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  1. Adalbertt

    French Destroyers announced

    French DD line with no smoke will be a great success, already proven by popularity of Le Terrible. I'm sure WG made such decision to bring no-smoke line because of player's feedback. lol
  2. Adalbertt

    Can't play anymore

    Don't worry, there are plenty of much better things to do than playing WoWS.
  3. Adalbertt

    players losing interest

    The best tweak for CV rework is currently in WoWS Legends.
  4. Adalbertt

    players losing interest

    WG loyalists don't realize that the "whiners" are customers that are leaving the game. WG's revenue is declining because of the situation. Once revenue goes beyond certain point, there will be no more WoWS. That's how business work. WG profits were less than 10% of their revenue, and their revenue is declining sharply. They have removed themselves already from public trading because of decline. Kisly, founder of WG is heavily investing in other business what is an indication of his predictions of WG future. Loyalist's should be more worry about their beloved game and be more supportive rather than offending to "whiners". With the support of the community, WoWS will last a little bit longer.
  5. Adalbertt

    players losing interest

    Playing WG games is like being in a pathological relationship. At some point one realizes that is time to leave. All the investments (time and money) are not worth of being constantly frustrated. Game should be enjoyable and entertaining. WG fails to deliver that.
  6. Adalbertt

    players losing interest

    I think that decision makers at WG are not interested in player's feedback. They ignore their customers. Look at failed World of Warplanes, look at failing World of Tanks. Total War was cancelled even before the release. Now they brought failed WoWP gameplay to WoWS as reworked CVs. Soviet BBs will be another issue with their sniper like guns. Of course, anything Soviet must be dominant in WG games because of Wargaming's Soviet pride. This is in direct contradiction to historical facts. Looks like WG decision makers have a vision, but it's based on someone's believes, not on actual customer's feedback. WG games are type of product where customers should keep coming back for more goods (virtual goods). That's the way to generate revenue. Such approach requires that a good relationship is being build between company and customers. What I see is that the relationship becomes a frustration for more and more players. Look at Exeter missions with 7 achievements requirement in UK ships. Getting Exeter by getting missions done should be a pleasure, an entertaining experience that keeps players playing the game. Unfortunately it makes players frustrated. There are plenty games out there that are much more enjoyable. It seems that WG decision makers are unable to put themselves in players shoes. No wonder all WG products are failing one after another.
  7. Adalbertt

    Broken Fighter II consumable?

    I have Aslain mod pack and I believe it's not enabled in the package when it's unchecked. I will look for it and maybe I should just send it to WG support then.
  8. Adalbertt

    Broken Fighter II consumable?

    It was off cooldown. I just played another game and it was OK this time. I don't have replays enabled.
  9. On the Pensacola I have Fighter II consumable. The commander has a Superintendent skill so I can use the consumable 4 times during the game. What I found out is that after I use it 3 times it is visible as available (it says 1) but pressing the corresponding key does not launch the fighter anymore. Does anyone have the same problem?
  10. Adalbertt

    Removing DDs from the game?

    Thank you for all the tips. I have tried a lot of things already and it's hard to be effective and do a lot of damage (and spotting) sitting back with BBs and CLs. I'm trying new tactics, but there is always somewhere yet another radar ship. If there is no radar, then there are CVs in the game. In some games there are as much as half of the ships with the radar. Recently I have played some games with USS Black and when I spot DD in a smoke I can take easily about half of their hit points before they go away. With radar mod 1 I get only 26.4 seconds of spotting and I can do such damage. I think radar should be nerfed in some way, for example by increasing dispersion of guns that are shooting at radar detected ships. About business practice, just because a company has millions of revenue it does not mean that it steers in to the right direction. A lot of big companies failed because at some point hey started to ignore what their customers were saying. It is happening to many game studios right now as well.
  11. Adalbertt

    Removing DDs from the game?

    Premium ammo nerfs is only a promise. Nothing has changed. Actually two things changed for the worse. It's impossible to pay directly with gold for gold ammo, so gold needs to be converted to credits. As we all know bringing additional layers between real money and a product makes consumers spend more money (that's why credit cards are a good business for the banks and merchants). Another problem is with all the personal reserves (you can buy them for real money) that boost credit income and more and more players are shooting nothing but gold. I used to play all three WG games but right now WOWS is the only one I still play.
  12. Adalbertt

    Removing DDs from the game?

    So if WG makes decisions on what players are playing I can see a potential problem here. Recent changes discouraged many DD players from playing DDs, so DDs become less common. Based on this WG will not care about DDs because few people are playing them. If that's their logic than we can expect more anti-DD changes in the future.
  13. Adalbertt

    Removing DDs from the game?

    The enjoyment of playing DDs is to get closer and torps quite often have smaller range than radar. Radar ships pop the radar when the see that someone aims at them, not even if they see the smoke. I'm just discouraged and unhappy with all the recent changes. From players (game chat) comments I see that a lot of players share my frustration.
  14. Adalbertt

    Removing DDs from the game?

    CVs are broken, yet WG is releasing new Brithish CV line. I don't think WG cares about what players think for some reason. Look at WOT. It's on decline but except promises they do nothing to improve the situation.
  15. Adalbertt

    Removing DDs from the game?

    It takes on average over 30 - 45 seconds to leave radar area. On few occasions less. Try to play DD and get 10km or 12 km from radar ship within 6 seconds. Also the legit Aslain mod allows to aim on the minimap. Also, players still have to aim their gun (turret traverse) so 6 seconds makes no difference. Before the "nerf" as WG calls it, DDs were targeted after a few seconds anyway. You should play some DDs on higher tiers. The new radar buff turns every DD in to Le Terrible. There is a reason why you don't see Le Terrible in the game.