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  1. I think the 10cm HE penetration is a balancing factor for having such high DPM, and that's even with 23% nerf to HE alpha already. It's the same issue for 150mm-155mm cruisers against 200mm+ ones.
  2. Just going to say WG would have been better off if they just finished the one line in WoWs that is incomplete instead of trying to make more gimmicky premiums, especially for the Japanese. Despite their "far from easy from a historical perspective" reason for not finishing the IJN DD branch line, it very much is possible once the include the last major IJN DD class be included in it, so Asashio should go to T8, and play largely similar to Kagerou, and then Akizuki can be T9, have the nerfs on her 100mm shells and maneuverability removed (Akizukis were only slightly larger in dimensions compared to Shimakaze, and the IJN 10cm guns in all other ships have a HE alpha of 1700, much higher than Akizuki's current HE alpha of 1200), and the T10 can easily be the Kai-Akizuki design, with more speed and a little more torpedoes. Since Akizuki is strong at T8, there's only more reason for her to belong at a higher tier where her speed becomes an even bigger weakness to counter her other strengths. Only one paper ship is needed in this case, and at any rate, WG should stop using class names or lead ship names as premiums - that simply removes any chance of other ships in the class to be used elsewhere other than premiums, because the class names should be used by tech tree ships.
  3. If you have been reading, the Public Test mission is: Get ten Type "6" camouflage patterns (+100% XP per battle) on the live server for winning five Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server. Also, get French Battleships Lyon and Richelieu on the Public Test server.
  4. Hi. Deal with AA.

  5. And I can say for sure that it isn't the right reason. If the anime fans are saying they're not getting what they want, then I wonder whom WG is catering to. The Apreggio version of Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima are all copies of the 'Kongou' we have in game - herself being the actual Hiei in real life. They are not visually distinctive as they should have been - the anime does draw each sister accurately - so all that's really accurate about them in WoWs is their lightjob. The Tone-class heavy cruisers (or aviation cruisers as some insist) were simply heavy cruisers with emphasis on increased scouting capabilities. IJN carrier doctrine was such that all planes were reserved purely for attack purposes only - no reconnaissance planes were carried. It fell to seaplane tenders (which simply have plane handling facilities, hardly frontline warships like the Tone-class were) and the Tone-class themselves to provide the carriers with 'eyes'. WG did mention in an offhand comment that Tone could possibly be a part of the CV rework, but I've yet to see progress on either issue anyway. The Ise-class battleships were supposed to be the third and fourth Fusou-class sisters, but because of the less-than-satisfactory design of the first two ships, the IJN went back to the drawing board and significantly modified the design, resulting in a battleship that had a similar arrangement of the main battery as the American Wyoming-class does. It was only later in their service lives that they were partially converted to become aviation battleships. They were supposed carry a bunch of bombers that they could only launch, but not recover - the planes were to land at friendly airbases. Interestingly, the Fusou-class battleships were orignally selected for the conversions, and the converted Ises never served in their intended capacity.
  6. The branch was originally touted as a gunboat/torpedo boat split, but Akizuki is the only true gunboat in the entire line anyway. Most of the IJN destroyers are in Kancolle, and in fact, members of every class from Minekaze and Mutsuki onwards are represented in that game. And no, I do not agree that Asashio is asked for as a premium - many want the line completed and for her to be part of that, not a separate premium ship. In fact, no one ever asked for premiums like Mutsu, Ashitaka, or Kii. They do, however, ask for ships that actually existed, such as Yamashiro, the remaining three Kongou sisters, and the Ise-class for the battleships, Agano, Maya in her AA conversion and even Tone, but none of these are in the game, and Tone seems forgotten.
  7. Which is a shame, because its actually quite easy to complete. Many players with knowledge of the IJN's ships suggested that Asashio be the new T8, push Akizuki up to T9 and that easily leaves Kai-Akizuki for T10. The move to T9 should also give Akizuki her 1700 HE alpha back, and perhaps finally DFAA. It doesn't have to be 3x or 4x DFAA; it simply needs the panic ability, because of her terrible turning circle (which is again, strange given that Akizukis were only slightly longer and wider than Shimakaze) Without all these artificial nerfs, Akizuki is far too strong for T8. But in a Q&A, WG had this to say: Q: Is there any plan to complete akizuki line to T10 in 2018? A: We are looking at the ship projects to finish the line, but this is far from the easiest line in historical sense, so it might take considerable time. Therefore we can’t quite confirm it for 2018, but we’ll make sure to do our best. Some time later, we got news that Asashio is indeed T8 - but a premium ship. It's stuff like this that make me extremely disappointed in WG especially with regards to how they handle Japanese ships. They have the most reused textures and models repackaged into 'new' premium ships, get "stock hull" premiums nobody likes or really wants, bastardised refits with parts of the ship firmly stuck 20 years behind, and the first branch line in WoWs - that also happens to be the ONLY unfinished line. If WG can manage to pull out plans for the Russian destroyers and the USN cruisers, there's no reason at all they can't do it for at least one more ship in the Akizuki line. I really don't like to say WG practices favouritism, but it's quite clear that they don't exactly have very high regard for the Japanese.
  8. Maybe complete the IJN DD sub-line first... The first branch line in the game and WG couldn't be arsed to finish it.
  9. Turret armour adds nothing to the ship's survivability - it is completely separate and will not affect the ease of getting citadelled. Superstructure size also does not affect being citadelled, so that's also irrelevant.That leaves only the slightly thicker citadel slope as Eugen's sole meaningful advantage in survivability over Hipper, which I will accept. However, if you angle(which you always should), the citadel slope does not really come into play - but the 25mm bow will. Surely that doesn't mean I should go broadside in Eugen more than Hipper? Just because you haven't noticed any difference doesn't mean there isn't a difference. You said this yourself. The fact that it is there opens up such a possibility.
  10. Eugen has 25mm for the frontal bow waterline belt where it is 40mm on Hipper. It does go back to 40mm further behind.
  11. I would trade 1.2k HP for being a little harder to citadel from being bow-on.
  12. The problem is, there's absolutely nothing to balance. Eugen has no gameplay advantages over Hipper. With that weak spot, she's straight-up worse.
  13. Well, for one, giving Eugen the same 40mm bow armor would help - for some reason she has a small section of 25mm right at the bow, and 40mm on the waterline of the bow. Hipper has 40mm throughout this area. This means that Hipper can bowtank even Yamato's shells, while Eugen can't even bowtank 16" shells.
  14. From screenshots, there is almost no stat difference at all. Speed and guns are the same, the concealment is that of the original Graf Spee without camo (meaning that the HSF versions probably can't mount any camo). The AA mounts are placed differently, but in the same quantities, and as far as aesthetics go, the HSF version has no radar set on top of the bridge, just like in the anime.
  15. Tan Yang =/= Lo Yang. They're not the same ship. Also, Tan Yang got her silly refit with two twin 100mm aft and a twin 127mm/40 forward, all in makeshift turrets. Some time later, those were changed for 3x1 5"/54 guns. Tan Yang never received any torpedoes in the service of the ROCN.