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  1. Senkan_Nagato

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I have always been thankful for the Military Month Contributor Flag making my grind just slightly quicker than it would be otherwise. I would be quite thankful if a Vanguard magically appeared in my port.
  2. Senkan_Nagato

    Aim for Achievements - 18th - 25th

    uwu thanks Fem
  3. In case my favorite ship wasn't obvious, haha
  4. I got 50 +XP signals, thanks!
  5. I saw my name on the list, but I haven't received any messages.
  6. @Bottlenose_Dolphin introduced me to the game. He's my irl long distance boyfriend (by long distance I mean literal continents apart), so we spend a lot of our time playing games. He didn't actually need to teach me anything other than the basic controls, I improved faster and I've ended up the better Captain. Though we have different playstyles so we're both unique enough to work together pretty well. Since I primarily play Battleship (and cruisers too), whilst he prefers Destroyers (and also cruisers) we like to sortie together and support each other in battle. It's usually just me in voice chat shouting at him to not be a p**** and get in there... I'm one of those crazies who doesn't like sitting at the back whilst he's the timid type, I've often had to encourage him to push up when needs be. My favourite experience(s) would probably be when I'm being focused in general he's had a tendency of throwing himself in to protect me (proper white knight business - but it's actually because he knows I'll probably dish out more damage in the long run haha). And finally a number: 55
  7. Senkan_Nagato

    Warships Leading Ladies - 3rd - 10th

    Neptune for sure, I'm convinced that Seashell hair clips are the best thing ever. (Although I love the Dashas too haha)
  8. Senkan_Nagato

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    @SaltyOldSalt you did good setting your two fires in your Queen. Always pleasant to chat with lively and friendly people!