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    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Folks, the AA still is useless. I intentionally passed over cruisers and Battleships with my carrier aircraft I could get 3 to 5 passes before I had to return to the carrier.. Yes there is a time limit on available on scene, but you cannot do a combined Torpedo and Dive Bomber,. WHen playing a cruiser, while the AA seems better, it is still not right. I could not kill any, with a Worchester set up for AA, and a Cleveland set up for AA. At least add an option for bow and Stern sectors as well as Port and Starboard. Carrier and AA are not ready for prime time. make a change with one or the other but not both. Personally leave AA as it currently is. When it goes live I will probably stop playing mty carrier and reccomend others scrap carriers.. What we have now is better then what the new version gives us.