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  1. According to the screenshot the engine was knocked out, not the steering gear. You want to knock out the rudder. Engine propels the ship, rudder steers it.
  2. Benefit of Owning All the Ship in a Line

    Encouraging players to keep all boats in a line instead of say 3 is a difference 10 vs 3 occupied port slots. Port slots while not really on the player’s radar as far as a real money cost goes are an item that can be purchased. If players are incentivised to keep the entire line for say an annual or bi-annual signal flag quantity reward they are more likely going to need to purchase a larger quantity of port slots. Additionally there is other factors, selling ships as you progress to partially recoup losses. If you retain the ships you don’t recoup the credits, for some that means they might fork out for premium time while grinding a line. Finally I am aware that many people here have probably never needed to actually purchase port slots or snapped up a large number during a sale but without any knowledge of numbers, sales, economics, etc we can’t really get an accurate idea. TLDR Encouraging players to hold on to the whole line of ships could feasibly earn Wargaming more money.
  3. Game Mode Suggestion

    The idea has merit as an event. I would scrap the idea of locking out lost ships though, would favor the high player population nations more than the low player population nations. Also certain nations would need their tech trees filled out, I can’t see British doing well without access to any Destroyers, nor can I see Russia doing well without any Battleships. Faction roles/strengths are another factor but if the event has a variety of modes and mixes them well it could help even it out. Carriers as you mention are an issue. Perhaps allowing people to sign for a nation but bring a CV, effectively locking them in but allowing maximum inclusion. I admit that it is somewhat an immersion issue though.
  4. What Balances the Z-52?

    Don't pop your smoke, why would you when you know he can nullify it? You are self defeating by popping smoke. You run away, he stays in his smoke and you get away. Or He pursues, exiting his smoke and both of you are lit up, the difference is you are running towards your team, he is running away from his. Don't pop smoke, you instantly solve the issue of the Z-52 remaining undetected if he pursues.
  5. Novel idea, Harekaze treatment. Give the Cossack two hull options: Hull A is as stands and can gain something like TRB or a Heal, some sort of consumable to offset the bad angles and the lack of a turret compared to Hull B. Hull B removes the secondary gun and gives the Cossack 4 turrets to utilise, without seeing how a 4 turret setup would go I can't really speculate if anything further would be necessary. The Harekaze's hull options I feel was a nice concept that succeeded (I see Akizuki gun and US gun variants in games, I have no data to stand on but anecdotally it seems at least 2/3 hull variants are used), WG should use that more often. The added bonus is both are historical representing the ship at different times of the war.
  6. Who Radared/Hydro'd me?

    Edinburgh can mount radar in place of smoke. Due to RN CL frailty it is almost never done to the point that people can forget T8+ RN CLs can mount radar.
  7. Finally Broke 300k

    Congratulations. I haven't achieved over 300k dmg yet. Clearly my flaw based on your damage breakdown is I need to shoot more HE and less AP. I feel way less guilty about damage number results with 100k HE shells and 40k AP shells now.
  8. I don't know what to say

    Judging from OP's description I think they actually spawned near C and capped C first then headed north past B to A because of the lack of opposition. Just a typo mentioning A, at least that's my (possibly incorrect) interpretation.
  9. Bottom right of the screenshot, the red circle/oval, click on your desired option. Note along the top collections row that the Yamamoto one is greyed out, by activating the HSF collection it pauses the Yamamoto collection.
  10. For those curious about the specific ships that earn bonus crates, ie, Yamato, Musashi, HSF Harekaze, and HSF Graf Spee. Once you have opted in and earned 1 collectible and activated the collection playing and winning 1 game in one of the above ships will trigger the personal challenge for the extra crates showing up allowing you to track it So you can for Yamato at very least earn those crates in Co-Op, I assume the rest would be the same. I played in Random to unlock/show the challenge, so I am not sure about the initial challenge unlock.
  11. HSF Event Bug???

    Far as I can tell they are random like the Yamamoto collection, not every daily reward crate will give you an item.
  12. DD's Insane Win Rate Today?

    There's also one of the New Year Raid tasks (Task 5 IIRC), has 2 additional missions that involve spotting DDs first and dealing damage to DDs. The upswing in aggression may be a result of these tasks. I realise there is the 3 million task also, but doing that twice might be putting people off so they're supplementing with these tasks, and the best way to spot and damage DDs is to be a DD and charge in.
  13. Torpedo damage mechanics queston

    If he was broadside when he ate the torps the probable explanation was he was moving at speed with enough of an angle relative to the torps that they hit staggered and all hit the same location (probably stern). |__________> (DD moving from left to right) /\ /\ /\ Not exactly the most elegant visual aid but hopefully you get what I mean.
  14. Suggestion, take it into Co-Op, you can get a feel for the different gun parameters and focus/tunnel in on that without having to be paranoid about getting blapped while learning the new guns. If a ship is initially uncomfortable I find Co-Op is a good way to sort out the issues because I can focus almost exclusively on them to identify and then fix/mitigate.
  15. What is the point of operations?

    The rewards such as flags, captains and premium time are a one time thing. The reason to do an Operation: Co-Op has low cash and XP rewards Randoms are well, random and some people get frustrated or just choose not to play Random. Operations reward a comparable amount of cash and XP as a Random battle of the same tier, for the same amount of time invested.