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  1. Miadous

    Hi, first post, I hate cvs

    Just came here to post about CV's, but since they're so hated, of course several others already beat me to it. Had a miserable tier 8, two cv's per team, match. You'll never guess who the last 4 boats remaining were....that's right, the 4 cv's. It's literally miserable to EVERYONE and Wargaming doesn't care that CV's ruin the game so much, people will quit playing and paying them money.
  2. I see a lot of you saying I should pick better targets. That's not a good response trying to justify how bad this Italian cruiser line is. There was only a couple of boats left on each team, the match was almost over and very close. In no way should you ever not be able to contribute to try to win while using any ship, especially a cruiser, since they should have tools to hurt any target. The Sinop was my only target left on that side of the map, so I needed to do something. It's very frustrating they made an entire ship line only designed to hurt lightly armored targets or DD's, which in turn, makes them a completely DOA ship line compared to others already in the game. They are not good at hunting DD's with their bad concealment, bad reload speed, and no hydro. Any cruiser can hurt DD's with HE, and they're going to have a much short reload than the Italians, probably even hydro available to use. Wargaming unlocked them on the last PTS for more testing, so they knew something was wrong with them. Unfortunately, the only thing they did was buff damage angle by 5 degrees or something, that's the only change I've seen. Hopefully, when more spreadsheets fill up, meaningful changes will come and give people a reason to use the new cruisers instead of old ones that already work better.
  3. Unfortunately, by the time I realized my SAP was a big fail and switched to AP, he smacked me. Sinop doesn't have much superstructure to hit when it's broadside, and it was too close to get shells to drop onto its deck. I looked at the Sinop, only the very front nose area has 25mm that I could've hurt with SAP lol. The game only shows SAP pen numbers, I'd like to see AP pen values as well in-game, that would be helpful. Is there a way to calculate AP pen?
  4. I was going to give the Italian cruisers the benefit of the doubt because I like cruisers and was excited to play a new style of cruiser. However, people have been complaining about these ships for months before release and WG still released them in a bad state. This new ammo, SAP, needs reworked. It only consistently hurts destroyers, but the other traits of these cruisers do not make for a good dd hunter: long reload, bad concealment, and no hydro. The final straw for me with these ships was my last match in the Zara against a broadside Sinop around 11-12km. Every other salvo a number would pop up, it would be 833 or 505. The other salvos were 5+ nonpens. I tried aiming at different spots with the same results. I tickled him earlier in the match when he was camping an island, but him sailing broadside couldn't even be scratched. The final count against him was 61 hits with 14,199 damage. He finally got annoyed I guess and finished me with a 15k salvo through my front at 11km. The Sinop may be tier for tier the best BB in game and Russian bias whatever, but that's no excuse for a new ship line to not even be able to damage it with the new fancy pantsy ammo SAP. What is the purpose of these cruisers if they can't fight other ships? Even against cruisers, I'd get around 3k salvos, which is also garbage compared to HE. I do bigger, more consistent salvos in a 152mm light cruiser with IFHE. That's just stupid.
  5. Miadous

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    I think teams in Random Battle are too big. When I'm on the PTS with the much smaller playerbase, and the matches end up being 8v8, 7v7, maybe 6v6 etc, the matches feel more fun than 12v12.
  6. Miadous

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    My experience is only with the tier 5 and 6, along with Genova, they're the worst ship line that's been added to the game. I really thought with all the community hate towards them for the last several weeks, WG was going to do more than add 5 more degrees to SAP damage angles before release. They even let you unlock them on the PTS for testing, at least I had assumed. Seems that was a waste since nothing has gotten any better with these ships. I wanted to play them as a cruiser main, but they're not fun at all. It's a struggle to get over 60k damage with them since they cannot start fires and SAP damage is extremely inconsistent, and sometimes just nonexistent. Concealment is bad. ROF is garbage. Gun range is garbage. Damage is NOT nearly good enough to justify the reload. Torpedoes are all, but useless being that slow. I actually can't think of a positive thing about them. Maybe their top speed and handling? I don't see how people would want to play these ships and even waste resources and time grinding any further when the mid tiers are this bad. The reload gets even worse on the upper tiers, with very TINY range increases, but drastically worse concealment.
  7. Miadous

    ST, New Year's celebration.

    Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Miadous

    ST, New Year's celebration.

    I'm new to this Snowflake event type thing. As for Steel on victories, is that a one-off for the whole event? Or does it reset each day like a tier 8 ship daily win resets, except during the event, it also comes with 75 steel on daily win bonus?
  9. Miadous

    SAP shells

    I finished a Genova match earlier tonight and it ended 2v2 style. Me, as the Genova, and a carrier vs the Unitus Viribus whatever new bb and the Texas. I actually could not hurt the Viribus bb at all with SAP. I tried shooting the super structure, under the guns, at the guns, everywhere. It would break every salvo of shells. I could barely hurt the Texas. I'm talking a few hundred damage. I switched to AP and was doing more damage and they were not even broadside. Basically, it ended with me running away while the Texas chased me because my ship literally couldn't do anything else. I tried sending the useless torps, so slow even the Texas had no trouble dodging. I let the carrier fight them while I just stayed alive and let the timer run ftw. So the Italian ships need a rework and they're suppose to come out next week hahaha. They're in a very bad spot. I haven't even mentioned the extreme JOKE of a reload time these squishy cruisers have to sit around waiting to fire their very underwhelming guns. Of course, being a premium, the Genova gets an even worse than normal reload at 20 seconds lol. To top it off, they cannot start fires. Italian cruisers are BY FAR the worst ships WG has put in the game. It's actually surprising they're releasing them this way. You'd think they would want people to keep playing their game, so they would give them fun boats to grind through. Alright, rant over. I'm very sad and was looking forward to a new cruiser line, being a cruiser main. Guess I'll keep looking forward to the British heavy cruisers next year.
  10. They should have made the prizes like the 25k coal what you get for playing at least 45 battles (or another random number). Rewarded for pulling your weight and doing your part to make the event better. It really shouldn't rely on all of the other 299 people for an overall average.
  11. Why is this a thing? Can't even unlock all of the event ships because of this.
  12. I just got home from work like a normal person at 5pm and found out Wargaming was giving a free, very limited timed, pumpkin container in the middle of the day. Seriously, the official stream is in the middle of the day on a Thursday giving away stuff? NOT COOL, WARGAMING.
  13. Miadous

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    I have a question regarding event perma camos and Type B (Black) ships. Are people with the B version, like Atago B, able to get these Halloween perma camos for their Atago B? Or is the B version recognized as a completely different ship from the regular Atago, that the event skin is intended for? I'm asking since I was considering the Alaska B coming up, but events like this happen in the future, only the regular Alaska would be able to get the new camos?
  14. For the past month or so, at least once per day, I have to restart the game. I'll be sitting at port, and all the sudden it stops letting me open menus. It won't open Options. It won't let me click previous battles to look at them. It won't open any of the menus on the left side of the screen. Not Directives, not Armory, not anything. So since I have to restart the game to fix it, I lose those matches and my most recent match that I wanted to look at. Why is this happening?
  15. Unfortunately, the actual fun Halloween event is still locked for several more days. The event we tried on the test center was actually fun. Multiple teams of 3 against AI controlled boats, each boat having special abilities...that was fun. It's too bad WG didn't activate that mode for the whole month of October. Seems like wasted effort on their part, the players only getting to enjoy it for a few days and then it'll be gone.