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  1. Torpedo_Eater

    Extreme Lag Spikes in Game

    My lag/rubberbanding was the same as timmyg1004 above. Some matches would be fine, others were just unplayable. Would be hitting 34 - 50ms but then spike to 600 - 800 ms with freezing and then rubberbanding back. I have been playing for almost year and this is the first time I have encountered this. From the Balt/Washington D.C. area in US.
  2. Torpedo_Eater

    Tier 8 Matchmaking Shadow-Patched?

    GSD22, if you're a little crazy I guess I'll be heading to the ward too because I'm feeling the same way. Most of my matches yesterday evening were just a few tier 8 ships and mostly 9 and 10s. I guess we will have to see if the pattern continues.