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  1. there is no difference in money whether you win or lose. as far as making money, just have highest premium you can afford and play well in. for long time, I used aurora/murmansk in random because they were my only premium. (premium also have benefit of allowing you to run any captain of that nation) then I got anshan, then sims. Sims is my most played and my biggest money maker. you can do premium camo on t10 (5000 gold) which gives half service cost. i have it on my hindy and it is good for making fund.
  2. i was facing lot of CV last night where CV on my teams were total taters in terms of WR. but I div'd up with clan mate and did alright overall. had to carry hard in few matches, but having a mate made it much easier. tonight has been ok so far. (knock on wood) almost done with fdg grind and started lion.
  3. if you can do well with omaha, you can do pretty well in higher tier cruisers. if you can't do decent in omaha, you should wait on higher tier cruiser play until you get better overall in terms of situation awareness and dodging. it is a good test of player's skill. Marblehead and murmansk can still perform well, but they require a lot of care when you are bottom tiered. luckily, t5 grind is pretty short.
  4. I find ibuki grind to be easier than FDG, but I am almost done with FDG now. fdg stock grind was horrid, but usable once hull and speed upgraded
  5. my best katori match in 22 attempt is 72k dmg. avg of 38k, which isn't bad for t3 cruiser. only downside is its speed being so slow, otherwise, decent enough bote.
  6. Amagi is best t8 BB. simple as that. I stopped playing this until yesterday and 2 matches, 170k dmg where in one match where 2 of us in amagi carried the team in t10 match for the win. just does everything well.
  7. you have to do like 20% dmg I believe. collision will not do it unless you kill him.
  8. FDG really is tough ship to do well in . I had secondary build, but swapped out secondary module for dispersion module since I just couldn't make it work. been doing ok as long as I get decent team, but it isn't as fun. CV in match makes it even worse (I've been seeing lot more high tier CV lately) 40k more to go.
  9. this just goes to show you that you can win 30% no matter how bad you are. :D
  10. i just had this guy on our team. 31%WR after 170 match. why would anyone keep playing CV when they are this bad with avg dmg of 16k? his full stats are pretty bad as well, but at least it was bit better. I would think he will be losing money every match and may be more profitable in coop. sheesh. Stats of xxxxxxx's Lexington (NA) Distance: 4495 km Battles: 170 (52W/117L/1T - WR: 31% - SR: 50%) Last battle: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 01:20:29 GMT Planes destroyed: 1705 Average scores: - Damage: 16340 - XP: 692 - Kills: 0.18 - Planes destroyed: 10.03 Best scores: - Damage: 74221 - XP: 1881 - Kills: 3 - Planes destroyed: 50 Main battery: - Kills: 0 (Max: 0) - Shots: 0 (Accuracy: 0%) Secondary battery: - Kills: 0 (Max: 0) - Shots: 422 (Accuracy: 8%) Torpedoes: - Kills: 0 (Max: 0) - Shots: 0 (Accuracy: 0%) Ramming: - Kills: 0 (Max: 0)
  11. you don't need mod to shoot at ships hiding behind island. after about 5000+ matches, you just know where to aim . I hit ships behind island all the time whether they are moving or not by looking at the icon moving, minimap and estimating where they will be.
  12. that is not a premium now , is it? paywall is different story
  13. its a t5BB, and WG has to make them strong or no one will buy it due to MM issues. heck, i find iron due to be OP when I grinded through it, and OR and Konig is also still capable. while it may be strong, I just don't see it being popular and I ersonally would not buy it since I already have plenty of T5 ships. if you want a t5 BB that is strong, it a good choice, but you have to want to play t5 as it is always better to buy higher tier than lower, if you are buying premium ships.
  14. remember that dazzles were really only for sub threat and nothing else. it does make them more visible, but bit tougher to aim. in WW1, there were some studies done, and UK study does seem to show that it was hit less by small percentage (like 54 to 48% with less hitting midship) but not a conclusive study at all. why I said definite may be :D. even though dazzles were used in ww2, it wasn't as effective due to better range finding system.
  15. Hmm, common denominator in both situation is? .....