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  1. Ok, for example, an Alabama at full speed rams a Vladivostock which is reversing. The Alabama has 15k HP, the Vlad had 40k. The Alabama dies, the Vlad takes only 18k damage. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this should have resulted in the destruction of both ships, with or without ramming flags. As for the gunnery, keep in mind that this applies to stationary and slow moving ships and around 10km and closer. And the whole salvo going to one side would indicate poor aim, but having each salvo bracket the target certainly sounds like the aim itself is on point.
  2. Trowa03

    Improved Game Sounds

    Yeah, most of mine sound muffled and distant, even with the settings maxed. I also can't hear my engines at all, and everything is just too loud and clear. Impacts on other ships sound like my ship is being hit, and other ships guns sound like my own guns are firing, yet my own guns and AA sound like garbage. Please just roll this back.
  3. I should hope its less effective, considering he has the second easiest requirements to activate his skills. The only one that's easier is the Russian commander; take damage. That's it. Take damage and get a free heal and damage control. This French commander is simple too. Get a dev strike to get more dev strikes faster. Not difficult for French destroyers or Battleships. Neither is the capping or damage requirement. Makes you wonder why Halsey and Yamamoto got shafted with their requirements (first blood and kraken for Yamamoto, confederate and double strike for Halsey). And they don't even get much out of it. We've had them for not even a year yet, and commanders are already being power creeped. What the actual [edited] Wargaming?
  4. Ok, two things here. One, why does it seem like the more a ships HP decreases, the harder it is to hit? I can hit ships pretty regularly when they have most of their hp, but once they drop to like 30%, it becomes nearly impossible to hit again. And the ship itself doesn't seem to matter, battleship, cruiser, destroyer, they all do this now. Anyone else notice this? So it seems there's an issue with ramming currently. I thought it was just with the Russian BBs, but I've since heard that any ship sailing backwards from a forward moving enemy will take significantly less damage than the ship going full speed. Again, had anyone else experienced this? And do we know what the devs are doing about it?
  5. Trowa03

    Citadels and frustation in general

    See, this is my biggest issue right now. Ships like the Des Moines, Hindenburg, Moskva, all hit citadels at will. Battleships overpen more often than not and the same targets. I don't think OPs issue is his aim, but wargamings desire to Chuck a big middle finger at battleship players.
  6. Trowa03

    Ranked is rigged

    So, ranked has been rigged for destroyers to have an easy time. Play a battleship, you'll be greeted by 3-5 dd's, usually the kitakaze because it's overpowered as [edited], and 2-3 musashis because they're slow as [edited] and can't dodge torps. Play a cruiser, you'll be greeted by one or two dds, double battle cruiser and 2-3 BBs. Destroyers don't even have to try anymore. They have literally everything on their side now. The game works solely for them, nothing else matters.
  7. I think it's a necessary part of the game. It shows newer players what to expect as they work their way up the lines. Understanding just how much you have to learn early on is a good bit of information to have. Are you serious about getting better, or are you just here to play a fun, casual game? Players who want to be good now have a goal to strive for, and they know there are challenging players/ships waiting for them. Casuals can decide if they really wanna keep playing random, or maybe stick to co-op/scenarios. I disagree entirely with the current habit of Wargaming creating entire ship lines just to allow players to skip 3/4 of it with a lucky event box. It's just like high tier premium ships, except it gives EVERYONE a free pass to a tier they simply don't yet belong at. This policy of inclusion WG has is why there is al.ost never a close game at mid and high tier anymore. One team almost always roflstomps the other, because one team has players that know what they're doing, and the other team just got their tier 5-8 ship out of a box/credit card and don't know a BB from a DD. I don't consider it seal clubbing. Call it managing expectations.
  8. Because the Henri is [edited]broken as crap. Setting aside the fact that it has way too long a range, a speed boost that makes it impossible to hit, and oversized guns that should really classify it as a battle cruiser, plus the stupid [edited]heal that no cruiser should have, it also gets spaced armor which basically turns it into a German battleship. It's the most overpowered cruiser in the game bar none and seriously needs to be nerfed.
  9. That super exposed citadel. Yeah, that's [edited]. This bb is harder to cit than a [edited]Kurfurst. Sitting full broadside, you'll be lucky to hit even one cit out of multiple salvos. Montana, conqueror, Kurfurst, they all either just shatter or richochet most of the time, rest of the time is overpens. Wargaming, stop [edited]lying about crap. We all know Russian bias rules all, at least be [edited]up front about it.
  10. There's no reason to have rental ships in ranked. Period. CVs serve as a necessary counter to destroyers and island hugging cruisers. It's just that simple. Last ranked season didn't need them because it was only tier 6, so there wasn't all that much to worry about. Tier 10 is a completely different story, and everyone here knows it. Frankly, the ideal solution would be to just not have tier 10 ranked. Pointless to do right after clan battles. Tired of playing tier 10 after that.
  11. Trowa03

    Is WG KGB?

    Yeah, conspiracy theorists anonymous is a better setting for this.
  12. Trowa03

    Why Did We Lose This One?

    Well, I know that if the game timer runs down to zero, whichever team has more points wins the match, regardless of how many ships are left alive on either side, following that logic, in the result of a situation where both teams lose all their ships at the same time, i would imagine the team with more points wins. The only way a draw can occur is if both teams have the same points and either lose all ships or the timer runs out. I don't know this 100%, but it makes sense, so it's probably wrong.
  13. What's your point? He had quite a bit of experience in tier ten from what you've posted. It's perfectly logical he'd be able to grab a rental ten and do well in it. The issue is the players who haven't even hit tier 5 being given free passes to grab a high tier ship they know nothing about and be completely useless to their team. We already have to carry sorry [edited]players in randoms, we don't want to do it in ranked, which matters more. Your clanmate should never have sold all those tier tens in the first place. That was a stupid move. But that's irrelevant. Wargamings inclusionist sjw policies are making it damn near impossible to enjoy any of these game modes.
  14. Trowa03

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Nelson

    The Nelson is utter garbage. The only only thing it can survive is he spam. It gets citadeled from any angle because it's armor is crap, it's range is laughable so it's great guns are useless, it's AA is pathetic, and the only thing it keeps pace with is a tier 7- American BB. [edited] this ship, I wish i coule get my free XP back.
  15. Trowa03

    For All those "AA Spec works guys!!"

    Dude, you shot down 32 aircraft and were up tiered. Frankly, that's about as good as it gets. And it's a Saipan, so those are tier 10 planes. That's like expecting to win a gunfight with a Worcester, it's just not going to happen.