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  1. I'm currently on the Amagi and within striking distance (~30k experience) from the Izumo. I am a little apprehensive about this. Amagi herself, she's been rather hit-or-miss with me at least, especially against the higher-tier cruisers and battleships for some reason. Ideally, I'd like to get to Yamato by the end of the month, or in time for the anniversary if they have steel rewards for Tier 10s.
  2. Ciroton

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    It's nice to see Wargaming moving the mile posts like this. What was once 2 lines up to tier 10 has now become 5 even after, apparently, nerfing the system to NOT include overpowered modules and instead only offer precedent-setting and top-of-the-power-curve (but not blatantly OP) premium ships. And, as a kicker, to someone like me who has NOT had the time to grind 5 separate lines to T10 yet, we basically get a ZERO-CONTENT update aside from maybe some balance changes or 'bug fixes', and absolutely NO incentive to use this because we do not get the one-time free 10k Research Point incentive. At least, by the language of the main page article. Not to mention the whole idea of regrinding lines 5+ times for some rather powerful ships screams of 'give the good, dedicated, players an advantage' but also because there are some ships on some of these branches I have made an oath to my god to never in a million years grind through again *coughnewyorkcoughemeraldcoughkarlcough*. So, I guess... thanks for nothing? All I know for sure is that I do NOT look forward to having to fight the players who manage to get Colberts or Ohios when they do eventually get their hands on them. Oh and there's the whole thing about how we didn't want this in the first place, but WG just got rid of the more blatant P2W aspects and wrapped it in a new package, but that does not deserve my time or effort to write an essay on how this damages your relationship with the players. I'll just drop this quote to summarize. "This is a bad idea, I KNOW it's a bad idea, but I'm going to do it anyway!"
  3. I'd prefer your idea a million times over what has been proposed thus far. Something, ANYTHING but a straight-up, MASSIVE buff. Very well thought-out and compelling thread, Kaga. o7
  4. And for me, I will stick to my 'wait and see' philosophy. I think there are several premiums that need tweaking in terms of nerfs or buffs, and this policy change allows the devs to go in and fix the ships as individuals rather than make carpet-bombing changes that hit ships that didn't necessarily need that change in the first place. Now, as for the timing and the previous marketing in this circumstance... Yeah, it's definitely gamey and I would be very upset had I won Giulio this Christmas after spending a ton on loot crates just to get it. Again, this is going to set a precedent. ANd if anyone at Wargaming is reading this, I URGE them to use great caution, because if they bungle this up by rushing the changes, or handle compensation poorly, then a lot of people will not buy anything from them ever again. Personally speaking, I am not buying anything at all from them for all of 2019, and maybe even beyond depending on how they handle this game going forward. But this is all just my $0.02
  5. As the owner of a Gulio, I am neither outraged nor overjoyed at the idea of this change. On the one hand, facing the rare T8 game is going to be a pain. On the other, slightly better exp and credit gains. I also don't play T5 that much out of habit, so I tend to forget about her and not play her for stretches of time. Overall, it depends on what they do to compensate the changes associated with up-tiering a ship. If they make her frustrating or unplayable, she'll become a Port Queen sandwiched between Hung He and Marblehead (both of which I got for free or by chance). As a collector and optimist in pulling a premium ship Super Container (if I get any SCs), I have no plans on selling her regardless.
  6. Ciroton

    How is this little Fella...

    Ignore the Penguin. He is definitely not on a covert operation to give members of the Penguin Fleet better RNG with the Santa crates. Any evidence to the contrary is a mere fabrication on the part of detractors of PNG to disillusion the greater public to our noble directive. Praise be our Emperor Penguin o7 (IN COMPLETE HONESTY: Wow, he swam a long way, either way, gotta admire that dedication)
  7. I purchased 12 Crates for Zoup science and here are my results: Cost: $68.04 CAD Received: 3,750 Doublooms ($22.92 CAD Value) 105,000 Free Experience (4,200 Doublooms/$25.38 CAD Value at 1:25 Conversion OR 3,000 Doublooms/$18.75 CAD Value at 1:35 Conversion) 40 Shadow Lurker Camouflage (NO DETERMINED PRICE_+) 20 Type 59 Camouflage (50 Dubs each (DISCOUNT PRICE) = 1000 doublooms value or $6.98 CAD Value) Black Tirpitz (Already own Standard Tirpitz) ($48.37 CAD) Black Asashio ($37.35 CAD) Total Value received: Approx. $141 CAD So... Kinda worth it, IMO. Not SUPER great value for money, but slightly more than double the value spent so it's still pretty good in this instance.
  8. Ciroton

    Constant game crashes

    I am getting an error pretty close to this. My screen will go black, leaving game sound still active, however the game is unplayable and I can only resume by signing out (multiple users on this PC) and quickly signing back in to continue the game. It never does this on the first game, and always in the middle of a game, but sometimes it's not for 5, others it's the second. This game has enough RNG as it is; I can't play with this game deciding to crash on me randomly in any battle, especially if I am in a DD knife fight. I have updated my drivers, I do not run any mods, I have reinstalled my client, but still the issue persists. Until this is resolved, I'm not playing this game anymore. ~System Specs~ OS: Windows 10 Home Edition 64 Bit Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 (3.2GHz) RAM: 8 GB Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB Ram)
  9. Ciroton

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I just found this thread. I approve of fun, non-buffing flags given out at random / as tokens of appreciation to different members of the community. Congratulations to those who earn them. o7 Also, while not maybe an in-game idea strictly, I think it may be a fun to have a "Design a Flag" community contest where the winner/s will get to see their design be made into a cosmetic flag. I don't know how or if it would be distributed, but more varied and creative contests is always a good thing in my books.
  10. Ciroton

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    I had the privilege of running into you while you were doing this review. Would've skunked you if I wasn't basically outmatched 7 to 1. Ah well, one team had to get completely routed and I was having a good day, so why not mine? =B As for the old Marblehead, I won mine in that infamous Kill-Letter Contest and I can say It was well-worth the effort. I might not use her too often, when when I do I have fun in her. For instance, in a losing game in her, I bull-rushed a lone Wyoming, keeping a neutral stance and raining HE from distance and I closed. Then, when he was about 3km away he turned into the arc of my torpedoes and I nailed him for a full broadside. "Foam and tickles" is a very apt way to describe them torpedoes though. Only took that Wyoming down to 10% health or so. ... Too bad he put the fires out first and died due to the flooding. >=3