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  1. Selfish DDs

    the issue with DD play now is multifold and doesn't suprise me that so many DDs are camping with the other botes. 1) DWT/TRB that rewards stealth play. I mean who wants to cap with IJN or PADD early in the match? 2) gotcha mechanics in higher tier is overwhelming for anyone and worst for DD 3) campier bigger ships that refuse to come close to cap. 4) map that is DD trap for cap with island all around. blame the meta.
  2. They also made ships 10x life size so that it is easier to hit. plus dispersion is a real thing and frankly, at longer range, it probably doesn't hurt to have it. every weapon had some form of lead indication system based on target movement, so some form of lead indicator is needed anyway, just like we have one for the guns where you get a lock and follows.
  3. Selfish DDs

    lets talk about selfish bb/ca that refuse to support the DD while redteam's DD is fully supported so your team DD gets eliminated one by one. team work doesn't exist lol.
  4. if you guys think doy mission was tough, I am glad you guys weren't around for the pearl or the original ARP missions. talk about salt back then.
  5. OP isn't as original or trolly. mostly boring.
  6. more like ducky likes to div with unicums full time he is allergic to being alone.
  7. 100k in t10 BB is pretty much average match isn't it? While GK is pretty strong, I find conq and even musashi to be just as good or better. not that i've played that much of any of them, but i do find them all to be pretty OP.
  8. with free premium camo for yamato, it may make sense for some people to just grind yammy. it would have cost me less FXP to do that since I had izumo unlocked, but I am also enjoying mushi since it is t10 bote at t9.
  9. Musashi Grind Thread

    playstyle is bit one dimensional, but it is definitely a very strong bote. with extra dmg that you can do, it makes up for the slight lower earning from MO. now, with premium yammy camo from the event, mushi isn't quite as attractive, but still a good bote.
  10. smaller does look better, but still silly. pull tab is kinda cute though.
  11. i thought OP was quitting. I guess he pulled a sbcptnitro!.
  12. Musashi in game...

    the Mushi is frankly OP at t9. it has adequate accuracy with fast reload and hits dang hard. its nose is tough with huge health pool. only weak spot is AA but it does have good belt. its play style is bit limiting, but effective in most cases. it is very easy to do 100k dmg with it . Missou is good, but i have to think mushi is stronger t9. due to extra dmg that I am doing with musashi, earning isn't that much different between the two.
  13. A swing and a miss!

    can the beer can be made part of the citadel?