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  1. Turbotush

    CV imbalance

    WG wants addicts, not good games for the player base. WG could give a rats rear about anything else other then making a buck, they would even kill this game if it would cash them out with a high pay check, that's why it is moving from a simple "Gun V Gun", slow paced game that needs patience to a fast paced arcade game with gimmicks, that any 10 year old with fast fingers can play. Sad really.
  2. Turbotush

    German Carriers: Early Access

    More CV's....yep, that will make the player base happy. Get ready for 2 and 3 CV's per match as the norm. So glad I don't spend money on this game.
  3. Turbotush

    CV protest play....or not to play

    So I was contacted by a group of players that is thinking of just using the training room and setting up games there to our liking. Their idea was to have all the players in a match buy doubloons and gift them to players on the winning team after a match. They wanted no CV's or subs and you have to submit your stats, also you had to have a good attitude and not be a penchalent buttwad. Would be nice to filter out jackwagon jerk players and sky cancer to have a battle that was fun, hell WG would make more money off of me at least because I refuse to spend money on this game (and I am a reformed whale). In the end, please don't go AFK.
  4. Turbotush

    Remembering A Great GIF Now Redundant

    What gets me is 1 guy would post the question on why not have subs in the game, and 50 would roast him but WG would go ahead and add the subs in the game.
  5. Turbotush

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    No I got your point, you feel that CV's play no part and that no matter what the disparity of there skill it wont effect the outcome of the match.
  6. Turbotush

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    Another guy that gets it. +1
  7. Turbotush

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    Except the enemy CV was able to spot the crap out of us while our CV was trying to torp a CA and failing. Again, what a CV can accomplish damage wise in a match means diddly squat to what a CV driver can do in spotting and covering your DD's. Now read what I wrote and you will get that all I and a few other players have asked for is MM that would be better in matching up CV's, that's it. I am not asking for CV's to be nerfted I'm not asking for CV's to be removed from a Gun vs Gun game (would be nice) I am not pissed off at the noob CV driver. I'm calling out WG for pissing on the player base when it comes to MM and CV's. WG had a chance to fix this but instead went for the easy fast quick buck with the CV RW. p.s. I get so many CV matches in my Atago that I AA speck this beach.
  8. Turbotush

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    Love ya Brush, but 2 CV matches suck no matter what. That's just an opinion and not a statement on how that crap storm makes the game suck for some of us. I want to play World of Warships, not World of Warplanes.....with a few ships in it.
  9. Turbotush

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    You guys really don't get it. The score of the CV dose not measure there spotting ability and the general pain in the rear they can be. In both matches the enemy CV had all of us pegged and we never relay saw him, whereas our CV's in both games tried to CV snipe and then proceeded to fly there planes to the least important enemy ship to try and do some damage. IT SUCKED! CV's out spot, out conceal and out live every other class in the game, add to that having one player that is just starting out and pit him against another player that has WAAAAAAAAAY more time in that class and it wont matter what your DD's, BB's or your CA"S do, if you have the turd CV your screwed....end of story. This guy was the only one that gets it. Its not about the CV as much as its about the MM. If you have turd DD's you can overcome it, it will be hard, but your team can in a pinch come back from losing your DD's. Same with losing a BB force or A CA contingent, it happens. Losing parity in CV's is a different story, CV's can do way more then any other ship class, there is no argument, so losing an effective CV or having a CV that is a noob vs a CV that at least knows how to spot is a fun killer. I don't mind losing, it just pisses me off when I lose because of MM and not because of the team I have. I was there, in both matches we would have had an even chance if there where no CV's or if WG did the right thing and did CV parity MM. But as I said, WG could care less, they want addicts, not good players or good matches.
  10. This above all else is why I hate CV's in the game. Now I am not going to shame these guy's, their stats do not matter, what matters is the difference in stats between the two CV's. The enemy CV had 5545 battles and by the looks of it had learned all the fundamentals of running a CV. Our CV had.......wait for it.......45 battles! 45 Battles. Let that sink in for a moment (pun not intended). I will give you 1 guess on how much fun I thought the battle was on a scale of 1 to OMG WHY CANT WG FIX THIS CRAP. It gets better........if you are a masochist Here is a match latter. Enemy CV has 502 battles in CV's with 3293 battles over all and a good WR (I don't want to say so I am not shamming him, he is average but better then me) Our CV............ 77 battles in a CV with an over all battle count of a MASIVE 122. We, and I mean a lot of us players, BEGGED, PLEADED and dam near offered to throw large amounts of cash at you to change the way CV's where matched. You...WG...told us that you had us covered and would help out the situation with the CV RW. Welp, you failed. You failed so bad that now no matter what you say we just keep our wallets closed and move on, your "word" means squat to some of us. It's sad really, you decided to go the "Lets get more CV's into the game so we can cash in quick" instead of looking at the situation and coming up with a real plan to not only help the surface ship player base out, but to also help the CV's in a way that could have at least made it so some of us still spent money in the game. But no, you decided to piss on the players so you could score a few more bucks..... congrats, you truly are a capitalist now...... I cant wait for when Sub's get put in the game, cant wait to see the crap you will feed the player base to placate them as you charge $100+ bucks for the new 30 knot submerged 100,000HP Russian battleshipsub (Construction was started but was terminated by Stalin, he did not want to embarrass the United States at that time....it's true....trust us at WG). I have waited for this game to come out since the 80's when me and a large group of navel enthusiast's would get together and play Seekrieg for days (Dungeons and Dragons was for girls). WoWS's has so much going for it, the visuals are awesome, the sounds are nice and the game play is fun at times (less fun now then at the start, but still fun at times), some of the artwork you all do is worthy of some of the James Flood pictures I have. I have to say in some respects you guys rock, to bad I don't trust you anymore, but really what do you care, you have 3 more players in the wings with big wallets to replace me and that's what matters to you in the end. You do not want good players or good match making or real ships You want addicts.
  11. Well when you get hit by the shells that the Shikishma shots at you, it feels like you have been hit by a flying Gearing.
  12. Turbotush

    Lucky Guess?

    You are capping in the corner of the cap, have been spotted before so the last position marker on the mini map has your parking spot, and you are not really moving much. You are located, and even if you were located by another player other then the Sinop then that player could have pinged the map.
  13. Turbotush

    Worst teams EVER

    OK, true story. In my first battle, which was a co-op battle, I was pissed because MM placed me on the noob team and all the enemy players had to be the best in the game or the most experienced because they got to the game first and got all the cool historic admiral names picked. And that lady's and gents is why I am Turbotush.
  14. Turbotush


    And so it begins..... The subahulics will complain about how bad they have it WG will listen to them since they are the new kids and are spending money to get the new wiz bang, auto win, low skilled advantage that is available. Subs get special help (like CV's and the CV RW) and new tweaks so they can be relevant in the game. Gun boats complain about subs WG comes up with the Sub RW and on....and on.... and on. Screw subs, worst thing to introduce into a gun v gun game.
  15. Yes my 4 battles in that one ship tells you everything, got it.