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  1. Turbotush

    Stalingrad matchmaking?

    It fells like Stalin is a great ship on a CW team or in a strong Div, but alone in randoms it is a struggle. Some one with a little more incite then I might be able to tell us why or if it just me.
  2. First, let me just let you know that if you are a fellow captain, this is not for you, this is to WG and there staff. First let me say I do like the game you have created, I have dumped a crap load of cash on it and am happy to a point with the product. I know that trying to please everyone is just not going to happen, and I know that I have been caustic in my dealings with the staff at times, but have been happy with how you at WG have tried to resolve some of the issues......but. I just had a match with 2 CV vs 2 CV, it sucked. It sucked not just that there was 2 CV's a side, it sucked because your match making decided that this match should just be a waist of my time, and I have to tell you my time is not cheap. Enemy CV's WR My teams CV's WR Ryujo 66% Independence 39% Bogue 56% Bogue 45% So, do you see the problem? Are you getting why a lot of the player base is not looking forward to the CV RW? Looks to me like you need to do a MM RW. p.s. Just wanted to let WG know. Not really interested in some long drawn out discussion with all the captains about CV's the RW or whether CV's should be here at all. It's not that I do not value my fellow captains opinions (even when we disagree), it's just that this match really pissed me off and hit a raw nerve. Not interested in a reply from WG, I just don't trust what you will say at the moment. Notifications turned off.
  3. Turbotush

    I won a ship from a supercontainer!

    YOU GOT A NIKOLI! YOU RAETBASTRD! I HAT......oh wait, you said a Krispy Kream……...you have my sympathy's.
  4. Turbotush

    Dam this game, made me uninstall it again

    I feel ya! When you go on those big losing streaks you notice that the teams you get put on are well.....how can I say this politely…..really lacking in knowing what to do. It just seems like MM sets you up for massive losing/winning streaks, I don't know if it is on purpose, but I know it is one of the things that make me question the effort and money I put into this game. What empresses me the most are the unicum players that have the skill to win even with a turd team, I envy them. As for me I have not rage quit (yet), but I see the writing on the wall. If something comes along that looks even remotely fun I will probably get in to it and my WoWS account will just go dormant. Sort of sad really, this could be a life time of fun game, but who knows.
  5. Turbotush

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Congrats! Best post today.
  6. Turbotush

    Nautical storytelling at its finest

    Loved listening to all the old sailors and there story's, now I am one. Good post.
  7. Turbotush

    What funky mod is this?

    2 CV's per side......RIP WoWS.
  8. Here is the problem. Before the rework you really didn't see to many CV's, at least from T8 and up, and when you did see them it was more likely then not a blow out (not every time, but it was more often then not) because 1 CV was a 55%+ player and the other was a 40% player. Now after the RW we will see a lot more CV's and those players that were 45% players will be just a little bit better and will do more crap to kill a good shooting game and the 55% will still be doing crap at there present level. So get ready for CV's to be infesting this game at a higher level then before, at least thats what I think will happen. What should happen is CV should be removed from the game......ok wishful thinking, but the game would have been a lot better if CV's had never been introduced in to it. A possible solution would be to make the CV more of a scouting and not a damaging unit in the game. Let a player earn a crap load of credits for spotting, have the CV's fight for the sky's with fighters. Having a ship in the game that can damage with impunity just doesn't fit. Just look at the make up of the game, ships using guns to hit and damage each other, now look at historically what killed those ships.....CV'S!!!!! WG has to make the same choice that nations did in the 1930's and 40's, you ether build CV's or BB's, you ether have a game where ships shoot at each other or run around dodging bombs and torps from CV's, and it looks like WG has chosen CV's to become the rulers of the map, just like they did in WWII. CV's should just have there own game, they do not fit in the game as is, and I think (I hope I am wrong) the RW will just make them more of a cancer.
  9. CV's don't belong in the game.
  10. Turbotush

    Logic and the CV rework

    CV's fit in the game just as well as they did in real life during WWII. Rework them all you want, they just don't fit the game play, and the more WG tries to make them fit the more the game will get messed up.
  11. Turbotush

    A glimpse into the cv rework

    All though I like your idea to "Lets wait and see", I am not looking forward to all the players that will now get into CV's. WG has made CV's operable by a less skilled player, and that means more players will be able to do more with out the skill level. Ok, I know, it might not be bad, but what if it is bad? What if the CV RW makes it so playing any surface ship sucks? What do you think WG will do? I just wish CV's where not in the game, that would have solved the problem right at the get go, but since they are, I just hope that any tweaking done by WG doesn't make it worse.
  12. Turbotush

    Forced to play CV's

    Thanks Hip, thought there would be at least one player that would recognize my awesome CV skills...oh wait, who am I kidding! I suck at CV's! But thanks for the kind words, I'm going to take every ones good advice and go to Coop.
  13. Turbotush

    Forced to play CV's

    So if given a mission that you want to complete, your good with the playing field being uneven? I don't get why you would think that s OK, I mean would you be OK if in the next rank battle, you had a T7 and the enemy team counterpart had a T9? I also don't understand why you think a player can't come here and voice their opinion or make a complaint. How do we change some of the things in the game that a lot of us think need to be changed?
  14. Turbotush

    Forced to play CV's

    Totally agree. I knew at least a few players would have some good advice and not mindless smart ____ meaningless comments. thanks. I have seen the light and am going to agree. thanks.