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  1. In her field for sure. If the enemy can keep her at range though then she loses some of her luster. If you can get her and keep her into that 10km range though, she's a beast. That also helps counter the somewhat atrocious rng on her spread. More on topic, the NC and the Bismarck are my two favorite battleships. Been to the Showboat and grew up with "Sink the Bismarck" so its probably no surprise that I love them. Don't really see it as a competition between them, tho'. NC's better at range, Bismarck is better at brawling. The one that fits your playstyle better is the one you'll do better in.
  2. Thats my observation. Its the guy who ran out ahead of everyone and didn't pay attention to what the team was doing so he died first screaming about how the rest of the team sucks. Even if the team is ahead at the time.
  3. Played Strike Ranger by and large, my best performing CV and ship currently. I think it had something to do with me making it a point to nuke every single DD I came across...
  4. Losing a single plane is hardly heavy damage and it defeats the purpose of using fighters to protect your bombers. The only counter to strafing is strafing and it makes for a very lack luster, twitch gameplay environment that runs counter to the more strategic gameplay CV's are supposed to embody. Further its one more element that CV players have to pay attention to on a class that already has to pay attention to everything. Basically all its doing is chasing away more CV players at this point, people who are already tired of potentially astronomical AA numbers who don't also want to have to worry about the enemy CV plowing down their planes while they were busy maneuvering their ship or trying to line up a bombing run while under AA fire.
  5. You mean Graf is the only carrier that requires a brain dead opponent in order to do well...
  6. And that's the difference. You can't stop, shoot down, dodge, or do anything to prevent an artillery shell in WoWs except hide behind things. There are so many options to reduce the damage a strike can do in WoWS but people are either lazy and don't want to alter their usual play style or don't think they need to respec in order to be able to shoot down planes. They want to be good at everything at once and play only one way and waahhh if they can't.
  7. Don't take guys like this seriously. Some people just have a hard time adapting to changing game play and hate having to use actual brain power against CV's. Welcome to the game and just enjoy what you want to play, my friend.
  8. Respectfully I disagree. Premium carriers so far have all had gimmicks that put them above their tech tree counterparts and that is not only unhealthy, its pay to win. On par with I would not argue or see an issue, but the trend so far is to make them flat out better. The Saipan and Kaga are both excellent examples, with the Saipan having tier 9 fighters, 1000pd bombs, and two torpedo groups and the Kaga having hands down the best plane launched torpedo's in the game. The Enterprise is a different example and may wind up being less of one once AP bombs are introduced, but for the moment her gimmicks are said AP bombs and having a balanced loadout with USN planes. The Zeppelin...we'll see where she goes. Anyway my point is, it is important for premiums to be competitive but not flat out better than their counterparts and so far almost without exception CV premiums have been better. Its a bad standard to set.
  9. Not to mention the disturbing trend of premium CV's being better than tech tree counterparts. Graf Zeppelin is still better than Lex though...thats not saying much.
  10. Maybe I am an oddity here, but her torpedo bombers do well for me. Cross dropping is a wonderful thing and generally speaking it spreads this nice little net that very few things get through. My highest number of hits was nine on an Iowa but typically battleships take between four and six with cruisers taking around three or four. The dive bombers are just icing on the cake for me and make battleship hunting even more profitable. Such a fun ship.
  11. Really? 8k is fine when you consider the games population. Also that the Hak in the past two weeks has only 2,500 games. The problem isn't the number of games, it's the people in those games. I'd say in a month we'll start seeing more reliable numbers as the general populace catches up and starts dragging stats down. That being said, those are still high numbers and need to be monitored carefully to prevent her from being too strong.
  12. While I am happy with the Enterprise overall, I would not say no to having more options. That being said, the way the Big E's torpedo bombers drop makes it virtually impossible to dodge all of them in a cross drop. It creates this nice, nasty wall that layers in on itself and usually guarantee's a solid six hits on larger BB's and between three and four on cruisers. Even DD's usually get caught in the net if you drop it well.
  13. When did you start? Originally the Langley was 1/1/0 but that was also back when she had manual drops. I mean it worked out but without manuals it wouldn't, even with IJN still has the damage advantage in damage and in their ability to cross drop. Anyway even WITH the Langely having a 1/1/1 loadout she's still behind the Hosho. Torpedo bombers are just more reliable damage that dive bombers and the ability to cross drop, particularly in an auto only environment, is invaluable. With AA being so low at T4 and 5 removing that dive bomber is just going to widen the gap between the Hosho and Langley. So...bad idea. On the Hosho, again, bad idea. If you want to go look up damage numbers you'll see that while she does good, she isn't top. She's second tech tree top, but there are numerous ships outperforming her in those numbers. The IJN CV tree also lives and breaths on its multiple torpedo bombers and learning how to control several squads of them is vital. Starting at T4 just makes sense. The only real change I could see working here is making her torpedo bombers hit for a bit less and even that might upset the scales. As for Zuiho versus Bogue, this is the weirdest f'ing tier. The actual solutions are pretty simple, give the Zuiho an AS option and give the Bogue a better balanced option. This is the only tier where USN have an AS option and IJN don't. The numbers reflect that though I dunno if the Bogue doing half the damage of the Zuiho while only taking out 50% more planes is really a good tradeoff. If I had my druthers as a soft balance overall for now? Make IJN squadrons 3, make USN squadrons 6, double the amount for IJN, mirror the loadouts to match the numbers, and remove Air Superiority. IJN win in flexibility, USN win in brute force. I still think cross dropping would give IJN the advantage but I think the overall balance would feel better, at least until a rework can be done.
  14. Fun fact, the Enterprise doesn't have the highest win rate among ships, premium or non. Among CV's the highest win rate goes to the Kaga ((That one should have been obvious)) while the highest win rate overall goes to the Imperator Nikolai. Comparing her to tech tree, she's not even half a percent ahead of the Taiho and in exchange the Taiho deals much more damage, the Bogatyr beats her, the V-25 is right around her, and...actually BB's are all behind her by at least 2%. Tech tree's anyway. For her tier though, she's a solid 2% ahead of the next closest competitor. If I had to wager I'd say it has to do with her AP bombs, she can shut off typical bow camping easily and she punishes unaware BB's heavily. This is going to help her team by eliminating hard to damage BB's and beef up her numbers. This is also offering an interesting look into the effectiveness of AP bombs versus HE bombs ((In scenarios where the AP bombs are actually effective, versus the Graf Zeppelins.)) Finally, and I try very hard to not act like this, but considering that EVERY OTHER TECH TREE USN CV IS SUB-50% WIN RATE I THINK ITS OKAY.
  15. They'd need to tighten up auto-drops for USN CV's if they did. IJN still has the cross drop option but USN auto-drops on torpedos and dive bombers are laughably bad.