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  1. Turbotush

    Prediction oin Subs in the game.

    This is straw man [edited]. There is absolutely nothing in my post that say I did not want to hear and suggestions from others. That just a coward not addressing what is being said. Is it a rant? Yes! Why is that such a bad thing? Maybe if we worked together instead of being smartass butt heads we would get something done.
  2. Turbotush

    Prediction oin Subs in the game.

    So now I have to go back and find every players other suggestions to satisfy you? You have nothing to offer but lip crap, you are part of the reason the game is slowly sliding down hill. If you dont want to help, go play Minecrap or something. I posted what I thought the problem was, I posted what might be a starting point for a solution, and all you have is smartass comebacks. Got it.
  3. Turbotush

    Prediction oin Subs in the game.

    So you didn't read this?
  4. Turbotush

    Prediction oin Subs in the game.

    That's it? That's all you got? No suggestions, or whys that it could help the situation? Sad, would expect more from someone that has at least as much passion for the game as I do.
  5. First Subs will get in to Ranked battle and screw up any fun most players were clinging to in this mode. Subnuts will then cry because they cant impact the game more. WR will buff subs (because why not, they really don't care any more, they need new addicts to fuel the bottom line cash bank). The player base will have kittens and will complain about subs. WG will then have the great Sub Rework! This will make subs stupid simple to play so that a dumb monkey will be able to do BB damage and not even get spotted. In the end we are going to have a low skilled arcade game that will not even look like a navel warfare game, it will look like Mario Kart with a few explosions. WG will be happy because they would have milked every last cent form the players that helped start the game, and then will be able to suck the last cash from all the new noob players that could care less about the integrity of the game play. So sad that gaming company's always seem to go for the fast buck and don't see the power creep and stupid ideas that slowly kill a good game. Here is how you fix it: Give the Sub and CV players there own %#@&>*! game. Give the rest of the player base a button that says "Yes,I want to play with Sub and CV's", give those players that play in a match against those ship types an incentive, like extra credits or some other new currency that you can only get if you press the "Sub/CV" button. This will make two things happen, players like me will go on pumping money into the game, hell I will even push the "Sub/CV" button from time to time just to get more of the currency. Sub/CV drivers will get matches and everyone would be happy. WG has to change course or we are going to see another exodus of players, and I cant tell exactly how many yet, but we have all seen a lot of forum post from a few pissed off players.
  6. Turbotush

    More of WG ironic MM. This time in Brawl.

    OK, lets see, who makes the MM algorithm? That's right, WG Why is it considered "balanced" when one team has comms, have played together and have a plan vs a team that cant really communicate and most often when they do its to argue a strat? you don't have a problem with that? How about WG match up teams to skill level and if they are in a div? So what if it takes a few minuets more, I would rather wait longer and have a fighting chance then be a punching bag for unicum teams.
  7. Turbotush

    More of WG ironic MM. This time in Brawl.

    Yep, reading comprehension fail on my part, my bad.
  8. Turbotush

    Lookin for a few good.... books.

    Alexander Kent Bolitho series Edward L. Beach Run Silent, Run Deep, Dust on the sea C.S. Forester Hornblower series
  9. It was called Bastion, and it sucked.
  10. LOL! I'm not that good, but thanks for the thought.
  11. Turbotush

    More of WG ironic MM. This time in Brawl.

    Oh yeah I suck........oh wait.
  12. Turbotush

    More of WG ironic MM. This time in Brawl.

    LOL! Now that funny.
  13. Turbotush

    More of WG ironic MM. This time in Brawl.