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  1. DD play is such a hit or miss type of ship, but very strong if you are divisioned up. Hull is always first on DDs, followed by torps. Guns are last as german guns do have bit of arc.
  2. oil will let you build port facilities that will get you discounts on stuff. ships, module, consumables, etc..
  3. but if you earn elite xp, you can use it on other captains including other nations. it is like free captain XP. This is why it is important to have 1 IJN 19pointer to earn elite XP so you can get other nations to 19pointer to take advantage of other premium ships.
  4. Elite captains XP is very handy to have as it can be used for retraining and training other captains. it does take having 19 point captain, but if you have the ARP ships, this effort can be eased since all ARP ships are now considered premium in terms of sharing captains with IJN. So, in effect, if you have the full ARP ships, you basically have 9 premium ships for captain training purposes. This will allow you to get 19 pointer fast, not to mention allowing you to earn elite captain XP. Running this is especially useful during 2x or 3x event day.
  5. i was doing good dmg with iron duke spamming HE, then i got QE and using nothing but AP, doing good dmg as well. so, may be it is balanced lol. it is bit annoying running into lion in my CM getting spammed by HE, but figure it is better than getting citted.
  6. if you are doing this, you need better situation awareness . :D
  7. the strength of QE is its fairly accurate gun and great repair/heal. only 5 matches, but it seems like a very consistent ship even if you don't get lot of citadels.
  8. potatoes will be potatoes :
  9. meh, WG is just making sure that they make money from selling freexp conversion by making t10s OP. they will nerf it once enough plebes gets to t10. :D until then, enjoy the fire.
  10. lol. WG always make new t10 ships OP so that people will freeXP to it and spend bucks. they will wait for couple month before nerfing it down a bit, thus making it bit less OP by the time mass gets there. they won't adjust anything for a while as long as they can profit from it. :D
  11. it gets worse with campaign mission on weekend because so many are worried more about their mission objective compared to winning. add in unicum divisions and you have even worse romp. I've seen lot of CVs as well , which compounds the situation. at least they are fixing smoke so BBs can't hide anymore.
  12. it really isn't as forgiving as fuso and it isn't as tanky as bayern, but it is more accurate with better AA. it did take me a few matches to figure out the gun arc, but now it is fine. it doesn't have super long range anyway, so you should stay close enough for accurate shots.
  13. each duplicate is only worth 15k credit, so 17 of them is only worth 270k or so. at 2:1 exchange, you are only losing 15k per anyway. not that big a deal. I traded in several for the CM camo since I am grinding that ship. that saved me a bunch in terms of camo. premium camo that I have can go to other grinds. monarch will be great since I tend to only goto t8 in BBs.
  14. If you have Warspite, there is no reason for you to keep QE. I would also imagine that if you have nelson, there is no reason to keep KGV. being able to use highly trained captain is a pretty good advantage of premium ship. For myself, I don't have premium UK BB yet, so I have nothing to compare to except possibly older ships. for my own style of play, I do think fuso is bit more stronger due to higher DPM, but I don't find QE to be that bad so far. I finally got it fully upgraded after 4 matches (200% bonus and free day of premium helped) I find nothing to complain about, as it feels similar to bayern, and definitely more accurate guns with better AA. I find that I am doing fine and should be an easy grind. since I have bayern and fuso in my port with premium camo, no reason for me to keep qe though.
  15. i like CM. finally got her upgraded after bunch of matches. only issue is that against t10s, you are not going to do lot of killing except to farm damage. I did keep algerie as well as my sole t7 cruiser. camo does come handy. need to finish grinding maas. may rebuy NO.