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  1. Can we do something about Cancerqueror

    Load HE at the start of the game, fling a couple of salvos of it to lull people in. Then clobber then with surprise AP. I switch it up between HE and AP, sometimes I have been able to HE a bow camping BB lulling them into a turn and punishing with AP. Expert Loader really does make the ship pop in terms of gameplay. Cruisers do not enjoy an AP dev strike from a Conq.
  2. Can we do something about Cancerqueror

    So a hard to hit citadel automatically equals a ship with no weakness? It seems the sole determinant in this is the shiny citadel ribbon vending capacity. Actually inspecting the Conqueror’s armour would reveal weaknesses. Like the fact that aside from the belt armour it is slathered in 32mm armour. This means a Yamato can overmatch it almost anywhere, you can overmatch it’s deck armour, or upper belt. Now look at a Yamato or Montana armour, thicker deck armour, better upper belts. The turret armour, the difference there, and vertical vs sloped. 32mm and HE, 32mm everywhere means consistent HE pens anywhere. Yamato has a 50+mm deck in the mid section, leaving only the superstructure a target (now factor in damage saturation). Conqueror takes more HE pen damage, has the smallest HP pool and dies to focus fire the fastest of all T10 BBs. The ship has plenty of exploitable weaknesses, people refuse to acknowledge them because apparently the only measuring stick for weakness is the citadel.
  3. Remove the CE skill. Compensate DDs accordingly (maybe exceptions for ships like the Khab, not my call to judge). Compensate CA/CL accordingly (Hindenburg legendary module could debuff if it was determined necessary for interactions like that). Compensate BB conditionally, GK gets full benefit, Conq only gets say 75% benefit. Create a caliber cutoff for guns relating to gun bloom time. For the sake of example guns larger than 280mm(number completely negotiable) now have a 30 second bloom. Any guns smaller retain a 20 second bloom. New 4pt skill: Guns above 280mm have 10 seconds removed from their bloom time, 30secs to 20secs. Guns 130mm and below have 4 seconds removed from gun bloom time. 20secs to 16secs. So in the end, all CE builds bar some exceptions stay neutral in detection range. DDs gain an option to reduce gun bloom (exact caliber cutoff negotiable). Otherwise they gain 4pts to spend. CA/CL, gain 4pts, the goal being to increase the tools available to them, the new skill provides zero benefit so they can round out builds better to be more versatile. BB, in strict detection range they stay neutral or conditionally worse. Importantly by increasing bloom to 30secs a buff has been compensated with a nerf. BBs gain 4pts, but in order to retain maximum stealth those 4pts go into the new skill. However the option exists to take other skills, it is far less clearcut. So a BB build can expand but it is still paying for it through a 30sec gun bloom. Note: Caliber cutoffs are negotiable as at the time of typing I was unable to reference detailed caliber stats, entirely feasible to adjust so Scharnhorst for example could retain a 20sec bloom depending on exact cutoff. Same with the DD caliber cutoff for the new skill.
  4. Do all the tier 10 ships have space camo?

    No, not all of them. I believe the Space Camos currently available in the premium shop represent the complete range.
  5. Broadly speaking, yes. Detailed examination, something like 95%. Exceptions like Khab for example exist.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    I feel like the OP needs the qualifier of referring to DD smoke. Belfast, Kutuzov and RN cruisers seem to be coping fine (because they tend to smoke further back).
  7. There's a trick that increases torpedo hit reliability against bots. When you are locked onto them and have the torpedo aim indicator active, line up your torps as you desire to hit the bot. But don't launch, hit "X" to deselect the bot as your locked on target (you will know you have deselected it because the indicator will vanish), then launch the torps. You get a lot more reliable hits. Do note that it isn't foolproof, bots have other reasons to evade (someone else's torps, chasing a new target, navigating, etc).
  8. I have noticed some bots in Co-Op (not Operations) actually using smoke they lay, and I don't mean accidentally, but deliberately. Granted not intelligently or consistently but they have used it from time to time.
  9. Well wouldn't the Operations be a good idea of how players behave in a nil friendly fire experience? Seems to me valuable information could be gathered there regarding player base behavior and response to such things. From my personal experience players aren't going on friendly fire annoyance sprees in the Operations. In terms of fire discipline and behavior regarding torpedo volleys I see no obvious change versus Randoms. Players still want to score damage and actually have their attacks accomplish something. So from that point of view my immersion isn't broken as there is no difference I can detect between Operations versus the rest of the game modes.
  10. I actually like that the RN BB line engages me with ammo selection, every salvo I have to consider whether I should load HE or AP as the next load. It’s they only line that I feel actually engages with dynamic ammo selection for a BB. All the other BB lines are brain dead when it comes to your ammo, AP, AP, AP, AP, repeat. Rare exceptions exist, but they’re stupidly rare. DD play involves dynamic ammo selection. CL/CA play involves dynamic ammo selection. But BB play? Noooo, dynamic ammo use is evil. Players who spam just HE are failing to utilise the full potential. I didn’t sign a code of conduct forbidding HE use, you go broadside I use AP, you go bow in to counter, I use HE.
  11. Battleship help

    The catch of the situation is broadside cruisers while very vulnerable are also prone to overpens because they are presenting the thinnest dimensions of the ship. With dispersion and other factors it can be a bit inconsistent at times. If you are confident in your aim trying shooting when they aren't perfectly broadside and are at an angle, more of the ship for the shell to travel through. Though this works best when you can punch through the nose or aft as the belt armour starts to become effective if their angle gets sharp enough. The best thing is to keep as AP as the majority of Cruisers in Nelsons MM spread are vulnerable to overmatch and just keep working on aim. Extremely low tier RN cruisers HE can work because they have such thin armour. Nelson is a ship with effective HE and AP, I disagree with the generally use HE approach. The calibre of her guns means that you flat out overmatch Cruiser bow and stern armour, so if they're coming nose on you can punch straight through with AP. This applies also to T7 and below BBs. In the spoiler below are some pictures of BB bow armour that give a basic explanation of the overmatch mechanic. But in short, T7 and below you will punch straight through the nose with AP, making it a reliable choice against even bow on BBs. Cruisers have 25/27mm or less of bow/stern armour in Nelson's MM spread.
  12. coal for everyone mission question

    Yes one time deal.
  13. I have 10,950. 5000 to start with, 5000 from the mission. 800 from 2 signal crates. 150 was awarded after a battle but I don't know what for, it randomly appeared during the list of pop-ups after I had played a few games back to back and I didn't have the presence of mind to chase it up. Anyone else get rewards of 150 after a battle? Or did I just completely zone out in regards to a challenge/mission thing?
  14. North Carolina to mix things up. Nil camo, signals and flags, as well as nil secondary boosting modules. Captain: Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing Training. Secondaries started at 15:00, ceased at 10:00 Same NC setup, secondaries started at 14:50, ceased at 9:50.
  15. Amagi: nil signals, flags, camo or secondary boosting module. Captain: Priority target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Advanced Firing Training. Secondaries started at 14:50, ceased at 9:50 Amagi, same as before. Secondaries started at 14:00, ceased at 9:00 Same Amagi, secondaries started at 15:00, ceased at 10:00.