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  1. Ciroton

    How is this little Fella...

    Ignore the Penguin. He is definitely not on a covert operation to give members of the Penguin Fleet better RNG with the Santa crates. Any evidence to the contrary is a mere fabrication on the part of detractors of PNG to disillusion the greater public to our noble directive. Praise be our Emperor Penguin o7 (IN COMPLETE HONESTY: Wow, he swam a long way, either way, gotta admire that dedication)
  2. I purchased 12 Crates for Zoup science and here are my results: Cost: $68.04 CAD Received: 3,750 Doublooms ($22.92 CAD Value) 105,000 Free Experience (4,200 Doublooms/$25.38 CAD Value at 1:25 Conversion OR 3,000 Doublooms/$18.75 CAD Value at 1:35 Conversion) 40 Shadow Lurker Camouflage (NO DETERMINED PRICE_+) 20 Type 59 Camouflage (50 Dubs each (DISCOUNT PRICE) = 1000 doublooms value or $6.98 CAD Value) Black Tirpitz (Already own Standard Tirpitz) ($48.37 CAD) Black Asashio ($37.35 CAD) Total Value received: Approx. $141 CAD So... Kinda worth it, IMO. Not SUPER great value for money, but slightly more than double the value spent so it's still pretty good in this instance.
  3. Ciroton

    Constant game crashes

    I am getting an error pretty close to this. My screen will go black, leaving game sound still active, however the game is unplayable and I can only resume by signing out (multiple users on this PC) and quickly signing back in to continue the game. It never does this on the first game, and always in the middle of a game, but sometimes it's not for 5, others it's the second. This game has enough RNG as it is; I can't play with this game deciding to crash on me randomly in any battle, especially if I am in a DD knife fight. I have updated my drivers, I do not run any mods, I have reinstalled my client, but still the issue persists. Until this is resolved, I'm not playing this game anymore. ~System Specs~ OS: Windows 10 Home Edition 64 Bit Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 (3.2GHz) RAM: 8 GB Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB Ram)
  4. Ciroton

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I just found this thread. I approve of fun, non-buffing flags given out at random / as tokens of appreciation to different members of the community. Congratulations to those who earn them. o7 Also, while not maybe an in-game idea strictly, I think it may be a fun to have a "Design a Flag" community contest where the winner/s will get to see their design be made into a cosmetic flag. I don't know how or if it would be distributed, but more varied and creative contests is always a good thing in my books.