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  1. Turbotush

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    I hate you. Just kidding! Dam good job and you must have sacrificed your kid sister to RNG for that WR!
  2. Pre RW the biggest problem with CV's was a noob would be placed vs a unicom, that was it, it wasn't damage, spotting or AA. The [edited] argument that is always put forward that if WG did do a skilled MM matching system that the wait times for CV's would be to long, well boo dam hoo. Why do we have to accommodate 2% of the player base? What is so sacred about CV's? If you want to fly planes there is a game for that called World of Warplanes. CV's don't belong in a Gun vs Gun and will NEVER be balanced.
  3. Turbotush

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    Go ahead, try to balance CV's....it will never happen. You cant balance a ship that dose not belong in a gun v gun game.
  4. Turbotush

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    Well no the game has not gone full cartoon yet, but it is heading that way.
  5. Turbotush

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    It was productive because he is not the only one and this forum is the only place we can bring stuff like this up. You yourself said it would be nice if the MM is changed, how do you expect it to change if captains don't ask?
  6. Turbotush

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    I used to be one of those guys, now I just play and don't pay. I'm bumed I have to play some cartoonish ship in a arcade game mode to get it, but I guess this game is being run by 16 year old's (not the divs, but the players that shell out $200+ for a free ship because they have no patience).
  7. I guess it's the "for free" part, I just don't like being forced to play a cartoony ship in a mode that is forced on me. Now I could be wrong, but it just seams odd.
  8. Actually If I'm not the only player that feels this way it is a big harm to the game. I have supported this game with a lot of my "fun cash" and was willing to keep on supporting it in till it turned in to a "How can we grind the players more" to squeeze more cash from us.
  9. Not gona happen. The game is no longer worth that much to me. Ill play, but I'm not going to pay any more.
  10. So to get the Benham I have to play a game mode I don't like in cartoony ships? That sort of sucks.
  11. Turbotush

    Ship Coupon respawn changed...

    CRAP! Been planning to finally get the Borgape and use it in Ranked! Oh well....
  12. Turbotush

    Such a HUGE difference in fun and mood.

    The forum is the place that all players regardless of what they think should be able to go to say what ever they want to say. It doesn't have to be a discussion, it is a players right to voice what ever opinion they want. If you don't like what a player posts then to bad.
  13. Turbotush

    Sailor Rations in the 18th Century - Burgoo

    Very cool post! Thanks for the info.