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  1. tracks_67

    Looking for an ACTIVE clan

    (W-G) is a bunch of misfits, but we play.
  2. tracks_67

    Looking for love....

    Ha Ha. I went to send you a message in game and your 1 of 3 on my Blacklist
  3. tracks_67

    Constant game crashes

    They solved my problem. The last Intel video driver update was causing it. I pulled from the Lenovo driver site the prior driver and all was well.
  4. tracks_67

    Constant game crashes

    i updated nvidia to no avail. My ticket said qoute: Hello, tracks_67. intel.com link said my system was incompatable. Can anyone explane how to completely remove the current one?
  5. tracks_67

    Constant game crashes

    I created a WGCheck report. I'll ask again. Were do I submit a ticket? Followed the support links to no avail. I am unable to break the automatic game load from the warships center, to report error. Were do I find submit ticket? WoWS_report.wgc
  6. tracks_67

    Constant game crashes

    were does one submit a ticket, or does here suffice?
  7. tracks_67

    Constant game crashes

  8. tracks_67

    Constant game crashes

    I am experiencing the same lock up crash about 2 min into game. I don't run any mods or special clan patches