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  1. I just have a feeling the U.S or Britain would get them first, historically, Britain because of the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Holland_1 , the U.S because we had subs during the civil war ... although it seams wiki has forgotten about that..... we sorta had the first military sub, back in the revolutionary war.... our first one would probably just be the same as the British https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Holland_(SS-1) , I would find funny if they gave the u.s the U-505 as a premium, we did capture it after all https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-505. Japan would be fun the I-401 class were like miny submersible aircraft carriers, the u.s and Britain, and French did to. However, the u.s torpedos would be horrible any way I would put my money on Britain being first ( as in the teir) to get subs .
  2. I would personly like to see the U.ss Olympia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Olympia_(C-6) but that is just ,me
  3. Ok, my thing is, I play American cruisers and as soon as I get spotted I get five different ships aiming a focusing on me, so I have to go hide behind a rock so not to die 1 minute into the match. when I poke out I get focused by everything. The only time I don't get focused down is when all the enemy ships engage other ships. Also being alive is a benefit for your team as you can deal out damage and sink ships.
  4. The Seventh Carrier

    I have read the first book, really want to find the rest.. did it for a book report which was fun. I really need to read the rest of the books.
  5. I have been using a long one when I am charging, or running away due to being focused fired, usually means get out of the way , I don't care if you are in my way I need out .
  6. Pink - How you doin so far?

    Does anyone else has problems with avoiding raming other ships, it feels like I can't go a game without accidentally raming someone or someone getting a bit to close for comfort. I have only ended up pink once, which was because I launch some torps into a braw of a cruiser and a destroyer. Regretted it too late already launched torps, no time to warn the other player, this was within the 2 km mark. The enemy destroyer had launched his torps to. I kind just accepted it, and said sorry in chat afterwords.
  7. Can we get pre-ww1 ship like dreadnoughts, Uss Main, and such.
  8. Submarine Watch - Update

    *Claps* Must have taken you a bit to write that that, anyway I agree to everything on there, just one question would destroyer sorta have a passive radar so they could find subs in their general area say 1 km out the sub can be spotted if it is going to fast, sorta like cavitating .
  9. American Carriers Ham Strung.

    I don't even play carriers, but I am really depressed when people say the Japs somehow get the best carriers.
  10. I do say others have said when was the last time the U.S got a new ship that was not a premium. The one thing I am looking forward to tho is having light cruisers because some of those were very very effective vs destroyers.
  11. Thre U.S Cruiser line has a sharp learning curve by the way of Cleveland and Omaha before those ships I could get into a braw with another ship and not get insta deleted.
  12. A DD is Sub hunting!?

    Would be nice if we had subs..... I think he came forme steel ocean they had subs there... I wonder if he was in the wrong game but did not notice it. Also, I think some dds could be considered subs. If you think about it weirdly.
  13. Did you survive the Infinity War?

    I lived yah me !!!! :)
  14. Who have you seen in game

    Don't think I have seen anyone, then again I have only gotten to Cleveland as my highest tier, and don't really pay attention to people's names here, so yeah.
  15. Caption the profile image above you.

    A typical anime character, in high school, who has yet to be asked on a date by her classmates for some weird reason.