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  1. Wouldn't this be distorted for people who primarily play CV? Isn't their XP generally lower than their game performance/impact? I have been in games with fairly good friendly CV players yet they usually wind up middle of the scoreboard even though I believe they were very instrumental in the win. <- Opinion The other possibility for distortion is people who are team oriented DD players frequently focused on spotting, smoking allies and interdicting enemy DDs making torp runs, but not direct damage. Edit: I don't see any harm in this idea, nor am I opposed, just some possible weaknesses.
  2. I would think a change like that would just encourage more passive play. It would reinforce "don't scratch my paint!" play style, as now there would be economic incentive to actively avoid dying/taking damage even at the cost of a win.
  3. So my understanding is as follows: Old detection range in smoke firing or not firing equals 2km (ignoring TAM and such). New smoke: Detection in smoke not firing, 2km. DD detect in smoke when firing average of 2.5km, this replaces not adds to the 2km minimum detect. Cruiser detect in smoke when firing average of 5.9km, this replaces, not adds. BB detect in smoke when firing average of 13.6km, this replaces, not adds. That is my understanding.
  4. Well I'm working off memory, so I will concede that. I think the other RNCL's are about 7.5km because of the larger caliber. Although I feel only the Minotaur is the one that I would ever really risk close in aggression because of the traverse. The previous ships are setup in a way that for me at least I tend to keep more distance because of the turrets and other factors. Of course that's all my own opinion. As for the DD's my memory was that the US, IJN, and KM kept really low sub-4km detect ranges when shooting. If it's higher than I can see that being an issue. I might go look for a table.
  5. I was under the impression that the smoke changes means something like a US DD goes from 2km detect shooting in smoke (assuming no modifiers such as TAM on an enemy ship) to 2.5 - 3km detect when shooting in smoke. RNCL's I grant get hit with larger detect ranges, but even on a ship such as the Minotaur the range is around 5-6km nearly that of Hydro, and really even with the Mino you don't want to be that close and you should have friendlies around as spotters, otherwise if you get blindsided by a ship getting that close I have to ask; what are you doing that far extended/blind in a Mino? Or how did that enemy slip through your spotters?
  6. Not disagreeing that Conqueror is OP, I don't have it to make an informed decision. But I have to ask/wonder, the focus on how much average damage the Conqueror pulls versus other T10 BBs I don't think is a wholly honest or fair assessment. After all isn't the Conqueror slinging HE the majority of the time? HE which allows for more recoverable HP and is sustain over time damage rather than the commonly conceived notion of AP burst. HE is associated with a longer Time-To-Kill, this means the enemy heals more back, lives longer to use more heals. The majority of damage from the other BBs comes from AP damage which grants smaller values of recoverable HP. There is a very real reason to call the Conqueror OP based on opinion here, but damage comparisons arent the most honest or transparent means because the Conqueror's favoured method of dealing damage is biased towards a longer TTK, so the enemy gets more heals off.
  7. So I ended up playing on Ocean in the Monarch, with Ocean Soul Camo equipped, and I was slinging HE. So good start to the hate lottery?
  8. Going to voice a thought about Belfast. Assuming WG was willing to do a targeted and calculated nerf to Belfast, I don't think they would actually remove the Tier 8 module slot, or change the Radar + Smoke + Hydro setup. I believe the nature of this setup and the very neat way this all comes together was a very deliberate decision, a choice to enable the Belfast to have initiative against DDs (you can freely disagree as to whether this was needed I'm not going to argue there). The Belfast is a DD killer par excellence, and it is the culmination of all these things that enable that, again I believe WG intended that deliberately (again you can freely disagree about the necessity of this). The detect range enhanced by the Tier 8 slot syncs with Radar range, this gives the Belfast the ability to respond immediately and dangerously. The smoke is a survival mechanism, (yes I know I haven't covered an aspect here, coming up later) playing forward to hunt DDs is dangerous, the smoke enables survival when utilised well, with no smoke a Belfast would be far more likely to hang back and not be close in support thus not being an excellent DD hunter. The hydro is a blend of both survival and ability to hunt, it grants enhanced safety in smoke and the ability to push hostile smoke screens at a calculated risk. So now to address the part I haven't covered and I'm sure many of you immediately picked up on. Smoke as a survival mechanism, well clearly it's not, the Belfast uses it as an offensive mechanism, farming damage off any ship type, so she goes from a DD hunter to a nearly any type hunter because the smoke enables aggressive action beyond the initial survival mechanism. So if I was to target any aspect based on the assumption that she was deliberately and consciously designed to hunt DDs without equal and not compromise that I would target what allows her to step outside that role so well. Simply remove her current British smoke and give her the equivalent tier German DD smoke, which if I have the numbers correct changes it from 103 seconds to 65 seconds smoke duration. This now changes it from (assuming radar and smoke popped at the same time) 78 seconds of farming after radar exhaustion to 40 seconds, far less offensive duration. But importantly it retains that survival mechanism aspect enabling aggressive play, she would also gain the utility of more puffs so that would be another enhancement in the initial contact smoke in response scenario. Anyways just a thought on the discussion, feel free to disagree. She is a strong ship, and opinion seems very divided on the actuality of whether she is OP. Edit: got radar duration wrong in my head, altered numbers to match.
  9. Out of curiosity how are people aiming with AP? I realize my 3 games is absurdly small but I have been aiming high against BBs (not waterline) and getting good results. I'm essentially using the same aiming habits I learned with Hood and translating them to Nelson. I will also say I had a 19pt Capt ready to go so that may be colouring my perception.
  10. Only 3 games so far, enjoying the ship. 3 frontal arc turrets is fun! :) They perform beautifully to, I'm enjoying the grouping with salvos out. I do need to improve my angling though, 3rd game a Colorado chunked me good into red HP and severely impacted my recoverable HP potential. So far my biggest issue is optimal heal use, trying to maintain that large pool of recoverable HP without copping crippling damage due to Nelson's vulnerabilities.
  11. Well a good way to dig it further would be to have Flamu play a HE only Montana game and compare results/numbers. Admittedly a 1 to 1 game comparison is a negligible sample size.
  12. Now I'm morbidly curious as to what would happen if WG released a unique commander that could only be obtained in CoOp, but had relevant skills that translated to PvP. Ok I am done poking with a stick.
  13. Well I currently have over 400k FXP, probably going to snap up Nelson. So it won't cost me anything directly, however when I bought Hood with a bundle the Premium time from that contributed to my current FXP total. So one could say I have paid money for Nelson, I just paid for it when I bought Hood. So the question is did I pay money for Nelson?
  14. Hood, Minotaur, Fiji, Belfast, Warspite. Training captains and stocking XP for British BBs, with the exception of the Minotaur who has the British unique captain.
  15. Post 2081, point number 20. Around 30% is stated. I am merely linking a source I could find/recall quickly, I'm not taking sides.