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  1. CV's as they are just plan suck the fun out of the game if you get the CV with a 35% WR and the enemy gets the CV with the 60% WR.game.
  2. Are Clan Battles still going to be held on the TS? One screen says it is ended the other says 7 hours left. I only have to have 2 more battles to finish the mission and it looks like Ill miss it after rearranging my day to get er dun.
  3. Turbotush

    R.I.P. Late Night GIF Thread

    LOL! I just don't have any fun any more! I always miss out on the cool party's!
  4. Turbotush

    R.I.P. Late Night GIF Thread

    Crap! What I mess?
  5. Turbotush

    clan battles in public test

    Here the thing, some players don't want to play with foul mouthed salty players, it's not to say that those that use questionable language are not as good or are not worthy to play with people of faith it's just that some players don't want to hear it or they have young players playing with them. As for recruiting for the test server, a lot of players are having some success in forming clans on a short notice. I don't mind playing with anyone, as long as they are not azzholes.
  6. Turbotush


    I only needed 2 more battles for the rewards...…...
  7. Turbotush

    On CCs and Their Fanbases

    W e see you as the leader of the "Cat Cult".... hence CC.
  8. Turbotush

    where's the coupon?

    Was going to use it for the JB, but I guess its only for certain items and not for any of the "specials" they have. Bummer, that 30% off would have made me spend the $104 for that ship.
  9. Turbotush

    On CCs and Their Fanbases

    I like all the CC's! They all take a lot of time and effort to help us understand the game and make for a better experience. I don't really disagree on any forum or post about what they say that I don't feel is right, I ignore that p[art and move on. If there are any types of "cults" in this game, then it would be the "We need subs" and "CV's need to be able to rule the game" crowds. I think a nice thing would be to change the way we all see the communications in WoWS, wouldn't it be great if the community was less like the rest of the internet? How cool would it be if we all decided to not say something that we would not say to someone if they were standing right in front of us and not on the other side of a computer screen. Other then that, Lert is a wennie…...
  10. Turbotush

    fusos only training now

    LOL! Don't understand the down vote but well OK. Looks like we are going to set up a Fuso only battle in the training room on Sunday so if any one is interested message me in game if you see me.
  11. training room turbotush now
  12. Turbotush

    Have to tell someone...

    LOL best post today! Practice, practice, practice....after a while you start hitting ship, then you start hitting particular parts of the ship and next thing you know you are hitting the poor sap on the fan tail emptying the trash. You and me are in the same boat, except I gave up.
  13. Turbotush

    Weather in the test server.

    Good, then you can build that snowman you always wanted.
  14. Turbotush

    Weather in the test server.

    It's how they implement it into the game. More random crap that dose not help game play in any way. We need maps more then we need weather.
  15. Turbotush

    Weather in the test server.

    No, I just feel like it slows the play down, you have to wait for good vis to see well enough to shot. We don't need stuff in the game to make it harder to hit sheet.