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  1. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    great i'm starving now XD silently lurks in the background...
  2. HSF Graf Spee, I'm at an impasse

    So I went ahead and decided to pick up the HSF Graf Spee. I already earned the Admiral Graf Spee from the Hunt for the Graf Spee and Christmas Convoy events last December, and - knowing that I would at least be getting Thea, Whilemina, and the alternate permanent camoflauges for the Graf Spee - I decided to pick up the basic HSF Graf Spee bundle. I was unsure whether or not I would be compensated with doubloons for having already acquired the Admiral Graf Spee, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Admiral Graf Spee and HSF Graf Spee are treated at two separate ships in-game. So if you are like me, already owning an Admiral Graf Spee and considering picking up an HSF Graf Spee bundle, you are in fact getting a whole second ship for your money - the Graf Spees are identical in terms of armament and in-game performance, however they do not appear to be identical clones of each other. Here's some screen captures to demonstrate what I'm saying:
  3. I was curious if these crates might be worth purchasing like the Santa's crates, but I was unable to find much information on what they actually drop. So I decided to try a sample batch for myself and share my results for others to see. And thank you $13 wasn't a huge deal for me to part with in order to test this out, and from what I understand I was rather lucky.
  4. So out of curiosity and a desire to collect a few more of those new signal flags, I purchased the following Hunt for the Bismarck Big Collection Container bundles in the premium shop: Starter container: $1 1 container: $3 3 container: $9 Beyond the random collectible for the Hunt for the Bismarck campaign, I received the following drops from the big collection containers: 1) x20 Red Dragon flags, x20 Ouroboros flags 2) x7 Wyvern flags, x7 Hunter camo 3) x20 Red Dragon flags, x20 Ouroboros flags 4) x7 Wyvern flags, x7 Hydra flags 5) x7 Wyvern flags, x7 Hunter camo Apparently 2 of my 5 big collection containers were lucky drops (x40 flags/camo instead of x14). My instincts tell me this is overly-generous, so if I were looking at this as a sample of what you can expect to receive from a larger number of big collection containers (the 10, 25, or 55 bundles), I'd believe you may see a lucky drop every 1 of 5 containers. Therefore, if 4 regular and 1 lucky drop can be expected per 5 big collection containers, you might anticipate gaining an average combination of 96 flags/camo per 5 containers opened.
  5. Ships I’ve purchased: Yubari Fujin (ultimate bundle) Mutsu (ultimate bundle) Texas Atlanta (in 30-day premium bundle for about $45) Saipan (discount via Christmas sale + leftover doubloons, paid about $25) Molotov Graf Spee Scharnhorst Tirpitz (discount via special event, paid about $45) Anshan Add on approx. $30 in Santa gifts (signal flags and doubloons). Add on approx. 5000 doubloons equivalent in micro-transaction purchases (about $25) for premium one-use camo and weekend captain’s pass purchases I made earlier on in-game. Starting playing Warships on August 14, 2015 - 642 days since then. Cash purchases to date - approx. $393.50. Breaks down to about $0.61 USD/day. I play all of my ships and don’t regret purchasing any single one of them. All things considered I have no long-term regrets. My only impulse buy was dropping 4000 doubloons on the permanent camo for my Izumo, but so far I’ve not been disappointed with that decision (and she looks good with it on). I’ll likely pick up Kaga, Enterprise, and maybe Ashitara when they come out, and I’ll ultimately purchase permanent camo for some – if not all – of the Japanese CVs.
  6. So, how to do ranked?

    Thank you for your thoughts, Submarine_Wahoo
  7. Figuring Out Ranked ( if you are having issues)

    I wanted to add this in to complement the author's OP, specifically regarding battleship play: So I’ve been playing mostly Battleships for the last 3 seasons of ranked battles. I spent most of that time sailing in Japanese BBs (Amagi for season 5, Nagato for both the current season and season 4) and a bit in American BBs (North Carolina for season 5, Colorado for season 4) – so please be aware that I may have bias from playing these tech trees. Here is a short compilation of important things I believe every battleship player should know before going into a ranked battle: Your presence carries a lot of weight on the battlefield. The irony of it is, while you can often defend a capture point by yourself, rarely can you attack a capture point by yourself. So watch where your team mates are going, and react to it - if they advance, advance with them - if they fall back, cover their retreat - if they split, go with the larger force and turn your half of the team into the wall of steel that the other half can hammer enemy ships into. Learn how to swing your weight to the tempo of the battle. Always, always be aware of your surroundings – always. It takes me about 3-5 seconds to aim and fire a salvo from my main guns – the rest of that time I spend taking in my surroundings. Nowadays, I can keep tabs on almost every enemy ship and their approximate position at all times during a match – even when I cannot see them – and I don’t need RDF in order to do that. Yes, every battleship player is going to blunder into the occasional wall of skill, it happens. However - you have eyeballs, you have a mini-map, and you have no excuses. Learn to use them. Don’t drive it straight lines. I change my bearings a least once every 10-15 seconds. You have rudders, learn to use them. Stay in control of your main guns. Always know where your main guns are currently aimed, and where they need to be aiming. Use your rudder to speed up your aim when not being bracketed by walls of torpedoes. This is why captain skills like Expert Marksman and upgrades like Steering Gears Mod 2 are so useful on battleships. Have a plan for your main guns, and stick to it. You are a battleship – you were designed to sling salvos of shell-shaped hydrogen bombs at targets from several zip codes away. Study the ship line-up for each team during a loading match, and formulate a plan for what ships need to get wrecked first. Here’s an example of what my target priorities might look like in any given match: Destroyers inside 10km Cruisers showing broadside Battleships showing broadside Cruisers angled/head-on Battleships angled/head-on Aircraft carriers not on fire Destroyers outside 10km … etc. Be aware of what kind of shells you have loaded. Use HE rounds for sinking destroyers, destroying weapon modules, and setting aircraft carriers on fire. Use AP in any other situation. Know exactly what part of the target you intend to hit with your main guns. Knowing where the citadel on an enemy ship is located and how to hit it, is how battleship players “delete” other ships. Take note of the distances to your targets, and become familiar with how low/high your shots arc at these distances. At lower gun elevations, aim your shells to land in between the target’s main gun turrets at or just above the water line. At higher gun elevations, aim your shells to land amid-ship directly on top of the target’s smoke stacks. When your target is bow-on to you or at close quarters, try to incapacitate and/or destroy their main armaments. When dealing with main gun turrets, aim for the flattest armor face of the turret. In most cases HE shells are best at this – however, when dealing with heavy cruiser and battleship turret armor, use AP shells instead. Taking out weapon modules reduces the amount of return fire enemy ships can aim your way, and is a public service not just to you but to other friendly ships. Don’t burn your Damage Control Party on the first fire. Keep in mind that fire damage can be fully repaired by your Repair Party consumable, and flooding will inflict far more damage to your ship that 1-2 fires will. Consider using your Repair Party to counteract the damage from fires. Save your Damage Control Party for when you need to repair flooding damage, and time its use it only after all threats to flooding have passed. Angle your belt armor and torpedo bulges. Exposing your broadside for more than a few seconds is an open invitation for a paddling, and you’re no good to the rest of the team on the bottom of the sea. So, angle your belt armor to better tank and deflect incoming shells. If you have to take a torpedo hit, always attempt to have it hit your torpedo bulges. It may only stop a little of the damage inflicted, but it can save your ship from flooding, and save the use of a Damage Control Party. This isn’t a comprehensive list of everything a battleship player needs to know, but hopefully it covers enough of the basics to get some started in a good direction.
  8. Welcome to LUCKED! Edition: WTH is this crap?

    So I started off season 6 at rank 15. Decide I want to take my Myoko/Ashigara/Harugo/Nachi out for the first day of the season. After about a dozen games I've been on the losing team all but two matches, so I decide to switch to BBs. After about another dozen games I've been on the winning team all but two matches, three of which I took out two ships apiece and earned a First Blood, Dreadnought, and two High Caliber awards. In both cases I was racking up about 40-60k damage. In any other match type, the opposite is true. What is up with ranked this season?
  9. Who's Ready for Season 6?

    I like having turrets that can keep up, and honestly I'm liking Expert Marksman + Main Battery Mod 2 combo on the Myoko. Gets the turret 180 traverse down to around 34 seconds, and the gun handling is comfortable enough for me that I don't miss Aiming Systems Mod 1. It's not amazing, but it works.
  10. Izumo worth playing thru?

    I'd buy her and unlock the Yamato the old-fashion way. I ground through on some earned days of premium time, 100% xp camo, and about 100 or so Equal Speed Charlie London and Zulu signal flags I stockpiled from last season of ranked battles. Stayed on the A Hull the whole way through since I didn't have the credits to swing both purchasing upgrades and buying the Yamato, even then it wasn't so bad once I got used to her maneuvering and gun handling. There's nothing I can really say that hasn't already been said about the ship. A touch unwieldy in close quarters, but maneuverable enough. I liked the turret layout, particularly for targeting enemy ships from behind. Main guns are solid. And when you're too close to properly aim, ramming is always an option
  11. Patch Incoming - Save those Replays!

    Thank you Little White Mouse!
  12. Who's Ready for Season 6?

    I plan to run: ARP Myoko, Harugo, Ashigara, and Nachi Southern Dragon Nagato Scharnhorst Gneisenau I'm really at my best in the heavy cruiser to battleship spectrum, and I have 10-12 point captains for all of them. That will be plenty to get me at least to rank 5 this season. Radar, smoke, and hydro are nice tools and all, but at the end of the day, a healthy combination of basics like artillery, torpedoes, armor, maneuverability, etc. is what ultimately wins the match.
  13. Interesting. Thinking about your points regarding T7, epicenter, and radar, it does seem like CA/DD could be the expected meta for season 6. When playing ranked last season, I began to notice a trend in the battleship lineups. The presence of secondary spec-ed Bismarcks were not just effective at driving off DDs with their wide AoE, but also lighting battleships on fire. Initially, the response to this was running North Carolinas and go bow-in towards the cap, but a number of players (myself included) began a counter-meta of running Amagis for their respectable secondaries and ten 16-inchers for pasting Bismarcks from several zip codes away. I wonder if, given such an expected meta for this season, there will be a similar counter-meta. I'm thinking that if radar is going to be such an issue, then we might see a few more BBs and a few less DDs. DDs get screwed over by radar, but BBs and some heavy cruisers could care less given their detection ranges. I love my Scharnhorst, but I'm thinking that Gneisenau and Nagato can wreck all of the radar-packing cruisers and have the secondaries/torpedoes to keep DDs at arms distance. Even the Indianapolis with its 203mm AP can quickly wreck Belfast/Atlanta with a few well-aimed volleys, and has radar. This has me thinking that radar may start as the dominant meta, but fall to a support role as the season progresses. Plus, with the new German and Japanese DDs in the tech trees now, I'm thinking that DDs will ultimately still remain the kings of the control points. Particularly when backed up by capable players in the other ship classes.
  14. I started in this game playing down the IJN battleship lines, and I've played halfway up the IJN destroyer and carrier lines. I also own all of the Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships and play them regularly. Honestly, I have yet to play a ship in the Japanese tech tree that disappointed me - including the Myogi and Izumo.
  15. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    So I just earned the Hoarder and Tin Can achievements. I know the Tin Can achievement is awarded by opening up to 17 containers, but I have not earned the Feeling Good achievement - yet I earned the Hoarder achievement. I wonder if the Hoarder achievement could somehow be tied to opening multiple containers per day? I know I opened at least 10-12 containers today i had saved up (5 of which were Commander's Present containers).