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  1. So i deviled deep within trying to figure out what makes Japanese CVs just dominate and i think i figured it out, its the amount of squadrons and the sheer damage their payloads and speed of their aircraft, compared to American aircraft, granted Japanese aircraft are weaker than american, but try to catch them shoot them down is the tougher part, and the sheer squadrons Japanese CVs can put into the air without batting an eye boogles the mind, when going for a strike build Hiryu you get an extra fighter and dont lose any of your torp or DBs meanwhile if you go Ranger strike you lose your fighters and get an added DB i understand that American DBs have a higher damage then Japanese DBs but come on i lose my only way to defend my attack squads from Strike Hiryu, Air Super Hiryu, a Balance Hiryu, a Air super Ranger, or a balance Ranger, this trend goes on to the high tiers like the Essex to which i'm currently on, the damn thing is okay with balance but if i want to go air super Essex i lose my torp bombers in favor of slow fighters with a lot of health against a Taiho whom has more squads and can be at every place at once, but if i go strike i get more DBs but lose 1 of my fighters it just does not make sense to me, (but by all means i am not the go to go for CVs i play all class to understand what a player is going through so i don't automatically berate them for bad play i try to understand what it takes to play a CV, DD, BB, or a CA/CL in my opinoin its better to understand other classes to know the game better if that makes sense this is more of a rant rather than anything else)