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  1. cmdr_raccoon

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    I like the Prinz Eugen, she's tanky but she's no DPM bote. So quite happy for this.
  2. cmdr_raccoon

    Won an Aegis

    Well here's an aegis defeat. The thing is I was actually hopeful in this one, because we had mostly lower tier ships and that dreaded NW second wave was only Myokos, no BBs. I'm sure many better more experienced players here can elaborate on the tactical procedures and such needed in this op.... what I do want to point out however... is the abysmal gunnery/aiming of this team. Can't even eliminate the first wave, it took a while before the last kitakaze from that wave was off-ed. The last escort ship (which was low hp coz i manage to score a citadel on it before i died) was only killed once it reached bottom of map and stationary, because the last ship, our CV, kept missing his torpedo attacks while the enemy was moving (in a straight line i might add). He later died coz his hideout island only shielded him from being spotted from the north but not the north west group. Was bombarded by the nagatos, but didnt relocate because was too busy damage farming... but hey, since it seems we just need liberated transport to reach exit, maybe it was deliberate? But the transports were liberated waaaaayyyyy too far away and too late to reach the exit in time. I forgot to screencap the team result, but i believe aside mine, CV got 2 kills, incl that last low hp, stationary escort, and 2 other ships had 1 kill each. I think MM drew me the short straw in assembling this team, they might be quite new. How common do u guys think teams like these are around? Oh well will try again later ps- oh using the Tirpitz's 'strengths', two of my kills were torp kills
  3. cmdr_raccoon

    2 rants, do you share the same opinion

    I liked Epicenter. i didnt understand the hate. 2 brothers in coop gives me anxiety, especially if i was in a BB.
  4. cmdr_raccoon

    Cherry Blossom team

    I had this one cherry blossom match where i was the sole BB left by the end. It was nice in that the cruisers and one DD were hell bent on... damage farming on the enemy ships, while i went to long range bombardment of the airfields... i could take em both out in the end coz our cruisers (and one DD) actually protected me enough. i think there was one enemy ship left end of the match and barring a torp hit and a few HE shots, i was for the most part quite safe, so to speak
  5. cmdr_raccoon

    Cherry Blossom team

    I like cherry blossom well enough. decent fun and not too many losses..... my usual losses in this is typically because passive teams that dont prioritize the airfields, instead sitting back and only farming damage ...slowly. that said most people can do this op reasonable enough to win...
  6. cmdr_raccoon

    Pot Damage farming in coop

    Lighthouse cruisers for this. Hindenburg particularly for me is fun, decent armor, very agile with double rudder mod to dodge around, and u get detected at abt ur max gun range with lighthouse build.
  7. cmdr_raccoon

    Won an Aegis

    Indeed. I think is fairly common to see half the team or more wiped out after securing the transports, and those are usually CV and some more durable ships like BBs or tough cruisers. In fact, i dont think i personally ever see a DD survive to the last stage of this OP. A shame really. But maybe one day, when more ppl get proficient.
  8. cmdr_raccoon

    Won an Aegis

    I'm really hoping to see... an Aegis match where people manage to sink those 3 BBs... those 3 needs to be taken down.... i still think, by large, failures results from people who dont know how things go in OPs. I think there's not many instances where an entire team (or almost) is made out crappy players that cant shoot the broadside of a barn, thereby general skills should be, at best, a lesser factor as opposed to knowledge of how the op needed to be run; what needs to be done and what it takes to get it done. Do I think Aegis needs some tweaking a bit? Perhaps. There is a reason it's likely the most complained Ops at present, but I dont agree it needs a blanket nerf overall.
  9. cmdr_raccoon

    Won an Aegis

    Aegis is punishing, no doubt about that. Barely able to get the 5 stars for it these days. And yet... i dont find myself losing the op outright too often. Most of the time, we can shepherd a transport to the exit, which is all it takes to win... the most recent one i played a few hours ago, we were down to two ships, me in Tirpitz and our CV, by the time we 'liberated' the transports. It wasn't 5 stars, we even lost a transport or two, but the lead one got out, so ...a win. I think, maybe... just need a few people focused on the objective, shielding or distracting enemy from the transports etc... and one should be able to at least scrap a bare bone victory. That,... and have a ship that can endure. I usually run ops in BBs or cruisers with heal.
  10. cmdr_raccoon

    Is it bad teams or was Narai changed??

    Maybe they can tone down a bit, not so much as downtier-ing some bots, but maybe pick from other nations... that have..maybe smaller caliber guns for BBs and not so potent HE and fires for the smaller ships? The last BBs... well technically if the past version we had tier 6, 5, and 4 BB (while running tier 6 ships )for that north spawn, shouldnt at least one of the nagato be a fuso instead? On the flip side, if ur good and lucky with ur shots, bringing ur own set of 16" guns is great... had quite a hefty amount of citadels running my ignis purgatio in one Aegis run, really racking up good damage on cruisers.
  11. cmdr_raccoon

    Is it bad teams or was Narai changed??

    some of the more.... harrowing.. Ops i got these past few days: - Narai... in my Brandenburg, the ONLY BB in the team.... transports were covered, but it seemed NO ONE wanted to do CV, so i diverted from center path to kill CV. did that and by the time i went into the base.... only 3 of us left, the other 2 being a baltimore and RU CV Pobeda. me and baltimore got burnt eventually, CV was last.... and there was the enemy Anchorage and Colorado left, all allied bot ships dead,,,, just few minutes left, i thought we'd lost but CV managed to take them out with less than 20 sec remaining. RU CVs do good damage i suppose. -Aegis - Nobody does the 2 last BB spawn at NW anymore these days? Anyhow in Cherbourg, a cruiser that might as well be a small battleship with crap armor. Ohh so much fun getting focused with fire hosing at the start, ... friendly bot flagship Shchors died, and a Bismarck was like... right infront of him was the wreck....did he went in to 'rescue'? nope, for some reason, and he was not being targeted, he turned to the side and didnt bother, just went on to farm damage... most of the team was skittish as heck, had to cover the lead transport with my battered 1/3 hp left big target cruiser.... im amazed for some reason the enemy barely focused on the transports this time so the lead one got through and won the game. -Newport: Cherbourg again.... a weimar was consistently hiding behind islands... even when one route/opening had only 1 DD going through and the rest of the wave was being engaged and battering other ppl. the weimar refused to budge, allowing the one DD to come around the small island hidden and only appeared when its very close to the base border... needless to say, he got in just enough to fail us that secondary objective... i gotta ask here, isnt the last big enemy BB supposed to be musashi? coz i quite recall in this one its a yamato. anyhow, by the end of it was me and a atlanta left facing that yamato and a nagato. speed boost to point blank cit the yammy's sides, but got taken out after, fortunately atlanta, the last remaining (and with 1/4 hp left at that) manage to torp and kill nagato. is it coz of higher tier ships? or just the players?. i dunno. overall i had fun with these. and as i see it, i still see way more wins that losses... so for me, ops as it is...is ok enough.
  12. cmdr_raccoon

    Is it bad teams or was Narai changed??

    tbh, im enjoying the random op era narai... yeah i think the likelihood of failing is a bit more now than compared to before. but i get to run them in T8s where many of my fave ships are, the missouri is less an issue now because of that, weimars are less an issue too, and yea the last bit is a tad more challenging without being able to cheese through it, thus contributing to the aforementioned increased likelihood if failing.. but... im enjoying it overall...
  13. cmdr_raccoon

    Will there be Commonwealth coal ships?

    yeap im aware but aside from it being a class i play less of, i also just some time ago splurged my RB for Ohio
  14. cmdr_raccoon

    Will there be Commonwealth coal ships?

    and that will be my next commonwealth ship!
  15. cmdr_raccoon

    Will there be Commonwealth coal ships?

    i wouldnt mind really if they put existing prems in for coal, though of these 3 new upcoming ones the latter two would be my preference seeing as im not so much a dd player