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  1. Sometimes, yes, but lately it's all the [edited]time. Tier 8's almost constantly get shafted when it comes to MM. If there weren't such a huge power difference between tier 8 and 10 it wouldn't be an issue, but there is a huge difference. The simple fact is that tier 8 ships see far too many tier 10 matches. Literally no other tier gets such horrible MM all the time. It needs to be reduced somewhat.
  2. Trowa03

    Des Moines legendary Module

    Giving anything more manuverability with the [edited] that currently exists in game is [edited]broken.
  3. Trowa03

    Aircraft heals

    Are completely idiotic and unnecessary. There's absolutely no reason a carrier with unlimited planes should be healing them and be immune to their loss. This [edited] needs to be removed. There's already too many planes in a tier 10 attack squadron as it is.
  4. Trowa03

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Funny, because the gameplay I watched shows her perfectly capable at tier 6 where she belongs. It was OP at t5. Are you sure you're not just mad that it won't be anymore?
  5. Sounds about right. I get no damage pens pretty regularly, often without even the incapacitation. All ships suffer from this.
  6. Well, I'm saying strictly for arsenal ships. The ones you can't pay money for. And I've read many of mouses reviews on ships, but reading it and playing it usually end up being two very different experiences. I read up on the vanguard before i bought it, and I'm glad i didn't leave it at that because i ended up really liking it. The review made it sound like it would be less than average, but I've had some really good games in it.
  7. This really needs to be a thing. I just finished ranking out, and the amount of steel you get throughout the entire season is absurdly low. Coal is bad enough to try and save, but steel is so few and far between you basically don't wanna risk spending it on anything. There are a few ships in the arsenal I'd like to save for and get, but idk if I'll even like them. It would be nice to able to set up a training room and try them out before spending my hard earned resources on something i may hate. This also applies to premium shop ships, since doubloons are primarily purchased with real money.
  8. Want planes to have a set Amount. Good lets give DD's CA's and BB's ammo limits for AA Main guns Secondary and Torps. Now if you agree with that think about the CA's that have duel purpose mains and they get half for ships and half for AA. Would you agree with that. Seeing how most all your Post are negative anyhow.



  9. Trowa03

    Plane Death

    I'll agree to changing the AA just as soon as WG removes the unlimited planes nonsense.
  10. Because this is anything but. Hownisnot fair and balanced that battleships shotgun their shells at ranges under 3 I'm? Hownisnot fair and balanced that literally every other ship can easily melt down a bbs hp while being all but imune to return fire? What's fair and balanced about a destroyer that can fire it's guns every 3 seconds, does thousands of damage with each salvo, sets fires that burn for even more damage, and can remain entriely undetected while doing so? WG, y'all don't know what fair and balanced means. Stop false advertising this [edited] and tell it like it is; we hate big ships.
  11. There's zero point in taking out a ships engine/rudder if they just get to keep going like it didn't even happen. This skill either needs to be removed completely or it needs a finite number of uses per match. Ships using it never need to burn their damage control to keep moving, and that sounds a bit broken. It's like having a skill that allows your turret or torpedo to be disabled but you can still shoot with it.
  12. It's an online only game. Everything can and will change, except for [edited] players that think theyre good. If you pay money for stuff, you should already know this. If you don't, you're a [edited]moron and deserve to be parted from your money. Stop [edited].
  13. Trowa03

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    I stopped playing ops when WG nerfed the rewards. I've 5 starred narai with the Nelson , 9 kills, 300k+ damage, and got 160k creds. [edited] operations.
  14. Restrict players from ranked who are below 50% wr, and make MM match only similarly ranked players, both for making teams and for matching opponents. So tired of the useless fuckwits that infest every [edited]game. You can't do crapbecause your so-called "team" is too stupid to understand basic concepts.
  15. So the ship that sits furthest outside the battle does the least amount of damage per attack........what's the problem exactly? The only issue most of you seems to have now is that you can't knock off half a battleships hp with a single strike anymore. Good. It better stay that way.