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  1. Turret armour adds nothing to the ship's survivability - it is completely separate and will not affect the ease of getting citadelled. Superstructure size also does not affect being citadelled, so that's also irrelevant.That leaves only the slightly thicker citadel slope as Eugen's sole meaningful advantage in survivability over Hipper, which I will accept. However, if you angle(which you always should), the citadel slope does not really come into play - but the 25mm bow will. Surely that doesn't mean I should go broadside in Eugen more than Hipper? Just because you haven't noticed any difference doesn't mean there isn't a difference. You said this yourself. The fact that it is there opens up such a possibility.
  2. Eugen has 25mm for the frontal bow waterline belt where it is 40mm on Hipper. It does go back to 40mm further behind.
  3. I would trade 1.2k HP for being a little harder to citadel from being bow-on.
  4. The problem is, there's absolutely nothing to balance. Eugen has no gameplay advantages over Hipper. With that weak spot, she's straight-up worse.
  5. Well, for one, giving Eugen the same 40mm bow armor would help - for some reason she has a small section of 25mm right at the bow, and 40mm on the waterline of the bow. Hipper has 40mm throughout this area. This means that Hipper can bowtank even Yamato's shells, while Eugen can't even bowtank 16" shells.
  6. From screenshots, there is almost no stat difference at all. Speed and guns are the same, the concealment is that of the original Graf Spee without camo (meaning that the HSF versions probably can't mount any camo). The AA mounts are placed differently, but in the same quantities, and as far as aesthetics go, the HSF version has no radar set on top of the bridge, just like in the anime.
  7. Tan Yang =/= Lo Yang. They're not the same ship. Also, Tan Yang got her silly refit with two twin 100mm aft and a twin 127mm/40 forward, all in makeshift turrets. Some time later, those were changed for 3x1 5"/54 guns. Tan Yang never received any torpedoes in the service of the ROCN.
  8. Guess you were reading, but not thinking, then. "Selectively" here means to say you can change the skills of your choosing.
  9. And WG wonders why BB metas exist...
  10. You're actually suggesting to buff DDs in a world where BBs rule?
  11. Why is it that...

    Because "we balance according to top players" for everything but BBs!
  12. "We'd like you to feel comfortable trying out new tactics -- the changes coming with Update 0.6.3 will be followed by the possibility to selectively redistribute skills for several Сommanders free of charge and change any of their related upgrades." Guess no one reads anymore.
  13. Because of how far Kitakami has to be to lauch torpedoes, the gaps as compared to a Shimakaze firing torpedoes from a closer range shouldn't be that much different when they do get to the enemy.
  14. Kitakami does not have the ability to lay down 180 torpedoes. Or 60, for that matter. Are you actually saying that people don't do 3-man Shimakaze or Shiratsuyu divs just because they can't throw 60 torps at once? But they will magically do it once they're in a Kitakami?
  15. Everyone needs to see this

    Didn't stop stupid ships like Flint or Minotaur being removed from the game - those ships in divisions are cancer as well. Your point doesn't really stand. Also, why is it only Kitakami that causes TKs? Why not any other DD? Shiratsuyu is basically a much smaller, stealthier and more maneuverable Kitakami. Why didn't WG call that a mistake? I'd expect her to be TK a lot - if any of what you said was true in the slightest bit.