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  1. BBD_Dutch

    Camoflages Demounted

    Yep. I’m an idiot
  2. BBD_Dutch

    Camoflages Demounted

    NVM. I must have disabled "decorative" camo in my port. All fixed.
  3. BBD_Dutch

    Camoflages Demounted

    That doesn't appear to be the issue. Like...I can't even chose to mount it anymore. It is gone from the game:
  4. BBD_Dutch

    Camoflages Demounted

    Anyone else have this problem? I came back from battle and got a notification that four camouflages were demounted: Atago B: Special (the permanent black!); Dunkerque - Fleur d' aeier; Gascgone - Made of Orleans; and Cleveland - Freedom. I did no clicking or manual demounting...they were all just automatically demounted and I cant get them back (no longer available!). Any help/suggestions?