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  1. DSquariusGreenJR

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Take care, without you many of the friends that I have met through WoWs, would have never really stayed with this game if not for your reviews, and for that, I say Thank you
  2. I feel so blessed to know that my 62% WR was only granted to me by the lord on high RNGesus
  3. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    That is understandable, it is good to use every resource that you can find when you're starting out or want to get better but don't know which direction to go in but later on in the life of your account, you will come to realize that it is often better to learn from experience and trial and error than watching a video for a generalized audience. The point that I want to make is that as long as you're fine with constructive criticism and have an open mind to learning the game you should be fine, just try to be better than you were yesterday.
  4. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    When the over-analyzing occurs it is most likely not out of spite or dislike of the player, it is often more common that the person analyzing the video has made those same mistakes in the past when they were new to the game and now seeing someone make those same mistakes it is more so of an "I remember making those mistakes as well, but these players aren't learning as fast as I did". The pissed-off portion of it probably comes from seeing the lack of effort that players put into bettering themselves. Instead, the average player is more content with making the game as easy as possible for themselves so they can feel good. It makes it a very frustrating environment for those who took the tougher route and who are now having to deal with a bigger workload in-game because they are most likely one of the few in that game who actually care about the outcome and putting up a good score.
  5. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    There are very different playstyles prevalent at the various skill levels in destroyers. There is nothing wrong with going to him, but have the understanding that going in you will not get the same game sense and knowledge on the class if you were to go with someone who had more experience in playing destroyers in more competitive settings, or just had more experience overall.
  6. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    That is most likely due to the fact that the average player doesn't spend their time playing DDs because they don't find it fun or engaging because the DD class as a whole is one of the quickest to kill in a game. Most of the time the destroyers that are doing you dirty are the ones who spent their time learning the class and are actively focusing on bettering themselves. The way you are supposed to play DDs, i.e contesting caps, spotting, face checking enemy destroyers is high risk and not a lot of rewards. Destroyers as a whole just aren't as survivable as the other classes. (This doesn't mean that you can't survive in them its just harder because you have more to do)
  7. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    You mean MVR DBs coming for my DM early season when I wasn't really aware of how much sadness it would bring me?
  8. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    There is a good reason that I don't play my Des Moines solo anymore, despite holding a 70% WR in it. It requires more effort than I care to give to this game. I'd rather have those meme-worthy highlights with clanmates than anything else.
  9. DSquariusGreenJR

    Ahskance Reacts: "Where Is This Game Heading?"

    I can't exactly speak for others, but when I play solo in random battles there is a lot more weight on you to perform well than there is in three-man divisions. You don't have any ships that you know will stack up next to like you do with your divmates if you do need the AA. It is literally all in the hands of the CV player and whether or not he decides you are worth the time it is going to take.
  10. DSquariusGreenJR

    Possible Solution to Radar

    In my experience, learning more about the map, and the enemy ships playstyle makes it a lot easier to fight against Radar. I usually never have to worry about Radar because I know where they’re going to be placed and how far they extend out. It’s more of a matter of figuring out the best places for those ships to go and working around it. I contest caps a lot of times as a DD, and I never really die to Radar. Yes, occasionally I’ll suffer because of it, but it’ll never be the main cause of my death.