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  1. As a subset of DDs getting knocked out early when DDs generally poor (relatively at least) at gunnery engage in knife fights with DDs that are good a gunnery (e.g. a shima decides to duke it out with a Z52). Alternatively when (early in the match) said same DDs decide to take some pot shots at cruisers long enough to get popped themselves.
  2. If I understand your questions: You will need to set your campaign missions from whatever you have now (the science of victory or whatever) to the ones offered for this French campaign; that may require deselecting current campaign missions if they are not complete and you do not want to wait. As for the rest it sounds like there will be one star missions (any ship), two star missions (French ship) and three star (French BB or premium) with something like 4-7 stars for the end mission of each stage.
  3. WG could also be motivated to change the lines as the current VO from Seagal is somewhere around atrocious.
  4. True - though if your goal is to level through the T6 ship to get to the T7 ship it may be the faster option to rely on operations.
  5. Even with the best dodging a shima spotted for a couple of minutes still faces a risk of being sunk with any rapid fire CA/L, RU DDs, and decent (aim wise) BB skippers. Using smoke then locks you down in the smoke if you are avoiding being spotted by planes. The long ranges are dependent on that ship having AFT spec'ed, which is not a given (especially as I am given to understand that with the impact of RN BBs on the meta more BBs have turned to survival focused builds). It is also presumes that enough of your side will move up to be with in say 14 - 15 km of the reds so your scouting from 8 - 9 km is worth while - if your side decides to sit at 18 - 20km out then scouting from 12 - 14km is not all that useful; additionally at this range I believe (again as I understand it) most shima torps will be useless since the shorter range options are popular. And, on the subject of torps they are less dangerous when the reds have a good idea where they are coming from (or better for the reds if the red planes can spot the torps as well). If all the DDs blob up for AA protection then you concede challenging the map on a broader front. Or, and this may just be booze talking, you could hope that the green CV captain is sufficiently up to snuff to keep the red planes from being able to spot and/or strike at will. EDIT - of course you can duck back into an AA umbrella, which puts more distance between you and the reds, making your capacity to spot and torp less meaningful.
  6. You have to take out the air detection range of the shima from that 6km (plus a little buffer) to keep all planes away (fighters included) so that it is not spotted. It does little good to be under enough of an AA umbrella to deter air strikes if the other reds can shoot at the ship because it is spotted.
  7. So, the well played shima has to give up it's primary role (using stealth to scout* and torp in from the flanks), in which case it has relegated itself to a very unoptimal roll as some kind of weak AA platform. * - a shima "scouting" 3km ahead of the rest of its team is not really scouting, other than a little bit more warning for torps.
  8. M. cat I think has the most spot on comment here. Any given clan (or broadly group of captains) will have to decide what their objective is. If it is to get to the highest ranks and compete then you have to structure your clan accordingly. If it is a matter of a group cleaving off of [CLAN] to make [CLAN'] then you will have to be OK with "winning" > "social breadth".
  9. I feel that it is safe to day that most often when the term skill is tossed around it is most often meant as capability to achieve a desired outcome. Within WoWs there are two basic outcomes: 1) Did I meet whatever personal performance metric (damage, ships sunk, etc) 2) Did my team score a win As this relates to CV's regardless of a belief that: 1) CV mechanics are fine/flawed 2) that other (non-CV) captains do/do not optimally counter air strikes 3) and that 'teams' do/do not adequately work together to blunt air strikes I think it is safe to say that CVs currently have the highest potential impact of skill, particularly as it relates to skill of CV drivers on opposing teams.
  10. I think part of what is considered is that there are two distinct areas of skill for a CV player, at least based on my observations being in games with high tier CVs (i.e. I do not play them, but certainly have been in matches with them). The first skill set is the game mechanics skill set - basically proficiency at manual drops and strafing. The second skill set is the tactical awareness skill set - basically how and where planes are used, e.g. are they initially split up for spotting or kept in a blob going for a carrier snipe. As someone in a not CV (at T10 that is only DDs for me) it is clear where the first skill set comes into play, but as others have said understanding how to react to incoming TB/DB and grouping for adequate AA to blunt even the best manual drop helps to mitigate this. I think it is the second skill set that has the greater impact on the game, where if one CV player tries to go for some big damage strikes early while the other tries to control the map tends the big damage leads to poorer performance (feed planes to AA where you did not see that Mino with the BB, or take all the planes out of action while they skirt the edge of the map trying for a snipe). This is also why just "dumbing down" the CV controls will not solve the skill gap issue, as I do not believe that is the primary issue. As to the whole CVs in CW I think in a 7v7 setting it will basically come down to each team sitting in two blobs (a main blob and a CV with an AA escort ship) which will ultimately be decided by which team can better balance knocking down enough AA before the carrier sends in strikes (too soon loose too many planes, to late and get behind on sinking ships). The leathality of T10 CVs will make independent operations for something like a stealthy DD something akin to suicide for that ship, ultimately making the scouting function of CVs have less of an impact other than keeping the reds honest.
  11. For this one its easy - smoking is bad for your health.
  12. Just so I am clear, the idea now is that not only is MM rigged in some fashion that there is additional code actually altering (sometimes based on some trigger condition) the in game performance of various players, with the evidence being offered something along the lines of "I know it to be true because sometimes I have bad games or streaks of losses".
  13. LEAKED! Russian CV line coming soon!

    It may actually the first thing they can fire at with accuracy at ranges over 2km...
  14. I believe that a principle issue is that while it pulls info from WG, since a person can hide their account from public viewing that some amount of the relevant performance data is not reported.