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  1. Meatshield_No13

    What LM/UU's to focus first before they go to RB?

    Specific to Coop. Zao. Yamato, but this does slow your turret traverse, in the way Coop usually plays out you may actually find this frustrating. Repub, again keeping in mind Coop why would the range loss be a dealbreaker? I find the range just closes and keeps closing. Conq gives you a more responsive rudder and faster turrets so again Coop may actually work for you. Mino, don’t think it’s really generally useful, in Coop maybe you could utilise the long duration to imitate Perth a bit? Des Moines, probably limited utility in Coop as it’s main advantage is to juke shells and this works better at range.
  2. Has anyone who says ships shouldn't have unlimited ammo for their guns actually done any research and looked up historic ammo amounts? Navweaps has Warspite and other QE's as having 100 rounds per gun. Atlanta, 450 rounds per gun. Cleveland, Brooklyn, 200 rounds per gun. Yeah it's Navweaps, but historic ammo loads would have zero effect on almost all ships in this game in terms of a 20 minute match, even with continuous fire. Please do check other sources because I feel that "historical ammo load" would have near zero impact. Maybe some of the more extreme T10 ships like Smolensk or Haragumo but even then I believe that would only be achievable with an unrealistic amount of shooting in a 20min match when you consider sometimes a Smolensk/Haragumo does go dark or re-positions.
  3. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    @HazeGrayUnderway Phoenix and Leander are both excellent ship girls of a low rarity for saving oil costs. Leander shines after retrofit and Phoenix has her healing skill. For DDs they start to get long in the tooth because their evasion stat can't keep up so they start taking too many hits with their small HP pool. Cassin and Downes are a good pair though for survival due again due to the healing skill they possess. For gear here is a picture that does a good job of covering most of the situations: At your stage in the game you may not be able to equip what it shows, just consider downgrading to the next rarity level gun, and the numbers underneath the majority of them tell you what worlds they can be farmed for parts. If in doubt for Cruiser Vanguard Aux gears, go Toolbox and Torpedo Bulge, survival parts that will help regardless of the level. The best Cruiser guns should go on your Vanguard Cruisers and not as secondaries on BBs so it is fine to downgrade there. Also what level enhancement is your best gear? Purple plates are a pain but there is something like a 50% DPS difference between +6 and +10 guns, so if you can definitely upgrade your best gears to +10. Oil will get better in time, as you build up a larger reserve pool and earn more, I would suggest cutting back on the 1200 oil commission if it's impeding your ability to play the game, it is good XP, but if it's preventing you from advancing or playing when you want to I would say it isn't always the best choice. Edit: Unicorn, Shouhou and Ryuuhou are excellent healers able to help with propping up a Vanguard.
  4. Meatshield_No13

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    I managed to snag Ifrit through recruit tags and got Eyja a while ago so I just rolled enough to get the guaranteed 5 star which was Mayer. I am for better or worse holding off on trying for 6 and 5 star dupes until I fill out the overall roster more.
  5. Oh boy bringing reality into this..... Reality of plane prep and launch time for CV? Reality of turnover with repeated strikes? Reality of planes landing on a CV? Reality of how long it could take to reach targets for both surface ships and planes? Reality of neat 12 vs 12 engagements with equal representation of BB, CA/CL, DD and CV with mixed nationalities? Reality of shell hits to a CV and flight operations, especially if it's one with an unarmoured flight deck? Reality of a lot of things would completely alter the game you know to something unrecognisable.
  6. Meatshield_No13

    Drake and Goliath: reload or range?

    I started with reload on the Goliath, then converted over to range and never looked back. The reload is nice when you are in range, but that is the kicker, staying in range of targets. A range of just under 17km in a somewhat clumsy large ship. That range restriction pushes you forward too much because you need to be in range to keep up the DPM to properly utilise the reload. Targets go dark you need to find a new target, a simple scenario is trying to stay with 16km of a red BB to put fire on him while enemy DDs and Cruisers are an interminable distance between that BB and you, putting you potentially into perma lit territory. Light Cruisers can get away with smaller range due to stealth, mobility, rate of fire to put out a short burst of damage then retreat and islands (you can use islands to, but it is awkward). Range gives you so much more buffer to maintain fire on at least one target whilst being able to go dark if the pressure builds up. Reload module does nothing if you are unable to use the reload because you keep getting forced out of range of the consistent targets.
  7. Meatshield_No13

    Drake is better than Goliath IMHO

    Firstly I suspect my disagreement is because of playstyle, we probably prefer different things in our ships. I disagree because the Goliath has a 40mm central deck and 30mm upper belt compared to 30mm and 25mm respectively on the Drake. 15" guns can overmatch that upperbelt, which means you have to treat almost every BB in your spread as a serious threat (excluding the odd 14"). The 30mm deck also means 430mm and up just go straight through. This means the Drake simply has less mitigation than the Goliath. The Goliath upper belt is 30mm, 16" and below you can bounce, 40mm deck means you can bounce any BB shell, that central deck also is bigger than I gave it credit for, covering a fair portion of the ship. The Goliath has the ability to stay fighting longer, it's not about the extra gun or slower reload, it's about the ability to persist and keep a steady output of damage. I'm running the range module which gives me plenty of flexibility to engage at the ranges I need with guaranteed uptime. The Spotter plane is nice but it will inevitably be on cooldown limiting your options.
  8. For the purpose of the discussion if one were seeking to downtune BB damage I wouldn't do it by cutting numbers arbitrarily in half. Instead cut the maximum AP damage down (the citadel damage). Yamato has 14,800 AP alpha per shell. Normal pens are 33% and overpens are 10%. So 4,884 for a normal pen and 1,480 for an overpen For the purpose of assigning a number to work with let's go with 10,000. Under current system that would be: 3,300 for a normal pen and 1,000 for an overpen. But then change the percentile for normal pens to 45%, you get 4,500 per normal pen. Overpens, change to 15% for 1,500. Now BB top end alpha has been reduced but low end and middle of the road remain steady. Top level damage is reduced, this reduces damage output no way about it but there is still a stability to other forms of output without them being changed. Of course this doesn't address HE and you would have to probably rework HE alpha and percentile to, and possibly make the percentiles class independent (so Cruisers might still use 33% and 10% as an example).
  9. You are going to get a variety of answers. This depends on your monetary willingness to drop money into the game. Just note the growth of XP requirements gets larger as tiers go higher, T10 cost in excess of 250, 000 XP, so it can get very expensive very quickly. Ship XP is used to advance the ship up the line, so if you are actively grinding that line no do not convert to FXP, that's just wasting money. For example if you are playing New Mexico and have 10,000 ship XP accumulated on it do not convert that XP as you need that to progress to Colorado. Generally any tech tree ship that has ship XP on it that can progress to a higher tier ship do not convert as that is taking XP away from that progression. T10 ships and Premiums you could convert. Additionally it can be worth waiting because occasionally Wargaming does conversion sales where instead of 25 to 1 conversion it is 35 to 1. Overall I would hold off on converting as it's going to continue to cost money and it may be best to hold off on spending until you learn more about the game so you can make choices after you have learnt more. Feel free to continue asking questions in the forum though, they will do their best to answer.
  10. Meatshield_No13

    0PR Goliath game wth

    I am currently running the Reload module, it is nice to have that shorter reload but I am really noticing the range limitation. Goliath is a big clumsy ship, it needs distance to play. With the range it has I have found some fights move beyond my range very quickly and then I need to play catch up. Though the reload was very nice when a Georgia attempted to run me down, I was able to kite and burn it down, with some torps to force the Georgia to weave from time to time. I'm thinking now that I have some experience with the ship I might try out the range module. The reload will probably bug me. But hopefully I will have the range to not have the fights outrange the ship with the need to defensively posture a lot in the Goliath.
  11. Meatshield_No13

    redistributing commander skills

    When it comes to Ship Captains there are a few resources that can be used to retrain or redistribute. 1, Doubloons 2, Credits (sort of) 3, Elite Commander Exp (Cmdr XP) 4, Free Exp (FXP) Being as you are new you probably don't have any Cmdr XP as you only start accumulating that when you have max skilled Captains at 19pts and only on those maxed out captains. So that leaves for you Doubloons, Credits and FXP. So my Edinburgh doesn't have a Captain, I went and pulled a 6pt Captain out of reserve, he was untrained for the Edinburgh. After putting him on the ship: For redistributing note the little drop down box beside the button, this allows you to change the resource between Doubloons and XP, it will cost one or the other to redistribute, not both. With redistribution your only options are Doubloons or XP. Note if you assign a Captain to a ship he is untrained for there are 3 options: Doubloons for total retrain Credits for a 50% retrain Free, no resources lost but no progress on the retraining. If you look at the Captain on the Edinburgh he has the 50% done and has a half filled bar with a "+" next to it. Clicking that "+" will bring up: This is a way to complete retraining via XP, and only XP, it can use either Commander XP or Free XP. Alternatively you can still do a full retrain with Doubloons if you want. Retraining is separate from Redistributing.
  12. Meatshield_No13

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    The auto works reliably for me, been 100% perfect clears, just too lazy to fine tune. But yeah a heck of a lot easier if I had just let Bob through.
  13. Meatshield_No13

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    I had Texas holding position on the left initially as nothing was getting through until Big Bob. Used her ability for a stall then once she went down immediate swap into Hoshiguma. Hoshiguma held for a while then I swapped into Liskarm for the finisher. Like you I was also "must block him here and now!" Been too lazy to redo the auto-deploy ever since.
  14. So the previewed dispersion numbers are typos, actual errors? On one hand it's probably a good thing that it sounds like the values are worse, though without them it's hard to theory/think how much worse and whether that's a player noticeable difference. On the other hand they released the preview with incorrect information which they were told about, that's not good communication on their end. Though now I'm going all conspiracy nut thinking they're going to announce "nerfs" that include bigger dispersion numbers later but they are actually just the true correct values. Are you allowed to post the true values or will that get you into trouble?
  15. For comparison I went and demounted the appropriate modules off my Moskva: Range without any module modification, 19.4km Dispersion without any modules for 19.4km, 167m Dispersion with the "Aiming Systems Mod 1", 155m I do not have the Unique Upgrade so I can't tell you that value. Dispersion of the new TX 220m Cruiser that has this "worse" long range dispersion, 160m at 18.4km, it is important to note that this is a whole 1km less than the Moskva but that "worse" dispersion seems non-existent with those numbers.