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  1. because I am using same captain as republiq, I have full tank build on mine and it does fine. having lot of fun with it and love the firepower I have on it. tank build is what flambass runs as well. if you are good at shooting, go with tank build.
  2. centarina


    actually, that was part of 3 man clan brawl lol.
  3. centarina

    Best game EVER!

    we were more into miniature naval battle using either panzerschiff or more commonly general quarters rule set.
  4. centarina

    When will Moskva leave the tech tree?

    UU are going to be part of research bureau. so it was removed .
  5. nope, more consumable containers are being removed since premium consumables are becoming standard.
  6. centarina

    EU Directives and Tokens, brief personal data.

    finished the 4th week of twitch mission and got 4 more crate for 180 tokens. leaving me with 360 total . grand total of 1560 minus 250 from 1 crate. 1310 total from all the crate including all the twitch missions.
  7. with all the sinop you will see in ranked, I would hesitate on italian SAP. I've had trouble dealing dmg to nosed in soviet BB. others are not so bad.
  8. I prefer alsace for secondary mission . I do it in coop and 10 pointer with manual secondary is fine for the captain. I use tank build for both republiq and JB (same captain) and do fine with it.
  9. centarina

    Who have you seen in game

    ran into sgtspud and his division in the red team today. they played well, but their team did not. they were also bottom tiered . anyway. good match
  10. centarina

    First Coal Purchase - Jean Bart or Salem

    I held off buying JB because of armor change. but because flambass is such a fan, I got and don't regret it one bit. fun bote, as fun as scharny at t7.
  11. centarina

    Think I messed up on KotS Collection

    well, it will take you 3 kots to finish instead of possibly doing it in 2.
  12. centarina

    Making Old Premium Ship Great Again?

    if you give zuchini some AA, it can be fire breathing dragon again :D. loved mine but havn't played much below t6 in almost 2 years.
  13. centarina

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    smolensk can be stronk, but not in hands of lesser player.
  14. centarina

    HE so much more deadly than AP these days..

    in all the BB I've been playing lately (scharn, JB and republique) I use 90% AP. only time i use HE is against nosed in BB at longer range. (esp soviet ) for most, even if they are nosed in, you can do lot of dmg into structure from front and possibly knock guns out so it is worth shooting AP at least for one or two volleys before switching.
  15. all the t9 premiums generate good credit