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  1. Turbotush

    You cant defend this.

    You missed the point. I mean a level playing field between the CV skills
  2. Turbotush

    You cant defend this.

    The problem is the skill gap with a DD is not as impactful as the skill gap with a CV. You can over come a potato DD, but you are screwed if you get the potato CV. As for hating CV's, yes I do, but i can live with them if WG just made it a level playing field, and that was my point.
  3. How about maps, scenarios and historical battles?
  4. WG is not going to care about the player base and their concerns, they care about giving lower skilled players more bling and gimmicks to spend money on. "Look at the new shinny OP ship! You will certainly make it to Rank 1 in this new baby! Only 100,000 gold if you complete these 30 missions! Get it now!"
  5. Turbotush

    USS Black

    It depends on how you got it. If you got it going threw the crucible of Ranked battles (getting to R1 7 times) Then it is a deadly ship. If you got it with cool, then all you have is a Fletcher with radar that will get you killed because you don't understand how to use it. Its the captain, not the ship.
  6. Turbotush

    You cant defend this.

    This above all else is why I will not pay to play this game. Of all the things that players have been asking for when it comes to what WG could do to help with the crap that CV's bring to the game, this is by far the top of the list of complainants for a lot of us that wish CV's had their own game mode (yes I know that wont happen). Since the very beginning of this game and the introduction of sea going arty, players where asking "Why?, Why is a game that is based on ships that use big guns to hit each other being blessed with a ship class that can do the job better and not even be seen?", or "Why do we have to be sunk at the start of a match by a ship that you cant even hit back at?", or "Why do you have to put two of these in a match of ships that don't even have AA?" I could go on and on, we have all heard the beaching, hell I have done most of it! The player base have asked meany times all these questions and have come up with a lot of solutions, like: "Get rid of them", "Give them their own game mode" and "Give players a button that makes it that we don't have to play with CV's". I know, I know, none of these will happen ether. Of course none of these will work for WG, there has been to much money spent by the overlords there for any of these to be taken seriously. But, one suggestion should have been at least looked at, one suggestion that was put forth as soon as one team had a noob CV and the other team had a player like Femininity (if you don't know the name, just understand that she was feared when she was in her CV on the opposing team). That suggestion was have a skill based match making for CV's, so that it would not be a crap CV steamroll over a team. Instead we got the dumbing down of CV's sothey can do BB like damage in a match, and never even be seen or touched, good job WG, players have a problem and you just make it worse. So, what do we have now? Why the same problem! Not only are there more CV's but WG as let the problem of Noob Vs Unicum continue and the player base will get matches like this: Take a wild azz guess on who won this match, go ahead. And while your at it, think how much fun it was for the team that had the noob. Yep, it was a blast..........for the other team. I would like to point out that my team actually did the best they could, but it was just pointless. Also our CV really was trying, but dam! None of us with his skills can do much better, hell I even comped him. So thank you WG for letting me know that you really don't care, I just needed reassurance that nothing will change and I can go on playin but not payin.
  7. Turbotush

    Ranked Battles: Season 8

    Bring back the old Rank Battles and rewards. WG has gone out of its way to make Ranked more of a grind with less rewards and induce players to use more resources.
  8. Turbotush

    Missing the Mouse

    It just seems like WG goes out of it's way to kill any good thing in this game.
  9. The problem is that they have always been in the game and WG never said "DD's and CV's dont fit and will not be added" and then go ahead and add them. This above all else is why I will never trust WG and have not spent a dime on the game in a long time (I used to be quite the whale). I think WG have been planing on subs from the very beginning, they knew that there was an untapped player base that don't have the map awareness and skills for a surface ship. WG had a hunch that some low skilled players given the opportunity to do BB like damage and not get hurt would jump at the chance and would throw a lot of money into the game. I even think WG figured out that even though they would piss off a good portion of the player base, they would recoup the losses with newer players that take joy in screwing the fun that others where having, "Take that you unicum jerk". DD's suck, but at least it takes a very skilled player to not only live, but help a team. CV's are for cowards, but since they have always been in the game players have sort of accepted them (not me). Subs? Subs should have their own game mode, they do not fit, and will never fit. No matter how hard you polish that turd, it will never shine.
  10. Turbotush

    early farewell

  11. Turbotush

    Please Publish The Sub Survey Result

    WG NEVER said anything that would make the player base believe otherwise the statement from Cheftan (a person that was directly representing WG) that subs would not be in the game, when in reality they where developing subs at the time. WG was just waiting in till the milked us old timers of as much cash as they could before they pissed us off with the sub crap and disappointing CV RW.
  12. Turbotush

    Please Publish The Sub Survey Result

    WG does not listen to the players, they listen to potential players that have lower skills and shorter attention spans and want to inflict damage with out getting spotted or hurt. Here's a survey for you.....
  13. Turbotush

    New low - Team Killing of Subs

    A lot of us have, but WG could care less.
  14. Turbotush

    New low - Team Killing of Subs

    Subs need their own game mode.
  15. Turbotush

    Ranked "Qualifying" Scam

    No, not even close. "IF you want to move up to the next league", are you kidding? What the hell do you think the motivation for a Ranked player is? ALL OF US want to move up! That's the point! WG just decided to move the goal post farther out of reach and make the battle mode more of a grind. WG never looks at what a change will do to the player base, WG just looks at what they can do to the player base to squeeze more money out of them. So WG made Ranked battles more of a soul killing grind by splitting up the battle in to 3! Oh joy! If that's WG's idea of how to improve a battle mode then sign me up for a colonoscopy every week! It was fine before, it had it's issues but WG changed it for no other reason then to make players spend more time progressing threw the Ranks and using flags that they have to buy now instead of earning. Any other argument is just falling on death ears, the player base is not stupid and can see what is being done to them.