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  1. kingsbishop_7

    HE vs BB's and IFHE - another long time problem.

    All i know is when i run a Brawling BB in a Senerio/operation , i will be on fire put it out and less than 10 seconds latter i will get another one. Maybe i should remove all the fuel and matches i store on the deck be for going into battle.
  2. kingsbishop_7

    RUNNING scared from the start ?

    I was wondering why anyone would play a Random Battle and run away from the start of the game ? I do it all the time. Its a deliberate Strategy . Why, easy once you understand that there are WoWs Botz in the Random Battles. And they are there to balance out the teams. But also to balance out the players skill levels,ships, captains, etc. WoWs has made concerted effort to Balance out the battles, nothing like a an 8:1 blow out at the end. Its bad for business. So WoWs plays with the ship line up including Botz. But that's not good enough. Since our WoWs folks are smarter than the average bear, they muck with other stuff too. like spawn points and the ships assigned to those spawn points. If show up in a 15 point command or so with a ship fully modded out at say T5 DD. I can guarantee i will be low Tier and there will be 2 CAs and at least 1 DD (usually 2) on the counter spwan points across from me. Throw CVs into the mix and I get magical air craft that seem to have homing radar on them come straight in on me matching my course corrections even thought undetected. In short that's a 4:1 or worse odd at the start of the game. IF they are throwing botz at me they tend to be suicidal in there approach. So the Run Away Strategy be comes the Baited Hook. As these boats come in on me in there zeal to kill me, they tend open up to Broadside Attacks(easy kills) from my team mates. They(rest of the team) get the kills. WoWs in effects naturalize a skilled players and in theory every thing is balanced and happy. if it were a straight up legit fight i would probable kill 3 of them or more.
  3. I have a better idea, how about being able to report a player for being a Bot. Wait i think they tried that and it didn't work out so well... hmmm...
  4. This game excites me so much i think i will install Farming Simulator 2019.
  5. kingsbishop_7

    HE vs BB's and IFHE - another long time problem.

    You all miss the point of fire - from a coding and game balance perspective. If I have multi-million dollar game and my job depends on the game making money, lets look at the problem from a critical thinking prospective. If i could control those players with say approx 14k battles overall vs a player with say 500 battles. I may find it desirable to tweak the fire starting capabilities of the 500 battle player and nerf the capabilities of the 14k battle player. After all it is all in the name of game balance/fairness. Also, ticked off player are less likely to buy my premium stuff. Just a thought...
  6. kingsbishop_7

    So Sick of the Lies of Match Maker.

    if I were coding MM and i didn't have enough ships for two 12 man teams. what could i do? Thinking... thinking... Thinking.... I know I would just add a few WoWs house botz to fill out the teams.
  7. Ah.. Isn't that what Ranked Battles is all about? You have a better Win rate vs Loss Rate. (Aren't #1 Ranked Players the Best in the Game... Get my point)
  8. kingsbishop_7

    When is WG going to fix its Broken Senerios?

    There now that troll stuff is out of the way. The question remains: When is WG going to fix its Broken Senerios?
  9. kingsbishop_7

    When is WG going to fix its Broken Senerios?

    Do you project much?
  10. Why I Exit World of Warships After a Few Battles. If I am playing in Random, Senerios, or Ranked, and I am getting beat or am on a loosing team too much, I will Exit the game and do something else, if I am get beat well over half the time. I have a few battles under my belt so I am at least a 50/50 player. If I am loosing 2:1 then something else is going on from a probability stand point and I don't care what it is. Its Time for me to leave the game.
  11. Ever since the Catastrophic Upgrade of 8.x World of Warships has been reduced to only 4 senerios. There were several other senerios that have been dropped that were there befor it. Does anyone have a clue if they are going to bring back addition senerios. My buddies and I enjoy seneriso, cuz we know we are playing against botz and can keep up and watch there latest methods of cheats being used against us (aka. The nutorious sunken ships firing/torping well after being sunk). There is a long list of others.
  12. @Kizarvexis " The bots in co-op, scenarios and the training room all have the format :name:. Those are all bots. The only other time I know of where you see bots in random, is if a T4 or less match is made with newbie players who are all under account level 11. Those newbie players are in the new player protected matchmaking and sometimes :bots: will be added like they are in co-op. But for what you are talking about, you would need fake accounts for the innocuous names. " Thank your for proving my point. Did you notice in the Senerios the Botz don't have the :botname preceded by a colon. Just curious? Again why would WoWs be required to create an brand new accout just to a ":" to a name. In Programming terms it is just a Name Field filled with TEXT. " was saying that the bots are all the same, except that in a scenario they are scripted and seem smarter. In the training room you can set the bots to the highest level, so they seem smarter than randomly generated bots. " There not all the same, but for the purposes of this topic i have rated them 1 to 5. As i said before a skilled player will blow thru the training room botz(level 3 on high)with ease. " Are you sure that those aren't just seal clubbers in low tier random matches? " So i cant play my own ships at low tiers.. Hmmmm. Well i am sorry, I didn't know i couldn't play them. My apologies. I do hang there sometimes for other reason. If i am looking for Clan recruits i will check out the low tiers and look for good players who might be a prospect. And if a few seals get club in the process Oh Well... " It's still 5 minutes for random battles. Don't see why that means WG is putting in secret bots. " Ok, here is the reason. WoWs know if people get ticked off waiting for a battle to kick of they might get tired of waiting and leave the queue or worse leave the game all together. That's places influence on creating balance teams quickly and getting them into battle as soon as possible. In Co-Op 30 seconds is the limited and what happen at 31 seconds, you are entered into battle with who ever is in the queue and the team is filled out with bots The same concept is played out in Random Battles only on a different time scale. And in random battle they don't like making players wait long. They have had Battle wait times of both 5 and 3 minutes again I an not sure what the official time is now. I am not sure if they update the wait time message on the Battle queue either for that matter since battles rarely go to a 5 minute wait. "Um, isn't midship where you are supposed to aim to get the machinery? " Yes that's a good target point, but hitting someone a midships on a 20 to 30 degree angle on the bow is quite a challenging shot to hit a midships.The bots i am seeing are consistently hitting a midships and engineering at there max ranges on the first salvo game after game. Toss in the spawn point with 3 botz on on the Red Team at the counter spawn with a suicide bot. Myself and others witness this to the point we expect it and have developed counter measures to deal with issues. Please read my post and comments above on counter measures in this articial if your are interested.
  13. kingsbishop_7

    Teamwork without a Leader - Suggestions?

    Now I think the term is "Hate Speech" or simply referred to as "Toxic". The moral meaning of the past seems to be lost with Culture Relativism.
  14. Einstein was a funny guy too...
  15. kingsbishop_7

    Teamwork without a Leader - Suggestions?

    +1. Leading elements always need the help if they are trying to be useful.