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  1. Here's a bump to this thread. We a re looking for a few more players to join up for the upcoming clan battles. Please feel free to DM me in game or on here.
  2. you guys are certainly welcome, I'll send yo invite when I log in next
  3. _Nate_Dogg_

    Clan Brawls

    Man wth War Gaming, did you not read any of the surveys or pay attention to the lack of players for the last 8v8 season? Now you want 9 v 9 and 12 v 12 for a clan brawl?????? Come the eff on and get your heads out of you stinkholes, clan activities are having a hard enough time with you guys constantly trying to screw up the game and driving players away, hello CV rework and PR.... Get a clue
  4. Hey all, we are looking to add players to the fleet so we can compete in upcoming Clan Battles. We are all newer players and none of us are unicorns but we try to have fun and constantly get better. We are looking for mature players that have a mic and use discord for our comms. We have been steadily upgrading or clan resources and doing well in naval battles so there are discounts to be had on ships and coal bonuses too. Please contact me in game MJR_Tom_ or message me here. We are open to folks that want to get better and have fun hanging out with similar types of people. I hope to hear from you, MJR_Tom_
  5. _Nate_Dogg_

    Poltava, tier 7 BB

    I'm just trying to help anyone who's looking into this ship. It's not as good as the tech tree counterparts, not even close, so I decided to post on here in case somebody wanted info on it.
  6. _Nate_Dogg_

    Poltava, tier 7 BB

    Good day, Here's a little word of caution, this is not a Russian BB! That's correct forget everything you know about the Russian BB line and instead think of the exact opposite. The guns, all 9 of them cannot hit anything on a reliable basis, the hull might as well be that of a cruiser because it get penned like a dart board by most other BB's. This ship does not uptier well, in fact it only does o.k. when you are lucky enough to get the top tier slot. The shell's have a very wide, shotgun like, dispersion pattern that misses anything that isn't completely broadside and not reliable enough to hit citadels and put low health ships away. If you are thinking of buying this ship as a crew trainer for the Russian BB line save your money and look elsewhere. It's not good at anything, it's mediocre at almost everything and doesn't even shine when it's top tier due to it's poor accuracy and long reload times. The tankablity is poor as well, even with a tank built captain at the helm so I'm not really sure where War Gaming is going with this ship. Maybe they are trying to make up for the Smolensk and Kremlin by selling a bad RN ship for real money. If other out there have bought this vessel, let me know how you feel about her. I'd love to see if my experience with it is similar to yours. MJR_Tom_
  7. _Nate_Dogg_

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    The game continues to crash in the Ranked Battles mode, this happened many times in the last season in Ranked and is happening still in the Ranked Sprints.
  8. Funny how it works, I'm tired of having nothing but camping teams that hide behind am island and can't hit anything that's spotted.