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  1. Wyngs_2015

    OK I met my first bannable player now what?

    The only time I was ever tempted to intentionally TK. A Monty did the same thing to me in Gearing. Was a long time ago before the smoke firing nerf. I literally had the tubes lined up on him finger over the mouse button, but something said nope, be the better player. Same thing happened to him too. He ate a broadside full of fish and I lol'ed the rest of the match.
  2. Wyngs_2015

    The Clemson Clubber

    I actually met Col Boyington just before he passed when I was stationed in El Toro. VMF214 was stationed next door to us at the time and he came out to visit his old unit. So needless to say everybody came out to meet him.
  3. Wyngs_2015

    The Clemson Clubber

    Clemson is my second favorite ship in the game, second only to Fletcher. And in some ways she is even more fun IMO
  4. Wyngs_2015

    A question about Gearing

    That is what crossed my mind too. Im a DPS player that loves to hunt other DD's up close. I prefer my beloved Fletcher over Gearing most of the time for various reasons
  5. Wyngs_2015

    A question about Gearing

    Cool, thanks man. I have been trying to find the info and I guess I just missed it somewhere
  6. What does the "Modified Hull" upgrade consist of? And is it worth the grind to obtain it? I dont play that often anymore, just dont have the time. This represents a sizable time commitment. Thanks. ~Wyngs~
  7. I believe you, I was just curious is all. My Gearing skipper only has 10 points anyway.
  8. If I may make a suggestion, if you are having trouble against DD's while playing your BB, then perhaps learn DD's. Pick a line and grind it for a while. It will accomplish several things. First, you will learn what DD weaknesses are and how to exploit them. Second, you will learn what DD tactics tend to be successful and therefore how to avoid them and third, that DD's arent the OP boogey boats you may think that they are. Lastly, it will make you a better, more well rounded and successful player. Just my .02
  9. I have a question. I see that you are using IFHE. What does that help you against in Gearing?
  10. Wyngs_2015

    literally does not know how to play DD

    Some good advice and some I disagree with. I do recommend the US DD's to begin with. They are very versatile. I disagree with forgetting that IJN DD's have guns altogether. Its just that you have to pick your battles wisely and against targets that make sense. I have no problem opening up on a DD in my Kami R when the situation is in my favor. That said, only experience will tell you when that is. It takes patience and practice for DD's, but if you stick with it, it will make you a much better all around player in the long run.
  11. For me, its a double edged sword. I love playing the DD's because I am the most influential in them. That and CL's. I love being sneaky, creating those "Oh Crap" moments from which there is no escape. That annoying fly in the ointment that foils the evil plans of the red team! Its a blast! On the other hand.......... I work with some very highly competitive people who continuously feel they have to prove themselves on a daily basis. Even to the point of a supposedly fun afternoon of go-karts after work, it becomes a game of "See, Im better than you" and sucks the fun right out of it. So I seek entertainment that gives me a break from that, but sadly it is the same here in WoWS. I love competition, I hate playing with people who place such emphasis on it that you are seemingly viewed as a human being as superior or inferior. In my mind, its ridiculous and more than a little annoying. So in a nutshell, it isnt playing DD's that makes me salty, its salty players that makes me salty.
  12. Wyngs_2015

    Failed CV rework? Radar "nerf"?

    There is no DD Mafia. I put the sign in my sig to troll morons. It seems to work rather well too. What we have here is a classic case of the sky is falling. This original post came either before or literally a couple of hours after the patch and I have my doubt that the OP has even tried it yet. That said, if the CV rework is successful as I sincerely hope that it is, WG may very well make changes to some of these consumables. There is nothing that affects DD's like a CV and is a much healthier way to do so verses a cheesy button. Why? 1. It should punish campers-----finally 2. It punishes over-extended players of all ship types, but particularly DD's 3. The island camping with a Radar ship will hopefully be less of a thing. That is terrible game design. Want to kill me or get me killed? You're going to have to hang your butt out in the breeze with the rest of us. These are my hopes, anyway. I havent tried it yet myself, but this patch is why I came back to the game. I have a feeling that Krimson is right. It will greatly help good DD drivers. The potatoes? Not so much. There will be a learning curve, but I think one that is entirely doable.............
  13. Wyngs_2015

    Failed CV rework? Radar "nerf"?

    Time will tell on the Radar changes. CV Rework is still very much a WiP. A much needed WiP.
  14. Wyngs_2015

    Wows nightly news: Destroyer opinion split over rework!

    FAKE NEWS!!!!! Great post OP thanks for the LOLs!