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  1. centarina

    Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    play it like russian gunbote. stay at 12km and use the speed boost to laugh at the people shooting you as you burn them down. or shoot from smoke if it is safe to do so.
  2. thanks for the critical commentary. that is what I wanted on the replay and I do agree with everything you are saying. I do need to be more aggressive in khab and its tough because I am so used to playing cruiser lol. will work on that. I agree that I tend to play too conservatively and that does limit my stat. thanks, and will send more in as i get more replays .
  3. I have to be at my kids baseball tournament, but if that is my khaba stream, looking forward to watching the replay/listening to commentary. the ending scenario was quite unexpected to me.
  4. centarina

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    biggest thing for mushi for me is taht the guns are plenty accurate. over 30% mbhr for me after 3 matches is pretty good. i do better with mo but mo can't tank as well. it is bit one dimensional ship, but still a good earner of silver and fun ship.
  5. centarina

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    mushi needs a buff. miserable first match loss
  6. hey guys was up I'm new


  7. centarina

    Premium Ship Review: Shinonome

    I like shino as it currently sits. it is as good as anshan or any other in its class. short range gun is fine for self defence and its low range is actually great for not being detected if the target dies or smokes up. I have better stats with it than any other t6 DD (ok, I have not played Fubuki in t6) anshan/gnev is 6.3km conceal while shino has 6.1 km conceal, which means you will get your shot off first with similar turret speed. Only weakness is its lack of AA, but that is the case for most of the DDs at t6 and narrow torp arc, but so does fubuki. Frankly, i am really not afraid of any other DD at t6, and only issue is when it gets uptierred to t8. it isn't OP like kamiR or Shiratsuyu, but I think it is arguably the best performing t6 DD. .
  8. centarina

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    frankly, ishi is now totally OP. even server stats seems to indicate this. my last 8 days worth of matches show that I am doing almost 80k dmg average in 9 matches. totally nuts.
  9. well, you need EM for anshan, but not for lo yang. BFT EM (you have to have this on anshan but LS is better for lo yang) Vig (or SI if you prefer) AFT is nice to have for anshan, but DE or SE may be better if speccing for both CE of course.
  10. centarina

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    it isn't that hard a ship to do well in. even though I sling mostly HE, the fire dmg can add up quick. I think I average 11 fire per match or so. it isn't as beefy as konig albert in terms of tanking, but it isn't bad if you are angled. just a good flexible ship that isn't noob friendly, but effective if you know how to play.
  11. centarina

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    if you are brand new player, you are going to be bad, no matter what you have. I would not recommend tirpitz to a new players either. Konig Albert probably would be the one to recommend, and may be arizona after they get bit better. Kongi albert is a monster BB for t3/4 as its basically t4 BB with shorter range. if you are decent at Cruiser play though, Ishi is fine. I am above average player, but perform at purple level with ishizuchi. (top 10 in NA server playing solo only) it does have high upside once you get decent. stay at 10km or so and burn em all down. it has 2.0 sigma for dispersion, so guns are like laser against DD. I've oneshotted DDs trying to chase me. its AP just wrecks t4/5 cruisers, but I use HE only against BBs. If you are trying to AP BBs, you won't be happy. otherwise, I just think it is fun ship. against AFK BB, volley HE, set it on fire and shoot at other ships. let fire do its work for you.
  12. centarina

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    its a solid ship. upto 75 matches now and still doing well with it. as long as you stay angled, it has good armor. only downside is its lack of concealment, but no biggy in most maps.
  13. centarina

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    sims is just fun ship. you can take big risks and come out if you are good. lot of fun. i got 5 hit with the torp tonight in one match. 49knot
  14. anshan does have very good 2 week WR . eu 58.6, US 55,7 asia 57.7 RU 57.2 it is only slightly worse than gremy, so we shall see.
  15. centarina

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Murmansk

    murmansk is best buy in the game, great trainer for DD and CA captain and just fun ship to have. I am having same experience with the sims as well, win or lose, it leaves a smile.