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  1. Doomwaffel

    Best Tech tree BB

    My BB experience (after maxing DDs and cruisers): IJN: Not my thing the sniper playstile and rather fragile build. Germans: Was fun, but right now the higher ships are in a bad spot balance wise. I still like the troll build with 2nd and the Tirpitz in a T8 match. So I started the Russian line: Holy hell, what a difference, felt WAY stronger than the other lines. Easier to survive, more and consistant dmg... So: If you only have time and money for 1 line: Russia.
  2. Doomwaffel

    Balance Smole

    Its unfiltered rage. And yes, my GK cant shoot him - especially not on that range. Except for some freak hits.^^ As soon as I get spotted the Smolensk just stop, smoke and delete 80% of my HP. A Worcester can sit behind islands sure, but they dont have smoke, nor torps. Havent played them yet, but if they are anything like the other US ships, than their bullets will take forever to get to 19km, not to mention hitting. I just dont see how this ship can be so much better than the Minotaur.
  3. Doomwaffel

    Balance Smole

    Time for rage: I FCK HATE THIS SHIP! What was WG smoking when they decided that this was a good idea? In aBB I cant do anything against this. Its fast, it has torps, insane range, fast shooting, accurate, fire chance, a bazillion guns, smoke! .... was radar too much ???? This is like a better version of the Minotaur in any way possible. Maybe the AA isnt as great but thats about it. The Mino CANT set fires and has an effective range of max15km and thats a stretch. The Smolenks even has enough angle to shoot over obstacles, but still accurate enough to shoot a BB on 20km. There are BBs that cant even shoot back at this range!!!! I am [edited]done with this garbage!!!!! FIX THIS SHIP!
  4. Doomwaffel

    Hope for German BB players

    Am I misreading it or would the German BBs have the same dispersion as the US/UK BBs after the buff? So far I got used to the GK/Tirpitz and I am having fun, but yes, there are definitely some things that should be addressed because of power creep. Dispersion is easily the biggest one, maybe more accurate 2nd? Better rudder shift would be great too... I would also take anything in terms of dmg reduction against fire, torps or shells. ^^
  5. Doomwaffel

    Important dates for the Community

    Personally, ever since I started playing I wanted an option to switch servers. "on special events" says the help section, but it never happened in all those years.
  6. Doomwaffel

    CV Tips and Tricks

    Good feedback. Yes, scouting 1st, be careful, save your planes and look for stupid DDs who have kept their AA on and go solo. - You can scout DDs by flying right over them, but you will not make an attack run at the same time. Turn, expect him to be somewhere and start your run while slowing down. This can work at times, but it is hard and needs some luck. Torping a DD in smoke might not kill him, but it could make him move. And don't waste your attack if it doesn't do anything- If there is an ally who could shoot the DD, just keep your last salvo and keep him spotted. You won't get the kill but it might win the cap. You are a support role, so instead of focussing on 1 ship like a regular surface ship, you will have to watch the map and judge where your team can actually use your help. Do they need vision? Is a lonely enemy capping and nobody but you can get there? Can you flank somewhere to make them move? Dontgo where your enemy is already winning, you won't do much there in most cases or enemies die just before you drop your bombs. ^^° A lot of times you are better of if you just make an enemy turn away, don't waste time attacking him more, focus on influencing the enemy fleet movement. This can be frustrating since we all want to do dmg and sink ships, but this is really not what you should focus as a CV. AA: Yes you can support your ships with AA. But it takes time away to get there, so try to expect where the choking point will be. Your main role is not AA, it can hinder the enemy CV a lot though. enemy CV: They are usually far in the back, have fighters and usually good AA. In most cases going for a CV is not a good idea. Scouting him for your other ships to shoot might be though. Especially when you are bt tier:Focus on scouting and DDs for the early game. Avoid AA clusters, an attack is not worth it at this point. Even single BBs (esp. T10) will melt your planes. You can start attack runs once the enemy thin out or are singled out, before that its usually a waste of time.
  7. Except for 1 match where I got smoke bombed with max dmg and a fire, I never had a lot of trouble as a DD vs CVs. From the perspective of a CV: TURN YOUR AA OFF! Yes, I can spot the DD, but not attack at the same time, unless he makes himself visible by turning his AA on. If a DD turns it off, I have to get way too close to be able to make a drop on him. This doesn't completely make it impossible, but the CV will have to make a couple of turns, get a good angle and hope that the DD is still more or less there to attack him. CVs dont destroy DDs at all, there is the occasional big hit of course, but there are also the 300 dmg hits. Also there are some CVs that are better against certain ship types or loadouts.
  8. Doomwaffel

    Tip for DD main [edited]

    Also "Turn your AA off" a rocket plane has to be basically on top of you to see you. The only way he can aim and shoot is when you blast him with AA from 5 km and give your pos away. I play my Shima with 0 AA and I can count the trouble I had with Cvs on one hand.
  9. Well, they can't nerf the dmg more or it becomes obsolete. They could add more skill-room to allow more dmg for skilled players? But that looks unlikely too. Maybe making CVs more of a toolbox instead of a damage dealer (kind of) would work better? Dedicated scouter planes, maybe dropping mines or fog (zoning) or other things that grant buffs to your team? I know its completely removed from reality but I am just brainstorming what else a CV could be used for if DMG seems to be such a big problem. This would make it more of a passive class and WG would have to change the "onlyDMGcounts" thinking.
  10. Doomwaffel

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    I would split this into 2 parts for the answer: Have radar ships been buffed? - Yes, the range is longer and the duration, so they ALONE have an easier time to fight a DD. BUT The DD has it better too because he doesn't get insta-nuked by the enemy team. 6 seconds of only 1 ship shooting you (or none if the radar ship is behind a rock) is a lot better then being shot by all enemies in sight. So the nuking potential is partially gone, for the cost of a slightly more potent 1v1 cruiser.
  11. I had fun with the T4. It was slow as hell, but all in all it was a good time. T6 pretty much the same except that you get matched up against T8 AA now and then. T8- is where I am now and I seriously start thinking about stopping here and just wait for changes. Having to fight T10-AA without any chance to do anything is infuriating. A T8 DD or Cruiser... can still do something against T10, dmg, cap... a CV is utterly useless aside from fringe spotting and sniping very lonely ships. I assume people would cry less about CVs, if they could control the AA like they control the guns, being in full control of the aa. Then it would be more like fighting a DD with Bb guns if you have bad AA. Another thing would be if it was always a 1v1. So only the attacked ship shoots back, which would make balancing easy, but totally defeat the purpose of a team play. Right now it feels a bit like we need a new mechanic of sort. I really dont know how WG is planning to solve this, as it really doesnt look good for the CV right now.
  12. So far I am still at T8 IJN, I can do rather well, the problems come up when I am bottom tier. It feels balanced if it is T8 vs T8, but anything of a higher Tier, and even worse with AA spec, just burns through my planes on max AA range. I had matches where I was literally doing nothing aside from aa edge spotting. Usually results in ~20k dmg over a game if at all. But being bt tier is always quite a problem, T8 just has it the worst. Personally, I would argue for a build in buff effect for the bt tier ships. Like + X%HP and- X% dmg taken per Tier difference to the highest one. What chance or fun are you supposed to have as a T8 ship that can barely pen the armour of T10 ships at times, does half the dmg at best and has half the HP in some cases. But even with all that a T8 cruiser/BB CAN still do something. A T8 CV vs T10 is utterly useless and is doomed to spotting and praying that his team does well. Also, I wish for something that allows for some more interaction. Like a new consumable of sorts? Or just an option to further improve your skill. Like having the option to move your AA planes to a new location? Using islands for AA cover is a good example. You can force torp planes to atk from one side, but a good cv could also use it as cover for dive bombers and fly right through your AA. Maybe some sort of flares? That allow you to reduce incoming AA fire dmg for a few seconds, but with a rather long cooldown. Or for more control of CA/BB - AA: you could switch to AA gun control instead of main guns? just directing them somewhat? They still fire on their own if you dont, but you can increase the AA if you do this (well).
  13. T10 has the problem of power creep. Every ship has to feel super powerful and must overperform in its regard. Which of course means that 1 mistake gets you blown out of the water easily. If the entire T10 dmg would be scaled down a notch this wouldnt happen. Making a mistake would be more forgiving and you could actually try something without dying right away. It would also decrease the difference between T8-9-10 Or if that is too tricky, at least buff the low tier ships. If you are a T8 ship in a T10 battle, just get a buff of x% HP and X%dmg. Should be easy enough to implement.
  14. I don't want to start a Cruiser rant, it just annoys me to no end that the cruisers HAVE to adjust their style so much around BBs because literally 1 unseen BB, 1 bad angle can get them killed in seconds, and it happens all the time that a BB from across the entire map gets an angle on me- aside from the cpt skill that tells me that s1 targets me ther is no way that somebody in your side shoots you and not 1 of the 3 in your front. No other class can get nuked to that extend except for the rng torp salvo. I also play DDs and usually they have a WAY higher survival rate: stealth, dodge, no cita, smoke + torps. On that matter CVs help you avoid surprise BBs around a corner, but also spot you for the enemy - I also play CVs as a mean of revenge. Getting back at all those BBs sitting in the back or trying to flank my cruisers >:D
  15. @Bloodyneck92 I agree. I play my Shima with 0 aa spec and I am fine most of the time. Don't drive the obvious route into the cap, use smoke, position, dodge! Also as a CA player: 1 single cruiser at least near the cap is plenty of AA cover and a solid deterrent. Especially with how had it is now to hit a DD as a CV, not to mention doing any significant dmg. People cry about the potential big dmg slaps, but I also fought ships with less than 2k HP and wasn't able to kill them with 3 atk-runs that all HIT with ~300dmg. Seriously, at some point, you guys have to start to learn how to adjust. "Oh no, I got spotted in an obvious position, didn't dodge nor smoke and was without AA or allies...darn it, I can't do anything against the CV! - Though I am still alive." Cry me a river, have you ever played a CA in the last 3 years and got fck 1-shotted by a bb that you didn't even see?