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  1. centarina

    Power Creep

    kagero requires good team as it is great scout, but not as good for solo. akizuki on the other hand can solo pretty well. certain bote are definitely better in current meta. be aware and take advantage of it.
  2. couple days ago, I had 100k+ dmg match in murmansk where I was bottom tiered on a team full of taters. First time I played murmansk in month too. came in with 1150xp which was highest of either team lol. still a loss though. T5 is basically seal clubbing either win or lose, even if you are uptiered
  3. centarina

    Has fire been nerf'd too much?

    well, shchorrs is basically a t7 smolensk anyway :D Its AP is very much situational and not good for longer range . you are depended on IFHE and fire for dmg, as is for many of the CLs in the game. of course, Kii did hit me 6x for about 10k dmg, so I can't complain too hard. would have been more fun to burn the BB into the water, but he ran . anyway, thanks for the feedback and keep it coming
  4. I understand that there are lot of hate for fire, but now I am wondering if fire has been nerf'd too much. 14 fire and couldn't get witherer or arsonist. It used to be where my HE dmg was about equal to fire dmg, but now, it is about half HE damage. I actually believe that They had to rebuff Hindy because of lower dmg due to less fire dmg. I am sure lot of people will disagree, but it used to be normal for me to get about equal HE dmg to fire in the past and now it is not like that. I actually had 4 fire going on KII simultaneously and couldn't kill it. only 35k in fire dmg after putting 6 fire and did rest in HE dmg. So, has the pendulum swung too much ? just throwing it out there. I have been having lot of trouble getting witherer or arsonist since coming back last summer, where I used to get them regularly. may be they need to change the achievement. they already killed the flooding achievement as well as AA one.
  5. centarina

    Super Container

    I choose resource and get about 1 a month.
  6. centarina

    My investment in this game is complete

    been here since open beta, took year off between 2018 and 2019. never had premium account except for about 12 month and spent 300 total over the years including this year where I also bought 1/2 price premium. with 430 days of premium, I don't plan on spending anything for 2 years. still fun to play, but it has been going down hill.
  7. centarina

    The Scharnhorst is horribly weak

    Scharn for me has highest avg frag of any bote in my fleet with ships having more than 20 matches. with German dispersion change, it is accurate enough. this is my favorite BB in game for all around play. captain is total tank build and it is very tough to kill. fun bote, but you do need to know where to shoot for dmg if the target is nosed in.
  8. centarina

    IFHE Henri relevant in 2020?

    so now, you have to play HIV like a ship, not a tank. lol. just move on to hindy . or smolensk :D
  9. centarina

    Blyskawica still sucks

    just got it about a month ago for coal and been running 13 point friesland captain that I've been grinding in it. I thought it was fine. I mean, you are competing in t7 against bote like sims and mahan which also have horrid conceal. you have decent fire power and health for the tier. only 6 (4 at t9 ) matches, but I thought it is very much playable.
  10. centarina

    Albemarle - CS or SGM3

    I run hipper with 4.4 sec rudder time :P it works for me
  11. if you are really good player, it is actually hard to get this achievement esp if you div up a lot. great job on killing all the reds.
  12. centarina

    What is the median W/R?

    if you at the spreadsheet from april 2019 in the first page at the top, it say 2.7 mil or so account. (only 470k has over 100 matches though) :
  13. centarina

    Citadels, Best ships?

    with dispersion change in germany BB, I've been getting fair amount of cits with scharnhorst. 9 in one match saturday with most match getting a few. it is turning into my favorite bote now.
  14. centarina

    What is the median W/R?

    WOWS numbers only count people who signs up to the wows number it is like having top 100k player of over 2.7 million registered player, I can see 50% being the median. even here, you probably have lot of players that doesn't play anymore. I am really curious what the "active" player stats are. my guess is that it is binomial distribution currently.
  15. centarina

    FXP Dead Currency?

    fxp was really tough to get the first year as there was no dragon flag and even papa papa was not an easy flag to acquire. that is why 750k was cost of missouri. I had to save all fxp for year to get it . now, fxp is really easy. I think I've earned 3mil fxp plus in last 9 month while I've earned about 600k in coal . So, it takes about similar effort to acquire tier 9 bote. 1mil vs 200k.