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  1. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    It's a shame that I am a Canadian with no passport. =/ Very generous contest, Pidgeon! Thanks, at least, for incentivizing support and interest for these glorious veterans. Good luck to those who can, and do, enter. o7
  2. Voted. Since it didn't make it into the selection (I thought there was a regional best vote, or something,) I'll post it here. I stink at these contests, so it's no surprise. *Shrug*
  3. I'd hate to sound like I am pestering, but when and where can we expect a link for the voting? It's currently December 18 where I stand. I'd like to see what designs made it.
  4. I have submitted my entry. I won't post a picture here, but I will say I decided to call it Eaux de La Siene (Waters of the Siene) for the river that flows through the region and Paris. =P
  5. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    For me, many of these ideas are great and I have thought of many of them, but they have already been suggested. However, looking into another game, a thought struck me that I don't think has been considered before. What's one of the more daunting aspects of picking up a new multiplayer game? Aside from the mechanics and developing skills, its the language that tends to throw many newbies for a loop! Now, I don't mean language as in English, Spanish, French, Russian, etc. I mean in our community our shorthand and our lexicon. Thus I propose a user-submitted (and developer approved) Glossary Of Terms. (Or more creatively, Ship Speak or Captain's Lingo or something) Accessible from the port by default, (and able to be turned off in the settings of course) players can use a search function or browse for different terms, acronyms or nautical jargon they may run across with a nice, simple explanation for each. Some examples: GLHF/glfh (Abbreviation) - 'Good Luck, Have Fun' Broadside (Technical Term) - The largest profile/silhouette of a ship. Knot (Technical Term) - The nautical standard unit of measuring speed. 1 knot = 1.151mph / 1.852 km/h Potato (Player Term) - An unskilled player; may have a sub-standard internet connection or computer. "They are playing like a Potato because their internet is bad" I find that players, especially the more experienced ones, have a hard time breaking habits and, as such, may use language or terminology unfamiliar to new players, even while potentially mentoring/teaching them. While not strictly necessary to the player experience, the idea of some sort of knowledge bank of commonly used phrases and terms could help those who do not yet feel comfortable interacting with players or researching these terms on the wider internet. As for who actually moderates it? I would think it would be best left to the Community Staff for each server. After all, there may be some slang used on one server that is not used on another, or a phrase that does not quite fit into another language.
  6. A few weeks into the karma system, I was sitting pretty on ten and thought I was doing well for myself. Then, I had a game where I lost 5 karma just because I asked an allied battleship not to sit broadside to two enemy battleships. Apparently they were so bottom-hurt they got the other people in their division (and there was a 2-person division I figure they were running with as well) to report me. It was then I learned that Karma is meaningless and to not take it serious. Now I laugh when people report me for trivial and stupid things like that. =P
  7. The Coo of Boom Flag

    I just found this thread. I approve of fun, non-buffing flags given out at random / as tokens of appreciation to different members of the community. Congratulations to those who earn them. o7 Also, while not maybe an in-game idea strictly, I think it may be a fun to have a "Design a Flag" community contest where the winner/s will get to see their design be made into a cosmetic flag. I don't know how or if it would be distributed, but more varied and creative contests is always a good thing in my books.
  8. Wellp, no completion for me then. Been playing the game 2 years and the best I have is a 16 pointer. Good luck to everyone else.
  9. Addendum to the previous: Can we expect Haida sometime before the next ice age? Haida or riot!!! ... Politely. (Sorry.)
  10. Honoring the fallen.

    Air Martial Douglas J.E Clark Unknown - RCAF, North African Front. December 7, 1909 - January 12, 1976
  11. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    As great as "The Maple Leaf Forever" is, it was never an official national anthem of Canada. The lack of French lyrics, and multiple British references peeved the francophones in Quebec too much for it to ever really be in consideration.
  12. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Why: The Haida is Canada's version of the USS Enterprise; most decorated Canadian warship left afloat, last Tribal-class destroyer in one piece and what better way to celebrate Canada being (over) 150 years old by the time she gets released? Also, Haida is the one ship I would not hesitate to open my wallet for. ;P Commonwealth Tree?: Definitely. There won't be enough ships to make a Canadian tree unless you add Frigates as a playable class, and a Commonwealth branch to the RN tree could be interesting in it's own right. Tier: Somewhere between tier 5 and 8. It depends on where you want to put the Tribal class on the RN line. General Thoughts: What I've said and what others can say in favour of adding her. *Shrugs*
  13. Me thinks I recognize my Nagato's stern in that last pic. Really needs a censor bar though.
  14. There goes Mouse, farming +1s again. Take one of mine. xD
  15. So....

    One time, a couple of people I division with sometimes were bored of playing normally, so we decided to all load up in our Molotovs (don't downvote yet plz... oh wait.). Now, this wasn't planned or anything, but I decided to take the initiative in the first battle by typing out approximately the following into all-chat at the beginning of the match. "Greetings and welcome to "Fire Safety 101" featuring the Molotov Squad! If you have any burning questions in regards to fire safety, we'll be happy to serve you first, Comrade! o7" Usually that got a reaction. By about the fifth game we had a "Oh Christ, not YOU GUYS again!" and there was much raging. (And I also got the rest of the div to put on their worst Russian accents in voice coms. xD)