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  1. Turbotush

    The 1%ers and CV/Subs

    Actually, most of the 1%'ers are just pissed that they spent a lot of money on a game ($4000+ for me) that said it would not add subs and to only add them. We just don't like being lied to. Here's a solution, how about we let the 1% have a mod that lets them play with out CV's? We aren't talking about a big group right? Only 1% of the player base hates CV's right? I'm playin, but I'm not payin.
  2. Turbotush

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    That's funny! +1 That's what I would expect you would say. -1
  3. Turbotush

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    How about not add crap like superships? How about WG keeping their word that subs would not be in the game (give subs their own game)? How bout getting rid of the "Hay I don't need skill, I have homing torpedoes to troll a game with"? How about CV's lose HP when their planes get shot down? How about a MM system that takes into account the players skill level? How about WG being truthful? How about WG fix the Desink bugs? Just pic one........
  4. Turbotush

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    Aaaaaand, another one. This will make it 9 times straight with a CV on the other team, all losses. Still waiting for someone to tell me how this is good for the player base and the game. Look, I dont expect to win every match, I just want an even chance. At this point its just a joke.
  5. All loses due to team make up. Please use your big brain to explain to me how this is fun and engaging. WG, if you want to make a crap load of money off us how about you have a no CV/Sub hour? Just 1 Hour a day that a player would have to spend 2000 Dubs to have matches with out subs and CV's? I can put up with the HE spam, DD's and campers, but playing CV's and Subs in a surface warfare based game is just to archady and skill less.
  6. A simple fix that would give WG all the cash they want and players the Ship vs Ship game that they were told this would be. Have an account setting that cost $45 a month that makes it that a player doesn't have to play with coward CV's and Subs? I know, I know, it will never happen, but you know what also will never happen? Me spending any money to a game that scams me ("There will be no subs in WoWS"). I'm playin, but i'm not payin.
  7. You are asking the wrong question. The question that WG will listen to is "Are subs racking in new players that are not at the same skill level as the player base and throwing money at us?" That is the only question on WG mind. Nothing else matters. I'm playin, but I'm not payin.
  8. Turbotush

    I wonder if the song played for him?

  9. Turbotush


    Absolutely no offense taken! I do agree with you to a point.
  10. Turbotush


    But for some of us (Mostly old farts) is was our one game. We weren't interested in space ships, magic trolls or scantly clad warier woman with swards. A lot of us wanted a slow paced game with ships in it trying to sink each other with big guns, using skills based on tactics and strategy and not on how fast we can push buttons on a controller or key board. Yes it's not quite historical, but it was fun. WG gave us WoWS and we threw a crapload of money in to it ($5000.00+ over 5 years), and to a point we where happy and believing what WG would tell us ("There we not be subs in WoWS, they dont fit the game"). WG on the other hand has lied to us, or changed its mind what every you want to believe, and has decided that the class that you love but a lot of players really hate is going to be shoved into the game. I get it, yes it's just a game, but if you are going to take peoples money and say one thing but then do another then it's not just a game, it's lying and cheating and that tends to piss old farts off. I really wish that players that like subs would get there own game mode, as for me and a lot of other players we have stopped playing, or in my case stopped paying.
  11. So, lets screw the player base because a unicum has to wait a long time to play a class of ship that does not fit the game. Got it.
  12. Pictures tell most of what the problem is. Was a crappy match and all it did was reinforce my disdain for WG, and just cant see them doing anything that would get me to spend any more money on the game. It's like they don't care or have some master plan that will "Wow" us latter.
  13. Turbotush

    You cant defend this.

    You missed the point. I mean a level playing field between the CV skills
  14. Turbotush

    You cant defend this.

    The problem is the skill gap with a DD is not as impactful as the skill gap with a CV. You can over come a potato DD, but you are screwed if you get the potato CV. As for hating CV's, yes I do, but i can live with them if WG just made it a level playing field, and that was my point.
  15. How about maps, scenarios and historical battles?