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  1. Turbotush

    I Don't Understand This

  2. Turbotush

    Division bug in team line up.

    It did have all 5 with the ARP emblem at the start but when I went back 2 of them were removed. I am running Aslains so it could be something in that, ill check. Thanks
  3. Turbotush

    Long Queue Times and 9v9 Battles

    Your complaining! Good grief! I would wait 10 minuets for a 3 on 3 single tier match then go back to the crap it was.
  4. So first a shout out to clan ARP. Has a battle where the first screen shot shows what the line up was at the start. A typed in chat "Div sync drop win" and "If you don't win this ARP then you will never hear the end of it". One of the ARP players was like "What are you talking about? We are just a division". I thought I should check to see if I was mistaken after the battle started and this is what the line up showed! Not a big deal as game bugs go, but could be connected to other things effecting the game? BTW we did lose.
  5. Had 2 just today! MM must have been tweaked.
  6. Turbotush

    The truth about CVs now.

    Because yes, I came to this big gun game to crowd around other ships hiding in the back in till the CV runs out of planes, so I can then have a big gun battle in ships with big guns. The problem with CV's is not the AA or the ships, it's the matching up of one CV player that is good vs the other CV player that is not so good. CV's can effect the game on a bigger scale then any other class of ship in the game, so any mismatch ruins the match for all the rest of the players. It was like this before the RW, and it is back to that problem now.
  7. I like this idea! I really started to play this game not for the imaginary, never built paper ships, I stared because I wanted to fight ships that had seen action (no matter under what flag they fought). They could have camos for us navel warfare purists that would go with ships like the Johnston but you could also buy a camo for the same class ship (Fletcher) but it could be the USS Frankes DD-554 (Grandads ship). The historical camo could have the hull #, name on the stern and equipment that was for that named ship! You could sell camos with the same up grade as what the Missouri achieves to all those players that really want that ship. I would never put the gawd awful, historically degrading, prepubescent crap hollowen camos on my ships, but I would rethink my stance on not paying money into this game for camos that had some historical value.
  8. Turbotush

    2 Carrier Battles

    Welcome to World of Warplanes........with a few ships.
  9. Turbotush

    What's all the fuss about subs?

    The problem with subs is they will have to be "buffed" and "Balanced" so the subanauts will be happy. This of course will make surface players pissed off and subs will have to be nerffed, then the subanauts will be pissed...... and so it goes. Subs are being introduced because they need to make the game playable for 10 year old, ADD, arcade maven playstation COD types. Ships are to slow for them to have a good time in.
  10. Turbotush

    What is this WG

    Gave up trying to give feed back to WG a loooong time ago. WG is gona do what WG is gona do. Not one thing said here will ever change the minds of the owners of this game. Take it or leave it.
  11. Is this the dude that told us that subs would never be in the game? If it is then what ever he is saying now, I'm not buying.
  12. Turbotush

    Game won't load after today's update.

    And I have been waiting for that one player that thinks hes the wizard of smart, that will come on to the forum and be the first to point out a mistake by another poster because they think it makes them look cool. My dismay in the world is renewed with every "You didn't look enough" posts on update days.
  13. Turbotush


    A submarine uses its stealth and placement to do damage. To make a sub equal in this game you will have to have a sub that will not look anything like, perform like or be like any other ship in the game. You will effectively make this into an arcade crap fest (more then it is right now) that the winning side will be determined by who has the better spawn. Subs don't fit a gun v gun game and no amount of buffing that turd will make it fit. If you think the beaching will be less with the introduction of subs, then you truly have not been on the forums, redit or any other platform that players go to to see that just like CV's, subs will just be another fubar from WG. LOL! make subs equal! In the end you will probably attract more players, they will be younger and faster and will make the game just as fun as say......World of Tanks.
  14. Turbotush


    LOL! sure, sure. Subaholics will NEVER be happy in till they are doing as much damage as every one else! I can hear it now "Buff our subs" and then "buff our ASW" and back and forth it goes in till you drive off a good portion of the player base that came here to SHOT BIG GUNS AT STUFF! WG will do just as good a job on subs as they have do on CV's.
  15. Turbotush


    That is just the beginning, subs will require a longer list of tweaks to placate the subaholics. You basically just proved my point.