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  1. And all we asked and begged for after we realized that CV sky cancer was here to stay was some type of skill based MM, In stead we got the CV RW that made the class a even more of a fun killer. CV's just plane suck the fun out of a game that is based on one ship shooting another ship with big guns. We are now at the point of just begging for a limit of 1 CV per side and oh no, we cant even get that! I'm playing, but I'm not paying anymore.
  2. WG has to make a way for players that are ADHD and have no patience to be able to do the same amount of damage good players have to do using ship positioning and tactics. CV just have to fly around and point and click. They are a low skilled class of ship now.
  3. Turbotush

    New to WoW

    Join a clan or approach most of the higher clans for help (some of them are not stuck up buttwads), also watch a lot of Flambass and Flamu on YouTube, they are always a good unfiltered source of info. If you are not to far into the game ill give you an invite code for: 1. T3 Aurora 2.1,000,000 Credits 3. 7 days premium 4. 1000 Daubloons Message me and ill get back to you latter today. Lastly good luck and have fun, but if I see you in a CV 'I'm gona TK you.
  4. Wow! This has been posted for almost 20 min and the CV mafia have not come in to tell you that you need to "get gud" or "If you don't like it leave". CV's just don't fit the game, but we have no say in the matter. WG has to have a way for lower skilled players to do as much damage as the higher skilled players, WG has to make the game so that even a blind retarded monkey can run a class of ship that wont take any hits in till it has done fun loads of damage.
  5. Yes, lets piss off a good portion of the player base and make them stop spending and money on the game, awesome business plan right there.
  6. Turbotush

    Carrier Suxs

    ^^^^^^THIS!!!!!^^^^^^ WG screwed the game up when they tried to "balance" CV's when they should have balanced the MM and made it skill based, and I don't give a crap if a CV player has to wait a long time for a match, that's what you get when you play a ship class that does not belong in a Gun v Gun game.
  7. Turbotush

    Personal Investment into WOWS

    Sorry for the passing of your brother.
  8. Turbotush

    I'm off to Iscandar. I'll return for sure

    LOL! Now I will be humming that tune all day!
  9. Turbotush

    NA server numbers?

    It used to be on the port page and you could easily see it. Why did you all hide it?
  10. Turbotush

    How many posts will it take

    Except per-CV RW the issue was not that there were CV's in the game (all though there were a lot of players that hated them back then), the issue was that a noob CV would V a unicum CV player and the team with the better CV had a better chance of not only winning but having fun. Also there was not as many CV's playing and you could have 10 non CV matches to every 1 CV match so having a CV match that was a blow out was not that bad. Now with the CV RW we have CV matches with 2 and even 3 CV's a side, and I am sorry, I have never seen any player in any one of those matches saying "Oh goody! CV's!". We are also back to "Who ever has the better CV most likely will win" mode so really the RW has not helped like it was supposed to. WG has had to bend over backwards and do all sorts of codding foolery to get CV's to fit in a game that they do not fit in no matter what they do and no matter how many players you have that say "CV's are fine, you need to get gud and just shut up", as it is now you will just piss off a portion of the player base to the point that they will be less likely to open there wallet. As a player of this game I only have 4 options: 1. Sit down and shut up. 2. Voice my opinion 3. Close my wallet 4. Ignore the problem I have chosen to at least voice my opinion and close my wallet, if you think that is a waist of time or that I should just shut up then bite me, its my time and my money.
  11. Turbotush

    How many posts will it take

    So when we say there are a number of players that would like to have a CV free game you come back with "There are not that many and your not using good enough stats to justifies what you are saying" But you can bring up your 2 games and clam that proves your point. Got it. We that do not toe the CV line and bow to your class are irrelevant. Glad I at least stopped paying to play this game.
  12. Turbotush

    How many posts will it take

    You didn't have to say it, its implied. Your premise is as follows; All Anti CV post are irrelevant because it is the same people posting and you know them all. CV's are good for the game because a lot of players play them and since you are not one of them you are irrelevant. Since the OP is one of those players that has voiced his (and a lot of other players) thoughts on why CV's really are not fun for some of us to play against, then his argument is irrelevant. WG is just forcing a square peg in to a round hole and since you are a person that likes to be square, then by golly every one has to accommodate you and has nothing to say about it.
  13. Turbotush

    How many posts will it take

    So basically sit down and shut up right? Excellent customer service advice. I have never seen any player in any chat in any match with 2 CV's a side say "Oh goody! More CV's" .....EVER. I have seen countless chat post of players bemoaning the "Sky Cancer" in a match. I have seen players thankful that they are in a CV match, but only because they are Forced to get plane kills to finish out a mission or challenge. Now look at how many matches I have been in.....that is my sample.
  14. Turbotush

    How many posts will it take

    Take a look at most CV post on this forum, you might be right, but I think there are a lot of us that would pay a lot of money to have a CV less match once in a while. WG could have a 4 HR window once a week and I bet they could sell it for $25. I know I would buy in to it.
  15. Turbotush

    How many posts will it take

    Annnnnnnnnd, que the CV mafia. I think WG is fine with it because us old slow guys that just wanted to shot big guns are being replaced by the ADD, instant gratification crowd. I stopped paying a long time ago ($3500 in the last 4 years) and now just play for free.