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  1. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Ironblood boxes will drop the torps, (Gold quins, purple quads and triples are the ones I got), I also got a gold twin 380mm SK C gun from boxes to. I stocked up and got some when I opened them. Have acquired Graf Zep, Z25, Z19, Z20 and Z21 from both builds and event map drops. I also got Hipper from A-4? It was definitely one of the A maps, pretty sure it was 4.
  2. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    USN BBs are somewhat weak in that regard as they can only equip DD guns, that hampers them vs the bomb boats, they do fire but they don't have the same capacity to stop them. The USN triple 152 CL gun is excellent at stopping bomb boats as it fires a spread, but USN BBs can't equip it, other BBs can.
  3. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Quite likely you already know this but Nelson drops on 2-3 and 5-4 of the story campaign if you really want her, I farmed 2-3 for Nelson early for my HMS team.
  4. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    We can grumble together. Just finished retrofitting Fortune. Have Javelin, Ayanami and Laffey all partially retrofitted, definitely do not have enough gold blueprints.
  5. Meatshield_No13

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    Skip to 13:45 for the the relevant content. Skip to 13:45 in the video for the relevant content. It seems like Black Friday loot crates are not able to be purchased in certain countries. Please note that I am not saying this with 100% assurance as the details are not precise enough to draw a 100% solid answer.
  6. Meatshield_No13

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Review #3: Fourbees

    So I picked up the Black Mass because it was cheaper than the regular Mass, and that paint is snazzy. Been fun so far, enjoying it quite a lot. However I have uncovered one unique downside with the "Black" variant, It is nearly impossible to tell how many of your secondaries are intact at a quick sweeping glance of your ship, everything is black! I was trying to figure which side was best to angle with against an enemy and because I had been slammed with Conq HE earlier I knew some turrets were KO, but heck trying to figure that out in a hurry was a pain!
  7. Meatshield_No13

    Nier Automata on Star Ocean

    Nier Automata is an awesome game, nice story with some heavy thinking if you really want to delve into it. The biggest knock against it is like other games in the franchise is that you have to play through more than once, meaning the repetition of the earlier levels can feel a bit dull, but they do switch up in terms of characters to alleviate that. If anyone is curious it is well worth the pickup, it does a brilliant job of blending different styles of visual presentation, just look for various battle sequences on YouTube. Ok, finished gushing about Nier Automata, the drones aren't pervy in the game, they're a weapon platform and communication device, you can grab onto them to "fall" from heights safely.
  8. Meatshield_No13

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    Weren't people saying BBs were too easy and not punished enough for sailing broadside? Citadels are all being made too low, they need to be raised to return skill back? Funny how that goes now when something like that does come along. A lot of panning because of a raised citadel with bad turret angles, offset by good rudder and decent concealment. So a weakness mitigated by skillful play. So do you want BBs that get punished for showing broadside or not? People are being entirely contradictory here. I agree with Notser that the ship handles beautifully, 9 sec rudder is no joke, she is very nice to sail.
  9. Meatshield_No13

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    I don't see how people are getting their Citadels blown out just by using the 8 guns. Are you turning broadside while detected? I have played the Vanguard, I have been able to use all 8 guns frequently, you fight from concealment. Turn to bear while dark, shoot 8 barrels, immediately rudder over (with that rudder shift she responds quickly). No citadels eaten. Are people really going to say there is a group of ships pre-aimed perfectly just waiting for that invisible Vanguard to suddenly appear? The Vanguard like all the RN tech tree BBs is a distance fighter, abusing vision and stealth, this has been abundant from the moment the tech tree arrived, RN BBs are not brawlers don't shove them into that role. They fight at enough range to slip into concealment whenever they need to, the entire armor setup and their heal mechanics make this very clear. Vanguard is the same, engage from a distance, use her accuracy. The notion that firing 8 guns = instant citadel deletion is absurd, purely emotional hyperbole. Basic angling tactics and sound BB play negates the issue.
  10. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Clearly I need to actually make moves then, haven't even started 8-1. Although if lvl 100 ships are struggling with 9-1 and onwards hopefully that hints at the level cap raise coming to global soon? What Auxs do you run on your Vanguards? Pretty much all my Vanguards run Repair Tools and Torp Bulges, though with the massive demand for Aux equipment parts most are only at +6, Belfast and Leander enjoy +10 because they're in my PVP fleet to.
  11. Flamu did post a recent video about Vanguard after her latest changes. So if people are seeking any info there is that. Remember though she is T8 which may impact your enjoyment depending on where you stand in regards to T8 ships being pulled into T10 games. Regardless I will probably be picking her up, I have enjoyed all of the varied premium RN BBs so far, Hood, Nelson, and Warspite so I will be happy to add another to the roster.
  12. Meatshield_No13

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    It also might simply be a simple case of new ships. Ships like the Wooster are notorious for being overpenned when full broadsiding because their armour is that thin/weak. Because the ship roster has expanded with ships that have different attributes you may be noticing it more due to their numbers in game versus the older ships which were less prone to being overpenned. French Cruisers also can have this due to their armour spacing. Another possibility is simply your skill, I don't mean this in a disparaging way but as your skill has grown you may be taking more shots that are high risk/high reward. Early in your game play perhaps you took a lot safe salvos (ie BBs giving broadside vs a juking DD) now days because of your skill you may be taking the shots that are less likely to score a safe amount of damage in favor of a risky shot that has wonky chances but a game flow altering reward (ie, you ignore the broadsiding BB to shoot a Wooster that is a major threat to your DDs, but the Wooster is a not an easy shot, but you take it because of the payoff if it works).
  13. Gerfalcon and Seelowe can make it, though Seelowe tends to cut it close. Every time I have just cut straight up through the middle. I help with the first Leviathan spawns (the ones outside the middle area) then pretty much straight dash, initially on the surface then dolphin dipping as much as safe, then a stretch of deep dive with the odd surface when able. If I'm in Gerfalcon after spotting the castle I either spot any missing towers or if that is done I reverse my way towards the general swirl taking advantage of the rear torps.
  14. Meatshield_No13

    Spotting damage must be acknowledged & rewarded more

    They should also acknowledge spotting of torps by DDs that trailing friendly ships then evade. Say a Gearing spots a Shima wave heading for some friendly BBs, the Gearing originally spotted those torps. The BBs all evade thanks to extra time to do so. Collectively lets say the BBs rack up 200k potential damage from evading. The Gearing should be credited in some way, you already have a system that determines potential damage, use that system to work a number to reward that Gearing. By rewarding I mean XP, not just credits, but XP. The game can track who spots what in terms of torps so it wont be a case of inappropriate rewards.