking near AA heavy ships or even just other ships, or heaven forbid a combination of the above. And thats even on the off chance that you get a CV in your match to begin with.
  6. Except no torpedos are governed by RNG, and you've obviously never seen a dive bomber. CV's also only get to attack once every few minutes as opposed to your once every thirty seconds. And every second a CV spends adjusting is a second more of their planes are at risk of being shot down. Planes that DON'T COME BACK. Because unlike every other ship, CV ammo does not magically regenerate. Just...stop embarrassing yourself. Learn to play and quit. Whining.
  7. Fix BB AP against DD

    I will say that I noticed that my Ranger, my only CV to focus heavily on DD's at the start of a match, has my highest winrate among my CV's. And from a purely anecdotal view, I've noticed that matches where one side wipes out the other sides DD's early on tend to have the advantage for the rest of the match. So yeah, I'd say DD's ability to spot, disrupt, and deal damage has a pretty big effect on the match.
  8. C'mon now. Lets not do these mocking threads.
  9. The actual stats tell an interesting story. The only tier where CV's are runaway in the lead for damage is tier 9 with the Taiho. Every other tier there are either other ships very close to the average damage dealt by CV's or CV's aren't leading in damage. Checking winrate, only Premium CV's hold the record for top WR at T7 and 8. Both, amusingly, USN CV's. The only statistic CV's are far and away ahead in are survival and thats...kind of a duh statement.
  10. Team play is the answer to CV's in general. Buuutttt people would rather solo hero it and then whine when they get sunk.
  11. Put it at the bottom of your priority list and move on. Don't hit it unless you have nothing else to hit. Its a BB without a heal so the chances of it living until the late game are pretty slim. Just treat it like you would a USN cruiser. I know its going to be hard to not go after those double lines first thing but you've got to adapt.
  12. "God Mode" Spoken like someone who has absolutely zero idea what they are saying. When you actually learn what the issues with CV's are then you can come back and speak with us like an adult but in the meantime, back to the kids table.
  13. Except it isn't. You get to pick what you want to be good against and then deal with whatever captain skills you don't take. The argument against it is basically "But I don't wanna and I don't wanna learn how to play against them! I should be good against them without having to spec for it or adjusting my playstyle and if I can't then they need to go away!" which is frankly asinine. You also don't get to say crap. You don't play a class, you don't get to whine. Period. I HATE torpedo soup but largely speaking I don't play DD's so I refuse to come onto these forums and complain about how it is unfair. I don't know how hard it is to stay alive as a DD, how hard it is to make one work effectively. This is the same scenario. You've never faced a team that clumps together, you've never had a SINGLE SHIP shut you down because "lol, specced AA." You've never had targets dance around torpedos, or seen dive bombers consistently miss targets that statistically speaking they should have hit. You've never been useless at the end of a fight from being out of 'shells' and had to resort to desperation tactics.
  14. I definitely hope it doesn't so that people like you actually have to learn to deal with CV's.
  15. Or you could stop whining like a child and learn to play. Just a thought.