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  1. Steven Seagal? Isn't he the guy who was accused of sexual assault?
  2. Belfast Buffs needed for next patch

    If by nerf you mean the changes made to detection while in smoke, then I'm sorry to say that the nerf has done absolutely nothing to the Belfast. In fact, I dare say it's even gotten a buff in the fact that it's smoke generator is active for 15 seconds rather than 7 seconds. ... I get that this is a joke thread, but I'm not sure if your being serious or not.
  3. Seeing a battleship with engine boost really frustrates me. I don't care if the ship is underpowered as hell, giving a battleship speed boost (a destroyer consumable) is ridiculous. It feels to me that over time, WG has begun to hand out consumables like candy. Hell, how about DDs can get repair party, BBs can get smoke generator, and Cruisers can get whatever else that used to be unique to other ship classes. What ever happened to ship types having their consumables be unique to that class (DD, BB, CA/CL)? /Rant Over.
  4. Help! How to Play the Blyskawica

    Really? The Blyskawica is great at longer ranges, but try knifefighting a Sims or Mahan and your going to be in for a world of hurt. The Blyskawica can put out damage, but it's like a fat cow in terms of maneuverability and turret rotation. That coupled with inferior reload times compared to the Sims or Mahan makes it ill suited for fighting at close range. I imagine that any good DD player would not reveal themselves to the Blyskawica unless they were as close as possible. Blyskawica has an advantage at longer range due to her shell velocity, take that away by getting close to it and the Blyskawica will either die horribly or escape with barely any HP left.
  5. I prefer to hover around 14-13km and duke it out. I stay with the bulk of my team, and if I see an opening in the enemy line (no torp walling DDs, etc) I charge forward and break their line in a quick decisive push. Sigma means nothing, the Scharnhorst excels at close range due to it's torpedoes, turtleback armor, and ability to tank enemy fire (when well angled) like no other. If the enemy starts pushing into your line, your good speed allows you to intercept them quickly. Your great secondaries set fires and deliver pain to any DD that comes close. Your guns are more amazing for gunning down cruisers with ease, and even dealing good damage to enemy BBs. Your torpedoes are a swift, devastating punch that will severely hurt or destroy any enemy you hit them with. Scharnhorst is an amazing brawler, and can easily take on many more ships if played well. And I hate to have to say this, but don't use HE as the default shell. Your AP in the Scharnhorst is a better option unless your firing at a well angled target or someone who is very far out. So many people just constantly use HE in the Scharnhorst and it's so irritating. Your AP can give some great damage numbers, don't ignore it simply because the Scharnhorst has 283mm guns. My WTR in the Scharn is 1250. 183 games and a WR of 69%. Your average at the Scharnhorst, and your WR in it needs improvement. Your damage, kills, or whatever else mean absolutely nothing if you consistently lose more than you win in a ship. If your WR is under 50% then your hindering your team and should take a look at why that is. You may think you "know what you are doing" but there are other people who are more skilled in the ship than you are. Never believe that you are good enough to simply shrug off any advice, or that you couldn't have done better when your team loses a match. Your SR in the Scharnhorst is 40%, whereas my SR is 19%. Despite that, I still have a far better WTR and WR than you in the Scharnhorst. Maybe you should give the idea that playing a sniper or long range in a Scharnhorst might not be using the ship to it's fullest potential rather than dismissing the idea simply because you believe you "know what your doing".
  6. Survival isn't everything. My survival rate is something like 23% and I've reached a WR of 57% and some good statistics ontop of that. However, the reason my survival rate is so low is because for the longest time I didn't care if I lived or died in game. My only goal was to inflict as much damage as possible to the enemy and to win at all costs. If I could take out a higher tier BB or make a move to help win the game, dying was an acceptable trade. Saying that however, I've since come to realize that survival can be very important. Time and time again I would make a big play and although I would die, I figured our team had such a big advantage there was no way we could lose. I was wrong. Game after game I would die pulling off a risky play, our team would get a big advantage, and then we would still lose. I found myself thinking "If I were alive this would not have happened or "We could have won if I was still alive" Eventually it dawned on me that disregarding my life in order to cause as much damage as possible wasn't the way to victory. Big plays and doing tons of damage in a single instant feels great, but that's all it is - an instant. Once your dead you can't do damage anymore. You can't make anymore plays to help win the game. You can't influence the battle in any way. By surviving and playing a bit safer this means you can influence the battle the entire game rather than only for a moment. Whether that means your there to push a flank, save a friendly cruiser, or land a devastating strike on an enemy ship, your able to do those things because you didn't throw away your life away just for a kill or some damage. I'm not saying to play super passive and survive at all cost. Being aggressive is fine and can actually win games as long as you keep that aggression in check. Don't push mindlessly, push at the right time and the right place. A well timed aggressive push in the right place can shatter the enemy and win games. I still play aggressively these days, but I know when to keep my distance and play more passively, and when to go full speed ahead towards the enemy guns blazing. A high SR is great, but I don't believe that a low SR is the cause of a low WR as long as your death has a positive impact on the battle. However, dying without having been of any benefit to your team is a different story. My signature isn't updating here. That red box that has long since disappeared mocks me. Edit: Just checked OPs profile. I was thinking that OP wasn't doing enough damage or something but everything seems good. Heck, his SR is higher than mine. OP, a tip that a lot of people do is to take a break after losing 3 games. Even if you 'counteract' those loses by winning another game, just take a break. Wait 30 minutes and then jump back into it, it seems to help a lot of people with losing streaks. Edit Edit: I also have no idea of why I wrote half of what I did. Probably a sign I should go to bed or something.
  7. Good Luck, have you tried checking /r/buildapc on Reddit? They can offer some pretty good advice.
  8. That's really odd. I just tried it again in Google Chrome and the file just downloads immediately, I don't even get taken out of this page.
  9. Have you tried reinstalling your web browser? I hate to say it, but this is likely something on your end. If you'd like, I can upload the file to my Google Drive and send you a link.
  10. What do you mean? I clicked the link and downloaded the file just fine.
  11. My question is, why does every USN BB fire HE and never AP? Sure, some will actually use AP but I haven't seen many USN BB drivers do that. Is USN AP just horrible or something?
  12. Eh, I play BBs but I try not to whine about things like HE. Saying that though, how do you deal with cruisers? I can nail the ones who sail broadside, but I'm having horrible difficulty landing shots on the ones that stay really far away, turn constantly, and pummel me with HE. Do I just return to the team, get behind cover, or what?
  13. Can you make a new review on this ship? I'm interested to see how it's changed with the captain skills update, and with it the addition of IFHE.
  14. Tell that to my IFHE Belfast. 4.5K salvos every 6 seconds on any BB, virtually no shatters. Works on cruisers too. And I don't understand the premise of "Just charge the smoke" - That doesn't work if the player is any good. Focus down the enemy ship charging, if it's a cruiser it almost ALWAYS will turn broadside at one point if it has torpedoes, which means good citadels. Or rain IFHE rain down upon the target until they die. I've never been chased from my smoke, because if your THAT close to the enemy to be chased away, your too close. Let the team spot, choose an optimal position, keep hydro up, and fire away while being mindful of avoiding incoming fire into the cloud. Being close-ish to the team helps too, I only ever pop my smoke if it's a good place to do it, otherwise I silence my guns and creep around with my 8.7km detection range until the right moment. I haven't tried specifically targeting torpedo launchers with my guns, but I figure that could work too. Belfast is just as deadly to cruisers and BBs as it is to DDs, and I would never charge a Belfast smoke blindly if I knew that player was better than me when it comes to skill. It's like an IFHE Atlanta, but better. Absolutely glorious. I have a WR of 62% over 100 battles in my Belfast, and climbing now that I've gotten better in and gotten IFHE. Definitely a very, very strong ship if your not a total potato.