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  1. I believe that a principle issue is that while it pulls info from WG, since a person can hide their account from public viewing that some amount of the relevant performance data is not reported.
  2. It has been touched on here, but I think part of the issue is that the USN lines, as with some of the IJN lines, are the victims of power creep. This has the one - two punch of subsequent lines have typically come out ahead due to some national flavor aspect, and the USN (and some of the IJN) get to still go along for the ride on game wide changes (such as open water stealth firing). As an example prior to the KM DDs it could be argued that the Gearing was the best DD for close in contesting of caps (better guns over shima, better strealth over khaba), but with the Z52 specifically with KM sonar the Gearing no longer has that edge in where it can compete.
  3. Is that a silhouette of Churchill on the bridge?
  4. It is usually in a slot where you choose between either dfaa and hydro (CA/CL) or dfaa and speed boost (some DDs). For DDs other than USN* it is (i believe) typically higher tier. * - if that nation has access, not all do.
  5. Personally I think the way the captain system works now is fine (certainly some skills could be tweaked, but the overall talent tree is fine by me). While it is safe to say that some skills will almost always be taken for a ship (e.g. AS for CVs) baking them in takes away either the possibility to make a choice for very niche game play (for example taking AFT and manual AA on a CV if a given CV driver is confident in their ability to strafe and would prefer the extra protection against a carrier snipe that reaches his ship) or the possibility to make a mistake that hopefully will be a learning moment. Also, by eliminating skills like PT you remove the opportunity for someone to find a novel use for the skill. The example here I will offer is that when driving a Khaba I may pop off a wild shot or two as I approach a cap and as often as not if spotted it seems like everyone in that region will target my ship, so it gives an idea of how many reds are approaching that cap.
  6. If I sell a ship....?

    Personally I would recommend against buying reserve slots with doubloons (if anything early on in an account I would focus on port slots when they are on sale). Of course YMMV but it feels to me that about once per ~50 daily containers one of the items is four reserve slots. So while space may initially be tight, it should open up soon enough just playing.
  7. Missions Too Easy

    At prime time With 3-4 other DDs competing to get the same task done With BBs/CAs holding back because there are 4-5 DDs per side With 4-5 DDs on the red team potentially far enough ahead to spot torps well before they go anywhere EDIT - with some number of people on your team gunning for the BBs present to get the kills for that task so there is no guaranty any BB you hit will be anywhere close to full health. Not saying it cannot be done, rather there are variables beyond is someone generally good enough with torps to score enough hits that do enough damage.
  8. I see all that; my point is that AS regardless of its efficacy is the only clearly CV 4pt skill; so in part it is a must have skill for CVs because it is the only 4pt CV focused skill.
  9. For something like AS (or really all the CV related skills) while I agree it is a powerful skill, how much of it is must have in that all the other 4pt skills are of significantly less use for a CV. Put another way what other 4pt skill could be added to make it compete with AS or how do you change AS to make something like AFT seem like a viable choice.
  10. I think more apt analogy is it is like Tom Brady complaining that he has to complete 50 consecutive (or insert whatever number is sufficiently ridiculous for taste) 10+ yard passes.
  11. In all fairness no one has said that this was a particularly smart plan (i.e. if true that the person may have leveled up the dummy account in a very inefficient manor). Also, the person could have used the dummy account to attempt to rig T4/T5 matches (with the IJN CVs in the dummy slot) for some other reason, such as completing some task for a campaign.
  12. As stated earlier there is value in playing all classes of ships to get a better appreciation of how they operate in general. I think the value in having a "main" class, e.g. >50% battles in DDs, is that certain classes will prove more ideal fits for personal playstyles.
  13. I think it falls down on at least two aspects: 1) How do you measure skill - WTR is at best imperfect as it does not directly factor in cap points, spotting damage, and other more intangable actions (sure they influence WR, but it is not clear how causal that relationship is). 2) It presumes the only asymmetry is skill. As has been said above is three solo high skill players sufficiently equal to a division of three high skill players? Is swapping say a high skill Mahan for a low skill Iowa equivalent? How do forced skill asymmetries as could happen with the current CV rules in place be off set, is giving the team with the lower skill CV three more high skill player in other classes equalize things?
  14. Personally I think the issues with the Gearing is that it is one of the OG ships, and as such it lacks some of the tools that newer DD lines have. That being said I find it enjoyable, and even with the 16km torps not being as fast you can score some hits on ships hanging further back who assume they are safe.
  15. I was thinking the torpedo damage and not hits (at least as I understand what they will be). Personally If I'd have designed this I would have considered moving the BB damage to BB to two stars, but up the requirement (say 200,000 or 250,000), dropped the "High Caliber" one (as I do not see it fitting the history), and put a one star earn whatever the achievement is for taking flooding damage an not sinking (in line with the Schanrhorst having been hit by approximately 1276437 torpedos) at one star.