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  1. SpudsMcTater

    AEGIS needs a fixin'

    Aegis isnt my favorite OP. Im almost always in a US CA/CL, particularly Atlanta. I head south of the island and hope that most of the team follows me. The ones that dont very often get pinched in a cross fire and focused down very quickly. DD's can get away with it but that is usually why the OP is a loss, as there arent enough ships left for DPM and ships that cant take being focused are now the only targets left.
  2. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    Its a gift. If there is a wrong thing to say or do at the wrong time, that is exactly what I will do. I'm very talented at that lol
  3. SpudsMcTater

    Yuro in Texas - Boy, howdy!

    Legend has it that Yuro can telepathically sense when torpedoes are coming...
  4. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    Meh, it was that way when I left. I suspect it will always be like that in one way or another. Next month it might be something else. Nuclear tipped homing robot torpedoes that wipe out the whole team. Who knows lol
  5. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    Absolutely! She doesnt suffer fools lightly. I dont know how many battles I have in her but Ive got like 750000 exp lol. If you treat her right, she can turn a whole push around
  6. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    Yes I am saving for the FS, getting all the resources I can
  7. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    Yes I just bought the Cossack. Shes no joke. Am at the T5 DD right now, cant remember her name, so I have a ways to go for Daring
  8. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    Im just playing the US CA line to get to Des Moines. My fav ship in the game is Atlanta, so Im used to floaty arcs. What is a good cap DD?
  9. SpudsMcTater

    Retread player

    I am returning after a long absence. I left the game I believe in 2018? So much has changed, it feels like starting all over in some ways. I am running up the US CA line right now and am not doing that well. Any tidbits or advice I would greatly appreciate. Also, I have had Alaska for a long time but never used her until now. We arent getting along very well at all. I tend to be aggressive in WoWS, its just my nature. I hate sitting in the back, its like fingernails on a chalkboard. How is this ship well played? Am also running up the British DD line because it is my understanding that Daring is great in the caps. Is this true? Ive fought against them and they are not a joke. I love a good knife fight. Thanks............................
  10. SpudsMcTater

    OK I met my first bannable player now what?

    The only time I was ever tempted to intentionally TK. A Monty did the same thing to me in Gearing. Was a long time ago before the smoke firing nerf. I literally had the tubes lined up on him finger over the mouse button, but something said nope, be the better player. Same thing happened to him too. He ate a broadside full of fish and I lol'ed the rest of the match.
  11. SpudsMcTater

    The Clemson Clubber

    I actually met Col Boyington just before he passed when I was stationed in El Toro. VMF214 was stationed next door to us at the time and he came out to visit his old unit. So needless to say everybody came out to meet him.
  12. SpudsMcTater

    The Clemson Clubber

    Clemson is my second favorite ship in the game, second only to Fletcher. And in some ways she is even more fun IMO
  13. SpudsMcTater

    A question about Gearing

    That is what crossed my mind too. Im a DPS player that loves to hunt other DD's up close. I prefer my beloved Fletcher over Gearing most of the time for various reasons
  14. SpudsMcTater

    A question about Gearing

    Cool, thanks man. I have been trying to find the info and I guess I just missed it somewhere
  15. SpudsMcTater

    A question about Gearing

    What does the "Modified Hull" upgrade consist of? And is it worth the grind to obtain it? I dont play that often anymore, just dont have the time. This represents a sizable time commitment. Thanks. ~Wyngs~