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  1. AriochIV

    Don't judge a book by its cover

    Just as a matter of pure statistics, with win rate you're one factor out of 24 players (not to mention different ships, builds, etc.). Random chance will have statistically more weight on the outcome of a match than small differences in skill of any one player. I know there are godly players with 70% win rates, but unless you're so good that you can carry a 12 man team, even above average-skill players are going to have a median win rate below 50% (a godly player affects the team's chances more than a terrible one).
  2. AriochIV

    Tier X Fletcher -- SUGGESTION

    I don't think a speed increase is enough to push it to tier 10.
  3. AriochIV

    Potato distribution visualized.

    I'm not saying that practice doesn't make you better; I'm saying that winrate is a poor indicator of player skill, unless your skill is so high (or low) that you stand out amongst the statistical noise of 23 other players in the match, the imbalance of the ships of different tiers they are playing, and the random nature of battle events.
  4. AriochIV

    'Jerk in chat'

    If 4 people are telling you that you're being a jerk, chances are good that you're being a jerk. Cursing someone out, calling them stupid, etc. is not considered "criticism."
  5. AriochIV

    Potato distribution visualized.

    Notice that the winrate tilts only slightly higher as the player gains experience. It just goes to show that the chance to win a match has very little to do with the skill of an individual player, unless you're so good that you can carry a 12 man team.
  6. AriochIV

    3rd Pommern game

    The only thing I don't really like about Pommern is the poor firing arcs for her rear turrets. You really have to expose a lot of broadside to use them.
  7. AriochIV

    Well, this is pretty shady dealing.

    Not if I get the refund that I just submitted a ticket for.
  8. AriochIV

    Well, this is pretty shady dealing.

    If so, then that's false advertising. There's nothing in either the description of the Pommern or the description of the coupon that disclaims that new ships aren't eligible for the discount.
  9. I have 18,834 doubloons, which is more than enough to buy Pommern with the 25% discount coupon... except the UI won't even allow me to go to the purchase screen to apply the coupon unless I have the full purchase price of 19.300. You just lost a sale, WG. And before anyone says it, yes, I'm quite certain that they don't care. Doesn't make me feel any better about it.
  10. AriochIV

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Seriously... do you really think "boycotting" clan battles hurts WG in any way?
  11. AriochIV

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    They should change the name to World of Warships that Never Existed
  12. AriochIV

    Smolensk is Ruining the Game

    On the contrary, I'm seeing a ton in the last few days. The last battle I fought had five of them.
  13. AriochIV

    German T10 Super Cruiser?

    I for one would rather do without more of these fictional super-ships.
  14. AriochIV

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    The result of this destroyer duel ended the match with a win for the victor.
  15. Since rank 15 is irrevocable, yeah. But I think WG operates on a different definition of logic than some of us are used to. :D