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  1. Ahahaahhahah. WHAT.
  2. Think I might be taking an extended break from the game for the same reasons.
  3. This is a horrible idea for a change and should not make it to live. Handing down nerfs mostly at random and making angling matter less will only encourage passive play and unbalance ships which have been balanced AROUND HAVING THE ABILITY TO BOUNCE SHELLS OFF THEIR BELT. Just fix the ribbon issuance instead.
  4. Kron has 11000 more hp than Alaska does. And I don't consider NC to be -excessively- vulnerable. But she's also got more HP while being a tier lower and having better armor. And a shorter turning circle. And she still gets bodied every time she tries to turn and disengage while being visible. You can't just take a ship that CCs consider to be in good shape, give it a massive increase in vulnerability and then call it good. It's gonna need rather substantial buffs in other areas if its gonna be viable and fun. Which I'm not sure I trust them to do properly. I'd rather take the ship where it is now or close to it with a few tweak than make the ship another bow on fighter because that's not very interesting.
  5. The whole reason they likely placed her citadel so low is to allow to her to actually reposition without violently exploding. She's a really really large ship with a hitpoint pool that while large for a cruiser is not that large once you start taking battleship cits. She's not super stealthy and has a turning circle that's massive, meaning that you're gonna get North Carolina'd every time you try to turn and disengage if they make this change. If you just bump up her citadel height to waterline without really changing anything else like her extremity armor, hp pool, etc, you're gonna change a ship that a lot of CCs have said is fun into another boring 'stay bow on angle and never reposition lest you explode' ship. There's a reason that Hindy is poplular: It's a durable ship that doesn't just sit static the whole game. I don't see why balancing the Alaska as they have is a problem unless the ship is actually OP, which initial reports haven't suggested she is.
  6. Sabledrake6

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Everyone wants the refit WV, I can't think of anyone who would be happy with this version. :( I know I don't want it.