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  1. Read through quite some of these, maybe skimmed past a few pages but... I can't agree to neither WG's "a nerfed colorado at tier 6" idea (probably like ppl have suggested, change the name WG, if u still want such a ship in your store) nor the numerous...opinion on the "buffed colorado at tier 8" idea. I think most people know why they don't want the WV at tier 6, and I know most people have been wanting a 1944 refit version of this ship, but at tier 8... what do we need? buff guns, buff protection so that it works while maintaining the standard american battleships 21 knots? sounds more like the epitome of lazy sniping BB that could sit back and justify itself by saying 'only 21 knots speed!'. Aren't we supposed to try after all to rectify the static nature of high tier gameplay? I'm of the opinion the root of the problem is that the refit version should have been on the Colorado in the first place. WV can then come in as a slightly different playstyle ship to the tech tree ship. Something akin to the current Hipper/Prinz Eugen differences. Then there's not be as much uproar about WV outclassing the tech tree version so much. One could be more preferred than the other but does not totally outclass it. I get that there maybe something... special about this ship, but that sense of... pride should not override game balance. I'd rather they just pull this out temporarily and model a 1944 refit version, give it to Colorado as she should have had in the first place, while releasing WV that's a bit different in play style. TL;DR Tier 6 colorado seems a bit... disrespectful to fans, tier 8 colorado feels bad and pushing it too much.
  2. Agrees with this. Both ships are pretty, and while i contend the... gimmicks of Jean Bart are interesting, i'm going for Alaska.
  3. cmdr_raccoon

    Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    Won the first time i tried this. but with 2 stars only. Literally had only one transport left. So annoyed these people go glory chasing trying to win secondary objectives but nearly lost the main objective, (and when i complained to them for not defending the transport and instead near 2/3 of the team go chasing after King, there was this idiot that replied back 'why cant u defend better?"... fortunate for a dd player that kept the last transport in smoke. I dont know if this is any easier for random groups than raptor rescue, certainly seems better than ultimate frontier a little bit, but i dread re trying it now because the possibility of loss after loss after loss The OP i thnk is generally spot on. I dont think we need it the 90+% win of regular co op, 60-70 is fine....but at present i dare say is well below 50.
  4. cmdr_raccoon

    How to Ace The New Raptor Rescue

    Probably trying to get 5 stars by getting enemy CV? I dont know, but it seems a lot of people, to me at least, are throwing away the main objective in hopes of securing the secondary objective for that 5 star. I've had one match even, where some idiot literally kept blocking Raptor, thinking he was smart and 'buying more time' for others to find and kill the enemy CV. It was annoying, because we did get the CV, and we did clear the enemies in the path, but raptor didnt make it to the point in time so it was a loss. More often though, aside from not letting Raptor out in the open without any escorts, people die while trying to hunt carriers, or die one by one as their team mates lag behind or hide (afraid to get targeted) and some (i saw a battleship do this) hid behind Raptor as enemies were firing at them. He literally let Raptor move forward towards the enemy and stayed a little behind. He was in a Normandy, so u cant say he didnt have speed. I agree keeping to Raptor ought to be the thing, but when the average result is loss after loss after loss, (and i always did well, top in scoreboard and such except that one time kept getting steering disabled) i really dont look forward to other "reworks" of scenarios. I maintain, besides having a "hard mode", the best balance is to get the average playerbase able to simply win the scenario, but requires really good play and teamwork to get additional stars. That way, people would be less likely to be discouraged and keep trying for better results.
  5. cmdr_raccoon

    How to Ace The New Raptor Rescue

    This is kind of my sentiment too. I think there are a number of people like myself just want to jump in the game, and just play. I dont mean as in just blindly sailing, i mean in that we just dont do this... pre battle looking for competent people thing. I personally have no time nor do I login at those peak hours, being not american. That aside, I think this is a useful post to refer to when wanting to do this scenario. Thanks for the write up. Overall my sentiment on this is the tweak they did is rather a bit above the line for regular crowd of people that plays, this is an annoying thing because so many times i did really well in this scenario only to have it lost by team mates. But it's still much more acceptable than what they did on ultimate frontier. I mean i get no 5 stars yet but at least ive had victories in this, i gave up trying to win ultimate frontier... My opinion is that 5 stars ought to be challenging, i dont mind consistently failing to get it. i just mind that overall consistent failing in the main task.
  6. cmdr_raccoon

    Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    Frankly, just to be on record so the powers that be can get feedback, -the general content new loot and content is always fine. Not really a big thing for me, but i'll welcome it if i get it. -Nothing personal for me, but IJN DDs seem like they just cant get a break. I dont play DDs myself, but i have a friend that used to play DDs, IJN ones specifically and guess what, he left awhile already after the treatment they got. -one thing that does get me, alsace nerf. I was very much looking forward to getting this ship, partly done grinding through Richelieu at present (enjoying this ship). Lets just say im not looking forward to slower firing, inaccurate BBs. I believe still if you really need to nerf her, one or the other is enough, but you had to give both...so ok, guess one less ship to play (and pay, since i always try to get prem camo for t8 and above) for. -Prinz eitel friedrich, hope you guys make her good. of the many "design" or unfinished ships, this one i always wanted (mackensen class) -keeping fingers crossed for those updated scenerios. hoping itll be good and frenshen up the play, worried itll require so much from random groups of people
  7. Personally I dont think Alsace needs a nerf but if theyre so hell bent on nerfing it, probably to make Jean Bart more glaringly enticing (since curiously she gets a boost to 2.0 sigma and a significant reload buff, while Alsace will get nerfed on both these), either one of these nerfs ought to be fine, BUT NOT BOTH. Though if i had to choose, just nerf the reload. I think most people hate not hitting stuff properly than being able to fire a little slower.
  8. cmdr_raccoon

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Faced a whole gaggle of this boat on the opposing side and already had the feeling it'd be somewhat overpowered. Thought i'd be biased (against it) but after reading this review, feels a bit vindicated. Thanks for the review Mouse.