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  1. I play Cvs as a means of revenge on BBs. *salty sarcasm on* I usually play a lot of cruisers and especially in T9 ranked it becomes just ridiculous how easy BBs can kill you. DDs spot you first, BBs shoot at you and usually you lose 85% of your Hp (unless my BBs shoot at enemies of course, then everything misses ;P) within seconds, the only counterplay for me is to stay behind rocks until all BBs are spotted and I am safe... very engaging indeed. And we don't even talk about the terror of DDs that can never be spotted or the OP IJN gunboats that can outduel you easily. If I get spotted and ANY BB has a shot I will most likely lose a lot of HP even if only 1 shell hits and I can't do much about it, So I find it only fair that BBs can get the same back. If we remove CVs I want cruisers to take half dmg from citadels from now on. Let the BBs work for their dmg while staying safe and not risking their ship.
  2. So... all in all, it appears to me that more people don't really have a problem with the rework, (except those very few who managed to play the old one well) they have a problem that there is a CV, in general.
  3. I'm sorry but that's just stupid. The mobile version is a completely different game. It looks and plays roughly the same but that's it. As for the CV choice: The old carrier was an interesting idea but it was just way too complicated and too powerful. It had to go, one way or the other. Maybe they could have overworked the entire balance and UI thing, but all in all it was just way too hard to learn and to master compared to other ships. It was simply not well designed, so I am glad it is gone. If you would bring back the old style, the planes would need to do even less dmg then they do now to be anywhere near fair. However, even as a temporary thing, I can imagine having the option to select if you want to allow a cv in your game or if you want to play "classic". Though that would likely be enjoyed by most players it would be a big gift to non-aa-ships. You have a crapop cruiser/BB/DD without any AA? Don't fear you are save again and your one dumpstat doesn't matter anymore. In that case I would demand a massive buff for all AA ships!
  4. Doomwaffel

    CVs still the scapegoat?

    Well, how about we treat Air spotting the same way we treat the changed radar? You see them on the map, but either with a longer delay on screen or maybe only if you are withing spot range anyway. I can totally see the spotting being a problem for cruisers who get spotted early and just shot at by all enemy BBs across the map.
  5. Rolling back to the old CV shouldn't even be on the table. That thing was imbalanced as heck and the only reason people put up with it was because it was rare to see one. To me the question is more: A) Abandon CVs all together - very unlikely B) Stick to it and make it work - This is the way WG will go for multiple reasons. They already spent so much money on the dev and rework + the option of selling CV ships. As a note: There have been big changes in the past and we always see the same stuff: "You killed this class! It's over!" Basically, people adjust to the new changes and learn how to play around and with them. And those who don't ... well, they won't have a good time. To me the CV is actually a good thing, it speeds up the game, punishes back camping and soloing. If you were not used to this then this thread is very stressful. ^^ And spotting DDs? Not really a problem either, what is a problem to me is that BBs can one shot cruisers from max range - A DD can survive quite a lot, a cruiser once in a bad spot is as good as dead.
  6. Doomwaffel

    CVs still the scapegoat?

    I currently have the strong impression that people are still traumatized by the old CV days. Nowadays the planes can be there, yes but they are a shadow of what they have once been. The fear of the planes and being attacked is so strong in everyone, that they make it a much bigger thing in their mind then it is. DMG, yea CVs especially in nonT10 usually underperform compared to other ships. But they have to, considering that they don't risk their ship and can strike anywhere on the map. Prior to this NOBODY cared about AA. It was a wasted stat. I dare say, the entire AA range needs to be adjusted, so that it is an actual choice what ship you pick and if you are willing to take more firepower for weaker AA. I see the new CV as a speed boost for the game. You wanted to BB camp the back of the map all game? TOO BAD, the CV is coming for you! Better move!
  7. Doomwaffel

    8.0.2 is garbage.

    Yea, lower tier Cvs are pretty frustrating right now. If you are on the same tier, you have to be careful, which is fine, but if you are bt tier you are barely more than a scouter. Like it was said before, the dmg cant be as high as a [edited] if you dont risk more than your planes while beeing able to attack on the entire map. But I would like to see at least some higher dmg potential. So far the only potential is a target that goes solo without any aa - yea that I can sink. Then there are the IJN bombs... which I find really hard to at least hit, not to mention citadel. Usually they are not worth the effort. I am really courius what then next fix will hold.
  8. Doomwaffel

    Some Ideas for the New Carriers

    Those are also things that could be different from one CV to the next. How many uses or maybe types of the fighters do US or IJN Cvs have?
  9. First of all, I prefer the new gameplay over the old by a mile. However, balancing is now in a tight place. You want the CV to do a fair amount of dmg if he plays well, but not so much that everyone specks full AA out of fear. So far only the AP bombs show the signs of high dmg potential (citadel hits) but usually, they are so darn hard to land that it's easier to just use torps instead. The overall dmg can't be too high since you play a ship that can safely attack anywhere on the map, but it has to be satisfying to play too.... like I said, a tough spot. Maybe some new consumables or cpt. skills would give the designers more options? A skill that grants dmg reduction against air attacks? Maybe something to arm your planes with AA guns?- like 2nd guns, that fire when you fly by enemy planes? Or maybe a dodge consumable for planes? Lets you fly through AA for a short time, but has a long cooldown? Or a high lv cpt skill that allows dds to become semi invis to planes ? Just some ideas.
  10. The only premium I have is the Tirpitz and I think that is one that got nerfed once? Not really sure. ^^ Nor do I care. Changes for balance are necessary every now and then and I would always put overall game balance over my personal wishes. And usually those changes are rather small anyway. The point is, you can't figure everything out beforehand even with extensive PBe testing, you might still need to adjust something later. To completely outrule any changes because you only accept buffs to your ship would be crazy. Didnt players/ payers agree to this anyway when they bought a ship? The content is open to balance changes and can be changed later - or something like that.
  11. Doomwaffel

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    I was playing the T4 IJN Cv for week 1 which was fun, it was far from op, but I was getting better. With the hotfix I reached T6, which was a doorstopper together with the T8 matchmaking, way more powerful AA and alike. I definitely need more time playing T6, but man there are times where it is darn hard. I try to get into range and then use my speed boost to get out again as quickly as I can for a saver F-recall. I strongly assume that I will get better again and of course I have a better time when I don't have to fight T8 AA cruisers. I neither do damage to T8 ships nor do I survive for longer than 1 run. So from a felt perspective, I am torn between: "You will get better" and "you can do nothing". Where do we go from here I wonder? If we keep the fragile planes, they should hit harder if it lands. If it becomes easier to hit I am fine with relatively low damage/ hit. And of course a lot of people are still traumatised by the old CV and the first week, so they still speck full AA, which doesn't make it any easier for a CV. ^^
  12. Doomwaffel

    Welcome Back Contest!

    Hello, my nickname is "Doomwaffel", the original idea was "Luftwaffel" which obviously makes fun of the Luftwaffe, but the final one just sounded even more ridiculus. I am playing on the NA server for 2-3 years now, I must have started somewhere around ranked season 2 I think. Originally I wanted to play on the EU server and only wanted the English language since it sounds better than the German version of the game. But I mixed things up and picked the English-NA server instead and when I finally noticed my mistake it was too late. I am waiting for an option to change servers ever since. I first came across WoWs by watching The mighty Jingles on Youtube. I liked watching him play it and after a while, I wanted to try it myself. Every now and then I stop playing for a while, but it is always after watching Jingles that I come back. My favorite ship so far would be the Tirpitz - For once I won it over a camouflage contest (Helena) and it is also one of the few Battleships that I enjoy so far. Even though the main guns are somewhat random when it comes to hitting a ship or not, it is still fun for the ridiculus situations you can get into. And once the secondaries open up and you charge a bb with torps... man that feels great. Based on pure performance I think the Benson just works great for me. I don't know what it is, but I do way better in this little T8 destroyer then in most other ships.
  13. Doomwaffel

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    First of all, I believe this is going well. I haven't seen any glitches so far and the tech itself works fine. I also like the way the new CV plays, I never played more than a hand full of cv games before but now I actually enjoy it. However, there are problems and I am glad they are being addressed within a week or so and I am really curious to see where this is going to balance out and what changes will be made. Personally I am still playing the T4 Cvs and enjoy it. The speed of the planes fits the game, allows reaction time and it feels fair in general. You have to work for higher dmg scores, but it sure is possible. The real problems all seem to come with the higher tiers, like stealth torping, flying shima, the spotting problems. But those are all on your radar so I am sure you will do something about it. Most seems to be fixable with small number changes in regards of spotting range and plane speed. AA dmg: Nice- while the clouds are a good idea for active dodging, it allows just too much dmg mitigation. Adding more constant dmg is a good choice. Also adding a sort of debuff when you get hit sounds reasonable too. All the cpt skills and alike are still in the open. The only thing that seems odd is that AA now has a minimum range - long range AA stops shooting once too close? So the AA becomes weaker if you get closer?
  14. Doomwaffel

    Tier IV carriers unfun

    I have played the Hosho for the last week in rnd matches and I actually like it. It took me a while to get the aiming system right, but now most of my torps hit. The missiles are best for long range attacks, since they are faster, but do good dmg against cruisers and bbs. (aim for the structure from the side) Though better suited for it, I rarely attack DDs, the rng and the small target make it way too hard and I usually just waste my payload. Torps- BBs are easy to hit and the long torp range lets you drop a bit earlier too. At this point I nearly never miss a BB and hit most of my Cruiser attacks. Bombs: These are tricky, the curser has to be where you WANT to go, it then resets but will end up around that area where it was before. The delay and the needed angle make it clunky to use and it can cause some series dmg if it hits the citadel. I am not sure why I would use these over the much easier torps though. Fire and potential cita hits I guess. I also picked up the cpt skills that increase your HP/ flak resistance (SE works for your planes too) Constant speed buffs help too. Besides that, I go through the loading screen and check which ships have the worst AA. Concealment is also important for your CV, since I move all the time, usually as close to the frey as I can get, to shorten the flight path. I usually go ~15k dmg minimum up to 36k which I think is ok for a T4 match. For the negative: It feels a lot more unrewarding to hit, since it is a bit tricky and you don't get to do it permanently. But then again, what do you expect for sitting safely in the back and striking anywhere? Maybe this could be solved just with some sound adjustments. ^^ Also if you are in a T5 match with lots of AA focussed ships it can be really hard to do much. But again, that is the same for other ships too. If you are a DD in a radar heavy match or alike. It's up to the balance team to find the sweet spot, where you are still able to do something at least against lonely AA ships, while leaving AA grps as effective as they are.
  15. Doomwaffel

    Biggest heartburn with CVs that ISN'T getting discussed

    So, there are different ways to go about this: 1) Reduced spotting range from the air, who sees the ships or how long they are visible might help a lot too. 2) Off-time at the start: Maybe not all of your planes are ready? Maybe you have to pick which squadron should be ready first? Making it a bit of a tactical decision? 3) Plane speed in general? Things, like reload time of planes or how long they take to reach a safe return height, are also open to variations.