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  1. at t10, effective fighting range is 15km+ for most ships. if you can't perform well at range (or have enough situation awareness if playing DD0 you won't do well at high tier.
  2. not quite true as you can have 2 instead of 1 with special ability, but overall, not a huge deal.
  3. i played a few match and got the russian captain. I've been really slowing down in my wows play . I expect to have german one pretty quickly as well. i won't pay for them, but you do get a chance to earn them if you actually have a chance to play a few match.
  4. only reason you are bow on and reversing is that you messedup. i rarely do this in BB, only as last resort or near match end where it doesn't matter. have better sense of situation awareness and use cover to turn(or better timing at range) stay mobile and make a difference where it count. I love seeing fools bow tanking if I am in other side as I can flank and wreck them esp earlier in the match.
  5. meh, who need OP premium when you can club seals with bogatyr or st louis at t3 and keep high WR. even solo, its too easy to carry.
  6. 4th Solo Warrior... Asashio

    noice . good job!. keep at it and get more.
  7. did the whole kill sin Operations. German ones, I had to wait till last week, but once I could do it in operation, pretty easy.
  8. I am starting to play ranked. only played 5 match or so, 3 win, 2 top xp on a loss. I am running amagi, which I feel is best BB for t8 matchup. I will get to 11 before it is all said and done. may be 10 if I am motivated, but 11 gives all the flags.
  9. with premium time, flags and camo and daily bonus, you can make 10k xp on a win if you play well. as other stated, % dam is what count, not actual number. killing 1 DD is same value as 1 BB.
  10. Thoughts on on CVs

    wg already said reported they will be turn CV into more action oriented from RTS. so, I am hopeful they will be balanced and more engaging for bigger part of the population.
  11. Finally! Suffered for Weeks

    i am 20 match away from dd one, but already got the cruiser , so taking it slow now.
  12. coop? salt in coop? really? not trolling?

    one more solid hit would have killed the last ship and won this. it was 3v1 against 3 fresh cruisers. killed 2, but last one got me even though I whittled him down to less than 20%. I also killed a colorado.
  14. I grinded through the stock hull on most of the lines. it really isn't that horrid and it goes pretty quick unless you are t9. once you upgrade the hull, it isn't that bad anyway since I do start with retrained captain and mods.
  15. Ideas for rank play

    you have? sounds even to me