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  1. You can buff the subturd all you want, but it will never truly fit the game.
  2. Turbotush

    Choice of Steel: Shikishima or Bourgogne

    Bourgogne! I have both, I cant hit sheet with the Shikishima.
  3. It's not a big deal in till all the low skilled players get these ships and beach about not doing enough damage. WG will look at all the potential revenue they are missing out when word gets out that air strikes dont do enough damage by noob players and will buff the crap out of them so that they can sell more air strike crap.
  4. Turbotush

    Where Are My Det Flags :)

    Have you noticed that detonations are more common now. Its all about money now, WG could care less about game play or the player base.
  5. You scared the crap out of me! Read your headline and freaked out, ran to the game, and had to frantically search my ships for the Mo!
  6. Turbotush

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    The Gouden Leeuw is going to be put into the game for only one reason, it will give low skilled players a way to be relevant in the game. WG has to dumb the game down so the less intelligent can do the same amount of damage as a skilled player but with out scratching their paint. In the end, WG just needs more players so they can get them to grind and wip out daddy's credit card to buy the next supposed OP ship to get to Rank 1. WG dose not give a crap about the game, the players or the legacy of what they have built, they just want addicts to spend money. So glad I don't spend as much as I did on this game as I used to.
  7. Turbotush

    think we'll have a type XXI?

    If you used to be big on Silent Hunter and other sub sims, then why do you want to come to this big gun game and screw it up? What is so dam important about accommodating sub drivers, are they special, have more money, dress like anime girls? I cant not see WG's stubborn logic in forcing a class of ship that dose not belong in the game. All subs will do is drive off a portion of the player base, and when subs under perform more then all the other classes and get a stupid buff it will drive off even more. This game is just getting dumbed done every update so as to accommodate the got to have it now, Mountain Dew fueled, button pressing no thinking, prepubescent, ADD teen that has access to daddy's credit card.
  8. Turbotush

    What's left unsaid about Subs

    You all are missing the min point of subs. It will go something like this..... 1. Subs get introduced into the game, subanotics spend time and money to finely get the ship they were promised (even though WG promised us that subs would not be in the game). 2. Subanotics will be pissed that they cant do as much damage as all the other gig gun ships. 3. WG buffs subs. 4. Big gun boats complain that subs are OP and ruin the game. 5. WG promises to buff ASW on ships 6. Subanotics beach that ASW is OP and they cant do any damage and subs are no fun 7. WG sells a new sub for gold that has torpedoes that are self guiding and can sink a T10 BB with 1 torp (it also comes with a scantly dressed cartoon chick with big boom booms). 8. Big gun boat player base goes ape crap and is pissed off because WG is not listening to them. 9. WG promises to do a sub-RW 10. Sub rework is a complete success (according to WG)! 11. Every one forgets about subs because WG reintroduces Bastion, with shore mounted Arty controlled by players that just want to shoot stuff with out losing a ship. In the end, WG will get what they want. WG just wants money from low skilled, ADD, basement dwelling preteens that have access to daddy's credit card and will just throw money at the computer screen, no brains required.
  9. WG could care less, they want you to grind your butt off and spend money for the latest OP ship you think you need to make it to R1 Gold. Ranked is just a caustic sea of trash coated with vomit blended in to a shake, it's become a never ending crap fest. Not one suggestion that any player has made has ever been taken and used by WG to make Ranked less cancerous, in short, they don't care. Now go spend money and be quiet.
  10. Turbotush

    Wedding DRESS not wedding PANTS!!!!!

    Married for 30 years. I wear the pants in the family.......when she lets me.
  11. Turbotush

    April 25, 1915

    ANZAC Day Good on you Aussies. <O
  12. Turbotush

    Qualifying still sucks.

    The only thing WG wants is for players to grind more, get frustrated and spend money. WG could care less about how the player base feels. I'm playin, but im not payin.
  13. Turbotush

    Subs are coming

    It just fells like WG is trying to make this game like all the other video games out there, less on the thinking and skill part and more on the who has the most money to spend and who has the fastest fingers on the keys. Very sad, was a good game for a while.
  14. Turbotush

    How to have more enjoyment in rank

    It's not making it to R1 that kills the fun for ranked for me now, it's the caustic chat and the attitude of the players (Including some unicom players) that have made Ranked Battles just a cesspool of anti-fun. I am now just getting the wins for the rewards and moving back to playing randoms regardless of what rank I get to.
  15. Turbotush

    Premium Ship Review - Habakkuk

    Wish they would recycle the bath tub wars April Fools event instead of fooling no one with this. It's like WG is just "phoning it in" at this point.