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  1. _Sait

    5D, Competitive Recruiting/4 Divs

    Hell yea looks great!
  2. In the foreseeable future, will recruitment open for CST? I am looking to apply the Fifth Dimension [5D] Community in the program, many members have already stated they would join if the 5D were accepted. Thank you - _Sait @dreameater_ru
  3. _Sait


    Fifth Dimension has open arms to your lost puppy! We will feed him and nurture him to a fully grown good boy that we know he his. We will run and walk him every morning and evening and even go swimming on the high seas, COME JOIN US BROTHER!
  4. Good afternoon WOWS. My name is _Sait, I'm the Captain of 5D. I would like to let the community know that 5th Dimension has restructured into 3 competitive divisions and 1 social division. On behalf of 5th Dimension, I'd like to invite everyone in the warships community to join us as a guest. Come division with our members, we would love to meet you! https://discord.gg/Va4QBBH
  5. When I open the Wargaming launcher and go to the additional game instances page. The TST server doesn't even show up. The news article on the website says I am participating and that I should have received and email with my TST server credentials however, I never even got that. I've updated and restarted the launcher many times, refreshed my email and still nothing. What should I do?
  6. _Sait

    Gearing is being forgotten about

    Quite frankly, Gearing is the only ship I care to keep my stats up in. It is the ship I'm assigned to in clan battles because I play well with it. I simply suggest that due to the fact that there are multiple ships coming out with repair parties on top of having more health, the ship needs an HP increase.
  7. The Gearing is being forgotten and outclassed. Its current abilities are the long smoke duration, low detectability with the legendary upgrade, short fuse AP, and long range torpedoes. However, its base health pool is one of the lowest among the destroyers, the player is forced to choose between defensive fire and speed boost, it is slow relative to other destroyers. The Grozovoi has a base health that is 1500 points higher than the Gearing and, it has a repair party, smoke, defensive fire and speed boost all of which the player can have at the same time. Not only does this ship have these bonuses, it has shells with a very high velocity and low detectability. Its understandable that the Khabarovsk has a repair party being a long range gun boat but, the player loses the smoke screen. The Gearing is simply out classed by its gun capabilities and health pool. The Yeuyang faces a similar situation as the Gearing, it is also outclassed because its armament cannot compete with that of the Harugumo, Khabarovsk, or Grozovoi. The Yeuyang cannot use torpedoes against destroyers so its guns are its only defense. The age of the American destroyer line is showing, it simply does not have the health or regeneration capabilities to effectively combat other destroyers. Not mention, why force Gearing players to choose between Speed boost and defensive fire when CVs aren't frequently played? A Gearing player will more likely choose to have speed boost rather defensive fire because the ship is already so slow. This decision to have what was once a unique ability to the American Destroyer line is basically not beneficial because the ship is outgunned and out ran by so many ships. Many active World of Warships players I know don't care to even grind the line. Gearing needs a buff. - [5D4] saitamsasac