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  1. Grump_Wagon

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    You mean attacked 20 seconds into a game followed by a conveyor belt of air strikes every 20 to 30 seconds after that? No. But in my humble opinion, placing the very class of ships that obsoleted the Battleship and marginalized the others into a surface action game is stupid.
  2. Grump_Wagon

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    I used to play a dozen or more games a night, now I'm playing only 2 or 3. Why? Because playing the role of a CV target isn't fun for me.
  3. Grump_Wagon

    Client unstable

    Thank you, I will give this a try over the weekend.
  4. Grump_Wagon

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    I think you are suffering from the same misconceptions that the Developers are. Despite it being an arcade, there are characteristics in this game that map directly into real life systems, aircraft being one of them. The problem here is as as fundamental as the systems themselves, aircraft became were so overpowered in reality they obsoleted the Battleship, the most technologically advanced creations of man at the time. There is power and performance curve that one simply can't adjust out without making it into a poor gaming experience.
  5. Grump_Wagon

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    As I stated earlier in this thread, I don't believe that CVs, as the ship class which obsoleted the Battleship and marginalized Naval gunnery to a support role, have any business being in a surface action game anymore than submarines do. Rhetorically speaking, how do you "balance" the very weapon system that surpassed the others? You don't unless you nerf it to unplayable.
  6. Grump_Wagon

    Spending intentions poll

    "Which aspect of WOWS affects your spending intentions the most?" How enjoyable the game is. Except for the Texas, I don't buy premium ships, though I do run a premium account. The game is getting progressively less fun, and inclusion of the one class of ship (CVs) that obsoleted or marginalized all the others is one reason why.
  7. Grump_Wagon

    Client unstable

    Not yet, but every time there are aircraft in view I get lagg spikes of 100ms or more...
  8. Grump_Wagon

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    No, RNG is shooting at the planes, you just have to sit there and take what's given you. Getting spotted 20 seconds into a game and then endure a conveyor belt of air attacks there's no "get gud" that makes that fun. In a gunnery duel at least what I do has some effect on the outcome; however, with airplanes you just hope RNJesus favors you. For many (dare I say most) that's not a very enjoyable gaming experience.
  9. Grump_Wagon

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    Whatever possessed Wargaming to include the class of ships that obsoleted the Battleship outright and marginalized Naval gunnery as a whole is beyond my comprehension. Aircraft don't belong in a surface action game anymore than submarines do. Most of my clan mates are playing only Ranked to avoid CVs. I'm just playing 2 or 3 games a night. Wow's is getting progressively less fun.
  10. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. And Carrier warfare is NOT the same as surface action gunnery duels. The fundamental problems of combining the two are insurmountable in a simple computer game.
  11. Grump_Wagon

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    Where's the option to dump CV's entirely? Aircraft have no place in a surface action game. Which is why wargaming is having so much difficulty integrating them into the game. It's alomst enough to make me buy an xBox so I can play without CV's...
  12. Grump_Wagon

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Patch is the "New Coke" of patches for WoWs. Gawd awful. Skilled CV players will still dominate a game. In my Kitakazi, at 18 seconds into the match I'm under rocket attack from a Midway. He just cycles squadron after squadron over me and our friendly Jutland. The AA mechanics are counter-intuitive, which is saying a lot in a game know for being counterintuitive. Hit "~" to reinforce a sector that the planes will just fly out of? CV's bate you into using your AA DF then hit the "F" key to abort, and re attack when you are in cooldown. The spotting nerf is just stupid ands wrong... Making things harder and more difficult is not more challenging, it's less enjoyable.
  13. Grump_Wagon

    server blow up????

    In battle my ping went to 6-seconds so I tried to reboot my computer and it wouldn't let me back in. I'm getting the dreaded: So much for playing with my Christmas present...
  14. Grump_Wagon

    PSA: Clan Battles 12/9/2018

    It was broken last week when it showed that Sunday's CB ahs already ended, but the geniuses at WG decided that wasn't an issue.