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  1. syraku

    USS California

    Ship ratings provide an overly simplified summary of a ship's characteristics - there are just too many variables to comfortably squish into a single representative number. It is far better to click on the bars to trigger the drop-down information which you then mouse over to provide visible stat changes when upgrades and modules are mounted and skills are trained. For example, anything that increases the turret traverse rate of the main battery tends to increase the Artillery rating on ships, and the opposite is true as well. However, this may be counteracted by other benefits or nerfs that come with mounting the same upgrade, such as Main Battery Modification 2 in the 6th upgrade slot - this upgrade reduces your turret traverse speed by 13% (making them turn slower) while also reducing gun reload time by 12% (making them reload faster). When you choose to mount this upgrade on T9-T10 ships, it will generally show the Artillery rating increasing by 1, which makes it look like a net buff, but the nerf to turret traverse speed is completely lost in translation - you have to look at the details to see what exactly has happened to the numbers. Other upgrades such as Propulsion Modification 1 does not increase the Maneuverability rating even though it provides a significant boost when moving from 0 knots in either direction. On the subject of AA skills, it is prudent to know what to go for in this current meta to avoid wasting your hard-earned skill points. Basic Firing Training(BFT) offers a net 10% buff in AA DPS (constant damage to planes per tick), as well as reducing the reload time of the secondary battery by 10% (they fire faster). Advanced Firing Training(AFT) increases the damage dealt by flak clouds only by 15%, and increases the firing range of your secondary battery by 20%. AFT is therefore more situational than BFT because the damage buff is predicated on the enemy CV flying their planes into the flak clouds your AA throws up, and if they are able to dodge those, the damage buff becomes irrelevant, and the damage you deal to enemy planes then comes solely from your AA DPS, which is buffed by BFT. If you do not value the increase in secondary battery firing range that AFT provides (i.e. if you are not looking to run a secondary battery build for your ship), then spending 4 points is a very steep price for this skill, and you are better served by going for survivability skills such as Concealment Expert and Fire Prevention, because carriers are not the only ships you'll be facing in the game.
  2. syraku

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Back when there were only two BB lines, and only two T7 BBs, Mutsu and Colorado could overmatch each other's 25mm plating easily. Then you had the German battleships with Gneisenau also being able to overmatch 25mm and Scharnhorst which couldn't. Then came the RNBBs, with KGV and DoY being unable to overmatch 25mm with their AP, but Nelson and Hood could, and then the French with Lyon also being unable to overmatch 25mm. Then came Sinop. If it's confusing, simply know that 380mm/15" guns and bigger ones are enough to overmatch 25mm/26mm plating, and anything smaller can't. So no, Sinop's hardly the first T7 battleship able to overmatch bows at her tier, but on top of all the other nice things she has i.e. advanced ABX turret arrangement combined with 406mm guns only seen on T8+ BBs, excellent armour and gunnery, then it starts to become a little bit much.
  3. syraku

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Greatly detailed reviews as always, Mouse - but I do think there is one aspect of Odin's armour scheme that does significantly worse when compared to Bismarck, Tirpitz, and Roma - Odin's upper belt plating of 45mm may be enough to autobounce all AP shells in the game and HE shells up to 203mm HE without 1/4 penetration, but it will be easily penetrated by SAP shells from Italian cruisers. Coupled with their high shell velocity and damage, it can be quite easy to slap Odin for ~15% of her health with a single SAP salvo. The same sections on Bismarck and Tirpitz have 160mm worth of armour - impervious to all HE and SAP shells. Even Roma's 70mm upper belt plating is thick enough to shrug off SAP completely. All three latter battleships have a much larger HP pool than Odin does, and Roma even has slightly better concealment - 11.7km to Odin's 12.0km. I'll leave AL Littorio out of the comparisons for now since she's yet to be released, and is probably isn't as far along in the balancing process as Odin seems to be. In fact, cruisers probably are the bane of Odin's existence, especially Italian cruisers - she can't overmatch most T8+ cruiser plating with her AP shells, her HE has poor damage output, and she isn't fast enough to outrun them - no other T8 battleship suffers from these two problems at the same time. At most she can hope to land some secondary hits on them if she chooses to silence her main battery and let the smaller guns do the talking. Still, she looks less like a German battleship than she does like a Graf Spee raised on Big Macs, and I like thicc girls - as long as you look at it from a cruiser perspective, Odin is pretty chonky.
  4. syraku

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    There are exceptions, though - a large number of tech tree ships do have historical Hull As, with Hull [edited] tending to be fictional AA refits (Bismarck, Hipper), or historically accurate representations of sister ships(Shoukaku) but there are ships that actually are what it says on the tin, like Richelieu. It's just that of late they seem less and less concerned with doing things like this and simply wanting to force fake refits on them to fit certain gameplay visions.
  5. syraku

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    WG's offering of Japanese premium ships that are historical and were active during WW2 have been exceeding meagre - as of this patch so far the proportion of Japanese premium ships that are both historical and belong in the WW2 era is behind that of all other nations (yes, even Germany and France have a greater proportion), save for the Russians and nations with very few or no lines (Pan-Asia, Pan-America, Europe).
  6. syraku

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    Zara received torpedoes simply because the rest of the line did - I don't like that either since WG was fine with having Gneisenau be the only German battleship in the tech tree to mount torpedoes (Bismarck would have recieved a torpedo refit like Tirpitz had she survived Rheinübung), and Zara having torpedoes also made it easier to push Gorizia out as a separate ship, even though Zara's model really is that of Gorizia's anyway, just given Zara's own rangefinders and directors. Myoukou having triples instead of quads and Mogami having quads instead of triples is a legacy decision/mistake dating back to Beta times when Myoukou was T8 and Mogami was T7. They probably do care about these things, but not enough to keep them completely historical and having to bend game balancing decisions around them - they'd rather do the opposite. Still, in recent times WG has been increasingly willing to individually nerf/buff ships to break away from standardised stats, so perhaps they might return to this at some point. WG is most definitely capable of following historical details to the letter where available for many of their premium ships. The decisions they make for tech tree ships are just baffling.
  7. syraku

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    On that issue, it's been well-known that WG doesn't take built-in fixed torpedo tubes nor submerged ones into account. The earliest example of this was Furutaka - she carried 12 torpedo tubes in total, 6 a side in 3 sets of 2 along her hull, and WG simply made do with a traversing triple mount for Hulls A-B. This is understandable given the impracticality of fixed tubes -submerged or otherwise - in a gameplay context, and the decision whether to implement torpedoes at all is sometimes also due to balancing decisions (see Hood, Ashitaka and Mutsu). However, what I don't like is them forcing implausible design choices such as on Kii and Siegfried.
  8. syraku

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    They remind me of the colour scheme used by the Great White Fleet as they went around the world from 1907-1909. But these were American ships, not British.
  9. syraku

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    ​As would myself an a sizeable number of others, I expect.
  10. syraku

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    I really hope WG would add in the 6-gun configuration, since they have said they were looking at Yuubari variants in a May Q&A.