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  1. as long as you stay in t4/5, it isn't too hard and salt isn't so bad. I stopped at t5 though and looking to see what happens with rework.
  2. clear sky with oct revolution :D. solo warrior in ranked with farragut.
  3. 25 game is pretty small sample. even 100 match is small. i do hope the change is something that will make more players satisfied
  4. I've talked to BBer who was complaining that alsace had too short of a range at 20km. lmbo, I haven't even bothered upgrading fcs on my alsace and find that i don't really need longer range as its dispersion sucks. BBs in general are low floor and ceiling bote though I did well with amagi in ranked. (due to sheer firepower and tankiness) no matter what bote you drive, you need to develope situation awareness.
  5. at low population time, you want to bring in a strong seal clubbing carry bote and farm flags if you are decent.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    i saw peregrinas on the redteam. he did come in top in the redteam but my team won. me and pere went after each other for a while (I was in my zao) it was good match and he did most of the damage on my bote as well.
  7. In defeats, always report the CV

    thanks for the suggestion, I will make sure i follow your advice
  8. yes because you gave it, it isn't valid
  9. i've gotten solo warrior in ranked using farragut :D against t7 opponents because I preferred it over mahan and didn't have sims at the time. for me, mahan is weakest in the lineup due to poor agility and large size.
  10. Operation Frontier PSA

    of course it is about farming but it was much easier to farm in operation compared to random and people were using flags to get 20k fxp per match with higher win rate. I had a mate who farmed up 2mil fxp very quickly. WG could just as well have reduce XP/gold reward instead, but decided to make it tougher. I did the entire lyon and richelieu stock grind in operation, so i can't say too much lol.
  11. i played hipper before the 1/4 HE pen and it did pretty well. with all the buff since, it should be plenty strong for t8. frankly cruisers require careful play anyway and at least hipper can tank a bit. heal is better for tanking though for sure.
  12. Operation Frontier PSA

    you can thank those better players who have farmed the operation for the change. :D
  13. Thoughts on T10 Ranked

    T9 would be cool actually. lot of good botes, but missouri would probably dominate the BB. rest aren't as bad though
  14. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    I actually did pretty well with amagi last season getting to R11 (where I stopped) as well as charles martel.
  15. we were told at one time 30-40% of matches are coop. lets assume 40% of matches. since coop match takes 2/3 the time and has 1/3 the player (8 vs 24). it actually has bit less than 10% of total player time time playing coop. not sure if this include operation or not as the 40% report was pre-operation days I believe. .